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Friday, November 29, 2019

Understanding Source and Cause; Q and The Plan

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three (3) dates and three entities that every American should have cause to know and to memorize.  All three occurred during The War of Independence.

The first is the publication of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776.  This created "The Union" known as The United States. 

The then-colonies redefined themselves over a period of years first as the "United Colonies" and later as "estates".  The soil jurisdiction holdings were defined as private holdings of separate nations and the geographic bounds of what would become States were recognized as (e)states belonging to the people living within those boundaries, both as public and private holdings.
In the Roman system of nomenclature this gave rise to states including: new york, massachusetts, rhode island, new hampshire, etc. while in the English nomenclature, gave rise to New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, etc.

The second is the creation of The United States of America on 9 September 1776.  This created "The Federation of States", an unincorporated Holding Company. 

This secondary "union" represents the international land and sea jurisdiction which underlies the soil of each (e)state and the international powers accorded to each State which were combined for mutual aid and benefit. This Federation of unincorporated States is the "doing business as" name of the American States and People.

The third is the creation of the States of America on 1 March 1781.  This Confederation of States was formed under The Articles of Confederation to serve as an incorporated business structure doing business in the global jurisdiction of the air under the charter of the Several States and in their mutual behalf. 

Both The United States and The United States of America are unincorporated entities, free-standing and existing under the direct provisions of the sovereign States and People. 

By contrast, the States of America was created as a separate chartered business enterprise of the Several States and People to provide essential government services in the realm of global commerce.

There is a clear progression and delegation of power inherent to this process.

The (e)states (national jurisdiction) gave rise to the States (international jurisdiction) and the States gave rise to The States of States (global commerce jurisdiction). 

There is an equally distinct progress in kind.

The Union known as The United States is "corporate" in that it stands apart from each separate and sovereign (e)state and so is our Federation doing business as The United States of America, but neither one of these entities are incorporated.  They are independent, free-standing entities that are designed to do mutual business for the (e)states of the living people and the Estates of the Lawful People of this country, in two separate jurisdictions: national and international, respectively.  

The Confederation begun in 1781 is chartered by the individual States and incorporated by them using The Articles of Confederation. 

The difference is akin to the difference between two independent businesses and a commercial corporation. 

Thus you may think of Massachusetts as an independent business and The United States of America as a Federation of independent businesses.  You may also think of Massachusetts and the People thereof as granting a charter to The State of Massachusetts and then authorizing its membership in a Confederation of similar state-of-state franchises doing business as the States of America. 

So there are three (3) different entities right from the start, separate in name,  separate in jurisdiction, separate in date of creation, and separate in kind: union, federation, confederation.

The United States, The United States of America, and the States of America each served a different function and were designed to operate in different capacities.

The United States, a union of states formed by Unanimous Declaration, derives its existence from the (e)states and living people of this country. 

The United States of America derives its existence from the land jurisdiction States and the Lawful Persons known as People of each State. 

The States of America derives its existence from the States and People granting charters to States-of-States and thence to their Confederation.

The States of America, the Confederation of States of States,  is the missing piece that went off-line during the Civil War. 

This country has been operating like a 12-cylinder engine firing on six cylinders ever since and nobody bothered to explain the situation to the populace so that this could be corrected. 

Therein lies the specific Gross Breach of Trust amounting to Fraud which has been committed against us by our own Government Service Subcontractors and Employees, both Military and Federal Civil Service.

People often ask me about "Q" and "The Plan". 

It seems like that elements in the Military and Intelligence Community have been working for some time to correct their operations and honor their actual service commitments; I have no argument against "Q" and their treatment of the Deep State Actors as criminals --- for such, they are. 

This is not now and never has been about politics, race, religion, or much of anything other than fraud and commercial crimes.

This is about identity theft, impersonation, constructive fraud, unlawful conversion of assets, inland piracy, human trafficking, enslavement, illegal securitization, patent, trademark and copyright fraud and infringement, press-ganging, peonage, extortion, racketeering, kidnapping, collusion, conspiracy against the Constitutions and a host of other heinous crimes-- mostly of a commercial nature-- and all committed against the people of this country and our estates.

Perhaps it was the existence of 800 FEMA camps and industrial-scale foreign military operations staging out of Free Trade Zones within these United States that finally jolted at least some members of the Joint Chiefs awake and alerted patriotic members of the Officer Corps and Senior Enlisted.

Maybe it was our General Civil Orders issued in July of 2014, denying them all any plausible deniability, that kicked the football hard enough to get things moving. 

So long as the ball is moving in the right direction, and the restoration of good order and public safety is secured, we can't complain about their initiative and the arrest of large numbers of criminals.

We estimate that if law already standing on the books were to be satisfied, upward of two million people in this country would have to be arrested and charged with heinous offenses against their fellow man and against the lawful government of this country.

We must, however, point out that these actions are not, by themselves, sufficient to restore the government we are heir to, nor to provide for its correct functioning.

In order to get the 12-cylinder engine back up and running, we have to assemble our States of the Union, we have to severally charter new American States of States, and restore the States of America Confederation in order to do that. 

Beyond that, we must invest in educating a great many people about their actual government and their responsibility for it.  Self-governance begins with attitudes learned and responsibilities accepted at home, at school, at work, and in the social fabric of a country.  It cannot be achieved by the promotion of dependency and victim-hood and unearned trust.

Our country has been steered off track deliberately and kept off track for generations by foreign interests we mistook as friends, allies, and treaty partners.  They have used us as gun fodder in their wars for profit, and stolen us blind for 150 years.

It cannot be supposed that restoration of our government or our educational system can happen over night, after such a long and damaging period of abuse by foreign powers and misdirected public employees.  Instead, we must patiently expose and understand the rot we are dealing with, and secure as much assistance, good will, and understanding as possible going forward.

This same system of deceit, impersonation, identity theft, and commercial criminality has infested not only "the US" Territorial and Municipal Governments, but similar incorporated governmental services corporations worldwide. 

So, by all means, let the Q Plan materialize, but let's not fall asleep again and think, oh, goodie, things are back on track....because it will take major work on all our parts to finally accomplish the restoration of our self-governance.


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  1. A step at a time... awakening is happening, and we can continue on this as we progress to eliminate the scales from people's eyes and expose the fraud for what it is!

  2. Much appreciated! Intending to share this as far and wide as possible!
    Re: the "restoration of ... our educational system." This is of special interest. Would it be possible to give a similar presentation that is focused just on this particular subject matter?

    QUESTION 1. I don't have my paper work done yet but working on it.MAYBE if
    possible you can have one of your team do a zoom on a mock paper work correction so the older folk that don't know how to use the WORD programs can figure out how to use the find and replace functions ect.... in word or other.

    I was thinking of a idea to print up business cards of your web site to pass out (THERE CHEAP TO PRINT SO EVERY BODY SPEND 20 BUCKS TO GET)but i would like you to pick the top 15 or 20 articles /numbers from your site that are the most (SHOCKING)to
    PP to get them motivated (LIKE LOOSING THERE HOUSE.ECT)

    Would it be a good or bad idea to print some of your article's
    and drop of at our local police stations and army depots.ect

    MY BC is in upper and lower case letters and it has a time of birth on it, and the numbers in the upper rite side of bc are different from a older one i had than the 4 copies i got rescently.What does that mean? /// did they cash one in and start over?I was thinking my dentist place opened up then closed 2 yrs later.///hmmmmmmm my dental x rays (oh we found this guys skull in the desert)would like to cash his bond in.(just wondering).
    QUESTION 5 That conversation you had with richard recently
    on ex order 130/37 ucc he is about 5 zero's off on what he say,s he extracted from 'THE'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA it more like
    14,000,000,000,000,000 it even say,s the real property is with the people with real arms and can get the ucc LINK from

    I have been text to speech a lot of old occult books from the 1700 and 1800 and 1900 hundreds and you can clearly see there
    VRIL is one of the names of etheric energy WEAPONS .LIKE EVAPORATE A ARMY OF 100,000 MEN IN A BLINK OF AN EYE.(DUST)
    I would like to send them to you to put on your site, ITS SOME SCARY STUFF THAT WILL SHOCK.

  4. oh buy the way the weapon can be tuned to destroy stone/wood/metal/people ect and not touch anything else.kinda like what happened
    in cali.its tuned to like the chem structure of a object (dna).
    IM thinking this is what happened to all the old temples around the world.THESE ARE THE OTHER NAMES OF THIS FORCE SOME FROM THE BIBLE.FROM THE BOOK (ISIS UNVEILED)
    THERE has been an infinite confusion of names to express one and the same thing.
    The chaos of the ancients; the Zoroastrian sacred fire, or the Antusbyrum of the Parsees; the Hermes-fire; the Elmes-fire of the ancient Germans; the lightning of Cybele; the burning torch of Apollo; the flame on the altar of Pan; the inextinguishable fire in the temple on the Acropolis, and in that of Vesta; the fire-flame of Pluto's helm; the brilliant sparks on the hats of the Dioscuri, on the Gorgon head, the helm of Pallas, and the staff of Mercury; the [[pur asbeston]]; the Egyptian Phtha, or Ra; the Grecian Zeus Cataibates (the descending);* the pentecostal fire-tongues; the burning bush of Moses; the pillar of fire of the Exodus, and the "burning lamp" of Abram; the eternal fire of the "bottomless pit"; the Delphic oracular vapors; the Sidereal light of the Rosicrucians; the AKASA of the Hindu adepts; the Astral light of Eliphas Levi; the nerve-aura and the fluid of the magnetists; the od of Reichenbach; the fire-globe, or meteor-cat of Babinet; the Psychod and ectenic force of Thury; the psychic force of Sergeant Cox and Mr. Crookes; the atmospheric magnetism of some naturalists; galvanism; and finally, electricity, are but various names for many different manifestations, or effects of the same mysterious, all-pervading cause -- the Greek Archeus, or [[Archaios]].
    Sir E. Bulwer-Lytton, in his Coming Race, describes it as the VRIL,** used by the subterranean populations, and allowed his readers to take it




  7. Already done so Tony, posted and mailed Anna's papers to the Police offices, they don't read anything. In fact they remove anything not meeting their agenda. They are paid by Foreign Jerks, who think they can get away, by lying million times, about their fake loan. We know the rule of contract is, both parties must sign, NOT 1 party (the victimized lender, not borrower)


  8. So there are three (3) different entities right from the start, separate in name, separate in jurisdiction, separate in date of creation, and separate in kind: union, federation, confederation.

    Do you realize how this sounds to the average person...they have no clue what you are talking about...even if you are right...!!
    It's good your giving us some background on how all this happended, but it makes no sense to the average person...
    And as someone politely put it...we have to be patient and wait...i would say, there is no time left...Its now or never...we can't wait till everyone catches up...!! If people would get together like HONG GONG we would stand a fighting chance....
    But the people here are to damn scared of losing everything.....including me..
    Look at these two comments above me...that should be enough to scare anyone...!!
    Fraud is very hard to prove, and they will make you prove it for sure...the problem is there is so much of it that it is just accepted...!! There is something coming...I don't know what, but it is going to be unimaginable ...!!

    If Jeffery Eptsine is still alive and they are keeping him in a safe place, everyone has cause to be scared ...!!
    But so does everyone else like the prime minister of great Briton, the royal family which the price andrew gave that pathetic excuse of not knowing or ever hearing about his victum..and many more...!!

    In other words, since this is a monumental task, it is going to take a monumental prayer to correct it..!!


  9. Paul: I have a favor to ask if you are capable of doing it...

    Is it possible to get a link in " blue" so all we have to do is press on it and it takes us there...

    A lot of people are posting sites , but not in blue where we can just press on it as and it takes us there...
    No one is going to take the time to punch the site in by hand....that will.never happen...people are lazy, and some people like Shelby post so many sites that it is vertually impossible to watch all of them, or even a few of them...!!
    I'm just wondering why the sites posted arent in blue...other sites do it, why can't has to be your site, doesn t it...?? I am not the expert here as you can tell..!!

    1. What links do you want in blue James? To which links are you referring?

    2. James P.
      If the link (URL) is printed out, all you have to do is HIGHLIGHT it, then RIGHT CLICK on the Highlight. A drop down MENU will appear from which you can select ways to OPEN THE LINK. From that MENU you can also select SEARCH WITH GOOGLE.

    3. Paul, I think what James is asking is that people who are commenting and post an http web URL should know how to add an HTML tag attribute to a URL so it displays as an underlined link that can be launched directly instead of what GOLDTRADERRR suggested, which is what we all have to do now. In the few times I have referenced a URL in the past I have added the attribute so it can be clicked to save time. Since this is your blog you can decide whether you want people to be able to know how to format their URL to add the the attribute as James is asking. Otherwise I would have contributed that info right now, but it is not my call to make on your blog. GOLDTRADERRR's suggestion is a perfectly good way if you don't want to copy the URL and paste it into the address bar of a new tab.

    4. Will and Goldtraderrr are both right in that either method works. And I don't make the rules about what Blogger will accept on their platform for html code. If you know how to format html and want to try to make your links into live links, and if you pay attention and do it right, the system will accept those links. If you don't do it right it will kick your comment out. I always try to use the live link in my comments, but doing it takes some extra time, and like always it's very fussy about being accurate code.

  10. Thank you again Anna for your tireless commitment to education and wiping away the fog of confusion that exists due to decades of propaganda and the selective education of Americans toward socialist and corporatist orientations to dumb people down and deprive them of facts needed to comprehend our dilemmas.

    Starting any explanation from a current events scenario is a beginning orientaton to the historical view that causes a murky, obscure perspective for the student/reader, since we are accustomed to see with perceptions that have been deeply implanted by our would be captors with their self interested political agendas as their guide. This has caused our vision to simply lack the corner posts of reckoning which are the foundations of understanding that must be in place for concerned readers to begin to rebuild a firm foundation of knowledge about the history of the deconstruction of a free society of Americans living in unincorporated States, where we started as free Americans.

    So your current article is very helpful in clearing cobwebs of confusion , rebuilding the landmarks in history to reconstruct the clear perceptions of what was in earlier times of freedom. From those foundation posts readers can build an accurate view of the succeeding events in time ant then have a firm knowledge of how we have come to be where we are today, in a political economic soup of miasma - of confusion at the helm.
    I'd like to read more from your knowledge the relationships of the provisions in the founding documents relative to the establishment of the union, the federation, and the confederation.

  11. David Straight’s friend Kirk Pendergast channel kirks corner you tube excellent !
    Fully aware of common law we are due.
    Points out. We need to protest to legislators not courts .
    That’s proper due process .
    And your status is declared on your complaint I a man the words you use determine your juris(diction) or (words).

    1. Interesting thing they pointed out on their friday night
      L -- Land
      A -- Air
      W -- Water
      S -- Space

      Now we know where the 'space force' comes in to play

      NASA creating space on the ground for decades - stealing land space on the ground

    2. Better believe they have weather weapons kept Harvey hovering over Houston for a week !
      All stores shut thair doors 20 Walmart’s in area refused to feed us.Zero federal/ State help and what little we got you had to sign a pledge not to boycott zionest occupations of Palestine products.
      And by the way NASA. is known among top world class scientists anti gravity was attained during WW2.

  12. Anna is living proof of Hitler's Big Lie theory: Say it loud enough and long enough and people will begin to believe anything! Thankfully not everyone is that stupid. Anna's lies are creative and apparently believable to some, mostly those who are too lazy or not yet competent in doing their own research.

    For example: quote "The second is the creation of The United States of America on 9 September 1776. This created "The Federation of States", an unincorporated Holding Company." What exactly happened on that date? This one is easy to look up. Practically anyone above the age of 9 or 10 can do it, but i'll do it for you. Here's the link: and here's the substance: quote "Resolved, that in all Continental Commissions, and other Instruments where heretofore the Words, “United Colonies,” have been used, the Stile be altered for the future to the United States."

    This is in reference to Continental Commissions, and nothing more! It was just a matter of correcting a technical error being made in referring to the thirteen governments as "colonies" instead of the "States" (NOT estates!) that the Unanimous Declaration of Independence had stated that they were from that day forward. This had NOTHING to do with creating any kind of government. Anna lied.

    If you would like to see how the Congress went about creating a government, read the actual language of the Articles of Confederation: quote "ARTICLE I
    The style of this confederacy shall be "The United States of America.""

    That was done on March 1, 1781. It had NOTHING to do with creating "States of America" as Anna claims. Anna lied.

    I'm not going to give her stupid murmurings any more attention than is needful to prove how ludicrous her statements are when viewed with logic and reason...oh, and don't forget FACTS! I am compelled to add one final comment on the above collection of nonsense. Does she really think that ANYONE will believe that ANYONE would have even envisioned a "global jurisdiction of the AIR" in 1781? That may be the most ridiculous and stupid thing she has ever said! Except maybe all that claptrap about the phony civil flag of peace and her husband's silly claim to the king of the USA!

    1. From Anna:

      For Steven Charles.

      When you were a little kid and you did something wrong, what did you do?

      You tried to cover up and remove the evidence of the wrong-doing. You swept up the broken pieces of pottery. You hid the ruined shirt in the rag bin in the garage.... and what else did you do? You lied about it if confronted.

      I'm not a little kid, but the members of Congress have acted like little kids over the years that the Great Fraud has been ongoing. And so have the members of the Court System. There have been endless efforts to hide what they don't want us to see --- annotations, archiving, re-numbering, re-naming, and re-sorting---- all to obscure records. From time to time, they've even outright destroyed the evidence of what actually went on. We call this process "moving the cheese" and it is as common as dirt.

      Without any reference to what you tried to do overall, it's impossible to comment, but what I can tell you is that back then the Congress was aware of wearing different "hats" as it dealt with issues coming from different jurisdictions.

      The Continental Congress was in session on September 9, 1776, and any action that they took regarding the land jurisdiction would be properly recorded in the Congressional Record, not the Congressional Register; furthermore, they would be acting all across the board --- conducting air, land, and sea business as separate issues, but switching from one subject area to the next in an orderly fashion. This results in two different kinds of records -- the Register and the actual Congressional Record, plus three different venues: national, international, and global.

      So what they did in fact in the air jurisdiction (which derives from the Unum Sanctum Trust that was established more than 400 years prior and is no more a figment of my imagination than you are) on that day ( which later becomes part of the records as a Municipal Government action and where you found this ) is what you posted above: "Resolved, that in all Continental Commissions, and other Instruments where heretofore the Words, “United Colonies,” have been used, the Stile be altered for the future to the United States."

      So, Steven Charles, Big Mouth, Accuser, Know-It-All ---- let's see if you know what a "Continental Commission" is? And in what context is this phrase being used here? And to which jurisdiction does this action pertain? Hmm?

      What you have in fact uncovered is more proof of what I have said all along, though not the specific alteration being referenced by me. In the jurisdiction of the air (commerce) they began using the "United States" name at the same time that "The United States of America" was formed in the international jurisdiction (trade). This is the other half of the same action. They were trying to keep commercial accounts separate from international trade accounts.

      You are just too inexperienced to read the tea leaves, but that doesn't stop you from shooting off your Big Fat Mouth.

      If you don't care enough to learn these things and learn where to look for the evidence (obviously not in Municipal Government records) --- go back and suck up all the political rot and believe in that and be satisfied with your life as a slave.

    2. So, from your opening salvo, it appears you are confessing to having done something wrong, which is apparently the reason you lie so often. I've never suggested that i am a know it all, as you say, but i do know when someone is lying, and you can't do or say anything without lying. As for knowing what a "Continental Commission" is, it could be any one of very many things, depending on what office needed servicing at any given time. There was no specific context in the example i quoted, other than the fact that they were correcting a simple error of logic. Since the whole Revolutionary War was started over the fact that the people of those 13 former colonies had unanimously declared themselves to be "free and independent States". I don't know everything about anything, but i DO know that the order to stop using the word 'Colonies' and to begin using the correct word 'States' in Continental Commissions has absolutely NOTHING to do with forming any kind of government! So, you can run your mouth all you like to cover up all the stupid lies you tell, but there are some of us who see right through you.

      Another thing, Unum Sanctum and everything else to ever come out of that pagan cesspool at the Vatican has never established any jurisdiction anywhere on earth! Those devil worshiping whores that you so proudly claim your entire family has served for generations have always been at the very heart of the evil being perpetrated on the people of this world. They still are today.

      So, when i catch you in a lie, as i've done so many times before, i may or may not bother to challenge you in public. I have no doubt you will continue peddling your bullshit, but when the light has been shone, as i have done, people begin to see the truth, and liars can't hide forever.

    3. From Anna: I am not conceding anything, nor am I "lying". You simply don't have the skill to take part in the conversation.
      In case it missed the mark in your obviously limited brain, I belong to the "Universal" Church as a Christian, and in fact, am a Lutheran --- a Protestant, which I should not have to explain, except for you dim-wits: it means that I am NOT a member of the Roman Catholic Church and most assuredly, do not "serve" them. If I did, I would not have dared to bring forward the claims of these United States. I would have been like you, sitting on my rump doing nothing and trying to armchair quarterback what everyone else is doing.


  14. This is ALL VERY INTERESTING! Nice nod to Q Anna, too🎯

    Meanwhile in other news perhaps we can consider what happens to us if Q's agenda fails...

    President Richard Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham - the nation's most prominent Christian evangelist - frankly discuss the Jewish role in the US media during a private meeting in the White House. This recording of their conversation on Feb. 1, 1972, was made public 13 years later. Nixon says: "It's all run by Jews and dominated by them in their editorial pages. The New York Times, The Washington Post - totally Jewish too." Graham responds: "This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country's going down the drain." In response to that, the president says: "You believe that?" "Yes, sir," says Graham. "Oh, boy," replies Nixon. "So do I. I can't ever say that [publicly], but I believe it."

    "More Stunning Pieces Of A Shattered Martian Civilization 
    There is Wreckage And The Remnants Of Intelligent Life All Over Mars
    Pay CLOSE Attention To The Immense Building And Industrial Site At End Of These Images"
    See 4:14 in, too, here! 🎼⚡Lee

  15. Interesting insight