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Saturday, April 11, 2020

One Page Declaration

By Anna Von Reitz

In July of 1779 the Founders faced a problem: how to identify Americans versus Brits and Dutch and Swedes and other nationalities living here in this country? The 1779 Naturalization Act was the answer.
It's a very simple requirement by which our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans and not Brits, not French, not Dutch.... or any of the other options that were available in Colonial America.

We have been facing a similar problem today, in that our Federal Subcontractors have proliferated and promoted their citizenship(s) as separate political statuses, and have created False Registrations as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal "citizens of the United States" in our names without our knowledge or consent.

Once again, we need to declare our political status as Americans.
So, we use The 1779 Naturalization Act and we provide some necessary updates by which Americans, both those born within the physical borders of the States, and those who have been Naturalized as United States Citizens, may establish and/or re-verify their political status via recording their Declarations with their State Assemblies.
Today, we have released a One Page Declaration for all those born within the borders of one of the States, and are making it available to all the State Assemblies. This one page adequately replaces all the intricate and cumbersome and expensive process (928 paperwork) that the pioneers had to go through, and as the State Assembly does the recording and verification of identities, there will no longer be any need to argue with or pay any State of State officials for recording services.
It has been recommended that each State Assembly adopt a simple fee for service and also establish a waiver so that those who are truly poor are able to record their Declaration and obtain their ID cards for free.
This also means that as you are "coming home" you will need to contact your State Assembly and check in by signing this one page Declaration and providing them with birth records and two Witness Testimonies affirming your identity and the place where you were born.
This will also enable you to obtain a State-issued Travel ID and private property plates for your car and other products that you may wish to have as educational aids for others.
So, once again --- run, don't walk --- 
The new One Page Declaration and simple instructions should be available soon from your State Coordinators. This is especially good news for all the friends and family members who watched you slog through the 928 Process!

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  1. Anna-
    Who are the reign of the heavens? They say "you and Paul and James are outlaws and owe $16 million; and that you are not in Alaska. Maybe in Arizona. They say they are The United States of America's true government.Please advise. Thanks, Michael B. Ables, DDS

    1. You can research a lot of information on Anna's website. It has a very good search engine built into it.

      Here you go:

    2. So the criminal faction memebres of this GOCS = Color of Law Fed.Gov criminals here on earth are in fact the black pot calling the kettle black???

      Apparently you are a poor judge of character if you think Bill Gates is a saint and Anna, James and Paul are the bad guys!

  2. Thanks to all of you and especially Anna and Paul for posting this declaration I am on it!

  3. We aren't convinced that just ANYONE BORN ON OUR LAND & SOIL is qualified to be an American by one page paper. We do Not Agree that parents who came here illegally, unlawfully & had a child qualifies that child to be an American.

    Acts unlawful, illegal DOES NOT QUALIFY that child to be an American & to partake in OUR GOVERNMENT & reap the benefits OUR ANCESTORS CREATED. WE ARE SICK OF PARASITES coming here to destroy us, displace us.

    Where is this substantiated? Its necessary to view the documentation which substantiates this claim. It must be up to the state itself to determine whether or not to allow children born here by parents or parent, especially those IMMINGRANT MOTHERS WHO PAID TO GIVE BIRTH HERE, & those who wrongly came here to birth their children. All of them NEED TO GET THE HELL OFF OUR LAND & SOIL.

    Time to provide substantiation for such claims. It is up to the states themselves to decide.

    1. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but by historical events, America was formed on an illegal capture of the land by King George and given to "his people" for the purposes and intentions only known to him and his group of bandits and looters.

      They declared the natives of the great Land as beasts, racially unfit, savage, belonging of an inferior race; as a means to justify their religion and rule over them through capture of their Land and wealth. Typical British empire (colonialism).

      Under their own rule, they came with the concept of "the Right to Conquest". This is unintelligible and totally incorrect, illegal and inhumane by any and every definition of the Law of the same people that wrote it. But, because they have labelled the Natives, the Indians as racially inferior, their Laws cannot be used by them. How absurd!

      Land equally belongs to every living Man or Woman alive. Weather they be born on it or not, does not matter. The Land sustains them! Every breathe and living day that passes is because of the Land and not their place of Birth.

      Please understand that what you're saying is not the will of the Almighty.

      The British Colonial empire created a Law to subdue all people of the World, making them take their Law and way of living as a means of "development, civilization, modern, superior, advancement" Looking at what we have achieved, I wonder if it really is true.

      Do you really think people in Africa understand what's going on. For the few that do, they are so little in numbers, they live in fear of death and "treason" (for conspiring against the Country).

      Everyone country owes their sense of Freedom to the American civil war. However, only the original American constitution exists in the world with the inalienable guaranteed freedoms. I've yet to come up with any other countries constitution that guarantees the same just as the American constitutions.

      They are similar to some extent, but far away as people are regarded as Persons and their sense of freedom is only but a sense.

      Kindly watch this video on Joe Rogan's channel Fully:
      Joe Rogan Experience #1442 - Shannon O'Loughlin

      I then urge you to watch the latest documentary by Dr. Steven Greer: Close encounters of the Fifth Kind.

      Let us think together as one species, one Man, one Kind. Despite our differences in culture and language!

  4. Dear Anna and Paul et al,

    At a glance the "One Page Declaration" creates a conflict between "Actual Factual Verifiable Truth at the level of Proof" vs. any individuals one shot at "Declaration."

    Proof vs Declaration.

    I would not accept any one for membership to a state Assembly based only upon a "One Page Declaration."

    I would advise no one accept any man who merely presents this "Declaration" as ticket for membership into a state assembly.

    Anna, I reference your pdf. Saturday, January 19, 2019 For All The Jural Assemblies 4 - Juror Qualifications and Membership. Corroboration and Proof are explicit in this essay.

    I had a discussion with the putative Coordinator for a state, who has no idea about this Essay: Jural Assemblies 4. And who seems totally out of his depth in knowledge, in my view dangerously so.


    1. definitions - Can't thank you enough for astute concerns here. The Declaration maybe is accompanied with BC verification, 2 Witness Statement & an i.d.??? (- may not be accurate).

      Would like to add concerns on another issue, that of any one born in America is qualified to present for American State National status. In speaking w some State National folks, this broadcasted claim we’re not so sure of. We need evidence of it & thoughtful discussion.

      ANCHOR BABIES: As a friend in California has profoundly said the Mexican immigrants give birth to a child a year, on our doll, & accordingly are automatically to be accepted as Americans, we question. There were also women who paid to come into our nation to give birth to anchor babies & their children are to be accepted?

      The states themselves ought to be the ones to decide this. And we need to see evidence of the claims anyone born here has "rights" as potential State National status.

      Our limited research (previous resources are gone, thanks to jews) brings us back to immigration agenda as tools for our destruction. We read earlier migration qualifications for those allowed in our nation are to have sound character, creditable, good standing, capable, are White is top preference & so on.

      The mistaken belief that this is some kind of global immigrant catch-all is JEW AGENDA. No! Without getting into it here, the history of America IS FILLED WITH GROSS LIES & DECPTIONS. Our thoughts are to get a grip on our true history.

      We are not convinced on claims of religious rights, as our nation is some catch-all religious cesspool. Those seeking National status need to know we operate as Christian Law, not satanic, jew, nor Islam etc. OUR LAWS supersede any & all of their laws & their religious choice is NOT OUR PROBLEM, they must abide.

      Right now we see jews are the worst offenders! From top psycho power monger enslavers to Orthodox isolated communities who have absolutely no intention of being a part of our nation, NOR do they have any intention of self-support, teaching their children they are entitled to be reap welfare benefits, their entire lives. And they have huge families, like Muslims, & the highest birth defects, mental diseased. Its show they even pursue child defectiveness as a welfare income producer & cause their children to act accordingly!

      The immigration policies we think apply, may not. We aren't for anyone born on our nation to be blanket potential qualification. What about those who are criminals? Those born here based upon mass immigration agenda WHICH IS DESTROYING OUR NATION. We don't want parasites, including the massive infusion of Africans in our medical schools displacing us, who then have children who are then anchored? List is massive.

      No. And for claims made that anyone born on our soil & land qualifies NEEDS TO BE EVIDENCED IMMEDIATELY for discussion, debate, research.
      WE OBJECT TO MAKING SUCH CLAIMS. We've notice inconsistencies on other matters, but we tend to think its our ignorance on matters. While the intention may seem good & just, we ask for Whom? thanks & stay sane

  5. You may have more pertinent and practical comment to my concerns, yet I also offer this:

    I believe that all "One Page Declaration(s)" should require that the Assembly retain full and complete ownership and Copyright to the "marked" paperwork. And that no signer, authorer, marker, be permitted to Copyright any portion of the Declaration, including they shall not may not copyright the "mark" they may apply, to the Declaration.

    Assembly should retain it as defense against less than truthful "Declarers."

    Please guide as you see wise and wonderful.

  6. Reading your instructions more thoroughly I recognize you provide instruction for verification. But who should "own" the Declaration document, after having been recognized by the Assembly Man?

    I believe the scrutiny should be very thorough, which may be a burden upon the Assembly?

  7. From Anna:

    You are making a lot of stupid assumptions, aren't you? For example, assuming that the Declaration will be accepted without corroborating evidence? Where did that come from?

    It certainly isn't justified by anything I said or did.

  8. Truly,

    Not continuing to present that you wrote in conflict . . . however this seems to be one more of the soooo many times I have been blessed to be outed in my stupor of error.

    thanks for the obviousness. May we all be blessed that no other man acts stupidly. . . uhg!