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Monday, November 25, 2019

What We See

By Anna Von Reitz

I was driving down the road one day in early spring when there is still snow on the ground and my husband, who happened to be riding shotgun said, “Just look at all the red coming out.”

“Red?” I asked. “What red?”

He turned toward me, thunderstruck, and he waved at the countryside all around us.

“The red in the landscape,” he said in an incredulous tone of voice. “Don’t you see it?”

And all of a sudden, because he directed my attention to it, I could see it, too.  I was amazed how much red there was in all the buds and budded branches.  There was red wherever I looked, but I had never noticed it before that moment. 

It was my turn to be thunderstruck.  My husband, the artist, had always seen the red in the landscape and took it for granted that I and everyone else saw it, too.  

Not necessarily, it turns out.  In fact, it turns out that our ability to see color and identify different colors is directly tied to our early experience naming colors.  

If we don’t know the name for burnt umber or burnt sienna we don’t make a distinction and only see “brown”. 

Since then I have come to learn that we all are different and see different things, know different things, and no, we can’t take for granted that others see the same things we do. 

There are many things that  I see and take for granted that others don’t see at all.  I was reminded of this again last night, when I realized that many of the State Assembly Coordinators and State Assembly members don’t yet know how important their work really is. 

Or why. 

So I explained how the banks and our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors and various other countries had planned to claim the assets of our States and our People as abandoned property. 

That “greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world” you keep hearing odd references to?  That was our wealth they were talking about transferring and dividing up.  It was our country that they “presumed” was without a government because the Reconstruction was left hanging. 

And God knows that via their various schemes to mis-characterize us as British Territorials and Municipal “citizens of the United States”, they had done their best to de-populate our country on paper.  

According to them, there were no American State Citizens left, therefore no State Governments and no States, either.  And without the actual State Governments there couldn’t be a Reconstruction of the Confederation and no Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.  

To hear them tell it (just listen to Karen Hudes on this topic) our actual government had disappeared and been “held in abeyance” for 150 years.  We hadn’t been heard from.  The foreign subcontractors had been left in charge of the shop, but the actual Americans and their government were “missing, presumed lost at sea.”

And all the while of course, our erstwhile public servants were busy deliberately misidentifying us as Brits and Papists, even “stateless disregarded entities”—- anything and everything but what we self-evidently are.

We were asleep at the wheel and after being asleep for 150 years, what were the chances of us waking up and taking up the reins of self-governance again? 

It must have been a big joke in certain circles. 

Hot dog, they figured, they would just charge our credit up to the max, spending on all sorts of things for themselves and their friends, and when the bill came due, they would seek bankruptcy protection for themselves, stand back—and let their creditors take our stuff as payment for their debts. 

That, Mr.Trump, is why America has always been paying the lion’s share of all these international expenses.  That’s why we have been stuck paying for 900-plus military bases all over the world, the reason we were paying the defense and police costs for NATO, donating the Big Bucks to Israel, and almost single-handedly paying the tab for the UN.     

That, too, is why our gold and silver assets have been cashiered away “in safekeeping” — offshore, purportedly “for” us in our “absence”, but in reality used by these False Friends as giant slush funds and collateral for them to borrow against and use to rig commodity and currency markets worldwide. 

This is why we always take it in the shorts on every trade deal, too, and the reason that there has been no major infrastructure investment in this country since Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System. 

Our “Trustees”, the Pope and the Queen, have been busy spending our money and our blood on whatever they and their pals wanted anywhere around the world, and we have been paying it without as much as a thank you, while our wealth has been taken away offshore, ready to be claimed as “abandoned assets” once the Perpetrators decided to roll up the rug here and take all their ill-gotten gains to new digs in China—-leaving us to the tender mercies of their creditors, stripped bare, living as tenants of the Crown and the Pope in our own country. 

Until we woke up, folks, there was no way to stop that from happening. 

Nobody had the standing to claim back our assets and say— “Hey, wait a minute. We are not British Territorials.  We are not Municipal citizens of the United States, either.  What’s going on here?  We’re Americans—- look around the room: Texans, Virginians, Wisconsinites, Ohioans, Georgians...,”


All our political status records have been carefully falsified without us knowing it, and until we correct that we have no standing to correct anything else.

So we begin by claiming our own estate, then assembling our State of the Union, and then, together, our country as a whole.

Our hands were tied and we didn’t even know it.  We were being set up by the Popes and the British Monarchs to carry theirs debts and their friends’ debts, and even to pay for our own destruction, too. 

So when a handful of Americans woke up and said, “Whoa!”—-it must have been a terrible shock, but not enough to convince the conspirators that their plot wouldn’t work. 

After all, they reasoned, there were all these other countries in on it, too.  Everyone was set to get a piece of America.  

So they plowed right onward and worked double-time, stealing all that they could via bogus mortgages and foreclosures and the collection of income taxes we never owed and property taxes on our own land that we never owed, either.  

But then something happened. 

Enough of us woke up and corrected our political status records. 

Enough of us manned our old “Ship of State”, The United States of America, and claimed back our birth States. 

And now we are only 14 States away from total assembly of all 50 States. Let’s put the hammer down and finish the job now.

Our properly Constituted State Assemblies are proof that our People are still populating our States of the Union and that our State Governments still stand and that our Federation of States of the Union, The United States of America, stands, too.  

Our State Assemblies prove that our country is not “depopulated” and not abandoned, not without our own lawful government, and, our assets are not “abandoned” either.  

Our State Assemblies have many vital abilities, not the least of which is the right and authority to enforce the Constitutions and to direct the State of State Legislatures concerning State Trust Assets and the administration thereof. 

The dog can resume control of its own tail, thank you, very much.  All this criminal activity and corruption can cease now. And it is all because of our properly constituted State Assemblies. 

For the first time in 150 years the actual States are presenting themselves.

So—to the fourteen States still lagging behind— do you want a bunch of foreigners to seize everything that is owed to you and your State? 

Your land? Your share of the gold and silver? Your share of the National Credit? Your share of the 20,000 tons of gold FDR racketeered from your grandparents and great-grandparents?  

Are you going to stand there like stumps? 

You have a birthright, a fabulous inheritance that is owed to you.

All you have to do is follow the logical steps to correct your own falsified political status records, and then self-govern by organizing your State Assembly. 

Once the States are back in order, we will move on and finish the long overdue “Reconstruction” of the Confederation of the States of America.  Each State will organize a business organization to function as a “State of State” for it, and the restoration will be complete. 

So, do you see the red yet?


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  1. What we see and read as taught

    Romley shares more wisdom


    1. It's the BARcode the penquin is pointing to in the above video not the words
      They BARcode and rfid is all tied to their shipping of commerce
      Did anyones birth certificate have a BARcode on it??
      Mine did

    2. AIDC, BARcoded humans

    3. Make note in the article it refers to REGIONS and Asia is leading the way - this is part of the BRICS deal and INFOSYS biometrically making everyone in India for this process
      From the article
      Geographically, the global automatic identification and data capture market is segmented into five major regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Asia-Pacific region holds a leading position in the global automatic identification and data capture market owing to the significantly increasing investments in the region for improving security and transparency particularly in the BFSI, healthcare, and retail industry. Furthermore, economic growth of the region, growing per capita income, rising consumption capacities with large population base, and high economic growth are also attracting many of the global AIDC players to launch their technologically advanced products in this region, thereby aiding the growth of the AIDC market in the APAC region.

      UN map and the regions as per their 1941 if not all along planning

    4. Shelby, I'm "gettin up there" so my birth certificate didn't have a bar code but it did have a little bit of

      Take the "Older Than Dirt Quiz"


    Global serfdom for all

    All ties back to the East India Trading Company, full circle

  4. I listened to the video from Monday night




    Spreading the word is difficult, no one believes what you tell them

    No proof of anything stopping them, seeing land taken every day, stack and packs being built everywhere - no sign of them stopping

    Not trying to be negative but PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THIS IS GOING ON

  5. Soon the ID theft will be spreading around the globe. Don't worry Shelby. Some leaders are reading our messages in foreign languages, about the Crooked UK & their thievery friends controlling America.

    1. Pinkham I contend that the so called 'leaders' of the world are all involved in the CON

  6. So how does Hawaii fit into the 50 or so states?

  7. "So—to the fourteen States still lagging behind— do you want a bunch of foreigners to seize everything that is owed to you and your State? Your land? Your share of the gold and silver? Your share of the National Credit? Your share of the 20,000 tons of gold FDR racketeered from your grandparents and great-grandparents?"

    Already done in Hawaii, but none of you from the "mainland" seem to care. We are occupied by a hostile military and no one who espouses these platitudes that are on this page give a damn.


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