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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

About Republic of Texas

By Anna Von Reitz

I tried to teach them that the correct name of their State Republic is “The Texas Republic” and pointed out that “The Republic of Texas” only controls navigable surface water and the shoreline, but they continued to plow along and ignore the naming conventions adopted in the 1850’s. 

This also causes them to be confused about “Texas” the State of the Union and “State of Texas” and why both of these entities are important and necessary. 

They think, “Well, we’ve got The Republic of Texas and we don’t need anything else!” 

That’s like thinking you are good to go with only one wheel on your car. 

It’s the same phenomenon we see with people organizing Grand Juries without organizing the Court that the Grand Jury is supposed to be part of. 

Or organizing State Jural Assemblies without organizing the State Assembly that the Jural Assemblies are supposed to be a part of. 

It seems that people have this tendency to latch onto a part of the structure and concentrate on that one part, and get so focused on that, that they can’t see beyond it and integrate what they are doing into the larger framework that is necessary. 

They also tend to get very territorial and defensive about what they are doing and instead of bringing their part to the whole, think that the whole should be subject to them. 

So if Ed and the others think that having control of The Republic of Texas —all the navigable surface water in Texas, that is— is the do-all and be-all and that they can do okay without Texas itself.....well, what can I say? 

If Destry Payne thinks that “a” Jural Assembly made up of US Citizens can do the job of the American State Assembly owed to each State, or John Daresh thinks a Grand Jury can function without a Court System backing it—- again, what can I tell you? 

My favorite Cowboy Poet, Baxter Black once said something to the effect, “He didn’t know what he was doing, but he never doubted that he could do it anyway.”  

At some point people will wake up and see where their part of the puzzle fits in the whole thing and perhaps then all these groups wandering around the wilderness will stop spinning their one wheel and finally get to the Promised Land.

We can only hope. 


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  1. One we are claiming a Texas as it was a Nation and as such we make our laws not subjects to the criminals who everyone elves got in bed with that Patrick Henry so vemininatly.tried to stop .
    As far as Roger and Destry they are intelligent and fully aware the need common law courts to go along with common grand juries .
    Infortunitally some one sabotaged thair group like so many others!

    1. bubbapatric you seemed to have missed the point Anna explained...

      "It seems that people have this tendency to latch onto a part of the structure and concentrate on that one part, and get so focused on that, that they can’t see beyond it and integrate what they are doing into the LARGER framework that is necessary."

      The MGJA (with Mr. Destroy) has been around for what 10 years and they do not have a state assembly pool to select jurors from?

      Please inform me of any positive changes for the betterment of Americans they have actually accomplished. I'll wait......

      And to your claim of "sabotage".... "They also tend to get very territorial and defensive about what they are doing and instead of BRINGING their part to the whole, think that the whole should be subject to THEM."
      I have experienced this tactic from Mr. Destroy personally.

      Thanks for Playing U.S. Citizen, have a great day.

      Documented Americans Assemble and Educate

  2. bubbapatric Could it be they are paid moles to CONFUSE many...... From what i have seen they are not that ignorant = just saying to reduce the flock ????

    1. I agree Charles, they seem to be implementing the classic "divide and conquer" tactics.
      I also agree that they seem intelligent, which relates to your statement "Could it be they are paid moles to CONFUSE many". Sadly I would agree with that presumption.

      Also, honestly, if we are all nation-states separate on our own geographically located land and only part of the Union of nation-states as a whole for international purposes.... how could any assembly be in interim? Would you not be in interim only to an existing system that was ignoring the fact that we are separate nation-states in our own right???
      Again, Silly me, I just can not see them as American.

      Crazy thought, it makes sense to me that the MGJA can only be in interim to the Michigan State Assembly (does not exist), but without the state assembly, to poll/elect your jurors from.... how did they become a jural assembly??? Cart way way way before the horse???? or Invisible horse!

      Documented Americans Assemble and Educate

    2. Were do you get this intern ?Karen Hudes.trying to pin a term on America . Were conquered by zionest maybe dumbed down by Rockerfeller and Andrew Carnige.
      And soviet Academy of Sciences. On mind controld .
      We don’t talk real history here only Karen Hudes intrem . Psycho babble.

    3. it comes from Mr. Destroy, as an explanation of inactivity. Go listen to the calls, he says it A LOT!!!!!

      Thanks for playing

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  3. Not a chance I have known Roger for 10 years always a bright mind and till today corresponds with The incarnated Colorado guys and give us up dates. Destry is a part of the Michigan Assembly that’s all. Anna was fully on board till we started getting big then she started her attack nit picking things we fully knew and as a unofficial group not obligated until we went official.

    1. buddapatric,

      Please explain to me how this group could act as unofficial and official at the same time? They just gotta a flip a switch?
      They say they are "in interim", how is this possible? Just cause they say it three times within their private records???
      Anyone "with eyes to see" can see how they operate within the rules of the corporate world.
      Silly me, I can not see how this is American.

      Also please explain to me what they would need to do to be official, please detail the "switch" I mentioned.
      A state assembly can stand officially from the beginning, right?

      I have nothing but respect for Roger out of Florida.... except that the operation processes are commercially designed.


      Documented Americans Assemble and Educate

  4. Ok in process of coming up to actual organizational numbers not up to strength. Understand?
    Once we had all states on board and ready we all stand together.

    1. no, your explanation is not satisfying any questions...just offering more questions.

      MGJA HAD up to 400 members, how many do you'll need to come forward and claim your own nation-state of Michigan?????? Why would Michigan need OTHER individual nation-states to come forward with Michigan at the same time?

      I was once with the MGJA, then I woke up.
      Point of fact, Mr. Destroy has had up to a 3 hour long Q&A session after the business call to indoctrinate people. He is almost always the only member answering question in this time, he is way more than just part of MGJA, I think he drives it.

      Documented Americans Assemble and Educate

    2. Not satisfying really , we fill ALL offices !
      That includes state assemblies.
      Anna’s beef is they accept U.S. citizens it’s a matter of personal choice to contract anytime you want .
      The capacity your in may make you ineligible.

    3. Still not answering, still avoiding my questions with your own massive lack of knowledge, I think they call it ignorance.

      Hey man, you can't just "FILL" an office, you need to be elected by Americans! Did that happen? Where you elected by Americans or voted in by U.S. Citizens? This should be a good clue to you....SHOULD!

      Not surprised, you don't seem to COMPREHEND the style and means of contracting as a U.S. Citizen, they gifted you that status.... unless you can tell me when and how you decided to be a U.S. Citizen? Are you a foreigner? What kind of papers did you sign to join? Hudock Arbitration Award? or Peace Treaty 2020?

      You can choose to accept it as it is, which you are obviously doing. Or you could actually CHOOSE a status for yourself. I like many other people of these great nation-states have chosen to be Americans NOT a "gifted" U.S. Citizen.

      I am glad you understand (stand under my authority) me, I have chosen to be your boss, a choice we can all make. I have made myself eligible to be an American, a land owner, an elector, your employer, and a king in my own right.

      None of us have any beef with you....only your ignorance.

      All of us here wish you the best in your choices, your actual choices. Because everyone has the free will to FAIL!

      Have a better day U.S. Citizen, today hasn't really been yours.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate.

    4. You sssume wrong obviously don’t understand contract law mutual benefit and fully disclosed. You an IDIOT!
      Ease of time no kidding you have to be elected dam idiots!

    5. Please, expand or explain how you got full disclosure on how it would be to live as a U.S. Citizen. Please include the rough date you learned all of this, thank you.

      What are your thoughts on an unconscionable contract? I can only assume ( <--spelled proper) you think they are just fine and dandy, right.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  5. Correction, Bubba-/ I was “fully on board” with what Michigan General Jural Assembly was doing until I learned two things: (1) they were including “US Citizens” which no actual State of the Union Assembly can do, and (2) they had no plan or intention to build an actual State Assembly—- just the Jural Assembly component.

    That is why I split with them and that split has not been healed.

    As for Roger, I like him, but there are things that don’t add up. My struggle to get the Colorado Nine back on track and my opposition to the snake oil Michael R. Hamilton was selling them was no small argument. I KNEW they were endangering themselves and others and I warned them and argued with them and sent them letters and attended teleconferences and did all that I could to save then PRIOR to making a public break with them just a few weeks before they did what they did.

    I mean, it was an epic battle between what I advised and what Hamilton advised. It went on for at least three months. I took a lot of abuse during that time, was called names, accused of various things, and finally walked away.!

    The controversies weren’t petty and all this did not happen overnight.

    And Rodger was best friends with Bruce Doucette through all of this, was regularly attending the phone conferences—- yet after all the dust settled and I was being accused of being the one that gave them “bad advice” instead of Michael R. Hamilton—- Rodger sat mum as a stump and later claimed that he didn’t know what was going on at that time.

    Now, I can’t prove that he was on those teleconferences or that he did receive those emails I sent to Bruce and the others without discovery processes, but is it credible that this whole hullabaloo was going on between Bruce and myself and Michael R. Hamilton and Rodger didn’t know about it?

    No, as much as I would like to believe it, I don’t.

    Rodger was Bruce’s best friend and confidante and Bruce got his ears chewed off by me in public for a period of at least a couple months prior to his disastrous decision to ignore me and do what Hamilton was advocating.

    Rodger had to know.

    And you will notice that Rodger, like Hamilton the actual Provocateur didn’t go to the slaughter with the Colorado Nine and wasn’t arrested afterward as a result.


    Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck —-

  6. Hamilton was a big devoted bill Thourton nitty gritty law school method of assuming sovereign and thus telling judge he is no 2 your orders are superior.
    In theory maybe but they are pirates and will lock you up then figure up how many charges to hit one with.
    The whole affair is a sore spot and best let it rest till we can separate state citizens from U.S. citizens.

    1. No, we should not just close our eyes and let things continue if it is in the wrong capacity and with the wrong outcome! Sheesh!

      Although!!!..."separate state citizens from U.S. citizens." I took it out of context, but I agree with this! The only intelligent thing you have said today.

      Thanks for playing...

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate!

    2. Turtle you tool your regurgitating everything Anna says and obviously doing her dirty work .
      Told you the Michigan assemblies was going to fill all offices da.
      They had all the blue print of how the government structure is comprised if Anna had a problem time to pipe up but no waited till it was at it maximum stregenth to sabotage it. Just like your totie sycophantic self tool.

    3. I do find it amazing that a little old lady asking question MGJA can't answer is seen as sabotage??? Interesting point of view.

  7. Ed is president of the nation of Texas.
    Nothing to do with recent creations of Anna’s by the way there is multiple assemblies not just Anna’s.

  8. have you checked the capacity and standing of these "multiple assemblies"? are they operating as Americans working on the reconstruction or is it as an act of insurrection by U.S. Citizens?
    You put it out here I just want to know.

    Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  9. Man, I can`t wait until EVERYBODY overstands/understands,, comprehends, i.e. shut up and learn for once , the difference between U.S. Citizen and American States National. We really need to stay focused and comprehend these words and for whose ever sake, i`f your`e going to comment on something of intelligence, please learn how to spell or pay attention to the spell checker.

    1. Another mouth piece has to correct spelling to have something to sound intelligent.

    2. We here are on the same page, wanna join, its free!.... sort of, you gotta work and learn...something you seem to be strugglin with today at least.

      Have a better day citizen

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    3. Statues are not law, What Law are you studying?

      FYI, Mr. Destroy was one of the finest evader's of questions I ever had the unfortunate luck to chat with, you remind me of him a lot. Calling people names as an answer, seems to be a destry pupil thing.

      Obviously, I am the TOOL of your destruction here. And by the by, I have peasants are you volunteering? I am a king, it would do you good to remember this fact.

      One last time.... Have a better day Citizen, our prayers are with your choices.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  10. Destry was an evaidor,come on the call and call him that to his face .
    The man is a walking encyclopedia.
    Your doing the dirty work for ppl. Your no patriot I would venture to say you might be sitting in Tel Aviv . We in National Assemblies spend all our time attacking others .
    Seems to be standard practice for you ppl.
    Total waste but you know slime works as your media pumps out 24/7.

    1. I agree.... "Your doing the dirty work for ppl." you make me feel dirty. Its like trying to put a tux on a pig, you know? yeah you know. You can't explain anything but you know what you know you know?

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  11. To Paul’s credit he keeps it an opens forum.
    I believe in free speech in like commies who censor ppl.
    Nothing intelligent just dirt slinging.
    Any rate come on turtle and company tell Destry your badmouthing.i might just like to debate you lefties masquerading as Americans.Thursday night .you talk the talk lets see you walk the walk.

    1. I have already had my moment with him. Go check the chat logs about how he destroys Anna paperwork with nothing more than opinion, you know, no facts, no cites just HIS almighty opinion. It will be very similar to this thread, questions without answers. This is why I walked away from the MGJA.

      Your constant bad mouthing (dirt slinging) is only further proving my point to the level of your own ignorance to the situation at hand.

      I appreciate your efforts in...... whatever your doing, oh yeah psycho babble. Its been fun, unproductive but fun for me anyway.

      Destry is a walking encyclopedia of statue and rules, there is some real law in his noggin. You Mr. Citizen are a poor poor facsimile.

      Did you happen to read the site disclaimer? These are my opinions, just me, one guy, no mod, no group, no company...just this one American. But don't let me stop you from calling for back-up! I would venture to say.... you need to read more, less listening more word comprehension, I think they call it critical thinking?

      What Law are you studying again? You failed again to answer much of anything.

      Fact: I am a born and raised American, Washingtonian to be specific peasant. Never been off the land of these great nation-states.

      Spout all the trash you like, it will gain you sympathy from someone somewhere, maybe.... not here though.

      I agree, Paul does needs to be recognized for allowing such an open forum. And thank you citizen, for allowing me to attempt to shed some light on you. Next time, try to find fault in what is said, we all enjoy a good intelligent debate.

      Have a better night, my new favorite little peasant citizen, I know I ruined it for you, ehh.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate
      Whew, I am out!

    2. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Did I glee over an admittance????

      "We in National Assemblies spend all our time attacking others"

      For real?.... Oh my....

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  12. Turtle just dirt slinging trying to pin U.S.citizen on them to no avail.
    Have said nothing of importance.
    I haven’t missed a Michigan assembly call you haven’t said a word and if I call you a sycophant it’s my opinion that I feel it fits you perfectly .
    Haven’t proven one little fact only hypothetical presumptions.
    Useless tool .
    Destroyer like your boss get a life !

    1. You are allowed to hold the U.S. Citizen "gifted" status as high in the air as you wish, it still puts you in the wrong status to hold or even be part of a American Jural Assembly, a state assembly yes, its the facts!

      I agree, you have said nothing of importance.

      Yes, you are still allowed to call people names, I trust the other readers will judge your intelligence accordingly.

      For me to be a sycophant, first and foremost you need to be important, good try peasant.

      I can't build a hypothetical presumption if you don't answer any questions, flinging mud does not satisfy any facts.

      Useless to you, yep yep, but you Mr. Citizen have given me a great lesson in practicing what I know. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity of re-affirmation.

      Wow, low blow, I am here, keep your mud slinging to me. I would venture to say.... you grew up saying stuff like... "My dad could beat up your dad!" and then you go call 1-800-waaaaaaaaaa

      You have been great, I have enjoyed our lesson, I hope you gained some knowledge from it.... I lead a horse to water...

      Have a Great night peasant, don't let this thread keep you up tonight, your wrong and its just a fact.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate.

  13. Turtle you said it right Documented Americans NOT US citizens

    1. Please correct me if I am wrong but I thought the U.S. Citizen could participate within the state level assembly only.This level I see as the "voice of concern" for the people of the state.

      To be heard as an individual within the assemblies or to actually participate in the reconstruction work of self-governance (a state citizen), you MUST be an American (a national of your state of the union land and soil jurisdiction) a NON-U.S. Citizen, you CAN NOT have dual citizenship to participate within the assemblies.

      U.S. Citizens have Dual citizenship gifted to them, Municipal and Territorial.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  14. Charles, Thank you

    Patriot58, No one has made a "chart" just yet, but this should be a good start.....

    Your answer should be found in blog #1198 and then 56+ blogs scattered between #1501 through #1827 including #1842 and #1868 most are titled "for the jural assemblies".

    Also, this is what Teri, Washington Coordinator posts:

    Requirements for Jurors and Assembly Officers
    o Deed of Reconveyance or Conveyance (PR copy)
    o Certificate of Assumed Name (PR copy)
    o 1-3 Oaths of Expatriation (no middle name = 1 Oath)(PR copy)
    o Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney (PR copy)
    o DNA Paramount Claim (PR copy)
    o Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (PR copy)
    o Form 56 (copy)
    o Authenticated Birth Certificate (copy)
    o Two Witness Testimonies (copy)

    PR = Public Record, these are recorded in public record and have a recording number sticker from the county they are recorded in.

    After completing these, your next step would be learning what office you think would best fit your passion to help. :)

    Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  15. I make it easy as our language has been totally corrupted...why not just claim American (non- citizen) National, and everything else just washes away...this is what 1freeman was told by his LLC ...Americans and agents of government have no clue what a citizen is or how it is used...!!
    Whether that is a State citizen, a citizen of the state, or any other them, a citizen is a CITIZEN is a State make no difference....stop using the word "citizen" one understands what it means...and we arent citizens of anything...!! If anything we are non- citizens, or non- resident aliens when it comes to the constitution...i hope I made this clear as mud...!!stop using the word citizen in any document referring to you...!!just eliminate it from your dictionary..!!

    We have to integrate into there terminology because they are too stupid to understand our language...!!But we have to do it in a way that everyone gets it...not just a few...!!

    1. Do right good man, do not use citizen to describe yourself, got it...I use it as more of a poke in the eye, admittedly. But only to those that are obviously ignorant.... to the idea.

      I disagree with intergration, err well you have it backwards anyway... we desperately need to continually put out good words not a continuation of the current use and mis-comprehension of legalese in our everyday lives man. Its like trying to put pandora back in the box, I get it, its difficult but nothing is impossible. We need the knowledge of words to spread so we may counter semantic deceit.
      I think they are way more arrogant than stupid

      James, I have read loads of your comments. I feel for your losses and you are an intelligent soul. I just really wished you would comment in the positive, to help others you know, to uplift neighboring spirits and all that jazz. And like most of your comments.... you are making a very valid point.

      Happy to read any thoughts you might be willing to share.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate


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