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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Breaking! Trump Calls For Investigation Of Coronavirus' Origin

China Confirms 15% Death Rate As Virus Explodes World Wide!

Updates on the spread of Coronavirus through China and Mike Pompeo makes public announcement that State Governors have been doing business with Communist China

Can anyone counter this with real evidence? 

What can we do to help ourselves survive this?


  1. Made a comment minutes ago and it is now gone??

    Paul can you see if you can locate?

  2. The global village as planned by all of these so called elected leaders for decades

    And the IMF and BIS and the internet dragnet

    BRICS deal is to crash the current system and bring in their one world system as planned

    Set up from start to finish and their end game is you do not comply then NO MAN MIGHT BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THEIR MARK

  3. Their current objective including trumps is to paint our 'government' as the eveil ones and that the BRICS countries will save us from them

    Set up from the very start

  4. What can we do? Many things we can do, easy to find basic info.
    However, the best preparedness i believe is to be ok with not surviving this.
    Pray that His will be done and that all things serve Him our Master our Mashiak.
    There are reasons that these things hit this world! praying for them to simply stop is not going to work unless it is 'His will' that they end.

    1. I understand your point, however this is not a biblical flood, this is a man-made bio weapon in a lab for the intention of depopulation. You could make the argument that the Master decided that this is the method by which the deed will be done, and indeed you seem to be.

      Some will say it is a warning to China, a payback of sorts. These are very nefarious, petty, childish human emotions and pursuits that are not expected of the Master.

      If it really was "his will" as you suggested, then yes there is not much that can be done. There would be survivors, there are generally survivors of just about anything. There are enough supposed underground bunkers around the world to pretty much ensure that the ones who created the havoc in the first place are stored underground until the dust has settled and they can emerge again to assess the situation they have caused.

      That doesn't make it the will of the Master that everyone should be eliminated. Unless it is. And if it is then so be it, and from that point of view, your instinct is correct.

      The Master doesn't need scientists in a bio-lab to cause an extinction level event, that can be done easily through nature or in conjunction with extraordinary events that are not possible with spells or incantations or the like available to human participants. So far this is affecting less than 1% of the population, and it is concentrated in a small corner of the planet. With air travel it can be around the globe in 24 hours, but like other viruses, the strongest can survive and it can peak out in any area that is vigilantly taking precautions according to protocol, within a couple of weeks.

      It probably has peaked by now. We started to hear about it around the middle of December last year which is the most dangerous phase until the outbreak is discovered and identified and quarantine protocol is started.

    2. i agree, seems to be a lot of fear mongering.

    3. Yes it is nothing but fear mongering..."be very afraid people" is the media response to cause fear and angst.

    4. Will,
      Also as far as the Master and not needing scientist or people to carry out his will. You are right He does not need them or us per say.
      He controls all! When you come down to it. Including the spirit world.
      His Spirit can be within us. Other spirits are also out there among us,(working within people) only because He has released them. He releases them for a reason.
      He is the only one with the power to release or chain them.

  5. Don't waste your times. Originated from UK, associated with moneys/income. Even 911 was/is being twisted, no Ones can investigate Oneself.

    1. Don't believe me talking about this HIGH Realm? I saw and feel how heavy the patent materials of Gene and Drug discoveries, passed to the UK by the Bar/Patent attorneys.

      What's done on earth, affected the heaven records. Like the old saying: On earth as it is in heaven.

  6. The most important things you can do is enhance your Immune System. Bowel tolerant levels of Vitamin C, Colloidal Silver sublingually, Elderberry Syrup, Echinacea and Goldenseal, Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano, Zinc, Vitamin D is a hormone and it is critical for health and many people must supplement because they cannot absorb proper quantities even with ample daily sunlight. Sugar is an immune system suppressor. Also, as Anna has pointed out before, MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution is incredibly powerful. I have used it personally for years, as have many friends and loved ones. Research it.

    1. I also am on MMS. I am currently on MMS2 protocol 4000 and I have no personal fears of this bio-weapon. I will also be diligent with my maintenance protocol.
      I do pray for family and friends who just will not look into
      the G2Church protocols.

  7. Numbers can be true or they can lie.
    It depends on the agenda and who interprets them.

    The gooberments' agenda, in lock step with Gaates and Big Harma, is to pass mandatory yearly vaccinations . . . untested.
    The vaccines are designed to change the DNA with which that you were born.
    Can anyone say even more enslavement?

    Read the recent articles written by Jon Rapport at nomorefakenews . com

    New China virus, Swine Flu hoax, history matters.

    His explanations about the why and the wherefore make sense IMO.

  8. COLLOIDAL SILVER = DISTILLED WATER, TWO 99.9% PURE SILVER (SILVER WIRE, SILVER RIBBON OR SILVER COIN), THREE 9 VOLT BATTERIES CONNECTED IN SERIES (27 VOLTS). Run the current between the two silver electrodes for about 30 minutes in distilled water in an 8 ounce glass. Drink it, put on open wounds etc. COLLOIDAL SILVER KILLES THE CORONAVIRUS.

    1. Strictly speaking Colloidal Silver is an antimicrobial / antibacterial that is extremely effective for infections. I would not hesitate to use it with a virus although the smallest silver ion particle size is recommended which is a result of high voltage and lower current. It is an effective treatment for infections, with very low risk of side effects compared to synthetic antibiotics that has been banished by the medical mafia. It does work well on mean infections too but I have no experience with the efficacy with a virus, but no harm to try it if you are making your own solution.

      Or even if you buy an off the shelf colloidal silver solution from a health store or online. I suspect there has been no published studies regarding the effectiveness of it with a virus. Not officially anyway.

      If you were selling colloidal silver generation machines and made the claim above that it kills viruses you would be asked by the Feds to retract your claim if presented exactly the way you did. They are trying to protect the franchise which is the medical mafia. They have brainwashed doctors to reject any claims about colloidal silver even when a patient brings it to their doctor for an opinion. They can only "officially" prescribe treatments and methods approved by the medical associations everywhere. Big pharma rules the roost unfortunately when it comes to medical treatments.


    3. Gary thanks kindly for the link, I have long suspected that viruses may be controlled with colloidal silver, I confess that I am surprised to see it in print. They will of course go after anyone who makes that claim, since vaccines are the golden goose.

      Perhaps the presence of the zeolite is the ticket, I can't says at this point. Just really surprised to see this kind of endorsement. Thanks!

    4. Great site for collections of research.

    5. I did some more snooping and I found that the company in question AGION Technologies was bought up and probably silenced. I am sure it worked and I am sure that it rattled too many cages.

      Sciessent acquires Agion Technologies.

  9. Won't even watch it, Alex Jones is controlled opposition always has been

    1. But that does not stop you from using him as a source of topics to go and research yourself.
      I do not like his "style" and I don't take anything on faith but if it sounds true I will follow up and research the sources to see if it is valued.


  10. Yes.
    Stepping up your intake of Vitamin C (as much as your body can safely tolerate),
    increasing intake of Vitamin B (the anti-stress vitamin),
    colloidal silver will work together to protect you from most things . . . except corrupt, greedy, subhuman vermin.

    Big Harma would love the public masses demanding to be vaccinated against whatever new virus the vermin can concoct and distribute.

    Are you seeing the real picture yet?

  11. All viruses are anaerobic, to make a long story short; thus the whole immunization canard doesn't float. Ozone, oxygen and alkalinity in all of it's many presentations is how to deal with viral infection.

  12. Chlorine dioxide-dilute aqueous solution
    (liquid stabilized oxygen), magnesium peroxide combined with esterC(calcium buffered ascorbic acid)thus alkaline forming, and CoQ10, combine these remedies. Nikol Tesla was the coinventor of magnesium peroxide.

  13. Henry Makow Retweeted
    Jim Hoft@gatewaypundit
    Washington State Doctors SUCCESSFULLY Treat Coronavirus Patient with Experimental Anti-viral Medication - "Significantly" Improved in Hours. Experimental Remdesivir, antiviral medication. via @gatewaypundit

    1. Anti viral medications can be extremely DANGEROUS, even with what is on the market right now, let alone some new one that likely has not been tested!

  14. Visit the site North American Summit and see how the global governors are working to put Americans out of a work

    Now where have we heard the German Marshall Fund before
    It says on the site they
    Partner With Global Organizations
    NGA partners with an array of globally recognized organizations working to address policy challenges, from the German Marshall Fund to the China General Chamber of Commerce

    You know, it's diversity and sharing among all in the global village

    Hmm I wonder how much those governors are raking in while they make deals to bring in laborers to accept low wages and bring down the overall wage for all Americans???

    Saw that Nancy Pelosi wanted to guarantee that Mexican workers would be paif $15 an hour else she wasn't going to agree to some deal not sure which one?

    While of course she does insider trading and back room deals that net her millions a year the worker get $7 out of that 15 after taxes.

    Doesn't seem to me at all the claim to the land and the assets of the unincorporated united states has made a dent in their subversive plans??

  15. Hmm yet another predictive programming carton for the sleeping masses

  16. Great to see all the natural therapeutic elements throughout the comments here!
    A couple more are included by Dr. Mark Sircus; see his: "Dosages and Treatments for Coronavirus Infections" here:
    (and be very patient with the amount of time it may take to load this page - possibly a couple minutes).

  17. Hello folks, colloidal silver is the oldest antibiotic known to mankind, it kills 650 pathogens, to include germs, bacteria, viruses, it is best to go onto youtube and learn how to make it, do not use the recipes that use SALT. Filter it when you make it through non bleached coffee filters into another clean mason jar as purchasing sovereign silver at your health food store is expensive and cost prohibitive to most folks for long term use. They still use this in open cavity surgery to keep down infection BUT you will NEVER see that listed on your itemized hospital bill. The conorovirus back in the day was nothing more than a mere COLD, hence the name change. Now it is said they have weaponized it and added HIV. I had spent all day yesterday looking into essential oils, which I have listed all this info on my news channels on youtube under wheeping space willow2 space 4U. Thieves oil was used in Europe during the Bubonic plague and no one using it got infected. I've told the story on this as well. Put it in a mask, also you can use to clean your home, door knobs etc with Lysol CITRUS II which is the ONLY Lysol that will work for it and it is listed on their bottle. You can MAKE your own thieves oil which is 4 or 5 oils together and I've also listed the recipe for that. Now years ago, I had done a report concerning Snythia, which was loosed in the Gulf of Mexico, it is a self replicating COMPUTER WHICH WILL acclimate itself to inanimate objects and any living thing it comes into contact with. Now I heard TODAY that this so called coronovirus mutates at an accelerated rate differently in some people this is what jogged my memory on what I knew about Snythia and went to dig up my video on it, apparently yt saw fit to delete it as they continue to do to my videos, so I went searching on the worldwide web and FINALLY found another news cast with the evil doers, professing what they did in creating it. So I did a new story matter of fact not long ago. So if this is in fact something they have added to the coronovirus,PRAY, because NOTHING WILL HELP US, IF THEY DID, YOU SEE ITS NOW NO LONGER A VIRUS, SOMETHING THAT IS LIVING, SOMETHING THAT CAN BE KILLED, BECAUSE IT IS NOT ALIVE. TAKE CARE AND I SUGGEST WE ALL PRAY THE PRAYER OF AGREEMENT, THAT TOO IS ON MY CHANNEL AS A DIRECTIVE FROM FATHER TO HAVE DONE IT, FOR US ALL! AMEIN TAKE CARE


  19. Coronavirus & SARS are the SAME human made Virus, not easily killed by Vitamin C, nor common Anti-bacteria folks.

    Check out 5 year history known Bug before:

  20. Solutions to consider... Clif High recently published a video on YouTube on steps and conditions to consider regarding nCov2019. Very much worthwhile to watch it. Immune system boost is good, but if you are low on B6 you can risk a cytokine storm. Prevention, hygiene, real food- stay away from pre-cooked, mass produced, chemical laden dead calories. Macro mineral intake to micro. If you are already unwell, and frankly the majority of Americans fit this category due to modern diet, you're going to need a few months to a year just to get yourself running properly, so DON'T delay! Best to you.

  21. MMS, AKA chlorine dioxide, activated sodium chlorITE. Kills all pathogens without negatively affecting humans issue. Does this by oxygenating the hell out of pathogens. If you can get past the main stream media vilification of this amazing substance, you will have discovered your cure For all infections and then some. You’re welcome.

    1. Thanks Ellie, for ur idea. I wouldn't put this chem ClO2 in my body, without testing it on animal first. Chlorine is very toxic in general. Our body can rid of it from Sodium form. Not sure from this form. I've seen ClO2 used in open-air, to clean water, for later evaporation of Cl.

  22. What can we do to help ourselves survive this?
    go to ""
    Get your MMS and do the protocols.


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