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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Correction of Form Number and Explanation for Veterans

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been doing this a lot of years, folks.  And things do change.  The government departments and agencies regularly move and re-number and re-state and re-issue forms, so it is always a paper chase.  I gave out the wrong form number earlier today.  The correct, current form and number is: DD2168, and here is the link to it:

Thanks to everyone who brought this mistake to my attention.  This stuff is hard enough to wade through without wrong form numbers.

To reiterate the situation: since 1946, when you get discharged from the U.S. Military, you don't actually get discharged --- as many of you can readily attest. Long after receiving what was supposed to be your severance paperwork and your DD214 you may find yourself being exposed to military discipline.

Although they eventually take you off the Active Duty and Reserve Rosters, they don't automatically correct your political status records. 

As a result, you remain listed as a Federal "United States Citizen" as if you were lounging around in Puerto Rico and actively choosing Territorial United States Citizenship, instead of returning home to your home State of the Union. 

They then use this as an excuse to keep you under their thumbs and forefingers and as a justification to mis-address you as a Federal US Citizen, subject to Territorial United States Code, and also to claim that you are a "Taxpayer" and that all your assets are "pledged" because of the actions taken by the Conference of [Territorial] Governors on March 6, 1933 --- even though the bankruptcy that occasioned that action has been settled since November of 1999 and the bankrupt corporations involved no longer exist.

So they made an outrageous claim against the assets of Federal Military Personnel and Dependents back in 1933, and have kept it up and profited themselves from it ever since.

To correct this requires sending a letter to the leader of your branch of the military services (or leaders if you served in more than one branch) telling them that you have returned to your birthright political status and gone home to [for example] New Jersey effective ____________.

Send this letter by Registered Mail and keep copies of your letter(s) and mailing receipts.

We also discovered that they were using claims of "military-connected civilian service" as a means of snagging more people.

To counteract this and provide yourself with more evidence of severance from U.S. Military Service, you submit the DD2168 and force them to deny you benefits, which then becomes an admission that you are not involved in any extracurricular "military-connected civilian service" and proof that you are well and truly out of the military and out of their jurisdiction.

They used to do the honorable thing and actually muster you out and back to your home of record. Nowadays you have to use a crow bar and tongs and do the job yourself.


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  1. The form says "OMB No. 0704-0100 OMB approval expires Apr 30, 2011." Has anyone successfully used this form as of May 1, 2011?

    1. i was wondering the same; also found another form with OMB expiration date of June 30, 2011....Is there even a sample letter?

      " To counteract this and provide yourself with more evidence of severance from U.S. Military Service, you submit the DD2168 and force them to deny you benefits..." this also makes me raise an eyebrow; are they going to cut off my only stream of income, as a DAV because i file this? Am i to get one large lump sum, instead of monthly installments? Geeeesh


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