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Friday, March 6, 2020

Explanation of Reptilians

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a Yellow Labrador Retriever. Somewhere back in his canine family history there were sporting dogs known as "Pointers" --- these dogs developed the talent of "pointing" at game, especially birds, that we humans were too dull to perceive.

"The pheasant is over there. dummy!"

Pointers do this by coming to rapt attention when they detect the prey and by lifting their foreleg in the direction of the bird.

Well, my dog isn't a pointer, he's a purebred retriever, and his job is to go out and fetch the pheasant after my husband shoots it---- but when he is in the field, my dog still points when it suits his instincts. He will come to attention and lift his foreleg just like his Pointer ancestors, even though that isn't his job anymore.

In the same way, perfectly sane and mild-mannered Dachshunds, even Miniature Dachshunds, will go stark crazy when confronted with a badger.

They were bred and designed to do so, and yes, they will attack a badger whenever and however they happen to come upon one no matter how many generations of their own family have sat on laps and sprawled on cushions in drawing rooms.

This imprint, "Fight badgers!" has been as deeply ingrained in them as a Mongoose's instinct to fight snakes.

It should be no surprise to us that in ages past, eugenics programs that selected certain traits for certain purposes, have resulted in similar imprints on our genomes. It's just such an outrageous thought, that we have been bred like dogs in the past, that we don't see what is in front of us.

I have described the Ancient Aryan (Orion) Caste System that pre-dates the Hindu Caste System. It was basically three Castes that had three functions --- the priests, the soldiers, the merchants --- and everyone else was "caste less" without any particular breeding or special function.

It should not surprise anyone, if you stop and think about it, that after generations upon generations of selective breeding, the priests should have special characteristics and the soldiers should have special abilities and quirks, and the merchants, too. They are all as recognizable as Pointers and Retrievers, if you pay attention.

The scions of the ancient military caste are what we call "Reptilians" today. They have a characteristic smooth-skinned, strong-jawed, thin-lipped, heavy shouldered, massive breast-boned, long-shinned, sharp-eyed look. Think of the young George Herbert Walker Bush and you will have a good idea of the type. Even today, you will sometime find individuals who have double eyelids, the usual eyelid of skin, and an extra clear eyelid that protects their eyes from UV radiation and projectiles.

There were two subdivisions within the military caste--- the officers and the foot soldiers. I have just described the Officer Corps in this ancient system.

The foot soldiers are much heavier in build, taller, more massive, with thick bones and big hands and loud voices. Think of Mike Pompeo--- a guy who can be heard above the din of battle.

Just like my dog who "remembers" how to point, these people instinctively know how to make war, how to organize armies and similar activities, how to analyze strategic objectives, how to deploy armaments, how to attack things, how to survive. It's all just part of their inbred imprinting. If they sense a vacuum of power and there is no priest to fill it, they will automatically step forward and try to save the day, by taking command and control.

The problem is that without members of the priest caste to guide them, they consistently lose their moral compass which is not their strong suit by any means. That too, has been bred out of them, to enable them to do the horrible things that must be done on battlefields.

Almost all the members of the U.S. Congress come from these ancient military caste backgrounds, either officers or foot soldiers. Left to themselves, they make war, because that is what they are imprinted to do. Without war, they feel that they don't have a purpose in life and they react badly to this.

They often feel lost and alone as little kids, but they put a brave front on this and wait, like my dog waits, for the next time they "can take the field".

So, it isn't really that "Reptilians" are evil per se, but they are adrift without the priest caste to direct them, at a loss, like a Dachshund without a badger.

Moral principal and self-direction were never their strong suits, so they aren't good in civilian leadership positions. They tend to be easily corrupted by power and baubles and don't grasp the longer term impacts of things they do on a tactical basis--- which is why the priests traditionally held power over the military just as the Brahmins hold power in India today.

With most of our Congress being occupied by these military caste "Reptilians" it is easy to see why there is such a constant focus on war, war, war, and more war. It's also easy to see what the scions of the Merchant Caste, the second-most populous members of Congress, have a hard time dealing with or controlling them.

The Merchants like to talk-talk and make deals, but they are not, generally speaking, men or women of physical action and they are not used to giving commands. This gives them a great disadvantage when they are trying to exert influence over the military caste, which naturally disrespects them as a necessary evil.

Where, you may ask, are the priests? Surely, if the soldiers and merchants have survived, complete with their genetic imprinting, the priest caste must have survived, too?

Yes, but the problem with the priests is that left to themselves with nobody to recognize who they are or to train them to their "natural" duties, they tend to be unfocused and disinterested in anything as mundane as controlling armies and regulating business practices.

They hate politics with an in-born passion, take command for granted, and are surprised when nobody recognizes who they are. Perhaps a little disappointed, but not at all deterred, they go wandering off to study things like philosophy and the taxonomy of plants, peer through telescopes, and contemplate the mysteries of God.

The priests by nature are other-worldly, disinterested in practical, mundane day to day things, and couldn't give a fig for money or power, which they don't seek, because they are attuned to peaceful co-existence. If and when they march, it's to a different drummer. Yet, the priests are supposed to be the leaders and guides responsible for all the rest.

So what emerges with respect to the energies, imprinting, and nature of these ancient castes --- all which are still operating under the surface of things --- is a picture of disorganization: people either abdicating the powers that they are supposed to exercise (the priests) or attempting to fill a vacuum and wield powers that are foreign to them (the soldiers) or weaseling around pulling shady deals because there's nobody else preventing it (the merchants, which includes bankers).

The Missing Link in this picture is the priestly caste, which is still largely lost in daydreams and scientific discoveries, absorbed in the patterns of mathematics and music, plumbing the depths of religious belief, quietly occupying University chairmanships and to be honest---- not paying attention while the world drifts to wrack and ruin.

Without a pre-existing and functioning social model to train them and assign them a duty and a place, the scions of the ancient priest caste wander around disconnected from the world that is falling apart around them. The "Brahmins of the West" have forgotten who they are, have abdicated their duty, and even if they do remember, the Reptilian Military Caste is not likely to easily bow down and take direction.

Thus in all ways we have to ask ourselves who we are and what we are designed for, and try to become self-aware of the truth, whatever it may be.

There is nothing wrong with being a priest, a soldier, or a merchant. The craziness and evil results when soldiers try to be priests and merchants try to be soldiers and everyone is trying to do something that they are naturally ill-suited for.

With your eyes open to this ancient eugenics program and its results now exposed for your examination, start noticing what is right before your eyes.

Regimented, either/or thinking? --- Military Caste. Creative, synoptic thinking patterns? --- Priest Caste. Practical, technical application thinking --- Merchant Caste.

Most of the populations of the Near East, Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan came from the Orion (Aryan) Star System thousands of years ago. The Castes were not just Castes created from one basic population as they are in India today.

The Castes were actually based on different populations of humanoids with different genetic content-- beings who were fundamentally different from each other in substantial ways, so different in fact that the priest caste had real difficulty mating successfully with anyone outside their caste.

Pay attention and just like my dog raising his foreleg and pointing, you will see the telltale vestiges of our own respective heritages on display. The daydreaming priests. The military "lost" without a war. The merchants causing trouble because, left to themselves without proper regulation, they tend to cheat everyone for their own advantage.

Do you recognize your world?


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  1. Good information to know. How can we get the priest to recognize themselves ? This article is a good start. Thanks

  2. Well this article might make for a good script on Ancient Aliens, but the scriptures tell a different story. Especially the many books that were excluded by men that were part of Canon at one time. Their are over 200 references to Cain being the son of Lucifer. Genesis 3:15 cannot be any clearer as to the two seedlines who would always be at war with each other. Then the fallen angels who mated with human women AND animals. I think this would be a more likely origin of these reptilians. The half man half goat, mermaids, minotaurs and the like. These were all destroyed in the flood, but I think we would be a little naive to think it is not happening now. A"it was in the days of Noah...." Satan has kept hidden the fact that he has a literal seed on this planet. Otherwise wouldn't we as good folks just destroy them from off the face of the Earth? Esau's descendants were to gain the dominion someday as promised by Isaac, and that is where we are today. Esau's people are trying to wipe Jacobs seedline from off the face of the Earth so as to claim the birthright back. Why do you think there is a war against white Anglo Saxon people? Because these are some of the remnants of the tribes. Who has been the predominant followers of the Messiah? Chinese with their Buddha? No...Africans with their shamanism and voodoo? No. It has always been the white Anglo Saxons who have fulfilled the promises made to them by Moses and Abraham and Isaac. They would always control the gates of their enemies. Who does that today? What countries do that? What countries push other people's to the ends of the Earth? What people's have been a blessing to all the people of the Earth? Who are the inventors with patent offices and the missionaries who go out to help other people's? Once you figure that out you will know why we are being denigrated and also why Satan has all his people in positions of power right now. Why do you think these satanic pedophiles and child sex rings and all the other stuff you hear about usually involve people in high positions in govt? I am not saying they all are but we would have to be naive if at this point in history, Satan has his folks in position. The Messiah is close to coming. And that is also why he controls Israel and Jerusalem. Put yourself in his shoes. Wouldn't you do the same thing if you knew the second coming was the way I am not racist, I am just telling you what scripture plainly states. Adam could show blood in the face (blush). Laban's name means "to be white". Hebrew names all have a meaning. Why do you think they transliterated all the names of the people and cities in the scriptures? Proper names are never transliterated when translating from one language to another. It was done to hide the true meaning of the names. Which also brings up the Messiahs name....hint- it's not Jesus! That means 'the horse'. It is Yashua, which means Yah is our Salvation....just my thoughts


  3. Good question, Sally.
    The question is, how do we get Americans and every body else's in N. America to understand,that, this land is cursed for 500 more years, until year 2500's. Why? WA D.C. division/house #9 is pointing to the Black-hole, garlatic center, the Red giant of evils, binding (N.America Laws, Judges, Courts, Righteousness to get screwed). #9 is mapped physically, so praying wouldn't help, because it's a physical problem, not light problem. set up by the High-Being, God if you will. Law of physics is part of the creation, Karma, etc. We America could get a relief, if her revolution happens now - 2022. To reset the energies alignment. So WA d.c. wouldn't be so bad, at the same time, American Income could be be boosted.

    This science is not easy to understand if you don't have the right tools or gift to understand. Did our forefathers do something bad to American Indians? or to other races, by killing, and stealing something valuable (gold...) to boost the sinful paper-moneys? to control the world with the EU? Maybe...

    1. what kind of revolution are you referring to ? A revolution as in an orbit, or an uprising ? Your theory is very interesting

  4. Wow Wow wow this is one of those that needs to be shared.

    1. Check out all the 'white supremist' listed in this article that have been involved in more recent 'events'
      Not white supremist at all, and all the events staged by jews and the perps are family members of high ranking military, related to Kings and Queens of nations, etc etc etc
      Every last one of them

      Make special note of how judges and lawyers and many officials are involved and having mock trials and such while at specially planned events.
      They mock trials for 'hate speech' holocaust deniers' and other noteable things we see happening all over the world and being implemented by their familiy members at the government levels and their family members at the DA level, judge level, cop level, etc etc etc are carrying out the prosecution of the now made guilty by their creating and making the laws in the first place

      And this one here had me fooled, but turns out he too is one of the family spreading disinfo

      Note Sutherland himself in the middle of the article, goes way back in the bloodline
      It's all over their geneologies

      Entire history fed to us is BULLSHIT

  5. Well, things happened, as every one perceived correctly. Satan power emerging in our lives subtly, in physical form, I.E.:


    • Stop The Pirates: What is this 1099-OID?
    The 1099-OID is basically an expense report that needs to be submitted to ‘the company’ via the ‘payroll clerk’ to be reimbursed for purchases you made … <--liars statements (By corporations only? , They actually associated their paper-BS with people HJR192 credits, tied to the stolen people Gold by EU-U.S.(Inc)power by their local agents; using our ppl HJR192 credits to buy people property, then get their reimbursement from the U.S.(Inc) Treasury, to amplify fake debts larger pretending that Bancorps lending $$, when they never lent people a dime. The IRS(Inc), SEC.Commissioners FedReserved all committed sins. For their own profits with their foreign power against humanity). Nothing new, they joined force in 1850's.
    • These Documents Are Not Secret! They Are a Matter of Public Record • Your Public Debt is Pre-Paid

    True, at people expenses forever for everything, yes including commercial buildings, students loans, healthcare, GM etc auto-loans, etc..

    So much evidences that the BAR jerks say "We deny this type of communication". And my response? Well you denied the evidences with nothing to back yourself, it's too late BTW. You've been timed, it's the proper law. You owed us, you have to pay us back... We're not subject to your fictions.

  6. I think of Star Wars. The "priests" are the Jedi.

    1. read rosicrucian books to see where most of obi-wan's lines comes from, e.g. "secret doctrine of the rosicrucians"

      the "death star" is "wormwood" i.e. 2nd coming, john's apocalypse.

  7. It's absolutely amazing that there isn't a lizard in the bunch when it comes to their geneologies

    Centuries they go back pulling the same cons over and over and over again all over the world looting treasury after treasury and nation after nation

    I suggest you read about their offiste meeitngs to have mock trials with judges, lawyers and others attending and participating as they enact hate speech, holocaust denier, homophobia, and whatever other psychotic thing they can in to 'law, codes and statues' to stifle everyone else

    And as the actor Reagan said, we need an outside force to bring humanity to it's knees, and Star Wars was the perfect way to train the brain dead sheep for their upcoming spectacular space force show complete with retilians to SAVE THE DAY AND HUMANITY


  8. Banks Implementing Emergency Protocols Nation Wide - Many Branches Shutting Down

  9. $7.8 Billion in 'virus' prepardness legislation FLIES THROUGH THE 'APPROVAL PROCESS' AT LIGHTENING SPEED

    Hmm, seems like a play right out of their bioterror playbook, NO??



  10. From 12/2018 to this day: The UK and its US (Inc) changed their 30-year clandestine Imperial story extensively, "the WW2, part II dishonest Military operation":

    To cover up what they don't want people to know, that last up to 30 years. Good thing we took a snapshot of their previous story.

  11. AirCarvings - just offering: Do NOT allow the seed for White Guilt in one micro measure to enter your sphere. Anna has an agenda & unfortunately she doesn't stick with what she knows & is prone to engaging in the most ridiculous, even fantastical claims. She writes fiction when not attending to that which she knows. Like blaming Brits, remember all those articles blaming Brits. Then it wasn't the Brits, it was the Queen.
    Still its the Catholics, Christians (who ought to go & save the Coronovirus-sick cuz Whites are immune! & Christians aren't Christians if we don't go & save the Africans from their karmic locusts after Africans slaughtered White Farmers who PROVIDE THEIR FOOD) when we've shown its nothing but JEWS, who concocted the Vatican City State (all city states) & their own Vatican Bank, just like Fed Reserve, & their own JEW Club of Rome, all aligned with JEW Pharisee Swiss Octogon, shown when recently raided & busted 2019.

    Whites, now here Aryans, are blamed when its JEWS, like Anna's own Habsburgs inbred lineage to the point of such genetic degeneration as to produce the Habsburg jaw (worse than John 'Kohen' Kerry's).

    Anna is good with math & documents. NOT much else, especially not as some moral beacon. She climbs upon her high-mule to parade before her audience exclaiming superior insight. FORGET ABOUT IT.

    See how she now says pre-Christian Aryans? Had to come in with that one, becuz we pointed out that Krishna was Christ. Anna refuses to come to terms with the FAKE HISTORICAL TIMELINE by the JEWS, as Scaliger, who also added over 1000++ yrs & changed the calendar to Gregorian.
    The Aryans honored Christ/Krishna. In fact, Troy wasn't BC at all, but Middle Ages, Mt Vesuvius 1639 not 79 BC., Columbus’ "discovery" 1677 not 1492, ancient Rome is exactly the same narrative as the 'ancient' jewish state all copied from GERMANS, jew history concocted in mid 1800's all fake history again copied from Germans, there was NO DARK AGES, all inserted into fake timeline.

  12. cont'd: This White-Hate is 100% JEW AGENDA & behooves us to comprehend why Anna pursues such hateful lies against Catholics, Christians, Whites, Europeans, who are responsible for almost ALL INVENTIONS & ADVANCEMENTS, yet never say ONLY Whites may be privy to such. NO! Whites want all to benefit! Well, maybe its time Whites ought to rethink the breadth, depth of their White Generosity.

    The jews who lie, steal, defraud, parasite, enslave & rewrote history to satisfy their agenda, is the narrative Anna spouts. Anna needs to step down off her high-mule & come terms with reality. Dunno, maybe 'Devic' can help with her Pied Piper story correction … but she's gotta ask & be humble enough to listen.

    She's doing what she can to insert her deprecating fanatical agenda against Catholics, Whites, Christians. She thinks she's all the sh*t, but she is incorrect about most all else.

    We've yet to see 'The united States of America' constitution tucked away in some hidden pile to be revealed when located. We even question the dating of contracts. As of now we are questioning the truth about the Magna Carta, as it seems this King John of England may have never existed, but was a 'copy' of another King, possibly of Portugal.

    By the way America was occupied prior to 1776, not by the lost settler pioneer-newbies, nor by so-called native brown Indians - Nope - Occupied by Whites who built entire cities, roads, railroads & were under Russia, NOT England.
    No way could all those buildings have been built by horse & buggy, nor did Mormons show up & build the Cathedral of the Madeleine, renamed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with horse & buggy - It was already BUILT by Whites. Nor did any other peoples BUILD much at all, other than WHITES, who ARE THE BUILDERS, INVENTORS, CIVILIZERS, INDEPENDENT CREATIVE THINKERS, … & America was White back then too. It will surprise most to discover Free Energy was being provided across the globe by WHITES (as White European American Nikola Tesla presented), well into the 1900's until JEWS destroyed it.

    All that cr*p in the 1940's was JEW agenda, same as it is today. We are "told" a fake history by jews - nor did WHITES RUN THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE, it was run by JEWS. ITS ALL JEW. We are being LIED TO today! How is it with all our resources we are still LIED TO?

    Fake Science, Fake History, Fake Medicine, Fake Calendar, Fake News, Fake Terrorists, Fake Education, Fake Math, & who's perched in the cruxes of it all but the JEWS, same ones who Bolshevik'ed Russia & did 911.

    WHITES WERE ALSO THE FIRST PEOPLES IN AMERICA by at least over 27,000 yrs! Whites were here FIRST. Many "native tribes" fled to White America escaping from Mexico. Look, a White man showed the Indian a magnifying glass which he used to start a tribal sacred ritual fire, which can only come from light or lightning & the 'Indian' was awestruck, ok.
    Whites had clocks, watches, musical instruments of exquisite perfection & they also INVENTED & BUILT THEM. Nobody else on Earth has done this for so many magnificent things, but WHITES, not Asians, not Indians, not Negros, damn sure not jews. Yet somehow White Guilt is the order of the day.. Ask, by whom?

  13. corona may bring us all a come to Jesus, meek will inherit moment. most of the 'government' is over 60

    1. Spanish flu 1918 was worse than WW1, and it didn't bring Jesus to people neither:

    2. the "meek" that will "inherit the earth" is because they missed out on heaven. (in this life/on this earth, or elsewhere)

      it is a fancy way of saying they get 1000 years of hell on earth. of course, when satan sneaks into heaven, he wants everyone to think it is "heaven on earth" and they will be rewarded for meekly complying.

    3. Carpenter - Good point!
      -1916 Polio epidemic released by Rockefeller Labs in Brooklyn jew York.
      - 1917 30,000 Brooklyn jew Bolsheviks set upon White Christian Russians to chop them apart limb from limb, strip their intestines, impale their infants.
      - 1918 Spanish flu, said from Spain, who did NOT participate in WWI. Then a military base at Etaples France seems its origin. Says Military exposed to chemical attacks. Hum, what are the chances a flu virus was included?
      And said origin Haskell County, Kansas & 14 military camps. Too few died in China. Hum. Another oddity was that the outbreak was widespread in the summer and autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere); influenza is usually worse in winter. Flu spread to extremely isolated locales world over. Infected 27% world pop..

      "To maintain morale, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States... Papers were free to report the epidemic's effects in neutral Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII). These stories created a false impression of Spain as especially hard hit, giving rise to the pandemic's nickname, "Spanish flu"...
      The hospital treated thousands of victims of chemical attacks, and other casualties of war, and 100,000 soldiers passed through the camp every day. It also was home to a piggery, and poultry was regularly brought in for food supplies from surrounding villages. Oxford and his team postulated that a significant precursor virus, harbored in birds, mutated and then migrated to pigs kept near the front...
      In August 1918, a more virulent strain appeared simultaneously in Brest, France; in Freetown, Sierra Leone; and in the U.S. in Boston, Massachusetts...
      Another oddity was that the outbreak was widespread in the summer and autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere); influenza is usually worse in winter...

      Dunno but I smell a rotten Gefilte fish.

    4. folks the above article is very short... worth a good laugh, ok. See newspaper clippings & NEVER NEVER EVER fall for a JEW CON again. Let those vermin scratch each other to death trying to escape their own self-ignited hell pit.

  14. Whoa => JEW BENJAMIN DISRAELI concocted the Queen Victoria enterprise lest we forget, as in this sentence: "This system was shut down by our ancestors, but regained a foothold in modern times under the auspices of Queen Victoria, "

    So Aryans are the reptilians but the "our ancestors" are the saviors? Would that be the reptilian Habsburgs bloodline "saving" mankind AGAIN? - Sorry, but the HISTORICAL TIMELINE & CHARACTERS ARE FALSE.

    What If: chronology of John of England & the Magna Carta, will always be in harmony with any revised chronology of its signatory king, since it is not dated in absolute terms but relative to the years of reign of the monarch.

    What If: John Lacklands aka John of England never truly existed, but was converted character from Juan de Inglaterra (Juan “without land”) as a reflection of Juan VI Cantacuzeno from Portugal (forced into exile in a monastery & whose family was exiled & all his property confiscated)… thus, could the Magna Carta 1215 be 'Magna Carta' 1363?
    This is an example of HOW WE ARE LIED TO, conflation of historical characters, dates, circumstances >>> GOOD PEOPLE THIS IS ALL A LIE. Thus Anna's claims as heir to such savior is NOT TRUE. So then WHAT DID IN FACT OCCUR? Who was really whom? Becuz this narrative is FALSE.

    FURTHER, There is no such thing as "Christian Communism" any more than jewdaeo Christian anything! That is RIDICULOUS. From where is this dreamt up? COMMUNISM IS JEW & only JEW. Really!?? Where on Earth does one go to concoct such ridiculousness? Chatting w your friend Devic again? Ya just make the cr*p up? This is what JEWS do, they make sh*t up like racism, feminism, anti-sh*tism, Nazi'ism, & now we have Christian Communism. PEOPLE COME ON!

    This is so beyond the pale. FOLKS, THERE IS SO MUCH BAALSH*T in yet another article.
    Where oh where does Anna get this info? LETS SEE THE DOCUMENTATION. Its time Anna, show us what ya got.

    Wow, & folks lap this stuff up? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No one here questions this? People, come on! What the hell is wrong with you folks 'believing' this sh*t? ANNA IS MAKING THIS UP. Using history, which is false, probably lots of familial stories, maybe possibly a speck of something related to actual familial events BUT MOST ALL OF IT IS JUST RIDICULOUS.

    Do Folks not see whats going on here? Anna is literally making stuff up & inserting her own bloodline AS SAVIORS FROM THE LIES SHE JUST TOLD YOU.

    1. Oh Wink Wink, my brother, I love you man!
      I've been calling this out for quite some time now

      Never, ever, ever has she produced a shred of evidence as to what she claims

      Last week she was in Arizona, got donated a motor home to travel the nation to help the poor lost sheep find their way, at least that is what she reported

      This was a set up and whoever took the bait I have no idea what that means for your 'status'

      Not to mention what it meant to your dwindling pocket book while you patiently waited for her thieving relatives to provide you with mutual offset credit and your UNIQUE BEING IDENTIFIER to free you from their clutches

      Their new scheme is the Declaration of INTERdependence and EARTH worship that they conveniently signed everyone up for back in 1976

      Wink Wink it has been a pleasure my brother

    2. Shelby - same to you! We're going to flip this Ice Berg'stein & land on our feet.

  15. "Cestui Que Vie" is FRENCH not English.

    1. 1660s
      by John Ogilby of the statute mile, as 1760 yards. September 6 – The Cestui que Vie Act 1666 is passed by the Parliament of England, as their excuse to provide for disposal
      - Only 6 persons dead, such a fiction should be used to scam the whole N.America. The Bar Attorneys-Judges are insane.

      cestui-que-vie scamming England Act to scam the world. Death in absentia, egal presumption of death.

    2. Carpenter - True! Yes its said English parliament passed it. But its French. I can't find its true origin. We've been lied to beyond belief... so since its French, from where did it originate really? Also, dates we're told, are fake. Even documents have been written or created for deceitful purposes.

      Was just reading Pelasgian language was turned into Latin. Latin is simply Pelasgian, renamed, re-appropriated so we won't follow its origins & learn our true history. What are the English doing w French law? Would like to know about that 1666 date & if its true or not. Knowing how they like their 666, eh.

    3. "law french" was a thing e.g. used in england and probably elsewhere. e.g. "the excellence of the common law" book mentions some stuff about it, it was mostly if not all roman civil law IIRC, so the common law folks didn't like it.

      the lawyers, on the other hand, were the only ones who could speak/read/write it.

      the terms "law french" or "law francaise" should be a start. e.g. in law dictionaries, google, non-law dictionaries, history books, etc.

    4. xerces yakir - thanks for the tip. yep. French was used as a universal language for some time. Tho laws were written in nations language. Cestui que Vie used specifically for the nature of that law. Not to pick on Cestui que Vie solely.

      Christian Nomocanon law was used by all Christian nations & finding Etruscans used it too, maybe called Suda or parts of it. Contains parallels in Genesis.

      Heres a clincher,>>> Etruscans were XIV century<<< not their jew-converted, pushed-back-in-time, 900-27 BC. Et Rus cans were Rus, Russians, Christians.

      As this fake history moves forward, seeing Christian Law was the Law, pardon as I posit seemingly unrelated, whats was Cestui que Vie original intent? Not to ponder this on my behalf, as nor can I dig into it now, but similar questions have come up before on Namocanon use.

      There was peace among nations, as Rus to France, to use beautiful French language. In the Deep South, specifically Louisiana French was used, later Napoleonic Law (who decided that & when really). But all America was Namocanon as it was Christian occupied (what we're told about earlier Amer history is bogus), served by Catholic Church, abundant societies. French speaking 'explorers' or were they 'explorers' who spoke universal French?

      Not to bother w this, just tossing it out there. We've been so lied to... about everything. Our history is much shorter, no antiquity.
      Something big happened, tossed Earth around. Civil War photos aren't matching up as cannon fodder, soldiers posed, digging up of buried rails, buildings, roads, massive false flag fires set taking down cities as Chicago, San Fran, burning of DC White House (why not Philadelphia, said true capital?) & Canadian capital in York 1813.

      Seemingly unrelated loose ends. Gonna figure this out. thanks again.

    5. xerces - good good good Found Anna wrote of "The excellence of the common law" Feb 2016: & Legal Kung-Fu Aug 2017

      Gotta find what happened to us. Suspicious of law that doesn't pertain to Namocanon as diversion. Said laws are born of spiritual aspiration, but books reflect it best?
      Side note: familial castle had a massive 'Bible' foot thick, huge. Now that I think about it, can't recall if the date preceeded with an 'i' & the date or a '1', as 'i' or 'j' was used preceding dates as to reflect yrs after Christ's birth. So i500 would be 500 yrs after. We see this on art works, i450, but the plaque says 1450 - right before our eyes they are friggin LYING to us.
      Anyway, the Christian Bible (means 'books' as one) was hard to read, old language, but were able to discern it taught agriculture, science, animal husbandry, societal law, marriage, child rearing, astronomy, geometry etc was used & to teach children of the village (weren't ignoramuses' as jews would have us think, ok). It was the pride of a village to have educated, well mannered children. Heck, until recently our great-grands had a 6th grade education & learned more than we did, probably becuz it was Truth, not fiction, coupled with practical working knowledge.
      Was that 'Bible' Nomocanon? We think Christ taught so much more than he's currently accredited, more than religious, but great knowledge of all things, as masonry (much more than a carpenter, ok), use of energies, food replication, true sciences, health, sound, etc, which was part of his familial inheritance, & the duty to teach it.

      Speaking of food: road travel a lot, left a bunch of washed romaine lettuce sprayed with Co2 Gans water (Keshe Gans) we make, which we spray (on every thing & sip some too) food to retain freshness, kept in plastic containers wrapped in a few paper towels to absorb moisture. I don't even know how long ago I bought & sprayed it. A month+?? Came back to the location, opened the fridge, found the lettuce was still fresh enough, crisp, some browning on stem bases. Co2 Gans Water.

      So we tend to imagine Christ knew of this simple, powerful tech. Replication of food can be done, so 'fish' is turned into Gans, after a few days of its processing, washed Gans is ready for Gans Water to drink, having replicated the entire nutrition of the fish. We imagine, could this have been a process Christ used to feed fish to his people, having multiplied it? Real 'science' for abundance? We're also reading that Christ may have 'invented' vodka, the wine he produced for a wedding. Hee hee, what a sense of humor he must have had. No wonder he was so loved, eh. We envision his laughing a lot. His mother's lineage was key. Was he the last of the great teachers?
      Ok, more odd topics, please forgive. As the Bigfoot say: Tak-tak.

  16. HERE is how JEWS began. The JEWS made the claim they were to be honored as lineage of Christ, bloodline, which included complete total subjugation to the JEW. This is 'Royal' Christianity. the JEWS demanded BLOOD SACRIFICES, as the JEWS do to this very day. It did include HUMAN SACRIFICES to the JEWS.
    Note, this began in XII NOT ANTIQUITY. Antiquity is used by the JEWS to displace historic events & characters, they just push it back in time.
    This is a FALSE HISTORY by JEWS to hide the TRUTH about who & what they really are.
    JEWS today demand that all goyim are to be their slaves & demand their temple be built for SACRIFICES including HUMAN ONES. The JEW history we are told was concocted in mid 1800's. JEW history is all LIES.

    Apolostic Christianity is NOT bloodline in that anyone who practices, honors Christ is Christian. Christianity is also Law. One follows Christian Law, not JEW Law as Rite of Kings, as Noahide Law & Islamic Law is jewdaic law. The JEWS concocted Islam. Islam is Talmudic Law.

    "In the XII-XIII cc... It was the time of Royal Christianity. Christ was worshiped and was called Zeus, Dionysus, Apollo, etc. Mary Mother of God was also referred to by different 'ancient' names. In Jerusalem = Czar-Grad, in Beykoz-Golgotha and also in Crimea the 'ancient' temples and shrines dedicated to Andronicus–Christ were erected. Bloody sacrifices would take place there, among them, quite possibly, human ones. Such was the character of Royal Christianity of that time. After the victory of the Apostles' Christianity, Royal Christianity began to be called the primal Judaism and 'paganism'.

    At the end of the XIV century after the Battle of Kulikovo, in the Great = 'Mongol' Empire the Apostles' Christianity was adopted as the state religion. The bloody sacrifices were banned. From the end of the XIV century Royal Christianity was declared as 'paganism' (primal Judaism), that is to say 'a false cult'. Hostility to it began, which also affected the attitude to the former relics. The places of worship themselves were preserved because they were Christian. But terminology, ritualism and many other things which create the 'external appearance', as well as the form of customs, changed. As before the faithful would arrive to visit the Holy places, however by then they would generally be the Apostles' Christians. The former 'pagan' past of the relics had begun to be forgotten and turned into a well-respected, but none the less 'someone else's' past', 'antiquity'. The new priests would slightly change the old names, which would compound the confusion in people's minds. Eventually the Christians were made to think that Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus were some ancient deities and that the deep past of Beykoz, Chufut-Kale and Fiolent was by no means Christian, but in fact, 'pagan'."

      above from Fomenko's Chronologia maybe 30, 35 yrs of mathematical, astronomical, historic documents, books, sculpture, artifacts, sites, etc are included by this vast team to reveal & evidence true history. The JEWS set out to destroy our true history. JEW Protestant Jesuit Scaliger headed the major thrust, added over 1000 yrs to their fake timeline, rubber-stamping into this false history characters & events, renaming them. Just as JEWS do today in their msm & control of text books. Many many characters, events we think existed, never did, but are multiple copies, some merged as several characters.
      Our true history is much shorter. Their Antiquity is really the Middle Ages, there is no Dark Ages but used as dark hole to stuff their lies. Ancient Greeks not ancient but Middle Ages, as was Troy.
      Christianity was part of the true governance which was 'universal' aka Catholic & the Catholic Church was TRUE in its association with governance for the people, a haven, support, care, medical, homes for destitute, orphans, etc. There was NO separation of Church & state, this is a JEW denigration of the Church's true place in culture, societies.
      Now we're being told how horrendous the Catholic Church is, which is a JEW agenda. The JEW capture of the Church is recent, while it crept up thru time, the main events of capture is in early 1900's.
      The Catholic Church was provided with wealth used for benevolent dispensation, functions. Its also well known that were anyone to start sh*t, they were eradicated by the imperial forces, the governing empire which was Christian.
      Unfortunately, the JEWS weren't eradicated when they ought to have been long ago. One reason may have been that these pea-brains were sent out to various locations around the world to run the financial affairs of the Christian empire, & JEWS formed a cult around money, keeping their own bloodlines in the pipeline. Then JEWS were demanded to settle all the lending usury debts they had created on the side, greedy little sniveling vermin they were then as they are today. This angered the jews, as they're angered today when told they must cease their cult of usury & blood libel sacrifices.

  17. Their DEMATERILIZATION of the World and the coming messianic era

    So while these billionaire bastards like the two in the link below
    Reroute the water for their own use, they use more water than the entire city of Los Angeles, they limit the use to the populace claiming climate change/global warming
    They also advocate war with Iran so they can become the number one producer of pistacios in the world
    They also have their very own plantation set up with schools, churches anything that their slave immigrants from Mexico desire, they never have to leave the plantation
    Almond milk anyone? Guess who grows those almonds after they tore out other crop production in California for their groves
    They also grow halo oranges
    And guess what the name of their company is

    Hear about the new OAT milk, how about that, I wonder what genius came up with this shit

    And now they putting stickers on your beef products with the names of the cows to guilt you in to not eating meat
    Chic fil a anyone? You are most likely eating the chickens they sacrifice in their relieve their sins ritutal
    Tell them the cows sent ya
    And they are closed on sundays to put their religious dig in



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