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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Actual Value

By Anna Von Reitz

I am old enough so that “I have been here before.”  And it’s not just some thinly underlined deja vu. 

I have survived all sorts of horrific crime scenes and panics — and if you are older than a high school student, so have you. 

I’ve seen Eisenhower and JFK and LBJ and Tricky Dick, used Silver Certificates and silver coins, saw the military script “Federal Reserve Notes” being forced down our throats, lived through the Petrodollar, too. 

I’ve seen Korea, Vietnam, Shock and Awe and Desert Storm and everything ever since.  I’ve seen “Federal Revenue Sharing”, Y2K and 9/11.  AIDS and HIV and all sorts of other loathsome diseases come and go.  Wars against poverty and wars against drugs and wars against cancer and wars against hate and wars against drunk driving and wars against free speech. 

I am still waiting for a war against war. 

Right now, we are engaged in a “war” against the Common Cold. 

It’s all bogus.  Like the zombies at the Fun House at the State Fair when I was 7.  

What this does demonstrate, however, is: (1) Americans in general and especially members of the Press Corps, are math illiterates; and, (2) we continue overall to be both naive and gullible; and— (3) despite all the things that have been done to us to make us hate ourselves and hate life—- we still love life. 

We still supremely value life.  We are willing to do all sorts to bitter things to protect and save and preserve life.  

Too bad we don’t always remember that primal truth and core value and share it more consciously day to day.  Too bad that we take life and love for granted until there is a Big Scare, some looming threat— real or perceived, and then, all of a sudden- as if it is some Big News, we remember how important life is.  

And we start taking better care of ourselves and we start taking better care of each other.

And that’s a good thing. 

If Yeshuah came back today he would find us minding our own business and all those of us who accept serving others are here, finding that we are needed just as much or more than ever. 

Lift that weight. Tote that bale. Tell the truth. 
Go the extra mile.  Show that little extra love and self-respect. Take that hot bath.  Scrub that counter.  Rest.   Reflect on just how precious life is and the mystery of how we ever lose sight of that “ultimate value”. 


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  1. A great expose on all the fake news from 1945 till today including
    this virus,this guy did a great job...

  2. Prayers are needed in numbers now more than ever ! Easter coming up I noticed the Easter isle in the store's there full like know one cares about it over this killer virus! Churches will be empty too! This is sad to see! Children need there Easter so do we need our churches ! How do we all bring back Easter? Do we make a website so we can pray together? Any ideas ?

  3. And now even with science showing that we and plants and all things around us are surrounded with information fields that are felt by out heart and sent to out brains, they still won't tell anyone and want us to be stuck in analytical linear flat location only in our brain. Hating your heart, ignoring it and letting it take a secondary not important but only a pump and viewing things other than our brain as dead or unresponsive and useless other than as an observed and documentented by official scientists. Cutting off the natural network around us, replacing it with a false network ( that by the way is envisioned to be getting information from all things that can contain a tiny embedded chip, junk up waves around us the effect will be to confuse our natural system and destroy it. A people who are not heart based, who think theyre way around rather than feeling with their heart and using the brain as intended would show symptoms, like for instance that population would have a large amount of sick hearts. Ever wonder why heart disease is the number one? Try being ignored totally and not even once told you are loved and welcome and how long would you last? I only thought things of the heart were believed only not actually going on 24/7 and a critical active radio super system far in advance of any new computer network creations of science.

  4. Yes, we’ve all “been there.” But have we been there in the same way?

    It’s worth keeping in mind something that not many, but nonetheless, even Nietzsche understood — that the greatest enemy of humanity is its own herd mentality. How is that overcome? On the individual level: one lifetime at a time. Can it be any other way?

    When we reflect on things, we don’t exactly need scientists to tell us about evolution, because if you’re really tuned in you’ll have realized — it will always be a LONG… SLOW… DRAG. So much of what humans do is part of desperately trying to get over this hump.

    We do need Buddhists, however, to remind us that you can take as long as you like, in as many lifetimes of suffering as needed to learn — but there will always be the necessary karmic fire put under your fannies to get you going a little faster at times, which ensures that justice is served even despite inept human systems.

    From this angle you can see how Christ tried to make things easy for us in the gospels. But it’s only those who are ready for the truth who will hear it, as he suggested. He knew that not everyone was listening, nor able to listen, forget about hearing it…

    In which case, we have a universe that has to witness all kinds of wars, holocausts, murders, corruptions, tortures, child sacrifices, raping and pillaging — as part of its evolutionary “growing pains”… as part of this long slow drag of us having to evolve through all this suffering… a process in which we will never all be on the same page, forget that.

    You might think that a crisis, or emergency, provides the kind of shock that could accomplish a levelling wherein we all could “get it,” to see the same thing, at the same time. Yes and no. An understanding at the same level or degree is not going to happen — because we’re all UNequal, as the above indicates — and our own personal dispositions are limited across differences — so the only real advance is the personal one each of us makes.

    So yes — we can still attempt being there for one another — as long as drop our expectations of how many we think we can actually help. Because the real circumstances that each of us works with will always be more the internal ones than the external ones.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. >> Anna:
      >> I am still waiting for a war against war.

      It's coming Anna, please tell people to prepare. IF the vermin don't make things right, they will sink. We won't let them land without a solid good offer.

      I told you, it's not too late yet. Our ancestors had been wronged too by the vermin. Our ancestors will join our war against the vermin war against their own injustice.

      The vermin Jewish esoteric is not working. They don't know when to take action. When they tried, more often than not, they set themselves up to fall.

      Sorry folks, I know this sounds goofy, but only to the unwise. Just wait with your good preparation.


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