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Sunday, October 20, 2019

It seems that Anna is not the only one who has discovered how the world works.

Found here:

Please comment. All you naysayers need to go to this channel.


  1. This is a good find with some correlation to what Anna has discovered and disseminated at large. Some of the festering that is lurking in the minds of some of the readers here, myself included at times, is about what is not said.

    The details are elusive to dig out quite often. Anna has offered a staggering amount of historical perspective. Not everyone thinks she is 100% with the facts, some think a portion of it it is just nonsense. Proving that you can't please everybody.

    Here's the rub of the beast. Anna has lectured on the need for openness and clarity on the road to, and execution of, self-governance yet she has been called out for violating that clarity.

    Anna says the right things when she expresses herself, but the devil is in the details that don't seem to always see the light of day.

    Naturally people are going to be skeptical, goodboots has been the most vocal on that recently, and is inclined to call a spade a spade in her quest for the truth of the reality of it all.

    And curiously she seems to have been kidnapped by aliens and removed from the planet. Not jumping to any conclusions there, I am sure she is just busy. Maybe trying to arrange to get Youtube finally, who knows. She has been the most vocal critic though, while still trying to maintain a kind of respect and observance of protocol.

    1. I agree Will, goodboots has not been commenting at all but she had/has very good points that she made

      This is my opinion but I think the entire scheme has been carried out through Switzerland

      You will notice in his video that he brings up Teutonic Knights and I too have provided a link to this deception that they have been perpetrating on the world for centuries

      And if you read the link above you will find that german nobility is part of that??

      Now with their so called Sanhedrin 7 Noahide laws they are working to change the rules of the game to suit their purposes going from their 10 commandments to now their lucky number '7'

      And all these fools just playing their damned game

      Babylonian Bullshit - ALL OF IT - IMO


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