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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Book - A Visit at Grandma's House by Anna Von Reitz

By Anna Von Reitz

Free Download in PDF format

New Mini-Book in PDF - A Visit at Grandma's House

I just finished a new mini-book just in time for holiday sharing.  People can print it off at home.  It's only 22 pages single-sided, 11 double-sided, large print. 

It presents all the most basic and urgent need-to-know information about the overall history and situation in the form of an imaginary visit to Grandma's House and a sit down conversation with me talking to a young person -- a grandson or granddaughter, and explaining it like I do with my own mid-teen to adult grandchildren. 

This might be just the ticket for various audiences and needs --- like if you need to explain things to your own children or grandchildren. 

The information is still dense to pack into 22 pages, but it covers the basics and it is somehow easier to swallow in this format. 

Download free here:


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  1. A good listen, the world wide deception

  2. Thank you Anna, cant wait to share it with my grandchildren. It's overwhelming to try and explain what has gone wrong with the government but at least they will grasp the concepts of it.

  3. Having read this pdf and having followed Anna's explanation of what happened as a result of the 'civil war', the confusion for me lies in the initiation of the conflict. If the British sided with the north and the Pope sided with the south does that not imply that the states of the union were in conflict politically prior to?
    Was it not real living Americans fighting for their beliefs on both sides?
    If the north went bankrupt, did not the south also go bankrupt?
    Why didn't they just agree to disagree and dissolve the union as it was and create two unions- north and south?

    Are we not seeing the same kind of prelude to conflict with Brexit and now Wexit? It appears that mommy and daddy don't want their kids to have a life of their own.

  4. An excellent video about what they were doing in venezuela

    1. The USMCA deal is about stealing the resources of all three nations for the benefit of the corporations

  5. Thanks much Anna! :) Can be printed on 3 papers front & back (4 pages to single side) & sent with Christmas cards, for those who do so. Also have seen a Gift Card to pass out to people wherever one is out & around to raise awareness and introduce "strangers" to our "Good News":

    What if You could Free Yourself from
    Mortgage, credit card(s), loans, IRS &
    Other debt? U a Creditor or debtor??
    Learn & Qualify:
    Merry Christmas short story 4 U & Beloveds:)


    The People R Re-Claiming our American
    governance of, by and for the People,
    Peacefully & Lawfully! Paul Revere Wake Up!
    We must Act ^ for ourselves & our fellow
    Americans! Freedom via knowledge & patriotic

    14 per page, front & back, Card stock is Best.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. We need to research this story for compatibility with the movement from sea to land domicile Anna has encouraged us to embrace. Someone please help me justify this story as being correct. If correct, supporting this with backing of the Jural Assembly's would be a strong position for us to establish. The language technology is a bit of a learning curve for an older person being brainwashed with verb, adverb, verb structure all their life.

    1. This is the third version so far I have run across as to people claiming back the land and soil
      troh show on you tube, claims they filed and became post master general
      Anna, same claim
      This Gould guy

      By all accounts I see with my own eyes the selling off of land, stealing of water and mineral rights, stack and pack UN agenda all around

      Something not adding up here

    2. You also have Karen Hudes and her babble
      Phil Hudok and the Treaty of Peace 2020

      Lots of people selling a service for private versus public

      Not trying to be negative but I see nowhere where any of this has stopped UN agenda 21 and the outright stealing of everything on this planet including our health via chemtrails, vaccines, gmo's, the list is endless

      You got orange man signing USMCA deal which is all part of the North American Union and their UN plans

      Trucking companies now filing bankruptcy which is part of the plan to eliminate jobs all across the board which falls in line with their 21 goals

      Bankers intend to bankrupt the world and chip their human chattel property and unless we as a people all around the world can come up with a solution to the monopoly money they issue???

    3. Shelby,
      I can assure you right now, most crooks including Karen Hudes and her husband, GWB, J.Kerry,etc. in Wa D.C. having a BIG Moral Meltdown. Yale is created by the Illuminati. No wonder why, they taught every one to be evil, against America and the real world.

    4. They have no morales nor will there be any meltdown on their part

  8. Nice job Anna and crew!!! Merry Christmas!

  9. Along with the history lesson, you can add the following:
    Veterans Today: Rothschilds (and Freemasons) Murdered at least Seven US Presidents. They also murdered Charles Lindbergh's infant son, Huey Long and many, many others.

    "Throughout its history the United States has been in the clutches of a satanic cult empowered by the Rothschild central banking cartel. Many courageous Presidents and other politicians tried to free their countrymen and died unrecognized, their killers unpunished and triumphant."

  10. THANK YOU ANNA. With all else you're doing, now this too. Much appreciated.

  11. ..should be - Time' Person of the Year:

  12. Information on public provate partnerships

    This is how they working the green new deals to steal everything

  13. ALERT
    Virginia governor plans power shut off, communications shut down for gun confiscation


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