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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Lies Against Our Flag

By Anna Von Reitz

We have just summarized in our earlier post the ways and means by which the "elites" have contrived to rule over the rest of the world, and we deduce from looking at the long list, that their entire secret methodology amounts to fakery.
Just lies upon lies upon false assumptions and false claims and more lies.
So we addressed the pathetic "Quantum Financial System".
And we addressed the ancient but still potentially virulent issue of DOG LATIN, aka, PARSE SYNTAX, being an Anglicized form of Latin amounting to gibberish.
And finally, we address the lies being told about our flag.
We wish to begin by saying that it is our flag. It belongs to us. It was created by The United States of America, adopted as the flag of The United States of America, and like our Great Seal, is our property.
Next, we wish to explain to you that when we delegated certain enumerated "Powers" to foreign governments and allowed those foreign governments to exercise those Powers for us, we also allowed them to use specific variations of our flag and our Great Seal.
You will notice that their Great Seals are always enclosed by a solid circle.
This is because they are exercising delegated authority, not sovereign authority.
You will also notice that the Federal Code, Title IV, separates out and describes a specific variation of our flag that is allowed for their use. This so-called "Title IV" Flag is "on loan" to "the" British Territorial United States of America for them to use in the accomplishment of their duties.
Again, a version of our flag was set aside for their use and designated for that purpose, just as the encircled Seals were set aside and designated for the use of our Subcontractors.
So, what really happened to our Title IV Flag when "the" United States of America, Inc., went bankrupt and that bankruptcy was settled in 1999?
According to Russell J. Gould, he marched into Washington -- just him and his buddy, David Wynn Miller, and claimed our Title IV Flag for themselves.
Unfortunately, for Msrs. Gould and Miller that flag is our property, and never belonged to "the" United States of America, Inc. It was on loan to them for specific purposes under specific contract. When the contract defaulted due to their bankruptcy, so did their right to use our flag.
The actual International Law is that: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." ---- so regardless of selfish attempts to claim a version of our flag for their use without our consent and without any contract with us to provide services "in our name" --- the Title IV flag remains our property and it is obvious criminal activity to claim otherwise.
Mr. Gould needs to be rounded up, again, as an international criminal, and taught the actual international law without further adieu.
Sadly, our actual flag is "struck" and face down in the Capitol Rotunda and in Chambers of the Senate and House, as it has been for many years, thanks to ignorance or complicity on the part of our Generals.
You will note that our actual flag is not proportioned as a Title IV flag. It is in fact fatter in the vertical dimension.
So, our actual flag has suffered disrespect from our "Federal" Subcontractors under conditions of False Pretense for 150 years, and through their own incompetence, the Title IV flag we loaned to them for their use has been dishonored and captured by pirates, too.
It is well past time for the lard butts and lackeys to wake up.
The actual flag owed to our country is struck and hanging in the struck position in the Capitol. It is your job to raise it and keep it raised. Simple enough.
Additionally, the Title IV Flag that was allowed for the use of our Federal Subcontractors has been captured by pirates. It's your duty to recover it and return it to the owners --- The United States of America.
I met with Mr. Gould for five days. I found him to be charming, but making a lot of insupportable claims. His claim to "own" the American flag was one of those claims.


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  1. Terry let's see the papers you have submitted to these criminal courts along with your receipts to properly notify all of US. At the very least Anna has done that. All of us have a "past" which is defined by WHO again? Moving forward, Show your face, and reveal your full name by the Public Record unto the recording of where you stand. If you cannot do that, then please DO sit down and shut up. Lord knows we have enough chicken-hawks in this country anymore.

    1. OBVIOUSLY TJ is a TROLL... Never been on this site before. He also ATTACKS the messenger Instead of the message.

      I have studied the subject matter on Anna's site for the past 4 years. For me it all checks out. As to anyone's "past" it is somewhat immaterial. However, it is convenient to many TROLLS to attack the messenger that cannot dispute the message. A good example is the SPLC.... LOL

      So as with other sites DON'T FEED THE TROLLS...

    2. You're right Richard. Thanks for reminding me of just that again. :)

  2. Can you tell us about our Peace Time Flag ? How did it come into being, when, its use? Has it ever been used for our American nation? Would it fly below the states flag in each state? Or how is it used? Is it recorded as such?

    Here Hawthorn calls it Civil Flag, non-military, on federal property Salem Custom House, says vertical stripes & eagle with 13 stars:
    Start of Quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter
    “. . . Here, with a view from its front windows adown this not very enlivening prospect, and thence across the harbour, stands a spacious edifice of brick. From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned VERTICALLY, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military, post of Uncle Sam’s government is here established. Its front is ornamented with a portico of half-a-dozen wooden pillars, supporting a balcony, beneath

    Then another:
    Before 1940, no U.S. flag, civil or military, flew within the forty-eight states except in federal settings and installations. Only state flags did. Since the 1935 institution of Social Security and the Buck Act of 1940, 4 U.S.C.S. Ch 4 Sec. 104 - 113, by clever legal maneuvers the feds have entirely circumvented the U.S. Constitution, and have overlaid federal territorial jurisdiction on the sovereign States, bringing them under the admiralty/military jurisdiction of Law Merchant, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the law of Creditors and Debtors.
    Since then the U.S. military flag appears beside, or in place of, the state flags in nearly all locations within the states. All of the state courts and even the municipal ones now openly display it. In the last half century they have more openly declared the military/admiralty law jurisdiction with the addition of the gold fringe to the flag, the military flag of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

    Interesting. thanks & stay sane

  3. Paul,
    Its an advertisement to buy the flags. Why does it not have an eagle with a circle of stars around it as described ?...I fly the flag I bought from this website. Is it corrrect ?

  4. About time Anna puts Russle the tussle Gould in his place for,the fruad syntax system,he using to mislead people he,even says that were believing in fiction following the king james bible also David wynn miller even said he was a 90 degree mason an wss caught by his psrtner I, crime Russell tryung to open up that BRICs bank system it didnt work out lol now go lay down Russell for trying to trick people into syntax garbage ...

    1. IMO there are enough bogus bible claims to disregard all of them.

      anna's bible claims can be included in that. it was the 2nd coming a few years ago, then "come to jesus" moments for everyone, then she's no longer a "christian", then she worships the mother of the mother of god, then jesus is a jew and not worthy of anyone's respect, now it is back to old test. "the lord"

      yes, when i checked their info. out -- some of it interesting -- they were following "the lord" aka the devil aka the god of freemasonry.

      aka the same "god" anna usually raves about.

      i post this to say -- its about time. i have no problem with any religions or "spiritual" people except endless "revelation" always seems many times "make it up as i go along to benefit me at the moment"

      and trump and bushes and obama and all the federales all make use of "religion" for "political purposes" -- i dont think anyone can expect any of the "churches" of any denomination to lift a finger. they declared interdependence. they incorported. they hold "financial seminars" inside nowadays.

      the vatican II/u.n. even is promoting everyone is a brother of adam (aka christ is obsolete, come to 2nd coming fabian socialist jesus)

      i love to read all "viewpoints" but most the "bible" stuff seems how to be exactly how the world got into this mess.

      and most of it seems to be "co-opted" and used to promote all this fraud.

      just like the "civil war" -- both "sides" claiming biblical support.