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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dictator Doctors, Adult Kidnapping, and Other Examples of Medical Tyranny

Found Here:

We didn't vaccinate any of our children when they were with us at home growing up.

One of our daughters, after she left home, joined the Job Corps. Of course they vaccinated her with all sorts of stuff, and as I recall she got really sick. She has had various health problems since then.

You really need to watch these videos to see where this vaccination hysteria is headed and how they intend to use medical tyranny to control America and warp it into a "new normal" of control and loss of your freedom.

To register to see the upcoming 9 day series on vaccines follow this link:


  1. I have unexplained symptoms that apparently root in mandatory military vaccines that gave me viruses that cannot be cured, only offers of pills to adjust the mind that also do things like cause cholesteral and clogging. Always some get sick like Iraq a few hundred with sepsis sent to Germany and died. Deployment to war zones requires multiple vaccines all in one shot that was too much of an overload causing he sepsis. Other s I know who did not get the shots are still fine and in their 60s.

    1. this is what the Military do under the ENMOD TREATY, from what Anna says. Apparently, she is correct. If you check out WITHOUT PREJUDICE by Bill Dixon, he verifies what she is saying. He expands on it by stating that you are "Property of the US GOVERNMENT" and that the old adage of "GOVERNMENT ISSUE" is what they are giving you notice of. While in the military, it is free game and you're giving them consent to do whatever they like to you. They can test bioweapons on you and more. This is where I am having a disconnect with the whole "Q" movement. If the military is the Evil Force who is literally the responsible party for doing all evil deeds against the unsuspecting American people (chemtrails, forest fires, viruses, building the underground DUMBS in the first place, etc) how is it that Q makes them out to be the "Heroes" being led by Trump and supposedly JFK Jr., if he is even still alive as the Qanons allege? Let me try to understand, so they built the underground military bases and they are now "rescuing" these children from their own underground bases? And also fighting these Reticuli/Dracos who have been here since the beginning and whom the military made agreements with like 80yrs ago allowing these same Reticuli/Dracos to abduct US CITIZENS? A few books THE VOYAGERS by Ashyana Dean and BLUE BLOOD TRUE BLOOD by Stewart Swerdlow talks all about it in explicit detail for those who want the gruesome gory details.

    2. By the way, this is something that most Qanons arent even discussing...the Kennedy family is one of the 13 Bloodline Illuminati families. Their original name is Cavendish. Which makes sense that they would now try and use a "storyline" that one of the good patriot families in America, the Kennedy clan, is somehow involved. Did everyone see how the Kennedy family made an Instagram video singing the song "Timber" a couple weeks ago and how Qanons interpreted that as somehow meaning that the Kennedy family are behind the Q movement? The 13 Bloodlines would never, EVER allow any "useless eaters" to be in control of this planet. Then Fulford last week said that the cabal sent him a message saying "we have ruled this planet forever, and we will destroy it before giving it up". What a croc. That's a bluff, because all they are doing is passing the baton to the Q/Kennedy people.

      See, we the people, need to be vigilant and question everything and everyone. This is only my .02cents, but Im interested to see what others think of my theory.

    3. "Yes" to essential skepticism! (See: "The Fifth Agreement" By: Ruiz & Ruiz)

  2. Jefferson said in Kentucky resolution if out side 19 enumerated powers it’s unenforceable,void.
    Patrick Henry said unfortunately force is all a tyrant understands.
    They do thair dirty deeds with color of law and only the ppl can unite to stop criminals in suits.

  3. What Bill Gates is afraid of 4:32 - at 3:40 Killy Gates says “to kill over 10 million excess people”

    1. the key emphasis "excess". Gates should be the first to experiment on all vaccines on himself to prove saftyness.

    2. Dan Carpenter - yep, knock up Killy Gates with his vaccine concoctions. Insure he gets all of the vaccines forced upon our children.

      And folks can benefit from reading or listening to the latest vids by Haslam who wrote Dr. Mary's Monkey. Dr. Alton Ochsner was highly invested in his polio vaccines, & when told all the monkey's died from the vaccines, he insisted their vaccine program against nations children be implemented. To prove his point, he had his grandson & granddaughter on stage at the medical auditorium, where he inject both. Within 78 hours the boy died & the girl had polio. NEVER CHARGED. Also involved in assassination of JFK, with Oswald as patsy, was in New Orleans at the time involved in Ochsners medical scam.

      Early in Ochsners career he was called in the dead of night to run over to the hospital to see a cancer in a patient in surgery, as it was so rare, he may not see it again in his lifetime.

      Ochsner hospital is one of the souths largest hospitals. Having made his blood libel sacrifice of his grandson & poisoned the population, he earned the 'rite' to succeed.

      After forced polio vaccinations, cancers shot up 300% across our nation.

      In 1917-18 Rockefeller Labs spread the polio epidemic in Brooklyn New York. Polio was an extremely rare disease until that time.
      At the same time 30,000 Brooklyn jew Bolsheviks were convening.

      Yep, the Polio epidemic & decades later the vaccine epidemic, & cancer epidemics ALL AT JEW HANDS. Nothings changed. Only gotten worse. And some how some people who ought to damn well know better, KEEP EXUCSING JEWS.

      thanks & stay sane

  4. Did gates say what I think he said ,We won’t need bombs to kill people we have vaccines.

  5. The young vermin Bar lawyers still don't know, or acting not knowing that, the Queen and Pope control WA D.C. subsequently each (fictitious) STATE of STATE (WA DC), through the International.Bar.Ass DOJ. They asked me "How do you know?", I provided proofs to your courts, that the DOJ paid for all your Courts supplies, the police gears, etc.. So your Fraudclosure are part of your mutual network for foreign power. They still denied the Truth in them. I said you will pay the stiff penalty in Trillions, bc you have been defaulted for so many times. With NO proof of lending anything. The bastards still think they are not connected with WA DC. They've been served with BIG SIGN Warning, font-size 50 point.

    For the records, I post/file this to let people know publicly, on how disconnected they are with the reality.

    1. RE 514075373US, 9114902307224363098340,.. 201909270913Prct. p.57

  6. bill gates a real psyco !!!

    1. lut - thanks for the link. Here are two vids on Killy Gates.
      Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

      I was too easy on Bill
      Gates the great-grandson of the president of the National City Bank and director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve the son of William Gates an attorney who sat on the board of Planned Parenthood before the days of Roe vs Wade
      Gates Foundation in 2000 with his wife father and Warren Buffett and eventually the Gates Foundation became the largest private foundation in the world holding
      around 50 billion dollars in assets
      >>>> Polio <<< India Killy inoculated children. PATH.

  7. Great. Here is part 1-3 on with Deborah Taveres.
    This is the plan-demic script written by the Rockefeller Org from 2010, Planned in 2010, mirroring what is happening right now. Agenda 21, Agenda 30. Restricting liberties, eliminate abilityto travel and there may be check points set up, no fossil Fuels (green new deal on steroids), a micro grid to find anyone in a 20 block radius to remove from homes, depletion on phone and computer connections to Warrent a demand for 5G. And no meat, they drink too much water,& emit gases. Basically, our weather has been controlled, and more catastrophic weather induced destruction will follow causing trauma and economic stress, this written in 2010. Watch all of it. Take 1 part at a time. It is a lot to digest. Why haven't the heads of these organizations been hanged for treason and tyranny? Gates,Rothschilds,Clintons,Is President Trump aware of this? When are all these elected Governors, Politicians hiing to be arrested with Congress and the Senate who has sold out the men and women, makes and females, alive in this unconstiutional Republic?

  8. Facebook will warn people who like or react to fake coronavirus news censorship.

  9. Have them sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury the vaccine is safe and will cause no injury. Actually, if you are a "U.S. citizen"/ subject/franchise, you have no right to object. Murphy v. Ramsey 114 U.S 15 (1885) and Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L.Ed. 1143, 56 S.Ct.773. U.S. citizens only have granted "privileges" not "rights".

  10. Just a matter of time until they find out what rights we have when the time comes to start putting them in their own F.E.M.A concentration camps where they will all be be-headed for war crimes, and crimes against humanity.They can't be of sound minds if they seriously think we will lie down to their satanic tyrannical endeavors.They're far too evil to get a clue.God will not allow them to be victorious over us, but we have to do the foot work. The world is awakening to their depopulation agenda and it shall be them who will suffer the final blow from the righteous. It is time to start forming God's army in earnest people!


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