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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

“Read the Words!”

By Anna Von Reitz

During my long verbal duel with Richard Schaum, an advocate of Phil Hudok’s Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020—who, so far as we can see, hasn’t signed up himself— he kept saying, “Read the words!”

Well, we did.  That’s just the problem. 

I knew that “natural person” isn’t correct terminology and a quick look at a legal dictionary online confirmed that, but I continued to be bothered by it.  Something was niggling around in the back of my mind, a memory concerning that exact legal term: “natural person”. 

I’d seen that before somewhere in my meanderings, but “natural person” isn’t a common normal term you see everyday. It’s one of those oddball things you encounter only in specific, limited, rather esoteric areas of probate law—- and there is a very good reason for that, because “natural person” means “corpse”. 

Corpse, as in literal dead body, morgue, toe-tagged, Coroner’s Office.

So what in God’s Name is going on here? 

People are being encouraged to make claims to the effect that they are corpses? 

Nobody in their right mind should ever make such a claim, and nobody in their right mind should ever write legislation like this “piece of art”.

Yet, apparently, this has been sponsored and passed as a relief measure by “the” United States Municipal Congress—- so that we have the spectacle of Zombies, literally corpses, coming forward to claim reparations for their deaths?  

Get a clue here, folks.  This isn’t happenstance. This is no accident.  You have no cause to know that “natural person” means “corpse” but the black-robed shysters defrauding you do.  Rand Paul, a Bar Attorney, does.

There is a logic to it.  If you claim to be corpses then you must be dead and remain dead.  You must “accept” their action declaring that you are “legally dead” and continue to act as if you are.  Accept whatever happens and whatever they do to you or “for” you, because, obviously, as a corpse you have no rights or motive force, no ability to speak or defend yourself, no property rights at all. 

By accepting their offer to call yourself a “natural person” you agree not to ever come back from the “dead” and reclaim your living estate. 

You hand them carte blanche to do what they want to do with your name and estate forevermore. 

Just hand it over in “equitable exchange” for what they owe you anyway.

I have rarely seen a more carefully crafted or more deceitful legal document or process than this crappola being pushed by Phil Hudok and Richard Schaum and the purported Flag Officers.  It truly is diabolical in concept and execution and designed to defraud average Americans while at the same time accomplishing three goals for the rats.  

1. Claiming that you are a “natural person” forecloses your ability to come forward and claim back your purloined birthright estate.  They claimed that you were dead as a premise to allow them to seize upon and inherit your estate—-and by signing onto these “relief measures”—- you agree with them.  It’s their Home Free card, disguised as relief for you, when in fact it is relief for them.

2.  You accept a title issued by the Municipal United States Government —a private Corporation— to your land.  It doesn’t matter what words they use to describe this title— “freehold, in allodium” etc.  A title is a title. And if the title is issued by the Municipal United States this can only mean that you donated your land to them and they are graciously giving you back the rights of a tenant—not a landlord— by their grace.  That’s goal Number 2 of this heinous “offer”—- succor you into donating your land and accepting a title in exchange for it. 

3.  If you sign a Peace Treaty that serves as de facto proof that you have been at war with them and exonerates them for all their abuse of you and your property assets.  This, when no average American has ever been at war with them, and when they have instead been committing war crimes against innocent civilians and profiting themselves for 150 years using this pathetic excuse. 

If you signed on to the “Arbitration Award” or signed the “Peace Treaty 2020” contact the Congressional Delegation “representing” your State and tell them that you made a mistake and were not given full disclosure about the meaning of the legal terms and circumstance—so you request that your name be removed from these actions and protected from further abuse of your trust and good faith. 

Do it today and get your butts backed out of this wringer. 

And all of you who have been led astray by dollar signs—- be aware that Phil Hudok hasn’t received a dime, and even if he does, it’s just more Public Debt being heaped on your own backs and everyone else’s.  It’s not any remedy being provided by the Popes or the Queen, the actual Perpetrators that owe you money from their own pockets and both genuine remedy and relief. 

Having “read the words” and having evaluated this offer, I and the other members of The Living Law Firm are telling you in all earnestness, that this whole package being promoted by Phil Hudok and Company, is at best a bad joke and an insult, and at worst, an attempt to get millions of Americans to sign away all rights of the living and expedite more crimes against them. 

Shame on Rand Paul. Shame on the Flag Officers. Shame on everyone associated with pushing this ploy on innocent people and grossly misrepresenting a “remedy” for yourselves as a remedy for them. 

By all means, you Zombies have our permission to agree that you are dead and to forever relinquish any right you had to call yourselves Americans, or claim any rights owed to living beings; and, you may also release any right to own any land here, forever.  

The rest of us will hold you all to your commitments, alive or dead. 

That includes your duty to defend us and our States of the Union against “all enemies both foreign and domestic” so I guess you better report to the nearest prison facility and put your own boney arms in shackles. 


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  1. Thank you Anna and Living Law Firm for keeping them straight.and us!
    So in the columns
    NOT AM
    Natural Person LIVING PERSON
    United States of .United States of
    America INC . America .

    How am I doing SO FAR?

    1. You are doing great !! The one BIG thing you havent touched on is their deceptive grammar style all CAPITALIZED letters are without merit just babble.
      JOHN HENRY DOE is not a name of anything lawful. Please watch Justinian Deception on YouTube it will open your mind up to their deceptive nature. The STATE OF ???? What grammatical style manual have those in POWER been using.
      The style manual of babble. Yes folks the rabbit hole is deep and full of crap. Regards all

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Grandma! Great explanation!

      Kathy, hahaha, it was a good try none the less!
      I never thought of using columns.

      Brickguyo, Dog Latin, the uppercase style is babble? wow! Thank you

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  3. Canon 1503
    All Persons may be categorized according to the three (3) possible types of Relation being the
    Author (Principal) to Actor (Agent) being: 1st Person (Self), 2nd Person (Another) and 3rd Person (Not
    (i) 1st Person, also known as a Natural Person and in propria persona is when the competent
    mind of a carnate Level 6 Higher Order Life Form as Author (Principal) appoints, records and
    publishes themselves by Special (Private) appointment as Actor (Agent) by some solemn binding
    agreement. Therefore, a 1st Person or Natural Person possesses “natural title” to right of
    beneficial use associated with the 1st Person synonymous with such pronouns as “I, thou, me,
    my, mine, myself, we, us, our, ours and ourselves”; and
    (ii) 2nd Person, also known as an Artificial Person is when a carnate Level 6 Higher Order Life
    Form as Author (Principal) appoints another carnate Level 6 Higher Order Life Form by Special
    (Private) appointment as Actor (Agent) by some solemn binding agreement. Thus, a 2nd Person
    or Artificial Person is synonymous with such pronouns as “you, yours, yourself and yourselves”;
    (iii) 3rd Person, also known as a Legal Person, or Statutory Person or Surrogate Person is
    when the Author (Principal) is hidden or not known and the Level 6 Higher Order Life Form fails to
    properly express any competent in propria persona (1st Person) or 2nd Person Author (Principal)
    to Actor(Agent) Relation prior to the commencement of any interpersonal intercourse. In the 3rd
    Person, the flesh and body of a Living Level 6 Higher Order Life Form is mis-taken, and presumed
    to be, by default, the "person" and the Statutes of Law, or Rules of the Court as Script (Deed)
    and the Judge or Magistrate as the Author (Principal). Thus, a 3rd Person or Legal Person is
    synonymous with such pronouns as “he, she, it, they, them, their, theirs and themselves”.

  4. Canon 1509
    A Natural Person attributed to less than a Homo Sapien or higher order life form is automatically null
    and void from the beginning. Attributing a Natural or Artificial Person to an Animal, Notion or Thing is
    an unnatural and unlawful act.

  5. What manner of PERSON are you?

    "The legal terms human being and natural person are not found in the Bible. They are not created by God. They are legal titles for entities created by a "law" which is not the Law of God, the Lex Ecclesia.

    "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. --Genesis 2:7.

    It was the breath of God Himself that gave Man - Hebrew, Adam- Divine inspiration, a soul, and spirit life. Why are the words inspiration, soul, spirit and life not within the current legal definitions of MAN? Because the legalistic "law" now prevailing in America does not recognize the Law of God and does not recognize that Man is Divine life. If the corporate and governmental persons were to recognize the superior and allodial authority of the Lord God,they would have to admit that the Law of God was superior to their "laws" - mere legalisms. How could they collect their feudal tenant servitude from the Christians who occupy God's land since the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof?

    Legally, MAN is a superior creature and nothing more. Their legal definitions say so. Lawfully, Man is a spiritual creation in and of God's image, separate and distinct from the other animals. Man was created by and has inherent life from the Lord's breath - Hebrew, neshâwmâh-, but a MAN is created by the civil laws of an entity and owes its existence to a mere legal person who creates more legal persons. Whereby, the Man of God's image has life, but a MAN has no life outside of the legal realm that created it. How do you choose to call yourself now that you know the truth?"

  6. “In addition, ejusdem generis is often invoked in conjunction with the interpretative canon noscitur a sociis, which provides that words are to be “ ‘known by their companions.’ ” Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Servs. v. Guardianship Estate of Keffeler, 537 U.S. 371, 384 (2003) (quoting Gutierrez, supra, at 255, 120 S.Ct. 740). The general rule is that the “meaning of a word, and, consequently, the intention of the legislature,” should be “ascertained by reference to the context, and by considering whether the word in question and the surrounding words are, in fact, ejusdem generis, and referable to the same subject-matter.” Neal v. Clark, 95 U.S. 704, 709, (1878) (internal quotation marks omitted).”

  7. I thought Rand Paul was an MD like his father. Is he also an Attorney?

    1. Correct: > Randal Howard Paul is an American politician and physician serving as the junior United States Senator from Kentucky since 2011, alongside Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He is the son of former U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas who was a presidential candidate in 1988, 2008 and 2012

  8. I AM THAT I AM, Marcus-Loring, a spiritual being and a living man, in whom the flesh lives and the blood flows, standing upon the land of my ancestors who discovered Columbus lost upon our shores, give notice of error. I am not an Indian because Columbus did not arrive in India. Nor am I a corporate franchise of THE STATE OF_________ which is a corporate franchise of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA because I was created by my biological father and mother who gave me a proper name with proper capitalization. My nativity is upon the land of my ancestors who were here for milliniums before we discovered Columbus lost upon our shores. I am also a descendent of French travelers who arrived in the Canadian Maritimes in 1604 and not aware of any evidence as proof that I was born in or that I am a citizen of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA also known as the UNITED STATES, because I was born as and I remain an American State National and my birthright allegiance is to my State and My Creator who shall be my sole judge. I am appointed in original, superior jurisdiction as a beneficiary of the Divine Trust published and constructed by trust indenture found in the Book of Genesis 1:26-2:25. I have been given dominion over all things made by Our Creator and including all man-made corporations and it's agents. I am about My Spiritual Father's business and as a Son of the Great Spirit also known as Our Creator I am led by the spirit. In that capacity, position and jurisdiction my mandate is clearly defined in Romans 8:14-39. And all creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the Sons of God, for all creation shall be set free into the glorious liberty of the Sons of God. His work was finished upon the cross at Calvary and I am not looking here or there, or awaiting His return for the Kingdom of Heaven is within me.

  9. Anna I have probably searched "person" over the years more then any other word in a multitude of old dictionaries and never saw Natural Person associated with Corpse and meaning a dead body?
    Person itself universally meant Natural Person as in the living man before the corporation was referred to as a person or a legal entity as a person thus requiring the use of Natural to distinguish between the two, but Person in general then became a term used for either Natural or Artificial and where the modern confusion and deception was created because it lacked distinction.
    (corpse does not only refer to a dead entity)
    "The order of appearance of senses in English is "dead body" (13c.), "live body" (14c.); it also meant "body of citizens" (15c.), "band of knights" (mid-15c.),.."
    Entomology of "corpse"

    "natural person"- An individual; a private person, as distinguished from an artificial person, such as a corporation.

    "person" - Natural persons are divided into males or men: and females, or woman.
    pg. 318

    "person"- Natural persons are such as the God of nature formed us;...
    pg. 892

    1. @Mike and all

      ***Warning*** The Trickery of the Lawyering Craft ahead.

      Legal Definitions from Blacks Law 5th

      "Persona" Lat. In the civil law, character in
      virtue of which certain rights belong to a man and
      certain duties are imposed upon him. Thus one man
      may unite many characters (personae), as, for example,
      the characters of father and son, of master and

      "Individual". As a noun, this term denotes a single person
      as distinguished from a group or class, and also,
      very commonly, a private or natural person as distinguished
      from a partnership, corporation, or association;
      but it is said that this restrictive signification is
      not necessarily inherent in the word, and that it may,
      in proper cases, include artificial persons. See also
      As an adjective, "individual" means pertaining or
      belonging to, or characteristic of, one single person,
      either in opposition to a firm, association, or corporation,
      or considered in his relation thereto.

      "Born alive". Being the product of conception after complete
      expulsion or extraction from mother,[living afterbirth material] irrespective of the duration of the pregnancy, which breathes
      or shows any other evidence of life such as beating of
      the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord or definite
      movement of voluntary muscles, whether or not the
      umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached.
      Each product of such birth is considered live
      born and fully recognized as a human person.

      "Rights of unborn child". Medical authority has recognized
      long since that a child is in existence (i.e. alive)
      from the moment of conception, and for many purposes
      its existence is recognized by the law. The
      criminal law regards it as a separate entity, and the
      law of property considers it in being for all purposes
      which are to its benefit, such as taking by will or
      descent. After its birth, it has been held that it may
      maintain a statutory action for the wrongful death of
      the parent. In addition, the child, if he is born alive,
      is permitted to maintain an action for the consequences
      of prenatal injuries, and if he dies of such
      injuries after birth an action will lie for his wrongful
      death. Many states have allowed recovery even
      though the injury occurred during the early weeks of
      pregnancy, when the child was neither viable nor

      "Viable child". Viable unborn child, within protection of
      constitutional provision affording every man remedy
      for injury done to him in his person, is child which
      has developed in its mother's womb to point that it is
      capable of independent existence outside its mother's
      womb. Viable means having attained such
      form and development of organs as to be normally
      capable of living outside the uterus. For a child to be
      "viable" means that it is so far developed and formed
      that if then born it could exist outside its mother's
      womb even if only in an incubator.

      "Decedent". A deceased person, especially one who has
      lately died. Etymologically the word denotes a person
      who is dying, but it has come to be used in law as
      signifying any deceased person, testate or intestate.

      "Decedent's estate". Property, both real and personal,
      which person possesses at the time of his death, and
      title to it descends immediately to his heirs upon his
      death subject to the control of the probate court for
      the purposes of paying debts and claims and after
      distribution the estate ceases to exist.

      "Registrar" An officer who has the custody
      and charge of keeping of a registry or register.

      These are all legal definitions. Legal is law of the Dead World. If they create a "Document" on a living being that would be a "Document" of "Slavery". "Natural Person" is the "body", the "corpse" once the spirit leaves.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. @Mike and all
      ***Warning*** The Trickery of the Lawyering Craft ahead.

      Look for the definition of the word "Being" in any law dictionary. It's not there. A lawful Person could possibly be described as "Person in Being". One of the most confusing words is "Person". Legal Fictionland has "OFFICE OF PERSON". One size fits all, so glad you the living want to volunteer for the lowest OFFICE in our organization. They want you the living to take on their offered Defective position and give up our Perfectly created living status. We give it all over to them voluntarily.

      I will once again recommend listening to Kurt Kallenbach's Perfection Series. Then I Challenge you to read these definitions again.

      Anna has shown the light on the path to take back our names and correct the record as to political status and bless her too for bringing forth the History of The United States and The United States of America and I thank her for staying the course,

      If you want to really comprehend the science and just how the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH uses commercial law they sanction, to give ETERNAL LIFE to a souless human creature (placenta and chorion) and make it legal put a salvage lien against the left behind land (biological Material (DNA)afterbirth) of living baby within 7 days of our arrival, so when we use our own gifted name, they can charge it up because that literary Material (NAME) gets left behind too. The NAME belongs to the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH through one of it AFFILIATE CORPS...STATE OF STATE. The NAME does not belong to them nor does the DNA BUT..... they can give it SALVATION in the way of a salvage lien and when we use it without coming back and proving life they can any TAX they damn well please. Any charge is a TAX.

      Listen to the Perfection Series, pauper2prince.wyz

      I always knew there was a simple way to explain this so everyone could open there eyes. We can be in the world of the Dead but not of the world of the Dead. We all have to do business and the illusion of how this goes on is between our ears and what position we chose to hold is our choice not theirs. Ever wonder why "They" don't have a Name? There is no "THEY".

      What is your favorite piece on the Monopoly board? Are you that "piece" or do you operate that piece? We don't learn how to play the game so we go to jail. Probation is jail. How many are in a probationary period, waiting for some benefit?

      Anna has shown us we have a Birthright Land Estate, which is the land (body of our soul) while it is here on earth. They TAX our Possessions and our Labor because we are holding the lowly Office of Person in their organization, when we could hold the highest office of Executor/Executrix and act as Attorney in fact and protect the cargo. There is a Legal trick around every corner trying to take it all back after we do the work to correct the record. Learn how to play the game. We are perfect and in charge when we hold the right office.

      Annie McShane

  10. Mike, If you look at the origins of the word "person," you will find that in the ancient world person meant "mask," as in the mask of a character played on stage. In fact, back in the day, actors wore masks so as to separate themselves from the character they were playing on stage. So person has always referred to a role one plays, as in Joe the Plumber. When Joe is not unclogging pipes and such, he is just Joe, a man. Joe the Plumber is a mask Joe puts on when he is engaged in plumbing. Joe the Plumber is Joe's property because Joe created it. We can say that Joe the Plumber is "male" because the name Joseph is a name we attach to babies endowed with male plumbing. Joe is a male, so Joe the Plumber is "male." But that does not mean Joe the Plumber is anything more than a "person," a role, a mask, a character. If you read a little deeper you will find the definitions you provided bear that out.

    A person is a person is a person and natural person is just a way to confuse people. You could say that a natural person is mask created by a unique man known as Joe, but it is still "fiction" and therefore has no life of its own, it is a dead entity. A "lawful person" is still a person but it exists in common law, the law of the land as opposed to "legal person" which exists in admiralty, on the sea.

    Government, being a creation of Man, cannot move against its creators except when a man violates God's law. In all other cases it moves against its own creation, a legal person, JOHN HENRY DOE or some variant. The question for us is: what does the gov presume our relationship with that entity is? And whose entity is it?

  11. Have a watch found it very telling
    Then read these

  12. Wonder why my posts about the marriage contract with the Zzz STATE OF and the application of birth abandoning the newborns God given birthright maybe hit too close to the nature of the deception-- theft please watch on YouTube Justinian Deception it's an eye opener. Hope this one post's ??

  13. Please watch the videos on YouTube Justinian Deception its a eyes opened must watch series. If you want to see where it all started PLEASE Please watch and share.

  14. Annie my sincerest thanks. My ex wife just informed me that Facebook wanted to know if she was part of a group that I joined three days ago. My ex told me to be careful. I guess is Germany and its 1929. Orwell was on the mark


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