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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

To Mr. Trump and the "Flag Officers"

By Anna Von Reitz

Our actual flag, the flag of the American Federal Republic, is displayed "face down" and "struck" in the Capitol Rotunda and displayed as such also in the House Chambers and the Senate Chambers.

This despicable disrespect and Big Lie with respect to the condition of our flag, and our Government, has been tolerated by six generations of "American" Flag Officers.

I would like to know what breed of ignoramus we have spawned here, which has seen our flag in this condition for 150 years and through multiple, even world-spanning conflicts, and done NOTHING about it? 

Our flag should be displayed in the upright, horizontal position in the Capitol Rotunda and everywhere else that it is displayed or represented.

The idea that our American Government somehow "disappeared" and was subject to being "held in abeyance" simply because a Federal Subcontractor ceased operating is ignorant lunacy. 

Likewise the idea that our Government, our States, or our People, are bankrupt because of the bankruptcies of our Federal Subcontractors-- which are operating as foreign commercial corporations-- is likewise ignorant lunacy. 

That is akin to presuming that I am absent or bankrupt, because the guy who mows my lawn doesn't show up for work or goes bankrupt.

We are here to tell you and the rest of the world that, no, we are not bankrupt because our employees are.  Our assets are not subject to their bankruptcy. Our assets are owed to us, free and clear of any debt, mortgage, presumption or encumbrance.

And it is your duty, Flag Officers, to track down the US Trustees in their burrows and shove this information up their noses or other orifices, at your convenience.  Now, sirs.

You have all allowed and indulged this nonsense "on our behalf" for 150 years, and left our flag displayed vertically, as "incompetent" and "struck" in the Capitol Rotunda? 

You should all be court-martialed for incompetence, neglect of duty and due diligence, plus dishonesty reflecting dishonor upon your rank and commission.
Some of your seniors, now dead, should have been held and tried for treason, breach of trust, and sedition. 

As it is, I must be content that they are dead and gone.  Perhaps I shall find time and occasion to go piss on their graves.

Our government is alive and well and the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor and numerous other world governments have been given Due Notice of the facts, but somehow, miraculously, the "Flag Officers" who pretend so much commitment to the flag of our country, don't know the difference between the actual flag which stands Dishonored in the Capitol Rotunda, and the Title IV Flag allowed for the use of our British Subcontractors.

Flag Officers --- if you have read my comments issued yesterday and recorded for posterity on video last night, you have cause to know how disgusted I am on a deeply personal level by your lack of performance, due diligence, and loyalty to your actual flag and country. 

You and Mr. Trump are all instructed, requested, and required to enter the Capitol and raise the flag of the American Federal Republic to its proper estate and condition, flying horizontally.  

By this sign may all Principals and Parties know that the American Government is at home and none too pleased about the past presumptions and actions of our Employees. 


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    There setting up large generators around the country for project
    fire the PDF BELOW

    Here is the prof that killary clinton and the secret military science is behind all of this.I vetted this company 2 yrs ago and it does must down load pdf to see it all.Read it carefully ,you will know whats coming.Russia is part of it so is infowars,brietbart,UN,canadian forces,virus,project fire sign,
    holograms, Improved strains of ZIKV,Reactivating HAARP may have PALE
    HORSE PROTOCOL,(see: PROJECT SANGUINE) that attack the specific areas
    of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious
    experience , 5G ,etc
    Anonymous PDF:
    Podesta Email:

    Anna i sent you A EMAIL titled..
    (book from library of congress)on march 19 7:27 pm

    1. tony - poking around your links. The book pdf Dweller on Two Planets is curious, saved it for another time. Fun Benson Strategy report. Couple items below:

      Q15: According to the WikiLeaks emails, Hillary hates 'everyday people'
      Yes ……………………….. 52%
      No ……………………….. 15%
      Not sure ……………………….. 33%

      Folks 38% less likely to go to polls for Trump upon ET attack!
      Q21 [ Hard Trump support ] What events could stop you from voting (LV Voter Screen, None on Q20)
      Shooting war in neighborhood ……………………….. 8%
      External invading force ……………………….. 17%
      Attack by extraterrestrials ……………………….. 38%
      Biblical event ……………………….. 16%
      None ……………………….. 17%
      Not sure / other ……………………….. 4%

      This is non-Recommended BUT to even see they'd consider itas an option, pay actors to carry it out.. OH WAIT, they're doing it now! Kinda looks like the Harvest Machine is still running, but the Hildabeast fell off way back in the pasture.
      We know this strategy occurs, but to see it in print.. Well that's a hoot!

      One of the:Non-Recommended Salvage Options :
      Improved strains of ZIKV have been delivered and we have disseminated them to operatives. Unfortunately this will suppress women voters more than men (even as ZIKV2 is lethal in adults). This would hurt Hillary Clinton and Trump voters are willing to risk lethal pathogens to vote
      Post-election control

      thanks & stay sane

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  2. Anna this is important,get this book FROM THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS and search these terms below.
    It's about our true history from a seer born reincarnated 9 thousand years ago in atlantis.
    everything that happened then is happening now.(Atlantis was America)
    Search Terms below
    blue-coated soldiers
    unfed light
    load stone (you will crap your pants on this one)
    Night-Side of Nature

  3. from a seer. right: do seers and fear porn artists usually hang together, cmon. the only one you’re scaring is you!

    1. clearly you haven't done the slightest bit of research netal shephard.

      america is the "new atlantis" see francis bacon. (maybe you heard of the virginia company?)

      or the royal society. pilgrim society. society for occult and psychological research. tavistock institute. or the CFR/RIIA connections to all these.

      to rosicrucians (e.g. woodrow wilson) "atlantis" is just code for "merge all religions together, everyone under the lord" and "lord jesus" of johns apocaplypse, aka 2nd coming.

      "seers" were all over 1800s america. most of america was always "2nd coming" "millenialism" and it was always about "contacting the dead -- because under the 1st coming system (holy ghost) everyone else was considered "dead" "in hell"

      hence why they wanted a "new earth" and a new heaven. as above, so below. change the "god" people are supposed to worship, a new earth results.

      none of this is secret or hidden.

      at its core, it is simply a choice between:

      1) god already came down to earth, in the form of jesus, who was the christ


      2) we are waiting for the next messiah, we reject christ, we want a new world made in the image of another god: the one who is coming

      most of "america" was always in favor of option 2) because most of "america" was "enlightened" and the prior system, option 1), was roman catholicism and deemed as "superstition" (and also, anyone else is "damned" "of the devil" i.e. "jews" and non-"christians" etc. were not "saved")

      option 2), the rosicrucian mason "jesus", is the inversion or reversal of option 1); now "1st coming" is the devil, and anyone not waiting for the next messiah is damned.

      this allows everyone to be saved -- all you have to do is deny christ and believe that someone is coming in the future to save everyone.
      it all comes down to who is "god". if 1st coming christ is god, then 99% of america always was and is "dead" and "in hell" and the "dead" are walking the earth.

      if you believe in "2nd coming" then anyone who is baptized in holy ghost is "dead" "damned" "demonic"
      they are simply opposite systems.
      publically, america (except articles of confed. which was up to each state) generally tried to be "neutral" and avoid taking a "side" and just say "in god we trust" without defining that term, but anyone who has read masonic or rosicrucian writings, they admit they dont actually believe in "freedom of religion" at all, and it is all about "enlightening" people to expect the "2nd coming" and convince everyone that is america's "destiny"
      now, i have not checked tony's information, but to dismiss these things is just a sign of someone who doesn't know anything. masonry is all about "symbolism", endless, endless symbolism, in some ways that is seemingly all they believe in (any attempt at concrete/permanence is temporary, delusional, considered wrong, very similar to gnosticism)
      the real questions you should be asking yourself:

      1) when did masons decide america was no longer new atlantis
      2) when did america decide they were no longer doing 2nd coming/millenialism
      3) when did america define "in god we trust" and specify which "god" that is, and if "christ"-related is that 1st or 2nd coming? which trinity? which baptism? how does one "join" or leave this "church"?
      where did this ever change course?
      what group or movement took over from the masons?

      for you to have any credibility, you need to show some theory of where and when and who decided america was no longer the "new atlantis"

    2. netal shephard, your comment amounts to "if i bury my head in the sand, the hunter with the gun cannot shoot me and roast me over a fire" -- because you can't hear or see the bullet, because you purposely blinded and deafened yourself, any other concept of reality must not exist. LOL.

      that is great if that is your choice -- except why try to direct other people who dont have a death wish?

      lodestone was an old term for magnets.

      almost all "alchemy" books have multiple meanings. to masons/rosicrucians there is a "soul science" metaphorical meaning -- rebuild the earth.

      to others, there are magical elixirs of life. to others, it is just about making literal gold or silver or other metals. to others, it is akin to grafting plants -- a general science spanning many fields of potential uses.

      from the terms that the book tony refers to, it would be more surprising to me if there are not multiple meanings/definitions, and (intentionally or not) they overlap masonic goals/plans/definitions.

      as masonry is so "symbolic" it is hard to prove they are not just "making things up as they go" and perhaps that is the sign of a true mason

      point being: even if one doesn't believe a word of the book tony refers to, that doesn't mean it isn't useful info.

      if anything, knowing symbolic meanings, being familiar with different systems/goals of different groups ---- IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE CERTAIN SOMEONE IS NOT HIJACKING MOVEMENTS -- INTENTIONALLY OR NOT.

    3. Netal Shepherd: masons consider anyone who "does masonic things" (like an 8 hour work day, 8 hours rest, 8 hours of study) to metaphorically be "honorary" members.

      a lot like "communism" -- people who (even unintentionally) promote/further such goals are considered "honorary members"

      thus if one is not familiar with their religious "atlantis" symbology: how are people going to avoid being a masonic "useful idiot"?

      this is e.g. why mormons can claim lincoln as one of theirs -- metaphorically. even if he never officially "joined" -- in their eyes, he acted to their benefit, promoted their goals, etc.

      if you dont understand the concept of "metaphor" and purposely dismiss any books people show you to try to explain the masonic "worldview": then you are just making yourself an easy target, to be used and abused and mislead and lied to and robbed.

  4. Our actual flag, the flag of the American Federal Republic, is displayed "face down" and "struck" in the Capitol Rotunda and displayed as such also in the House Chambers and the Senate Chambers.????? Post a picture so people will have an idea of what you are even talking about please

    1. Unknown - see the flag is hanging vertically in this image link below.

      From Anna's article: About Gold Fringes and Missing Seals and Martial Law
      Struck: The actual flag of the Federal Republic (the American Confederation missing since 1860) can be seen on display, struck, in the Capitol Rotunda and House and Senate Chambers, where it is seen hanging in a vertical "struck" position, giving notice to everyone who sees it and understands what it means, that that "government" is struck, incompetent, bankrupt, or otherwise in "abeyance" and "distress".

    2. That is NOT the American flag also it has 33 stars on it, whats that tell you? Furthermore the flag they have indoctrinated everyone to believe is our flag is a british flag and with gold fringe is a maritime/admiralty FLAG. The flag folks believe is our flag is a flag of WAR our flag is more of a white background, still flown at the first post office.

    3. carol - its the position of the flag being illustrated.

    4. Why this one is mixing with the French Flag? The vermin didn't like the confederated flag.

  5. Nevada and Michigan governor's are now banning cure for Corona Virus. Jimstone has a remedy for the afflicted

    Now Michigan's governor banned the use of anti-malarial drugs for this too. And there is a building consensus on the web: Why do Democrats insist on "my body my choice" for abortion, but when someone wants to use an anti-malarial drug to cure COV, they don't have that "choice" anymore? Here' is the answer then: ALL DOCTORS TAKE THIS MESSAGE (and anyone who can send it to them SEND IT:

    They way they are getting this drug banned for Coronavirus is by claiming "off label use" is not permitted. so when you want to use it to treat coronavirus, just write down the patient wanted it for malaria. They can't say no to that.

    BOOOOOM! We now have ADDITIONAL COLD HARD PROOF the virus is man made, and specifically intended to destroy the United States

    IMPOSSIBLE: Nevada's Democrat governor has just issued an "emergency order" banning use of anti-malaria drugs to treat Coronavirus

    Why is this proof he wants people dead to fill an agenda? Because these anti malaria drugs have been approved by the FDA for 70 years and have had ZERO known problems that are outside the scope of other medications that are widely used and well known to be completely safe. Furthermore, the FDA already approved these drugs for use against Coronavirus. Banning the use of these drugs for Coronavirus, when they are proven to work AND APPROVED, is an open act of war against the people of Nevada who did not vote that bastard into power anyway. Banning the use of these drugs is cold hard proof someone has an agenda to fill, and this virus IS IT. It is how they are going to do 911 #2 on the United states, and finalize a new "patriot act" that makes the original look like Disneyland ride rules. The Nevada election was stolen, no one voted that governor in, and the demands Pelosi made for getting coronavirus relief passed are specifically intended to make damn sure that no matter what, the next federal election is completely and perfectly stolen also.

    EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE outside of brainwashed youth who have not experienced a damn thing in life (and their brainwashers in the colleges) hates Democrats so bad by now that they don't have a chance in hell of even taking California absent a steal, and I'll bet that they have never actually won that state even once. Just look at what Pelosi is doing - she is holding the American people hostage for the sole purpose of ensuring the next election can be successfully stolen, and if it is not handed to her she'd just as soon see the American people die. She's a clear cut enemy of the American people and the governor of Nevada just stepped up to the front lines and screamed it too, it is now formally midnight on the doom clock, bullets MUST FLY and remove these bastards.

    The use of this crisis AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE CRISIS BY BANNING A KNOWN PERFECT TREATMENT is far beyond treason, Pelosi and more need to be more than hung, they need to be put on life support with oxygen and a blood recirculator that puts it right back in them as they lose it while they have their limbs ripped off one by one, followed by a deep fry of the torso and right before that kills them, while on life support, they should THEN be hung. These people are THAT BAD, and they just proved it, there's not one place for them to hide from this truth any more. If this is not enough to have the American people remove them by force (because the system is too subverted to function) we are all going to swirl right down the ol' shitteree. PEOPLE HAD DAMN WELL BETTER DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.


  6. It is now kill or be killed, period.


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