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Friday, April 10, 2020


By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s begin with a quote from Benito Mussolini: “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” 

This is what “your” military is engaged in right now.  They are acting as Agents of the British Territorial Government and infringing illegally on our Good Name and Trademark, operating as a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — and selectively seizing upon corporations that are chartered under “the” United States. 

So for example, they have seized upon Walmart and they have seized upon Costco and Amazon and Walgreens and all sorts of other “US Corporations” and the military is now directly running these iconic “brand” operations however they see fit. 

Notice that General Dunford is now sitting as the Top Vulture at Lockheed and overseeing the death and dismemberment of Boeing. 

All over this country the military junta that has been illegally and unlawfully and immorally ruling over us as a “protectorate” since 1863, has been gobbling up and commandeering corporations chartered under “the” United States and using your credit and borrowing your authority to do it. 

The problem is that as all these Municipal corporations were chartered under your Delegated Power, they belong to you.  

So the misbegotten military is using your credit to seize upon corporations that already belong to you. 

Say what? 

We, The United States of America, the unincorporated Federation of States, already own and have first dibs on all Municipal Corporations chartered under our Delegated Powers.  They belong to us, not our Subcontractors. 

But here these Territorial Honchoes are, pretending to have an interest in these corporations that they don’t have, and buying up all this municipal property— that is actually our property—- at fire sale prices, and using our credit to do it. 

Got that? 

Your Employees are offering to buy your house out from under you by pretending to be you or to be your Agent and using your credit to do so. 

Now, of course, you never authorized these people to act in any such capacity. You haven’t even been told that this is going on and that your credit is being abused in this fashion and that you are in effect being forced to buy back your own property for the benefit of new owners. 

But now you have been told and you need to take action. 

Start by declaring your proper political status as an American, then join your State Assembly, and make it very, very clear to the US Trustees that you are the Primal Creditor of all the bankrupt municipal corporations and you will receive back their assets without paying for them again and without giving any title or ownership interest to the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business “as” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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  1. Does the process of changing one's political status that includes becoming the Primal Creditor, the same as "Primary Creditor" availed to a PERSON through the UCC-1? If so, what about this article published by some government agency?

    1. Black's Law online hasn't turned up anything for "Primal Creditor".
      I would love to know more through words about the difference between a PriMAL and PriMARY creditor.

    2. I know Canada for instance around 1940 perhaps finally allowed women to have a person status. Ever heard of a charge like "having something on your person) like contraband and such like rules. Persons for instance are the ones tagged so to say in the above article about the commerce. Look on license plate state license website and to a search and see the status Creditor/Debtor. Search a name like even yours and it shows the UCC filings. Australia is showing Nationals, Permanent Residents, and Citizens. Microsoft for instance is a person, corporations can and do use person status.

    3. Australia, Al Jazeera, nation country closings due to the virus is where I saw the mention of nationals, and residents. Very clear difference. Like being a cowboy or whatever word is deemed the thing target hero etc. Just getting a sign or yelling it out at Safeway "I am myself and not using anything else, it is just me" may not be enough to sink in.

    4. Anonymous, your link not accurate, it goes a blank page.

    5. @Gary, this should help:

  2. Government has always been a protectionist racket, first and foremost. Look at the fascia bundles in the halls of Congress and recognize what they mean-- an axe, representing the state power of execution, surrounded by rods, symbolizing corporations that strengthen and support the state. That IS the Roman Republic the founders gave you! ...with all its inherent corruption! It's not a republic that gives you freedom, but the Constitution, or values behind it. In a republic you're never allowed to grow up, someone must represent you, while in a democracy, you represent yourself, and that can work as well or better, with a good Constitution behind it. But you must NEVER consider that option, it's off the table, out of sight and out of mind. Thinking can be dangerous.

    1. I no longer believe in the MSM narrative of the word or idea of Democracy. Killing in the name of God does not justify the killing. Corruption under Democracy does not justify corruption.

      I believe all systems are communist in nature. Only difference is the degree through which one operates at any given moment.

      Watch this:

      And if you have time, watch the movie called:
      Casino Jack 2010

  3. Happy merchant the international corporation zionest inc you mean .
    Remember the 15,000 ships in Holland that stole the ppl cargo ? Moved to New York base camp masters of disguise Rockerfell changed the name Exxon .
    Shifting blame as Sal Alynski advised nice !

    1. Sorry, not aware of anything related to this. Can I watch a video somewhere that explains this?

  4. Dear Beloved Anna, I refer this to you, but appreciate anyone who has more knowledge than me to kindly step in and enlighten me.

    I am going to paraphrase something I read on a forum after reading about a case over a expired drivers license, which you can see here:

    One of the people wrote the following in the forum thread:
    "God supposedly gave authority to the Constitution, which can't possibly happen.

    The Constitution supposedly gave its fraudulent authority to the fraudulent Courts, which made the fraudulent laws which also have no authority or jurisdiction.

    You are neither party to the signing of the Constitution nor under its fraudulent jurisdiction or any fraudulent Courts jurisdiction.

    You are neither in Court even if your CAPITAL NAME is in court."

    What does this really mean? Thank you for your answer or anyone else's.

    How do people, around the world, step into their God-given inalienable rights, despite governments not positions or educated enough to acknowledge it?

    Why does King George's postal/court system exist, and why do we choose to operate within it and not let it just be a service to the People?

    1. Anonymous - your post just sparked a recall. Real estate agents use MLS to post property info. It had its own areas related to neighborhoods, then was changed a few years ago to be only zip code areas. This changed property value comparisons a lot.
      So 2 things happened, the property values & placing property under Zip Code jurisdiction.

      just wanted to post that while remembering it. tak-tak

    2. godlike prod. is a freemason-managed site. while there may be occasional interesting info. -- what does the name tell you?

      they are gnostics at best i.e. anyone claiming any knowledge of "god" is temporary at best.

      point being -- trying to conflate the "creator" in e.g. decl. of ind. with "god" is the purpose of such misinfo.

      if people just say "god" without identifying who/what that is, then unless they are gnostics, that is misinfo. -- meant to confuse/mislead people into mixing different religions together.

      which is the mason goal. "to the mason, god is our father in heaven, he is our father, and we all brethren"

      translation: merge all religions together under "the lord", only prophets who represent "the lord" are allowed (i.e. christ is denied, because he claimed to be before "the lord" and that "the lord" was false/fake, and that noone goes to "the father" except through him, etc.)

      its just a deception into making you think:

      1) the "creator" of decl. of indep. is "god" (rather than a particular masonic/deist/ "prime mover" type thing, i.e. enlightenment related)
      2) noone speaks for this "god" [masons do, but they dont want people knowing that]

      this accomplishes 2 things
      1) deflects attention from masons for creating/propping up this entity
      2) ensures noone else is allowed to speak for this entity

      do what you will, but that is freemason central -- if you are not a high ranking mason, it is just a place to spread "godlike productions" -- illusions.

      like "hollywood" -- it can be informative and entertaining so long as you know the "goal" is to leave you "spellbound" and "hoodwinked" etc.

      fiction can speak many truths, can let people say things they normally wouldnt be allowed or have any way to express. but should not be mistaken for reality.

      that is essentially masonry: only symbolism allowed, no mysterious divinity allowed, only their "divine mystery" (i.e. you have to join their lodges and work your way up to "truth" which ultimately is just "try to control/brainwash/enslave everyone else"

      the masonic objective -- to circumspect and travel "around" every and any idea of "god" -- a ring to bind/enclose them all in a sense.

      this is also why they try to infiltrate all religions/gov./movements/etc. make sure everything is kept in line/along with masonic parameters/goals.

    3. it is not so much that i "disagree" with such a statement about "god" could not authorize any "gov.", but that type of comment reeks of someone rejected their masonic "god" so now they want to reject america's "god" (which really is their "god" in the first place)

      point being, it is just useless bickering about things that don't matter. right or wrong, all law/legal systems likely have "religious" components, so one can either try to understand "how they are supposed to work" or not.

      and just blithely saying "god couldn't have done that" doesn't accomplish anything. where is their source?

      where is their proof? i realize a negative cannot be proven.

      but this basically a masonic way of saying "we know what god [their god is the devil] does and does not authorize"

      "our god did not authorize that [actually it did]"

      it is just a trick to lead people to the masonic god/gnosticism while they appear as though they are "opposed" to it.

      that is the only reason they say such things -- to deliberately confuse people that "the creator" is "god" -- both of those are vague, meaningless, and useless assertions without any further context.

      this is their goal -- poison the wells, throw sand in your eyes, confuse, mislead, misdirect. deliberately try to confuse everyone.

      so that they might more easily "manage" everyone els

    4. "posterity" aka "we the people" are indirect "parties" to the constitutions.

      it is their "rights" that are supposed to be protected e.g. in the "bill of rights"

      true, descendents today are not "direct parties" -- but it is their rights that are involved. in common law, RIGHTS ARE PROPERTY. "property in rights, rights in property"

      so saying such things is just masonic way to try to steal people's rights (which are the property of "we the people" in this case)

      it is half-truths/misleading to say people are not "parties" -- that is just more deflection -- attempt to say "everyone is a federal citizen, no more we the people, nor more indirect parties whose rights we are supposed to protect"

      seriously anonymous? i get if you are "new" to things, but do you not realize how you are being mislead?

      again, godlike prod. is a freemason-managed site. the point is to mislead people. maybe this makes you "smarter" eventually.

      blindly accepting things that are posted there, however, is not a good idea.

      they say such things in an effort to steal property -- people's rights. this should surprise exactly noone.

      you also need to mention which "constitution" you mean.

      it is very likely:

      a) this is their idea of "justice"
      b) only federal citizens are parties to their new "constitutions" i.e. legislative democracy i.e. only 14th amendment "federal citizens" allowed to vote/etc. and none of them can question their national/federal debt, etc.
      c) so they tell you "you aren't a party to this" to disguise these facts

      you will be strung along if you just blindly assume people are a) acting in good faith b) know what they are talking about c) not intentionally, wilfully, purposely conflating and prevaricating and trying to mislead people e.g. by omission

  5. A 1995 outer limits show that shows how 5g will control your mind.
    The same year the internet started.

    1. Amazing video. What I would have dismissed as mere far-fetched imagination and perhaps credit the director of the movie with the words "lack of creative thought for making such a terrible movie" totally fits in with the worldwide events we are experiencing as a population... I wonder how, we are still letting the 5g go up, installed, un-challenged. I live in Africa, and we don't know shit about these things. We've already had some version of these towers installed by the Chinese backed firms, Huawei et al.

      They have been installed since last year, but not yet functioning. And the weirdest part is that, the public does not even know what they are. They were told it was to be used to catch thieves. But this narrative is absurd, there are no thieves or shops at traffic lights and they definitely do not exist gated communities from the front entry. So putting it in these locations show that indeed, it is a surveillance system and perhaps, linked with this 5g reality.

  6. The Vietnamese are still confused with the two evils (China and EU). They still don't know the "UN Corporate Army" Peace-keepers belonging to EU, the British / UK deceptive world Gov't roaming the world, under the (pretended nice-guys) IMF, UNICEF, WordlBank, etc.

    A few years ago, I saw the UN Army Military Exercise in Thailand (that stolen land, a product of political transformation of, and by Winston Churchill, naval Fleet & FDR.., for their Gold theft Op, post ww2, leading to a 34 year mercenary war, misnamed or known as Vietnam war).

    1. Australians are well spoken & gentile. Have a few quite popular content creatives Vinney Eastwood, Max Igan Crow House, come to mind.

    2. That sounds familiar. Are you from there Wink-wink? I know the Aussie president speaks Chinese pretty well, he seemed to like their stuffs, and to coordinate with them.

    3. Carpenter - no no not Aussie but have had the pleasure of knowing a good few personally. Very good people. Of course the ones I know like to travel to other nations, so that adds to their character as well. Good people.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Attempting to counter judge Anna’s non stop trashing of victims of the great zio wars the Germans and Italians who help Spain fight off Rothschild communist mercenaries targeting hated priest and nuns 1937 missed named Spanish civil war .

  9. And of the 20,000. Ships of the world 15,000 were Jewish built in Holland.
    They mysteriously vanished and went were?
    New York and eastern sea board with all thair stolen cargo .
    They dominated the Slave trade yet the flipping the blame to ppl who only had 2% on slaves 40% of Jews owned slaves .
    Propaganda is controld ((( Rockefeller ))) running dept of Education he started said he can change a society.
    Only us people can reverse the hundreds of years of thuggery by the synagogue of satin.

  10. God is not party to contract /constitution the residents or British not allowed to own land .
    So they refer to state nationals as non resident aliens.
    However being they can treat British or U.S. citizens horriblely no rights only privileges
    It’s efficaasi to miss label everyone U.S citizens .