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Monday, March 23, 2020

What "Unseen" Enemy?

By Anna Von Reitz

The actual enemy is in full view, and rarely more so than in the last few days.
Its name is the National Security Council, an un-elected, unaccountable, self-interested bunch of Commissars that got installed by Harry Truman (following FDR's lead, of course) to control the economy and coordinate "defense" of their action by the military during the 1946 restructure of everything--- and then simply stayed on to enrich themselves and manipulate and control things to enhance their own "security".
This was the same time period that saw the implementation of Bretton Woods, the Marshal Plan, and the adoption of Two Sets of Books Bookkeeping known as "Double Accrual Accounting" by the GAO, a system first popularized by Al Capone's bookkeeper.
This is when the Municipal "IRS" joined the Territorial "Internal Revenue Service" effort to terrorize and pillage American businesses and working people.
And you thought that Warren Buffett was just SO smart?
No. Like Rothschild, he's just so well-informed and able to take advantage of that Insider Information to do Insider Trading. He knows what the economy is going to do and when to sell or buy what, because he is one of the Commissars in charge of manipulating and controlling the flow of commodities including currency. He and Anna Tatlock, the British Commissar in America, are enabled to take down whole industries and seize any "Public Corporation" as they just did with Microsoft, Krogers, Walmart, Costco, .....
How many businesses would EVER choose to "incorporate" if the dumb clucks going into it knew that the government would thereafter own everything that they struggle and work for and build as a result of "accepting a charter"?
If the business community really understood that and was given full disclosure, there wouldn't be a "public" corporation left in America.
These cretins mean to control your access to food and water and damned near everything else you need to live, including information, so of course, there will have to be ten days of "darkness" while they plug in their 5G Control Grid and take over the Internet too and take over all six of the major Media Corporations.
Welcome to the Soviet Union, all wrapped up in red, white, and blue.
But if you want to know where all the evil is coming from, it's really not hidden from you. It's coming from the National Security Council in this country and from House of Wettin in Europe.
These two point sources work together to create 95% of the death and destruction and disease and misery in the world, and they are constantly stirring the pot to further enrich themselves.
Most recently, they decided to take down the Oil Barons for a profit, similar to what they did when they took down the Railroad Barons in the 1920s and 30s.
They are folding the Oil Industry and moving to control the electrical industry as the next new thing. Don't be surprised if all your greedy, incompetent, and corrupt home town "electrical cooperatives" have new Big Corporate bosses from out of town, soon. And they will be even worse.
The excuse for this will be "maintaining grid security" but in fact, it will be "grid control" such that these unaccountable and untrustworthy monsters are able to deny people electricity whenever it suits them, and abuse the electrical grid as a means to spy upon and "control" others.
These are the grown up versions of the horrible little kids you knew in grade school --- the sneaky, selfish, "unsporting", nasty little bullies and tattle-tales that hung around the edges and manipulated things so that others got in trouble, often for doing things that these little vermin planned.
What we should do is just save ourselves a lot of trouble and get rid of them ---- arrest a couple hundred evil people at the top of the European and American food chains and be done.
If they had any honor or sense of what is good for this planet, or even what is ultimately "good" for themselves, they'd leave quietly and let life go on unhindered by their manipulating, hoarding, insider trading, commodity rigging, and enslavement activities, but as the good of the planet or anyone on it is a foreign concept to them, there is little hope that they will vacate without the use of cattle prods and lasers.
Some of these characters really are inhabited by demons, just like in the Bible, and they can be very dangerous----not because of what they are, mere shells that look human---- but because of the "demons" --- ETs, whatever--- that live inside of them. They put on quite a show when cornered, but it doesn't matter. They still need to go, go, go.
Obviously, anyone who would weaponize the Common Cold (that's what the Coronavirus is) is more than two bricks short of a load, yet that is what they have done in the name of "National Security". And that is what we are suffering all this disruption over --- a hyped up version of the Common Cold.
Obviously, too, a British "bug" that was carried to China by a Sergeant in the American Military stationed at Fort Belvoir -- a man who attended the World Games in Wuhan last October-- is definitely not a "Chinese Virus" and the Chinese Government is not responsible for its existence nor its release.
Once again for the brain-dead and deaf:
The British Pirbright Institute owns the patent on the "novel" Coronavirus, aka, weaponized Common Cold. It was funded by DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ---- nobody else. It was carried to China, hopefully unwittingly, by an American Serviceman stationed at Fort Belvoir --- Patient One.
Now, that's the actual truth of the matter and the President needs to be informed, so that he is: (1) no longer blaming it on China; (2) is playing with a full deck; and (3) has no plausible deniability for taking unjust actions predicated on misinformation.
Warren Buffett and Anne Tatlock already dealt with Bill Gates by taking over Microsoft and sending him home to play Parcheesi, just as they dealt with GHWB and the oil industry--- the same oil industry that was rewarded for murdering JFK and helping to pull off 911, and which is now being taken down and demonized by the perpetrators of it all.
La, la, la, how the world works. The innocent and the patsies are blamed for everything.
The National Security Council is headed up by the Vice-President and includes an "Assassination Committee" that actually plans murders of Americans and others who don't agree with the "policies" set in place by the National Security Council, and who are deemed "terrorists" as a result.
Although it should be obvious that men holding such powerful offices and abusing our Public Trust to such an outrageous extent, men sitting around manipulating entire industries and plotting murders and crooked bookkeeping systems behind closed doors, are The Problem by definition, many Americans still aren't getting the drift of all this: we have crime bosses in control of a substitute government.
These people are masquerading as "your" government, when in fact they are substituting their foreign subcontractor for "your" government. And the "National Security" they are protecting is their own, not yours.
They are in the process of seizing control of your very lives, and manipulating all the sectors of the economy upon which you depend --- electricity, water, food, information --- and they are telling you that this is necessary and for your own good. But look at what they are actually doing?
They are making False Claims against your interests and assets. They caused this virus problem, too. And they have been lying to you religiously since 1907.
What they are proposing is just a re-working of the same old crap on a different day: instead of using your labor to back their debt, they propose to use the gold and silver that is owed to you to back their debt, instead.
And then instead of harassing you with the IRS and completely outrageous claims to own the benefit of your labor, they propose to impose the Mark of the Beast --- their very own Bar Code --- and apply it to you, so that they can tax your ability to trade and barter.
And that, dear children, is just another means to enslave and control what is not theirs to enslave or control.
Time to kick every member of the "National Security Council" and their European Bosses and the members of the Con-gress, right where it hurts them most. In their wallets.
These people are crooks of a most dishonorable and duplicitous and destructive kind --- people who pretend to stand for "law and order" but who are instead actively engaged in Confidence Schemes on an unimaginable scale.
Don't be gullible. Just as they never had any right to tax your labor, they have no right to tax your ability to trade. Just as they never had any right or excuse to shut down the railroads to promote oil, they have no right to shut down the oil industry to promote their control of electricity.
Have you heard the words, "screwed, glued, and tattooed"?
That's what we need to do to every politician in Washington, DC, including the President. WWG1WGA may be true, but where THEY are going,we don't want or need to go. They need to get the message, shoved up their noses or their asses. It really doesn't matter which. And they need that message now.
It's time for the Territorial Government to re-venue our assets back to us. The re-venue has to go all the way to the land jurisdiction and the American States and People that the assets actually belong to.
Either that, or they and the members and lackeys of their "National Security Council" ----all stand exposed as nothing but common criminals and mercenaries engaged in piracy and other crimes on our shores, and all these activities are being taken against the best interests of their Employers and in violation of the Constitutions which allow their activities and offices to exist.
Their job is to protect the electrical grid --- not tax it, not control it, not weaponize it.
They all need hear it loud and clear from 320 million angry and disgusted Americans. And not all of us are relatively powerless "voters" ---- some of us are Electors and we are ready to spit, too.
If --- and its a big "IF" -- there is actually any coronavirus "emergency", that emergency has been caused by the Brits and our own federal subcontractors.
It's time to put pedal to the metal and boots up the butts of the "National Security Council" and the members of Con-gress.


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  1. There are MANY wrong-doings awfully done by the vermin. Not just the REGISTRATION.

    They run their Admiralty codes that sounded American, on top of their corrupt Ucc codes, sub-planted to steal from all souls, to suck off our energies to build up their energies.

    This deceptive sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath.

  2. Talking about Harry Truman following FDR's lead, and their CIA, I saw this group post, that the CIA started in 1947, that’s the wrong date. Why?

    In 1945, the CIA existed a bit before this year. Their secret agents already worked in Laos (one of Indochina States). At that time, they used American Embassy compound to run their secret op. I read several US mail airplanes shot down; involved in their secret war. Those US Mail airplanes, were reversed from the American US-China mail service, the CIA renamed them “Air America Airplanes”. Per (FDR, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman), to conspire war heavily on this sovereign State, for 12 years (~1957), before their mercenary war extended to Vietnam (another Indochina State), to prolong something secret. England got Rich, its U.S.(Inc) earned handsome $$$ too, including France, etc. China was paid to keep quiet. This secret banker war grew bigger to 34+ years, which then brought back many suffering to human lives. I’ve heard those Asian States suing the vermin. What do you think of this folks?
    The vermin earned big, and they wanted the world not to know about their secret dirty games. If the vermin hated Communism so bad:

    1) WHY did they do secret business with China for 34+ years, and caused Great sufferings to Americans and se Asians? besides stealing our wealth and se Asian wealth? 2) England knows how much they took from each country. England is aware, they have been sued. I see their hot seat since last year. 3) we should resolve the issues ASAP before Prince Philip and Queen Ez-2 gone. Why? because they had witnessed the British World-Theft. 4) Dealing with their children or grand-children would be hard to educate them. These two-tops have the first hand knowledge of their leader crimes.

    Remember Anna you said, it’s wrong to steal from the poor, or steal from the rich. Everything has to be in consideration. 5) The vermin had consumed a lot and hide away people assets. There are evidences that they abused our Social Security funds, and many trusts, not just MANNA world Trusts. 6) The facts that they are deporting people has something to do with people moneys they don’t want to pay out on FDR New deal, etc.. They committed Tax and Insurance Fraud, and countless crimes.

  3. WWW III people verses these criminals!

  4. I remember those little tattle tales and rumor instigators and others and often was glad most people ignored those types. Then they got more and more power, pretty soon entire military bases had to be careful going to the tattle tales building due to any smells at all making her sick. Vain, complainers with ridiculous demands began to oddly be held up as the mascots, the role models for others who wish to be petted by government goodness and pureness as though they are a dog always obedient to their master. Insane kinda expression of life born of linear boxed in thinking with the heart ignored finally into entire population with heart disease number one sick part and ignoring even with science now well aware of the energy grid around us and the importance of the heart that rather than be ignored should be the main brain and the other brain secondary to it. Being the heart has used electrical magnetic fields and communicates with and harmonizes us with all things in our surroundings. Isn't their idea to replace it? Put a machine based system that communicates with everything around it by electrical magnetic energy grid.
    Due to our own "organic" grid being effected even more separation from our spiritual and physical heart will result creating more negative damaging energy. Truly love is actually also very physical and its time it was taught or retaught since many older cultures were in fact aware of it and were heart based not linear math word based.


  5. Very short rendition:

    Nothing new, it all started long ago 450K; just now more prevalent as people were distracted with a false reality and had no authority or enforcement to restrain CONgress wrongdoers as the the sheeple-people were given-sold a bill of goods called the CONstitution and bill of rights from the very people who were slave owners and perpetrators combined with the Banksters and oligarchy.

    FDR in 1933 was the year of consecration and bankruptcy [U.S Inc.]; did the American people get mad, was their an uprising - NO

    Why double talk and double speak; was the BAR Guild involved with distorting and changing the laws over the past 234 years.

    In the past 3500 years this planet has been at war - only about 230 years had peace.

    Research and evidence says YES!

    The Victors of the invisible war(s) upon the people for money and control write the History Books and control the peoples education.

    BTW we did not win the WAR because we were just deceived as the oligarchy supplied all items to both sides.

    Its all smoke and mirrors to keep themselves in power - a good example is the past 3.5 years with the DNC fighting the American people only to enrich themselves [follow the money] as the DNC have rejected any and all bills and moneys for the people.
    Yet they live in multi million dollar houses - How is that possible ? How is it they are withholding moneys to help the American people through a crises and provide money for there own gratification and control - " I smell a Rat"

    90% of CONgress is corrupt and needs to be replaced with the original intent - control by the People [average person] and get back to enforcing the Jefferson Manual.

    Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone

    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

    Appearances are of four kinds:
    Things either are as they appear to be;
    or they neither are nor appear to be;
    or they are, but do not appear to be;
    or they are not, and yet, appear to be. ~ Epictetus

    Gratitude - keep moving forward


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