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Monday, October 28, 2019

It's This Simple

By Anna Von Reitz

Americans have recognized Natural and Unalienable Rights and guarantees under the Constitutions. 

United States Citizens and citizens of the United States, do not.  They "voluntarily" subject themselves to the British Queen or the Roman Pontiff, respectively, as a condition of employment.  

Americans are wealthy and are owed the American National Credit --- the flip-side of the US National Debt --- trillions of dollars of credit, plus the control and possession of the assets that credit is based upon.  

United States Citizens (British Territorial Government-- (that is, US Military and Dependents, except properly, the US Army and Submarine Corps and Coast Guard) and Municipal citizens of the United States (that is, all Federal Civil Service and Agency Personnel, dependents and officers) are inheritors of the US National Debt.  

Americans have been systematically misidentified as United States Citizens and/or citizens of the United States via the Birth Certification process --- their political status has been falsified and their identities have been stolen to promote fraud against them and to deprive them of their birthright --- their Natural and Unalienable Rights, their Constitutional Guarantees, their National Credit, and the possession of their assets.  

United States Citizens and citizens of the United States have acted in the same role as Credit Card Hackers against their actual employers, the American States and People.  They have also embezzled the profit from this activity and failed to balance the books, resulting in the accumulation of their "US National Debt".  They have practiced numerous other kinds of fraud and criminal activities including: 

(1) Inequitable exchange rates; 
(2) Collection of "federal income taxes" from non-federal sources; 
(3) Racketeering and extortion of double billings; 
(4) Off-shore tax sheltering and embezzlement of funds from unauthorized 
fraudulently constructed public trusts; 
(5) Collection of property taxes from the landlords and patent owners misrepresented as "tenants"; 
(6) Collection of franchise taxes under False Presumptions of enfranchisement; 
(7) Illegal impound, illegal detainment, illegal arrest, impersonation, and barratry against land assets and landsmen-- acts of violent piracy; 
(8) Illegal conscription of  involuntary service and illegal licensing of rights; 
(9) Illegal confiscation of assets and illegal undisclosed registration processes. 
(10) Unlawful conversion of private assets for use as public assets; 
(11) Unlawful conversion of private persons for use as public persons. 
(12) Abuse of the courts, unlawful probate, illegal bankruptcy protection, and imposition of de facto martial law. 

The two brands of foreign for-profit corporations that have been providing you with "essential government services" have also been usurping upon your lawful American Government, and have been operating as crime syndicates  --- the Municipal Government and 185,000-plus unauthorized Municipalities is directly chartered by the Holy See and the British Territorial (Commonwealth) Government also belongs to the Holy See, administered by the British Monarch.  

They have tried to pass responsibility for this Mess on to the United Nations organization, but have no authority to do so.  They are currently rampaging around trying to cast their debts off onto any bystander and refusing to do what has to be done: discharge the Odious Debt they have created and release the assets back to the actual owners. 

Every American who has been mistakenly functioning as a "US Citizen" --and who is not currently a US Military or Federal Civil Service Employee of any kind, needs to wake up and re- establish their identity as an American.  We have to realize that our identity has been stolen, our credit has been hacked, and our assets have been seized upon under False Presumptions.  

As Americans, you are owed every jot of the Constitutional Agreements, and you are owed both the return of your assets free and clear of encumbrance, and the return of profit made from the use of your assets during your "absence"---even though you actually never went anywhere in the first place.  
You are not in debt and you are not involved in any "war".  

Stand up for yourselves and say so.  Correct your political status records and help re-populate your State Assemblies and re-establish your lawful court system. 

Go to: and learn how today.  


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  1. Scotland is spreading the word

    1. Thanks for sharing Shelby. I saw a video of these people protest spreading the words in the city, with sign and flags, drums and noises. That's encouraging.


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