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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


By Anna Von Reitz

There are three (3) Constitutions, one Unanimous Declaration of Independence, and no treaties signed in 1866 have any validity or weight, beyond being private corporate business agreements, because they were not signed by the actual government of this country.

From 1776 to 1790, The United States functioned for business purposes as "the" United States.  After 1790, The United States functioned as The United States and still does.  The business name "the" United States was passed on to the Municipal Government upon the passage of The Constitution of the United States. 

From 1776 to 1789, The United States of America functioned for business purposes as "the" United States of America.  After 1789, The United States of America functioned as The United States of America and still does.   The business name "the" United States of America was passed on to the Territorial Government upon the passage of The Constitution of the United States of America. 

From 1781 to 1787, the united States of America (Confederation formed under the Articles of Confederation) functioned for business purposes as "the" united States of America.  The business name "the" united States of America was passed on to the Federal Government (American Subcontractor) upon the passage of The Constitution for the united States of America in 1787.  This portion of the intended Federal Government ceased functioning in 1861 and has yet to be "reconstructed" by the States of the Union, that is, the member States of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

This is confusing due to the transfer of business names and similarity of names involved, and the use of the same names by different entities at different times during and after The War of Independence, but you can see it graphically presented as it currently sits by going to and looking up our One Pager of the American Government Structure to see where the gaping hole is. 

What has resulted is that instead of African Americans being set free, everyone was enslaved on paper.  They did this by abolishing slavery EXCEPT in the case of criminals, and then, defining all Municipal citizens of the United States as criminals. 

This travesty has to end and the Pope has to stop playing war with himself.  In essence, what happened is that the British Monarch in charge for running the Territorial Commonwealth for the Pope declared "war" on the Municipal United States Government which is also run by the Pope.
So you see that the Pope indirectly owns/controls the Territorial Commonwealth and directly owns/controls the Municipal United States Government, so that any "war" between them is phony.  The Pope owns/controls both would-be combatants. 

What they have done is to collude together to keep a bogus "civil war" going on our shores as an excuse to accidentally-on-purpose misidentify and attack their Employers, the American State Citizens, who are civilian non-combatants who never fought in the so-called Civil War, and who are innocent Third Parties with respect to all this guile.

The Pope needs to be called out for all this and it needs to stop.  The British Queen needs to be called out for her part in this, too. She knows that there is a difference between citizens of the Commonwealth who are residing here and the Americans who live here.  There is no excuse for either the Pope or the Queen concerning this ugly circumstance.  They both need to make amends and provide remedy. 


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  1. CORRECTION: What the Wall Street bankers and BAR Association attorneys have done is racketeering influenced organized crime to CONSPIRE TO DEPRIVE RIGHTS and collude together to keep a bogus so-called American "civil war" going for over 160 years on our LAND/shores as an excuse to accidentally-on-purpose commit identity theft against babies in the cradle since the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 by use of LEGAL NAME FRAUD and to publicly enslave every black, white, red, yellow, man, woman and child in America by mis-identifying and attacking their Lawful Government Employers, the creditors of the 1933 bankruptcy a.k.a. American State Nationals, who are victims of a silent war with quiet weapons of words on paper who were supposed to be civilian non-combatants and who should have never fought in the so-called Civil War to allegedly end (private)slavery, and who are innocent Third Parties with respect to all this guile(where nothing is what it appears to be?).

  2. And here is the icing on the cake: How can 'we' ever give remedy to the 100s of millions of innocent tribal native people of North and South America who were slaughtered to remove them from the land of their ancestors since 1492?

  3. I've posted these before might want to read them if you haven't

    Rewriting history on the wiki information highway

    Sharing for those interested

  4. How can you just unilaterally change the Registrations of commercial company businesses to Private recordings? You would be giving the corporate world value within the private records that they are not supposed to be part of? They are fiction and have no place with in the private world, hence the Constitution, a contract for services, this is what the registration is for.
    Excuse me, do you ever check to see what other comments are made off of your hot air? Your comments simply show you don't have a concept of the problem, I don't fault you, it is huge. You need to remember, we the people, under the Constitution, asked for 19 services.....and no more. I do agree that we need to take charge of our own records, your method puts the remedy squarely on their backs and yet they have NO motivation to change away from their system of FRAUD AND MONEY!
    Thank you for the strange point of view.
    The BC system is dead, get off social media and do your research at the library, please.

    Documented Americans, Assemble and EDUCATE the mindless masses.

  5. The BC system is dead? 'Splain, Lucy.

  6. You don't recall, me either? Here let me see if I can kick start your research for ya there Rog.

    Thursday, September 12, 2019
    Quick Primer.....
    "...As the Queen confirmed, these "disregarded entities" are unclaimed vessels set free after the bankruptcy of 1933 was settled in 1999. So you owe no consideration for the return of your own vessel(s) as derelict prizes subject to your prior claim under Admiralty Law. They are "lost" property that came back to you after being "at sea" for many years."

    Thursday, August 8, 2019
    International Public Notice Regarding The Dead Baby Scam...
    "...For this fraud and theft, the Office of the Roman Pontiff, liquidated in 2011, is fundamentally responsible. We continue to hold the Roman Curia, the Holy See, and the Roman Catholic Church as a whole responsible for gross Breach of Trust in criminal self-interest. We also hold the British Government and the British Crown responsible for their part colluding in this outrageous Breach of Trust and international fraud scheme."

    I might have missed some things so do a search for "dead baby scam" as a start... I have not gone through the American State Assembly videos just yet.

    Side quest, Russell J Gould became World Post Master in 1999, at the end of the bankruptcy. This is when the BC scam is supposed to be dead.

    having trouble finding a simple comment from Anna's archives

    Also, Check out this guy and what he talks about

    Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate


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