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Thursday, May 28, 2020

An End to Black and an End to Oaths

By Anna Von Reitz

You see it everywhere -- black rocks, black water, black acres, black robes -- black, black, black. What is this about?

It's all connected to the Great Fraud and to a pre-history of the Earth that we have never, ever, been taught in any school, church, or other institution.

Black Acre is an infamous and completely theoretical bit of property used endlessly in law schools to demonstrate "positions in tort" --- a sort of Kamasutra of all the various problems one can face with respect to different kinds of property law and injuries that may be sustained and arguments that can be made.

Black Water is an infamous mercenary subcontractor of the Municipal United States.

The Black Rocks, both literal and figurative, are all over the place ---- the Kaab in Mecca, the "Black Stone of Light" at the United Nations, the Upside Down Pyramid in Alaska --- even the name of Larry Fink's Bond Company.

So what is all this black, black, black crappola about? Probate.

Oh, it's about a lot of other things, too, but primarily, it's about probate.

That's why all the judges and even the justices wear black robes.

They all think that they are engaged in probating God's Estate. They think that the Living God is dead.

How odd is that? They are about to find out otherwise.

In days to come, the Brotherhood of Saturn will be no more, and all the wrong-headed ideas that gave rise to their traditions will be exposed as the fantasies of children gone astray.

We'll have no more black rocks, black waters, black acres or black robes at all.

It's all going away, as it must and should, like a bad dream evaporates in the morning.

There have been two groups of "oathkeepers" since very ancient times. In some parts of the world they have been described in terms of "feathers" --- one group wore a single feather, and the other group wore two feathers.

Interestingly, the oaths that both groups took were invalid.

And still are.

Null and void, forever.

Here is a good example of how and why oaths are invalid.

How many of you used to watch "Perry Mason" on television (long, long ago) or "Matlock" or other law-and-order courtroom dramas?

Remember hearing Witnesses being "sworn in" to give testimony?

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God."

Swear? Whole truth? Nothing but the truth?

Swearing is against scripture, so you are sinning in public.

How would you know the "whole truth" about anything?

And exactly how you are to deliver "nothing" but the truth?

If you are breathing, you fail that test.


This is the kind of guile and nonsense used to entrap men like General Michael Flynn and subject them to judgment for "lying".

Let your yes, be yes.

Let your no, be no.

Don't be shy about calling out the shysters for entrapping you and don't hesitate to nullify any oath you may have taken.

You have a responsibility for your words and thought processes, but others have an obligation to fully disclose what they are doing, too.


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    According to US Air Force research data:

    JADE is an acronym for Joint Assistant for Development and Execution, … which is a DISSIDENT EXTRACTION EXERCISE.

    HELM is an acronymn for Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.


    However, … hand in hand with all the chatter concerning JADE HELM, another name which is an acronym as well, … that is continually mentioned with JADE HELM, … is that of ISIS, or ISIS, or IS, … the Islamic State.

    In other words, … subliminally speaking, … JADE HELM IS ISIS!
    In other words, … the US Government Administration is ISIS, or ISIL, the Islamic State and the LEVANT.

    Yet again, the name JADE refers to the JADE RABBIT that is worshipped by the Chinese as CHANG-e, the Moon Goddess, the Flood Goddess (see page 73).

    The name JADE RABBIT is yet another name for the MOON, … the Mother Moon Flood Goddess.

    In ancient Babylon, … Tammuz, the Life, Death, Rebirth deity (modern day Jesus), had a passion for RABBITS.
    This was referring to his mother Semiramis, … the Mother Moon Goddess of her time, who in today’s worship by Christians and Muslims, is called Mary.

    Tammuz’ affection for rabbits, was but a hypnotic subliminal of affection for his Mother Semiramis, … the one that the Son God is devoted to, and is one in marriage to his Mother Moon.

    The term ISIS refers to the Mother Moon Flood goddess of Egypt whose son Horus was also linked to his Mother Isis in marriage. The two being made one. This is the worship of the mother and the son throughout this illusory 3D history.

    This is a bit confusing for sure, … but what we have is the JADE RABBIT, the MOON MOTHER GODDESS called ISIS, who is ISIL, the Levant territory of the Middle East, which includes Cyprus, Hatay, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.
    This is what’s known as the “Greater Israel”, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates River of Babylon.
    This is why Israel and the United States have created Isis, and are in fact, the suppliers of money and arms and training to ISIS.
    This is the expansion and establishment of the Greater Israel “promised” in the Old Testament.
    And it’s through chaos, war, and cataclysm that this “Greater Israel” will be established.


    Olie North created and designed REX 84 yet another 'military exercise' conducted throughout the western united states under the guise of 'homeland security'

    Hmm just whose homeland you might ask??

  2. I suggest everyone read about India's involvement in CORE EDUCATION

    1. And how your kids are being poisoned on purpose


      Now that you understand the fact government is literally selling off and leasing public infrastructure and allowing it to be managed by private corporations, you will understand not only the dangers of the act of states and local governments accepting any Federal Funds, but also the link between Common Core and CORE of India corporation and how private business is now controlling your childrens public education experience…

      It works something like this:

      Step 1) Common Core standards are created by the National governors Association (NGA) (a 100% private, non-governmental association made up of the 50 Governors of the United States), and also copyrighted by the NGA, for the purposes of conspiring together to force all schools in all 50 states to choose (from basically a Common Core approved list) the same privately made “products” and “services” for all children in all schools. This sets up the legal basis for schools to enter into infrastructure privatization utilizing the public private partnership (PPP) model through the “long-term lease” mentioned in E.O. 12803.

      I've said it before and I will say it again
      National and Global
      The governors belong to private membership associations

      Which link to global governors private membership associations


    3. I wouldn’t be surprised. But here is my predictions of what will happen in America ahead, similar to China Trend:

      May 29, 2020 to
      May 30, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: Ten of swords, Ego, Conspiracy, Sneaky Gov’t Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injury...
      Negative conj. Mid energy exchange

      May 30, 2020 to
      June 1, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injury... Negative conj. Mid-High energy exchange

      June 3, 2020 to
      June 4, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: #2 Conspiracy, assassination style, Coup d’Etat. Political chaos, extreme relationship breakdown.
      Negative conj. energy exchange

      June 5, 2020 to
      June 12, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injury... Negative conj. High energy exchange

      June 13, 2020 to
      June 16, 2020 : +/- 2-3 days: Ending of freedom, of the vermin freedom as well to railroad ppl. Tower moment.

      June 17, 2020 to
      June 28, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injury... Negative conj. Super-High energy exchange
      extreme relationship breakdown.

      June 29 2020 to
      July 2rd 2020 : +/- 2-3 days: Ending of freedom, of the vermin freedom as well to railroad ppl. Tower moment.

      July 3rd 2020 to
      July 10, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injury... Negative conj. High energy exchange

      July 11, 2020: +/- 2-3 days: Perplex Casualties.

      predictions to continue...

      My Thank you to Brave men to save their Country, Freedom, and the Constitution.

  3. How To Secretly Sell A Nation
    While Its People Work, Play, And Sleep

    In the early 1990’s, shortly after President Reagan and the Iron Lady of the United Kingdom began to promote and implement the “privatization movement” together, then President George Bush signed the Infrastructure Privatization Act called “Executive Order 12803 – Infrastructure Privatization”. You should read that entire E.O. through the link below to understand that most infrastructure, including public schools, were poised to be sold off to private industry either outright or managed for profit through Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

  4. All 'presidents' related to King John

  5. What do the Bar attorneys, Bankers, and Politicians have in common?
    Their lies and deceptions? YES: i.e. by pretending to help people when in fact, they coarsened people belong to them, after their I.D.Theft on all walks of life, making people belong to their UK+/foreign US citizens, so they can tax people, railroad people, on and on, by electing them to steal our power, assets, etc.. Evidenced by their organized Voting Schemes; to have people pick their fraudulent BAR politicians/attorneys to boss us a round. Evidence is in the missing 3rd Amendment, prohibiting Lawyers to be in CONgress.

    What sign of people who like to be in controls?
    Aries, and Capricorns (ruled by Saturn, sometimes refers to the Devil).

    That’s why Psychologists like to use Astrology to detect human behaviors.
    Astrology has its errors too, only works for western people.

    Synonyms to Aries and Capricorn: coarse, gross, indelicate, vulgar, obscene, ribald. These adjectives apply to what is offensive to accepted standards of decency, propriety, morality, or good taste. Coarse implies roughness and crudeness: A stand-up comedian performed a coarse imitation of the President. Gross suggests a lack of refinement verging on brutishness: "It is futile to expect a hungry and squalid population to be anything but violent and gross" (Thomas H. Huxley).

    1. I don't agree with the bottom view above, but that's what the Bastard put on their dictionary. Because fake American presidents deserve to be laughed at, for acting in gross misconduct.

  6. >> So much for your claims to be the fiduciary...

    Anna is correct on everything she said above. No human can be perfect. I'm sure Jesus can find error in every one of us.

    PS. The east.Indians made human imperfection acceptable if you or we can eliminate 80% sins, you/we are accepted as better human-beings.

  7. The MASK of Slavery where all “nonmason” must put on a MASK to show their Servitude “to their” freemason GOVERNMENTS

    Read the entire comments section below the video

    Trump is a 33rd degree free mason

    1. Again the CONstitution of the free masons

      (“So that the Israelites, at their leaving Egypt, were a whole Kingdom of Masons, … under the Conduct of their GRAND MASTER MOSES”)

      Not just free masons either whole other mason groups for women like Eatern Stars I think they are called
      Lisa Haven is one

    2. The vermin New King and follower bragged that they own 6,000 of (non-working) Free energy patents.

      The UK & Trump went overboard in their excessive claims, making their hidden New King as their way to Population Controls.
      You can tell by looking at How hard it is to maintain non-free Energies, there is NO free energy-out there, God is not supporting the Evil Corporations for sure:
      EP Energy Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | Rigzone › news › ep_ener...
      4 oct. 2019 - U.S. oil and gas producer EP Energy Corporation is the latest in a number of energy companies who have filed for bankruptcy this year.

      U.S. shale company Whiting becomes first major bankruptcy of ... › article › us-shale...
      Whiting Petroleum Corp filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the U.S. shale ... Analysts believe the energy sector is primed for more defaults in ... › 2020/04/01 › the-...
      1 april. 2020 - U.S. shale producer Whiting Petroleum filed for bankruptcy on ... 'The other bomb' — Cramer's warning as first shale company files for Chapter 11 ... will lead to a wave of consolidation or bankruptcies in the U.S. energy sector. › article
      19 may 2020 - The Houston energy company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday in federal court in Houston. The company said it plans to sell its business ... › article
      13 may 2020 - Freedom Oil & Gas, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection, the latest victim of ... Freedom joins other U.S. energy companies, including Whiting

  8. Microsoft owned by the GODvernment

    Here in Dallas Texas it appears they rolling out UN troops

    US military is the world military and the US CORPORATE FLAG IS THE UN

    1. Look straight ahead and get on these cafr reports folks

      This is the black budgets and your tax dollars funding all of this

    2. I cannot stress enough that everyone and I mean everyone get involved and it must be more than just file your paperwork hope some funds come your way


      Read the comments under this article - the levels of this evil are just off the damned charts

      Anybody file a baby deed with any success as Anna has advised?
      Tellin you this is down right pure psychopathy that these lawyers and judges and all these others are doing this???

      Best be looking at a whole lot more than the Rothchilds as it appears they just front boys too

      My bet is on the Medici's are your main family??

  9. They all think that they are engaged in probating God's Estate. They think that the Living God is dead.
    quite the opposite. "living god" is masonic 2nd coming. they are betting everything on this "god" and turning their backs on christ.

    "living god" also, unfortunately, is not a trinity. it is "whatever random protestant claims it means at any given moment"

    so yeah, it is pretty much "dead" and always will be, because like "in god we trust" -- it doesn't actually mean anything. it is not defined anywhere. it is purposely, intentionally vague and left open-ended.

    it is, ultimately, just humanism, people are god, you can become a god, etc. it is just more "2nd coming" nonsense.

    1. "my kingdom is not of this world"

      black is also used to indicate civilly dead. with this usage, there is nothing "occult" going on -- it is informing people you do not wish to be "worldly"

      ranting about "the end of black" is "against scripture" and constitutes "sinning in public"

      this is the worst part about "scripture" -- people pick and choose any particular words, to meet their particular needs, at any given moment in time.

  10. Swear and Oath; Tell a Lie
    I've been thinking about the oath again, and one of the things that has crossed my mind is if a man takes an oath, is he not lying? While he may have all the right intentions, how is it that he knows that he'll be able to keep the oath? The answer is obvious. He cannot know for sure whether or not he will keep it because he cannot accurately predict the future. So when he takes an oath, he is lying. There is no true oath that a man can lawfully take; they are all false. So then a false oath is one taken by a man or woman, and they are false just by their very nature. Only God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth can swear an oath. A man who swears oaths is one who is attempting to usurp the authority of God Himself. This of course is stupid, because the attempt to usurp His authority by swearing oaths is weak and dysfunctional.

    Why are the oaths used? The intent of the oath, as all things that are against God, is to destroy mankind. There is no other purpose for it. The oath has a man violate God's law just by taking it. The oath is an act of idolatry, and it is so commonplace, that its presence is hardly noticed. Yet, it is present in almost all political and religious systems. The only religious system that forbids it is true scriptural Christianity.

    The oath is the primary tool of antichrist to destroy mankind and ruin his life in so many ways. It sets mankind upon the path of evil; disabling him from doing any good for himself because the oath is the oath of bondage. it binds the soul to a bond; it is the worst thing a man can do to himself. Those people in the United States, in the political system, who are on the "right" or on the "left" always speak about their oaths to the system. What they do not realize is that the oath is the major component of death and hell. The U.S. Constitution could have been written without the oath, but it was put in because those "founding fathers" were subject to antichrist and not the Jesus Christ (the Messiah) of the true scriptures. Thus, the whole political and legal systems are bad religion rather than a type of politically system. In this case, religion and politics are intimately intertwined by the oath; it is the common denominator when reduced to its lowest form of evil.

  11. Swearing oaths offends our Creator. If there is a quick and easy way for a man to put himself in hell, the oath would be the primary tool to get the job done. And this is why nothing good gets accomplished within the religious and political systems of the world who use the oath. It is very clear in the Gospel of Matthew that a man is not to swear any oaths, yet this is done over and over again, everyday of the year. Think about it, it would have been just as easy to write the Constitution without the oath. If they wanted a system like the one they had, why use the oath? I think this is the key to satanic "authority". Evil comes from Satan, Satan is evil, Satan and his angels swore an oath to offend God, and the rest is history. The oath is a symbol of fealty that binds a man to the authority of Satan. This should explain why everything is so confused and chaotic in the world's religious and political systems. Thus, the Constitution of the united States, using the oath, becomes a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document. It is not the document of freedom so many people are led to believe. And it is the oath that pushes it over the edge from being acceptable to God our Creator, to nothing more than a dysfunctional document founded upon the principles (or lack thereof) of Lucifer.

    The swearing of oaths is the major problem of man in keeping away from evil. The remedy is quite simple: don't swear any more oaths. This is what repentance and amending our lives is all about. If most people would understand this, life in all countries would become more tolerable. But under the oath, we subject ourselves to the most evil and decrepit existence that we can every imagine. Because it sets the whole course of mankind upon the path of death and hell. There is no other way to say it. There is no virture in any oath taken by a man; only God the Creator has the capacity of taking an oath.
    There is no power for a man in taking an oath because it always leads to evil; destruction of his body and soul. There is no other purpose in it. The oath taking is designed to bring upon himself death and hell, and it does do a very efficacious job. It is one of the easiest things to stop doing. However, it would put the recalcitrant government and religious systems into utter chaos, as they are the ones who depend upon each and every one of us to becomes slaves to their stupid and feudal system of evil and debauchery. Unfortunately, most of us do not know exactly how to extract ourselves from such a system.


  12. While we cannot stop other people from being stupid for swearing oaths, each one of us can manage our own behavior by simply refusing any form of oaths.
    Here are some of the consequences in the refusal of oaths. You will be on the first step to repentance:
    • You will not be able to vote; as if it did any good to begin with. You will stop offending God.
    • You will have to scratch off the "under the penalties of perjury" from any form such as a signature card at a bank.
    • Your life will get better in ways you would have never imagined.
    • Your soul will improve and heal from the spiritual rot of the oath.
    • You will acquire a better disposition and will build up your character.
    • It will set your life on a more reasonable course by being obedient to His commandments.
    by not swearing oaths, a man or woman will avoid a lot of misery from future torment because all sins have the payback from God. The bond of slavery will be gone, and the peace and truth that comes with living within God's natural order will start to flourish in your life. Of course, it is important to keep all of God's commandments, but for this article, the oath is the one thing that puts everything on the darkside.

    The oath has its place in the more capable hands of the God who created us, and not in the unfit hands of evil men. In my opinion, a false oath is the one that is taken by a man; a valid oath is one that is performed by God. Man cannot rise up to God's level because he is a created being. But in order to live a godly life, the oath must be left behind. Remember, if you decide to keep doing it, don't expect your life to get any better, because it won't. But there is a profound inner peace when the oath is gone. This is an outstanding way to begin to a complete repentance, and to start keeping His commandments.


    Scripture references:
    • Matthew 5:33-37
    • James 5:12
    • Jeremiah 44:26
    • Zechariah 5:3
    • Zephaniah 1:3-5
    • The Didache*
    • Acts of Pilate a.k.a. the Gospel of Nicodemas*
    * These writings were included in the early Christian church and then removed from use. There appears to be another oath within the Acts of Pilot which is odd because in the beginning of the piece, the Jews who were on the side of Jesus Christ said swearing oaths was unlawful for them. If an oath was included in the writing, then it was probably inserted by an apostate. Please note the words in The Didache: "Thou shalt not swear."

  13. It has been said by many a patriot that they will not take an oath in court as that is forbidden in
    the Bible at Matthew 5 : 33-34
    That would be swearing before you say what you have to say . Here is something that no one to my recollection has ever brought forth so people can see just what it means when everyone else gets on the stand, puts hand on the bible or just raised the right hand and says he will tell the truth , the whole truth , so help me God. So they are going against what the Lord said not to do.
    So that forswearing was always on my mind and since I could find no one that ever brought up just what forswearing is , I decided to go to Webster's 1828 Dictionary and see what the definition was. What a revelation that could be used in any court to stifle those that will forswear and is just as great as Matthew 5: 33-34 when you invoke it.
    "Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shall perform unto the Lord thine oaths:

    But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne:
    Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.
    Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst make one hair white or black.
    But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."
    The words of Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:33-37.
    "But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by
    any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation." James 5:12
    How often does the US government require an oath of its subjects ?
    When invoking it you are telling the court all others have sworn to tell a lie and you cannot do that.
    Here is what Webster's has to say and you can work it in any way you want when in court. You all know the courts have said people can lie, right? Well here is why and ask yourself why hasn't anyone brought this up before.
    Page 87 Vol 1 Webster's 1828 American Dictionary
    FORSWEAR. 1. To reject or renounce upon oath
    2. To deny upon oath
    like innocence, and as serenely bold
    As truth, how loudly he forswears they God.
    To forswear one's self , is to swear falsely; to perjure one's self
    FORSWEAR. v. i. To swear falsely; to commit perjury
    FORSWEARER, n. One who rejects on oath; one who is perjured; one that swears a false oath.
    FORSWEARING, ppr. Denying on oath; swearing falsely.
    FORSWORN. Pp of forswear. Renounced on oath; perjured.
    So when you are asked to forswear as is everyone else, then you are in effect stating that what ever you say will be a lie and not the truth. Read it above and think what I just said and this is in conformance to what the courts have said about any official can lie because they forswore did they not?
    Here from Hosea is this about forswearing and what it really means, translated from the original Latin by the Rev. John Owen,vicar of Thrussington, Leicestershire 1846
    Volume First, Hosea--Wm. M. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, 1950, Michigan. Printed in the United States of America
    Zechariah says this; "By cursing, and lying, and killing", &c., "
    "Alah" means to swear: some explain it in this place as signifying to
    forswear; and others read the two together, "'aloh wechachesh", to
    swear and lie, that is to deceive by swearing. But as "'alah" means
    often to curse, the Prophet here, I doubt not, condemns the practice
    of cursing, which was become frequent and common among the people.


  14. So it is that when the courts want one to forswear they are really saying that you shall lie and swear to it. I believe the Lord said "no man shall know the truth", so how can anyone swear to tell the truth when he knows not the truth?
    Now another paradox shows up in penalty statements on government forms and that is a perjury statement. So we go to Webster's 1828 Dictionary again to see just what perjury is.

    Perjure. per and jure, to swear; that is, to swear aside or beyond. (Note, you are swearing beyond what you have already said when, "you shall state the truth , the whole truth" in whatever you say 1 min , 10 min or a day later. And you are closing the statement asking God for help.)
    [Now God is your witness that you are telling the truth? Pray tell, if there is a dispute don't I have the right to bring the witness forward and put that witness on the stand to verify I was telling the truth? Why is it that no man yet has invoked this fact of law to put God on the stand to tell them he is telling the truth? Why not, they made you take an oath right? They set the stage for bringing your witness to the stand to testify you are telling the truth by raising your right hand and lying (forswearing) that you will tell the truth. They can't deny that fact now can they?]

    Willfully to make a false oath when administered by lawful authority (note it does not say legally) or in a court of justice; to foreswear; as ,the witness perjured himself.

    Perjury. n. The act of crime of willfully making a false oath, when lawfully administered; nor a crime committed when a lawful oath is administered in some judicial proceeding, to a person who swears willfully, absolutely, in a matter material to the issue.

    Ok now is the oath legal or lawful? Is the court a judicial or administrative court? Was it lawfully or legally administered? There is a big difference. See no man shall know the truth because you can't truthfully answer even these questions)

    When the court says to take an oath before you ever say anything it is -- To forswear one's self , is to swear falsely; to perjure one's self, see above under perjure.
    As to the jurat (perjury statement on forms) how can you know whether they are using terms or words on the form? People cannot. And , when they sign the form they automatically perjure themselves because terms are used, which make what appear to be common words actually something entirely different when they are terms. Ergo you must have lied in the fact you said something and they said something entirely different. They now perceive you lied and there is nothing you can do because you signed under penalties of perjury, see perjury above.
    The current Internal Revenue Code is about as close to legislated chaos as could ever be envisioned. No two people beginning with identical premises will reach the same conclusion under the IRC. Is not that chaos? Thus, in every instance where the government attempts to use oaths to bind a people, the result has been chaos. So who is telling the truth, you or the government drone? Who wrote the statute in such a way that only they know terms, while the even educated man knows not of terms. So only the ones knowing terms are telling the truth as to terms, BUT in reality the fraud of it all they are telling a lie and swearing an oath to tell a lie.

  15. Think about that last sentence real hard and you will see even though they are telling the truth on one hand they are lying on the other hand.
    If only 2% of the American people understand what is written here, income taxation will be abolished - that out of a fear that the knowledge will expand. The government will be scared silly. What if no one in the next generation would swear an oath? Then there would be no servants!
    This is an excerpt from E. Simmons
    Think of this, Pilate had no quarrel with Jesus. He correctly saw the charge as a political matter, devoid of any real criminal act. Likely, Pilate offered Jesus the "protection of Rome." Roman law extended only to sworn subjects. All Jesus would need do is swear an oath to Caesar, then Pilate could protect him. Otherwise, Jesus was probably going to turn up dead at the hands of "person or persons unknown" which would really be at the hands of the civil government, under the false charge of sedition. Pilate administered that oath to Caesar. Jesus stood mute, again refusing jurisdiction. Pilate "marveled at that." He'd never before met a man who preferred to live free or die. Under Roman law the unsworn were considered to be unclean - the "great unwashed masses." The elite were sworn to Caesar. When an official errantly extended the law to an unsworn person that "failure of jurisdiction" required that the official perform a symbolic act. To cleanse himself and the law, he would "wash his hands." Pilate did so. Under Roman law, the law to which he was sworn, he had to do so.
    The law, neither Roman law nor the law of Israel, could obtain jurisdiction over Jesus. The law
    couldn't kill Him, nor could it prevent that murder. Jesus was turned over to a mob, demanding His death. How's that for chaos? Jesus was put to death because He refused to be sworn. But the law couldn't do that. Only a mob could do so, setting free a true felon in the process. Thus, Jesus proved the one failing of the law - at least the law then and there - the law has no ability to touch a truly freeman. A mob can, but the result of that is chaos, not order.
    In every situation where a government attempts to compel an oath, or fails to protect a man of conscience who refuses it, the result is chaos [which the oligarchy created in 1871 the law of nessesty…LOL]. That government proves itself incapable of any claimed powers as the result, for the only purpose of any government should be to defend the people establishing it - all of those people - and not because they owe that government any duty or allegiance, but for the opposite reason, because the government owes the people its duty and allegiance under the law. This nation came close to that concept for quite a few decades. Then those in federal office realized that they could fool all of the people, some of the time. That "some of the time" regarded oaths and jurisdiction. We were (and still are) a Christian nation, at least the vast majority of us claim ourselves to be Christian. But we are led by churchmen who still uphold the terms of that European treaty. They still profess that it is Christian to swear an oath, so long as it's a "lawful oath." We are deceived. As deceived as the tenant in 1300, but more so, for we now have the Words of Jesus to read for ourselves.
    The Informer

  16. Benjamin H Freedman Secret Jewish Prayer Kol Nidre

    U.S. Representative, 'Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi' (as Speaker of the House of Congress);
    U.S. Senator, 'Charles Ellis Schumer' (as Minority Leader of U.S. Senate);
    are both identified as "Jews"
    As all "Jews" have publicly renounced their "Oaths of Office"
    to support the "Constitutions" of the "United States"
    and the "States" of the "Union" ("Kol Nidre"),
    are they lawful members of the U.S. Congress?
    ← The Domestic Enemies – Congress?
    The real felons, before the government was removed from office under force of arms. The courts came up with the odd concept of an “affirmation in lieu of oath.” The Quakers accepted that as a victory. Given what they’d been through, that was understandable. However, Jesus also prohibited affirmations, calling the practice an oath “by thy head.” Funny that He could foresee the legal concept of an affirmation 1600 years before it came to be. Quite a prophecy!

    The "Test Oath" in Court Our Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court
    A Parable (Showing why it is currently illegal for a Christian to "support the Constitution")
    Torcaso v Watkins (1961): Humanistic Consistency - At last!
    Why We Made a Federal Case Out of It
    Summers and Girouard: Two cases that apply to YOU!
    Why YOU Should Take a Test Oath
    Conclusion: An Oath You Can Live With
    About the Author
    The Moral Character of a Christian Attorney
    Why be a Lawyer?
    Praying Through Romans 13
    Preparation for Appeal
    Relevant U.S. Supreme Court Cases

    5 USC § 3331 - Oath of office
    An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” This section does not affect other oaths required by law.

  17. It is my contention that everything on this earth is ANTI CHRIST and always has been
    We have all been living in the ANTI CHRIST SYSTEM OUR ENTIRE LIVES

    Everything on this earth is made up MANS LAWS EVERYTHING