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Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Offices of the President -- Where the Bear Went Through Buckwheat

By Anna Von Reitz

I was in Sixth Grade and had just read Rifles for Watie for Extra Credit, as part of a school unit on the Civil War.  For a Sixth Grader simply reading the book, which is several hundred pages long, was a task most of my classmates didn't attempt; I, however, struggled on and got through it.  I was just congratulating myself on that accomplishment, when my Mother suggested that I read the autobiographies of Jefferson Davis and Ulysses S. Grant, too. 

You may imagine my horror.  

This was my first introduction to the Offices of the President.  That is, the multiple Offices of the President.  

The Offices of the President are all about conducting business. 

Any presidential office is always an office concerned with the functions of a business chief executive --- and is not designed to function as a Head of State.  

This comes as a shock to most Americans, but, look it up for yourselves in a Law Dictionary, preferably the only Law Dictionary every approved for use by our Congress: Bouvier's. 

The actual Power Holder Office is: The President of The United States of America --- that is, the President of our unincorporated Federation of States, our Holding Company that gives its name to our entire country: The United States of America.  

There is also: President of the Confederate States of America, President of the United States of America, and President of the United States.  

These are all separate Offices. 

The President of The United States of America conducts business for the entire country in international jurisdiction, and has wide-ranging power over every aspect of our international relations as well as power over the internal business functions (known as "domestic functions") of the Federal Subcontractors. 

The original Federal Government Subcontractors were: (1) the States of America Confederation; (2) the British Territorial United States; (3) the Pope's Municipal Government.  

All three were in the business of providing "essential government services" to the States and People of The United States of America. 

So in those capacities we had: (1) President of the Confederate States of America, (2) President of the United States of America; (3) President of the United States.  

So take a gander, folks --- four different Offices of the President that can be occupied, plus, the Office of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  

In the case of Donald Trump, he would be qualified to occupy The Office of the President of The United States of America, because he was born in New York, is of age, and is a landlord --- but to date, he has not occupied the Supreme Power-Holder Office, even though he could do so.  

He has, instead, done what all his predecessors since Ulysses S. Grant have done --- occupied the Municipal Office of President of the United States, and the Territorial Office of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. 

Both of these Offices of the President are supposed to be subservient to The Office of The President of The United States of America, but when that office is left unoccupied for whatever reasons (usually because the incumbent isn't qualified to hold the Supreme Office or can't be bonded for it)  it is possible to limp along and conduct business using the two Lesser Offices. 

Now the crazed and criminal Municipal "Congress" is trying to impeach Donald Trump from the Office of President of the United States --- the Municipal Office of the Presidency.  This is because he has up-ended their leadership's plans to stage a Civil War on our soil and prevented their corporation from making money they had planned to make from bilking us and various other foreign countries.  

They, the members of the Municipal Congress, argue that as they conduct the Municipal Business as a for-profit corporation, it is his duty as President of their corporation (and its thousands of illicit franchises) to make profit for profit's sake, even if it involves violence, drugs, war-for-profit, human trafficking, and other crimes.  

Donald Trump, to his credit, hasn't gone along.

You will also note that the Vermin are accusing Trump of exactly what Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in fact did --- colluding with the Russians and taking Russian money.  You will also note that Trump didn't do any such thing. 

So what if they impeach him from the Office of the President of the United States?  

He can step immediately into The Office of The President of The United States of America and tell the Pope to quash them.  Simple as that.  And the Pope, acting as Pontiff Successor and as a Subcontractor in charge of the Federal Civil Service, including all the "Agencies"--- will have to comply and put a stop to all this criminality and nonsense.  

Why?  Because The President of The United States of America outranks all the other Offices of the Presidency.  It is when an American operates in this otherwise vacated Office, that both the Delegated Power-Holders, the Pope and the Queen, have to hove-to and obey.  

We have bonded The Office of the President of The United States of America and we have invited Donald Trump to step up and do the actual job.  All he has to do, is reclaim his birthright political status as a New Yorker and he is good to go. 

Once in the Office of the Supreme Power-Holder, he can tell Queen Elizabeth how high to jump in her administration of the Territorial Government, as well as telling Pope Francis how the Civil Service and Agencies are to operate on our soil.   They are, after all, operating on Delegated Authority.  

As a fully empowered President of The United States of America, Donald Trump can issue new  asset-backed currency for this country and help oversee the long, long overdue Reconstruction of the Federal Government.  

Donald Trump can be a hero and kick the stuffing out of what has been going on in the Municipal Congress and end all the nefarious crap that has been going on in the Territorial Congress as well.  

I suggest that everyone reading this say a prayer for Donald Trump and a prayer that he will act upon this opportunity to exercise the actual Office he is heir to. 

And I personally hope that he will do so. 


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  1. I believe he has to give the proper oath which he has not taken yet for the supreme office . Correct?

    1. We get your point in he doesn't seem to have taken an 'oath' - tho as a National he won't take an 'oath'. Nationals don't take oaths. But... seems he said on a video that he was a National... wish I could find it. Was he asked about it by a reporter..? Then he said he's a National??? - something like that. We just don't know-know if he's a National or not yet.
      Maybe have posted the vid on one of her past articles here on Stramer.. months ago.
      Would Anna & Team be able to find out via a recording office if they knew which recorder to look?
      Yeah, so who would stand as witnesses with Trump in so accepting the position? For instance, would other Nationals need to be there? Like Anna would need to be there, or someone of full standing. A Continental Marshall? So just how would this proceed?
      Just seems once a National & he's ready to accept the position, somebody needs to be witness who's also a National, as Anna, in order to see its done properly - ha! like By: autograph (c) thumbprint, All rights reserved. Without Prejudice - yeah he'd need to do it properly.
      thanks & stay sane

  2. Technically true but the hooligans don’t care unless a punishment is possible.
    And the UN. Is supposedly the go to for keeping dictators in line but guess what Rothschild started League of Nations for one world order . Slight delay cazar Nichols derailed temporarily.

  3. Does he know he can do this legally is my question ?

  4. wink wink and others you must go read this
    This is what they are working to implement

    1. hey Shelby - didn't even see this til now. Good Folks, Yep, those fruckin JEWS never, never cease & yes are insane. Folks think its 7 laws, no, its 7 categories, 57 commandments FROM JEWS!! HA HA HA HA HA - JEWS GIVING US COMMANDMENTS, LAWS - like they have a moral ethical fiber in their being to begin with. What a laughing rot!
      Ya know, we've had enough of their baalsh*t, we allowed them into our nation & they just will not stop their insane narcissistic sociopathic evil! They can't, cuz if they stopped, then they wouldn't be JEWS.

      (57 commandments)
      "Many of the commandments that apply to gentiles do not easily lend themselves to classification into any one of the “Seven Noahide Laws,” treated here as seven categories for other commandments and rules. To decide under which heading a given commandment belongs, we must first define the category according to its essence...."
      Here Dannemeyer tried to warn us back then:
      Noahide Law: NOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS by Rep Bill Dannemeyer U.S. Congressman, 1979 - 1992

      ENOUGH OF THEIR BAALSH*T -KICK THEIR AZZ OUTTA HERE! OUT. No they do not belong here, they are not equal, the JEW IS NOT EQUAL, as the JEW has infinitely proclaimed themselves THE JEW IS NOT EQUAL TO THE NON-JEW.
      Good, then its OUR CHOICE TO DECIDE THE JEW IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. We have. No jew is acceptable. Nor their counter-part Islam (who encircle a massive Black Cube, Kaaba, a Talmudic symbol), neither qualify as a religion, but as cults w destructive agenda. NOT A RELIGION. period. Just cuz the jew says its a religion DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE nor do we have to accept it.
      Thanks & stay sane.

  5. Have you actually contacted President Trump and you know for a fact he has actually received this information as I doubt anyone in Washington would like him to believe this, or act upon it. I have contacted Sen. Mike Lee repeatedly and he has declined to verify the current capacity of the COngress

    1. Gran2you, anything sending through the web or purported to be for President is fake. Thousands of letters and emails bypassed and dumped. Just like you sent a letter to the Queen. They dumped it, never expect your Return-receipt. From Alaska it works. Dont know why, perhaps this is something new.

  6. Everyone have a look at this video very informative about some connections being made with Arizona Flake and NGO's (churches) bringing in immigrants
    And what better place to hide a force that you can arm to the teeth for insurgence than in the middle of nowhere Utah??
    Maybe FEMA and Homieland Security are using those millions of rounds of ammo to arm the mind controlled immigrants they shipping in under the banner of religious relief??
    Where did the hundreds of thousands of immigrants get to that where on the border not to long ago that where young males not families??

    1. We watch Amazing Polly & this vid Shelby's posted has to do w Marshal Islands, trafficking, [more jews, jews, jews, jews], Arizona & much more. Definitely worth the time! Thanks Shelby

  7. I invite Anna to diagram the Organic Laws provisions (cite the specific Organic Law, cite the Article #, cite the Section #, and cite the provision verbatim of Presidential authorization) and verbiage the various Presidents she describes in this current article. Those Organic Laws are: the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Northwest Ordinance, and the Constitution of 1787.

    Read the A. o. Confederation to find the first reference to a Pres. of The USA. There we find it is an office lasting one year, appointed by the state Representatives. Its purpose is aimed at being the Commander in Chief of the military, with no named municipal duties. There was no municipal “District of Columbia” at that time in American history.

    The secret convention in Philadelphia was allegedly to amend, not replace, the Articles of Confederation. Instead it was revealed after the fact, that the new Constitution of 1787 was created to attempt to replace the AoC. Though never repealed, the AoC been treated since then as a vestige no longer important, so as been ignored by the various Congress’s of the United States.

    The truth is the AoC is still viable law. Read the Intro to the Volume 1 of the U.S. Code. It lists the above Organic Laws and admits, in a single sentence, these four Organic Laws are still the laws Congress must adhere to.

    The NW Ordinance is the first Organic Law that mentions the word “district”. “One Disrict”, to be divided in the future as required into multiple districts. Now, today how many hundreds of times has a political district been divided, altered and re-named to “govern” a multitude of corporate interests in America?

    Anna, please take my invitation to provide your students with the Article, Section and provision of each of the POTUSA’s authorized and the POTUS’s authorized in each of the Organic laws, and how those provisions support what your current article alleges.

    Thanks for all you are trying to accomplish with your writing and organizing.

    1. From Anna:

      The Offices of the President are formed first under the organizational act of The United States of America, September 9, 1776, under the authority of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. The other Offices of the President are formed under the three (3) Constitutions --- 1787, 1789, and 1790 creating the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal Governments.

      The Articles of Confederation were not overcome by any internal or external scheming as you suggest --- they were overcome by fiat when the South walked out on the Federal Congress. The "perpetual Union" of the States of States that were members of the Confederation was broken and has yet to be "Reconstructed".

      Until you get this straight in your mind you are not able to take the appropriate action to restore the lawful government of this country and you will wander around and be misled and mislead other people about the situation. So please take the time to get it straight.

  8. The Organic Constitution you're thinking of Maybe a Trust, Treaty to enslave all of us, by the Pope, British, and Treason of American leaders. Some argue. The French also signed something on this day: 1873. government? They don't talk about the Lord Almighty's Church (government) do they.(5)
    "Organized churches" are given special tax privileges because the Vatican dictates to the sixty United States trustees through the trust document, the U.S. Constitution created by the 1783 treaty between the King, frontman for the Vatican, and Adams, Hartly, Laurens, & Franklin who were operating for the King and not the people of America. Look at Article VI of the Constitution for the United States for your answer as stated in the "New History of America".
    (6) You see we are still under the Pope who rules over all nations as he declared he did back in 1213. The 1783 Treaty did say in the opening statement quoted exactly as it appears in olde English; "It having pleafed the Divine Providence to difpofe the hearts of the Moft Serene and Moft Porent Prince, George the Third, by the grace of God, King of the Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender, of the Faith , Duke of Brunfwick and Laurenberg, Arch-Treafurer and PRINCE ELECTOR OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, & C. AND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, . . .."

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I mean, year: 1783. line 3. France is also the front runner for England and Deep state, to scam Se Asia, through their French certificate of Investments under "Anonymous Corporations, for the Private Fed, for England as well, from 1868 - 1939, in French version, enslaving SE Asia, S. Africa, and S.America in parallel with America 151 years of slavery.

  9. Who administers the oath of office for "The Office of The President of The United States of America"?