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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

About the Confederation....

By Anna Von Reitz

The Articles of Confederation were in place from 1781 to 1860 and functioned just fine.

The States of America formed under the Articles of Confederation created a "Confederation" that functioned in commercial venues and established their own businesses doing business as, for example, The State of New York. These were commercial enterprises called "confederated states". Today, we would call them subsidiaries or maybe franchises. 
Anyway, the were NOT overcome or undermined by the Constitutions, much less "replaced" by the Constitutions which is the drivel we were taught when I was in school. 
What ended the States of America confederation was the schism we all know about, the Secession of the Southern Members of that Confederation, however, even that is grossly misrepresented by our "educational" system, because we are taught that the key issue that drove the split was slavery. 
As the Southern States records prove, the actual cause of the problem was Parliament's investment in Egyptian Cotton Plantations. 
The British were developing industrialized textile factories to produce among other things, cotton cloth. They were importing most of their cotton from the colonies and as their own industrial capacity and demand for their products increased, the demand for cotton and the price that the Southern Plantation owners could charge for their cotton also increased, causing a situation like a mini-OPEC cartel in the cotton market.

To get themselves out of this bind, the Brits invested in starting new cotton plantations, most notably in Egypt, but also in India, and running competition with the American growers. 
This in turn inspired Northern States of States to get into the market for cloth production, as in this country they could undersell British cotton cloth because they were already here and didn't have to ship cotton all the way to Britain and then ship the cloth all the way back.

When the Egyptian cotton crops failed for a series of years in a row, the American producers saw their chance to increase their prices again, but by that time, the Northern industrialists that were depending on cheap Southern cotton prices for their profit margins had an ax to grind, too, so they joined with the Brits against the Southern Plantation cotton producers, and cynically used the growing Abolitionist movement as the excuse for their mercenary concerns.

When the Southern States of States who were members of the original Confederation complained and tried to offer a compromise that would have continued to sell cheap cotton to the Northern States of States and upped the price to the British to make up the difference, British sympathizers refused, which then cast the Northern States of States in the light of traitors to their own country.

By the time the schism actually occurred, the Southern States of States were further inflamed by Northern claims that they couldn't Secede from the Confederation, because it had proposed to be a "perpetual Union"-- to which the South replied that it was supposed to be a union of mutual interest, in which the States of States supported each other in issues of commercial interest, not a union in which some members benefited themselves at the expense of other members without willingness to compromise. 
So from all sides considered, there were four major bones to pick --- (1) Cotton, cotton, and cotton; (2) British Sympathizers in the North; (3) the right to secede and leave behind business relationships that hadn't lived up to their promises; (4) slavery ---- and the least of these, on both sides, was slavery.

Time has proven that the Southern States of States were legally and lawfully correct in their position, just as Jefferson Davis said, and indeed, proved that they were, but, they were no match for the devious economic powers from Europe backing their Northern brethren, and the Northern States of States though greedy enough, were no match, either. 
In the final analysis, the Pontiffs of the Holy Roman Empire and the British Monarchs used this in-house pissing match as an excuse to divide and conquer the members of the original American Confederation. At the end of the hostilities, the Southern States of States were ruinated and the Northern States of States were bankrupt, leaving the Pope and the British Monarchs free to play their self-interested commercial and banking games.

The Europeans and their American cronies killed the one man with enough knowledge to thwart their plans, demeaned and ridiculed Andrew Johnson, who effectively prevented the worst of the predatory actions they intended to unleash here ---- and skated on. 
They allowed those Americans in Congress who were basically loyal to this country to set up some plans for reconstructing the States of America confederation, but at the end of the day, they substituted British Territorial "States of States" for the original American States of States as a "temporary emergency measure" while our government was in "abeyance". 
To the average American the only visible change is that the new British Territorial organizations were called by names styled like this: the State of Oregon, the State of Michigan, the State of Florida..... and the original American counterparts operated under names styled like this: The States of Oregon, The State of Michigan, The State of Florida. 
The only visible difference, in other words, was the change from "The" to "the". Most people never knew that any change occurred, and the public wasn't told, either.

And the Reconstruction lay dormant all these years, still waiting to be done, because nobody told the Americans that it still needed to be done. Those who knew were too busy making money by siphoning off the value of American money, labor, and natural resources. Those who didn't know, were simply out of luck. 
The bulk of The Reconstruction Acts are still standing, fully intact. The Confederation of the States of America has never been restored, and the actual States and People competent to do the work of the Reconstruction were deliberately mischaracterized so as to obstruct any efforts on their part to get the job done.

Thanks to decades of hard work by many, many Americans, all of this has been delved out and finally and fully understood, so that we have been able to overcome the self-interested obstruction of our erstwhile Trustees, to correct the "presumed" change of our political status to that of British Territorial subjects, and to call the actual States of the Union to assemble and take care of business --- including the Reconstruction.

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