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Sunday, January 26, 2020

It's an Imaginary World

By Anna Von Reitz

It's an imaginary world, so imagine what you wish.  

What you are dealing with,  is an imaginary system, and it doesn't really matter what imaginary claims they make.  What matters is what imaginary claims we believe.  

Left to themselves, the rulers of this world are just a bunch of mean-spirited, greedy, indoctrinated old people who rule by means of group delusion and deceit, coupled with a simple divide and conquer strategy, and a practice of driving the sheep between "the pillar and the post" ---making use of the built-in human assumption that, given two bad choices, you must choose the lesser evil --- instead of shoving both evils back down the throats of those offering the ugly proposition in the first place. 

Governance is a dirty job and someone has to do it.  

So, we are left with two choices that are almost equally unpleasant --- either we grow up and rule our own minds and take responsibility for our own government, or we accept being owned and "operated" by these cretins, who will treat people as terribly or as well as the people themselves demand to be treated. 

Given the somnolent state required to allow oneself to be owned as chattel in the first place, this does not bode well for the future of the human race, unless we awaken the mass of the general public on a worldwide basis.  

Kim (Goguen, aka, Kim Possible) has been indoctrinated, too.  She believes that she is uniquely gifted and qualified and is so very intelligent that she alone is able to save or destroy the fictional world.   This is, of course, untrue.  It's just what she has been fed.   And she has been fed a lot of garbage, which, like other victims, she believes.  

She's playing a game in a matrix, a board game, quite unaware that there are other games and other game boards, and beyond all that is the truth.  She takes it all deadly seriously, and plays, plays, plays---- without, however, realizing that she is just playing in the same way that a child plays a game. 

From where I stand, that is absolutely obvious, and I see no reason to give her game any particular authority or credibility.  That said, I don't have any prejudice against her or against her game-- which is akin to thinking that an adult would have a prejudice against someone for playing Scrabble. 

Once you realize that its all fiction and that the only element giving strength to any illusion is our belief in it, you are free to examine your beliefs. 

In examining your beliefs you sort through what's true, what's false, what's right, and what's wrong ---- and you willfully choose to believe in the things that are worthwhile, whether or not they are physically present at the moment, and you just as willfully choose not to believe the BS. 

And that is when the illusory, fictional world also begins to change. 

When we no longer take it seriously.  When we recognize it for what it is.  When we laugh and listen to our own music.  Just as quickly as the seemingly insurmountable walls of imagination are built, they crumble. Just as quickly as the disease appears, it disappears.  Just as quickly as money appears to be valuable, it loses its value.  

As I am sitting here typing this, I am breathing through every cell in my body.  I am aware of this --- that I breathe through every cell, not just my lungs.  I am consciously aware of the more than two hundred kinds of cells all operating together to create my body.  I can assure you that those who are attempting to run the fictional world have no such degree of consciousness.  Instead, they are focused on making one foot follow the other. 

Imagine what happens when we no longer believe in money, nor in any form of idolatry at all?  Do you know that ninety-nine out of a hundred Americans don't have any concept of what a "dollar" actually is?  The fact that it is a unit of measure has never dawned on them.  And if you then ask them what this unit of measure is applied to, they will continue to stare at you like cattle in a feedlot.  

If you tell them the answer ---- fine silver, they will continue to stare at you.  

If you observe that the value of silver in any marketplace can be translated into other commodities like grapes and loaves of bread and hours of labor, they will blink.  

If you suggest that both the silver and pieces of paper representing silver (or any other commodity) are just a symbolic system of "representing" value, and that we are free to value whatever we wish to value, they will snort like frightened horses and say something like, "What? You lost me there." 

Yes, you can value whatever you value.  If you value silver, then that's what you seek and deserve.   If you value love, then that's what you seek and deserve.  Whatever you trade in, is your "base commodity", and you can trade in whatever currency you please, but the greatest currency in the Universe, is love. 

Nothing is stronger than, more enduring than, more valuable than, more flexible than, or greater than ----- love.  In fact, all the other currencies we have, are just faded images of the abundance and strength and value of love.  They are all just photographs of some aspect of love expressed as a commodity of some kind, some "good"---as we call it. 

Many men and women who are counted as fabulously wealthy in terms of gold and silver and political power, have been stunted and crippled and left lonely and desperately unhappy for lack of the one currency that gives life and meaning to all the rest of it: love. 

We all know that.  We don't need anyone to prove it to us.  Our own experience in life is sufficient.   

So why not stop joking around, and value what is truly valuable?  Let us find a "gold standard" for love and let everything we do, be attached to that unit of measure, instead of a measure of silver or gold or oil.  Let everything we do, be done with love.  Let every thought be infused with true compassion.  

Let us see "value" with new eyes, and stop believing that gold and silver are valuable, stop believing that digits in a bank account are valuable. 

When we cut that false belief  in "things" down to size, and really examine it for the flim-flam it is, everything snaps back into place.  

We can all feel ourselves breathing through every cell again.  

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    This is where all their mother earth and the green new deal come in to play - the aquarian new age means 3/4 of the earhts population must go as per their directives, defective inhabitants will be eliminated

    From the link above
    To "ensure compliance" there is a "UN World Constitution" which includes an agreement by "the governments of the nations... to order their separate sovereignties into one government, to which they surrender their arms." Other arrangements include: A UN Trusteeship Council which will take control of the "global commons", or all international waters and air space; a UN Economic Security Council to set up a global funding and barter system, with the power to withhold funding from uncooperative nations; a single monetary and taxation system that will require all commerce to be conducted via a universally registered credit number for each earth citizen; and a standing UN army to assume peacekeeping responsibilities in areas of conflict (pinpointed by Dr. Henry Lamb, Executive VP of the Environmental Conservation Organization and Chairman of Sovereignty International). [See also the research of government insider Gary Kah, _En Route to Global Occupation_, which documents the early covert activities of the "World Constitution and Parliament Association" during the early to mid 1980s.]

    1. @Shelby

      The Aquarian new age is the result of the age of Pisces coming into its end times. The Sun stays in each house of the Zodiac, which the living God Created all the heavens, for 2150 years. The Sun is moving into the house of Aquarius. This is a fact.

      Just because the evil people in this world are working to enslave the rest of the world with agendas does not set it all in stone.

      It is time to start using the power God gave man to speak out what we want and stop feeding into Fear Porn.

      They do not need to kill the flesh, just stamp out the will of the people, which is done through fear, but thankfully more and more people are waking up every day.

      To defeat these agendas we need to unit to stand together. There is movement and things are changing. If we live in Fear in the present moment they win and don't even need a real agenda.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. And just how many people knew what this Aquarian age was until it was put in the mind?

      Part of their plan included the introduction of the nonsense

      2. The term "New Age" refers to the (astrological) Age of Aquarius which is about to begin, as soon as there is a "critical mass" of "initiates" or enlightened ones ready to make this leap to the next subrace. The pop group Fifth Dimension released their hit, "Age of Aquarius" around 1970, whose lyrics explain in detail the astrological signs of its arrival. [The 40-something crowd will remember the seemingly unrelated song that was awkwardly tacked onto the end of this song, urging us all to "let the sunshine in" - another clear indoctrination effort.] The term "fifth dimension" itself is a code phrase referring to "the plane of the spirit guides". (See NAer Jose Arguelles, interviewed by The Intergroup for Planetary Oneness, _Meditation Magazine_ Summer 1987.) The "old age" being replaced is named by Alice Bailey as the "Age of Pisces", which ushered in the "Christian dispensation". Conservative Christians are creating an obstacle to mankind reaching this critical mass, since they are unreasonably attached to their old dispensation, and their influence must be neutralized. The Jews, who refused even to leave their "Age of Aries" (the time of the Torah) to enter the Age of Pisces, (to merge with Christianity) are doubly behind in their evolutionary development (Bailey, _Reappearance of the Christ_, p.81) - and as a result, double trouble is caused by the lingering influence the Jewish religion has on society. [Enacting a solution to this is central to the NA Plan]

      Quantum leap, new dimensions, spiritual growth, esoteric, exoteric awakening, the occult, the masons, Illuminati
      All of it was set up from the get go

      It's a fact says who?

      The scientist and the Vatican that has been lying to the world from the word go?

      Tell me what year are we really in?
      What time is it?

      If these so called forces added 1300 years to the timetable then what time is it?

      And the hundreds of sites and products selling the timeline shift

      Meanwhile the magicians (weather warfare, NASA and military) are creating the havoc to decimate all people around the world for their end goal

      Yea, it's an illusion alright

      The 5G SMART City is an illusion?
      The stack and pack housing is an illusion?
      The police state is an illusion?

      Death too is an illusion, makes it easier for them to kill you
      The end justifies the means?

      You think it's a coincidence that the horse JUSTIFY so called won the triple crown this past season?

      I think not!

      And it's not fear porn

      You think they give a shit about that CONstitution?
      It was a CON from the word go

    3. And how about those 'Dark Ages'
      What if they never existed, they too were made up

      The New Age has an answer for that too

      How about the 'ice age'
      And how about that the IPCC is front and center in the lies
      These are the folks imposing the carbon TAX

      It's been a set up from start to finish

  2. Act in faith that God is love. Diligently study the life and teachings of His Son, "Jesus" (the given name furnished by the angel instructing Mary) and "Christ" (the Title Name of His Divine calling and work among mankind) to do the same works Christ did of love, healing, service and teaching truth everyday, directed toward our mortal siblings or "sons of man". These works were done by Christ in similitude of all the works of love and wisdom He had seen His Father in Heaven do, in order to please His Father in Heaven and to aid those on earth "who have ears to hear the Word of the Lord"... "to have (real) life and to have it more abundantly".

    Act in this way in faith in God to serve your fellow men, women and children, and soon the false idols of the world, whether false government services organizations, global corporations for profit and monopolizing power, or the local operators of the speed trap enroute to the store, these counterfeit "saviors" gradually become past tense in your life as each day is made new as rewarding work of following Jesus's example. Learn correct divine principles of self government by becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ (discipline yourself by studying carefully and following closely Gods "Word", who is Jesus Christ) and be a worker building God's kingdom on earth.

    All this energy invested into righteous living removes much more energy from the false gods we are enticed to serve by those sending false messages of commercial gain and inviting to participate in indulgences of Babylon feigning to be our saviors from poverty, suffering, illness, social injustice, inequality, global warming, equal rights.

    You get the idea. Follow Christ in word and deed and so doing dismantle Babylon while building Zion, God's kingdom on earth. The messages and cravings of Babylon become dimmer with each day of service to God. The light of Christ illuminating our minds becomes brighter each day in Gods service of love and discipleship.

    If you do this while serving as an American State National you will be guided in your decisions by God's providence, but if you go it alone using your own "dim light" of understanding, the effort will grind to a painful halt.

    1. Why does Jesus's birthday coincide with the Winter Solstice?? I guess they got the dates mixed up. Maybe Christianity is a solar religion? I love Jesus and his word is truth....I just think a church of pedophilia took over his message for very dark reasons.

  3. Images are tools. As a young one we pretend wars Apple fights games made up characters but set em aside to do other things like go eat back to our known real self. Then under adult offerings accept an imaginary now serious character and game and use adult toys like bullets instead of silly pretend apple fights. Illogically confusing the image of who we pretend to be instead of accepting who we already are

  4. Exactly as they wish for you to think, it is all imaginary
    That way when they slaughter millions it will be just fine and dandy

    The major NewAge (AquarianAge) efforts at indoctrination are therefore designed to get the other 90% of humanity to accept this elitist selection as necessary and just, and if possible to secure their cooperation in the purge. [To the extent that the masses rely on the "truths" of karma and reincarnation, they can be persuaded to accept billions of deaths, including their own, with attitudes ranging from resignation to serenity to anticipation. In the near future, as many as possible among the 90% will probably be encouraged to voluntarily take their own lives, choosing from a variety of pleasant ways to "go on to the next life". It is no accident that a whole genre of apocalyptic movies has sprung up recently, whose heroes are ordinary characters (usually from the over-40 generation) who can prevent the end of human life only by accepting their own deaths. Examples: _Armageddon_, _Deep Impact_, _Independence Day_, _End of Days_.... Is this a subliminal preparation for many of the "old order" to adopt an imaginary "messiah" role by sacrificing their lives for the future of the "new" humanity? See more on "death by choice" as a preparation for the global purge, in the "Plan" section.]

    The UN NewAge plan and the so called government setting aside land for nature
    Accordingly, the U.S. government is currently setting aside huge tracts of American land which will be off-limits to human beings, including locations where forcible population transfer will be necessary. Clearly the much-publicized NA creed of "returning to Nature" can mean something not anticipated by many who have jumped on the "Earth First" bandwagon.

    It's the green new deal

    Telling you folks best wake up and smell the coffee

    US Begins Evacuations Out of Containment Zones


    38. To reduce the numerical power of the aggressor nations, as a potential military advantage, a Population Control Policy shall be elaborated and applied in the quarantined area.

  5. Getting an American COMMUNITY Survey now to define populations to be purged

    Number 2 on the list below

  6. Anna, I have been reading this blog for awhile now. And I have come to the conclusion that you are a CIA disinformation agent. You are all over the place. Just like the fraud Miles Mathis.

    1. Oh yeah? So what part do you not like?

  7. This article by Anna reminds me of the time year ago when I went down the rabbit hole of money. I've been studying day and night , books upon books, video after video, and then my daughter and I are playing Monopoly and going round and round buying and selling, paying rent and collecting rent, and of course, for me, I was getting bored and then landed on some space where I couldn't pay the rent and said. "game over" …..BUT NO, my daughter reaches into the money bank pile and GIVES ME MONEY!! AND that is when I knew this money thig was imaginary, an illusion.

  8. I know another person named "Ana" and I know you both would have a really good time chatting each other up. If you haven't already....

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Enki: Sorry I do not see where Anna separated the rich and the poor, in her recovery attempt. The only separation is, she seemed to think America has pure American born nationalists, while Europeans calling America the melting-pot. 2 meanings: If you were born in America with birth-C screwed, then you are covered. If not, Anna outcasts such your class.

      In my opinion, if you came to America and start working at very younger age, I don't see why you wouldn't qualify for a decent recovery. the SSN has your record. They screw your SS funds, so much extracted.

  10. Did I imagine my 2 homes stolen from me by the banks in the past 6 years? Did I imagine my state coordinator pretending to care about my problems and then flat-out ignoring me once I "papered up?" Did I imagine being ignored when I asked what, if anything, will be done for poor people like me who have had our homes stolen and can never buy a house again? I know Anna has at least 2 homes while I have no home. Anna's webinars to date have been focusing on rich people who want to protect their wealth. Why does she never address the millions of people like me who are not rich and are too old to start over?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. From Anna Von Reitz:

      It’s understood that many, many people have been victims of this constructive fraud and that they are due either (1) return of their homes plus damages, or (2) three times the value of the property taken plus damages.

      Staunching the flow of “blood” is always the first consideration and preventing more misery and injustice has therefore been our first priority. If not, there would have been many more millions of Americans in exactly your position and you would have been no better off.

      Given that parameter, you can see why those “rich people” who are in situations identical to yours only a little later in time and who deserve to escape the same fate got priority attention along with young families struggling to make ends meet.

      Recouping damages that has already been done, similar to the healing of wounds, takes time and to some extent the outcomes are uncertain.

      The corporations that owe you payment for your homes and misery are (a) bankrupt and in liquidation (unable to pay) or (b) being forced into bankruptcy and not recognizing you as a Priority Creditor.

      It therefore remains to us to get our government rolling and bring your claim forward to the governments that chartered and misdirected these corporations that are responsible for damaging you—— but that means, again, making an effort to get our own government up and moving FIRST.

      So I am sorry if you are still sitting there bandaged up and hurting, but at least for you the worst has happened and is over. We can’t prevent what happened to you but we can keep it from happening to others.

      I am sorry that there is no easy road to compensate you, but as both these criminal corporations are bankrupt, we have to recoup our lawful government as best we can to defend what’s left and bring forward your claims and the claims of millions of other Americans who have been similarly harmed— including as it happens, me.

      Early on before I knew all the ropes and widgets, I lost a home, too, that meant just as much to me as yours meant to you. Thankfully I continued to learn and grew a backbone and I am continuing forward with determination to make good that loss and I suggest that you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and being “helpless” too.

      You have been wronged. We all know it. We are all determined to be made whole for all we have suffered and to recoup our losses whatever it takes and no matter how long or what we have to go through to accomplish that.

      So. Stiff upper lip and fire in the hole. No, your past losses are not first on the agenda and neither are mine—- but that doesn’t imply that you don’t matter or that any of our losses at the hands of these criminals are forgotten.

  11. With all due respect, it's easy to say "stiff upper lip" when those corporations filed bankruptcy and likely moved all the assets they stole somewhere safe where they can't be recovered and can be enjoyed in perpetuity by the thieves and their progeny while they claim poverty. I'm sure you've suffered losses, but you did make mention of your second house outside of Alaska not too long ago. Good for you. Some of us are getting to the end of our lives with no way to make any more income or get further education and training and are treading water while more weight is placed on our shoulders. I'm not giving up, I'm just mad. I work from early morning until I go to bed most of the time and I'm getting about $6.25 an hour, whereas 2-1/2 years ago it was $19.00, so how can I spend a lot of time working in the Assembly? The corporations who destroyed my livelihood make record profits while those who actually do the work get crumbs and the corporate "government" takes their bribes to look the other way. I'm not sitting around feeling sorry for myself; I'm working as hard as I can. Thanks for all you do Anna, I know you work very hard like most of us, but if Treasury keeps dragging their feet, my debts will drag me and my family down.


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