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Monday, September 2, 2019

The Marshall Plan and a Message to the Department of Defense, Labor Day, 2019:

By Anna Von Reitz

It is a strange fact that those who win wars wind up paying for all the destruction they cause. That is by international agreement and so, guess who got the bill for World War II? We did.
We were the only ones who could rebuild the world.
Obviously, the Germans were not in any position to pay anyone back for anything. They were too busy clearing their own streets of rubble.
The Brits were in similar condition, hanging on by threads.
So when it came time to rebuild Europe, Japan, and places as far-flung as Burma, who picked up the tab?
Mom and Pop back home in Des Moines.
This was accomplished by the Marshall Plan, yet another stroke of genius drummed up by our military, which should be permanently barred from having anything to do with accounting or finance.
Any organization that can lose trillions of dollars off their books, and turn around and find even more trillions of dollars of credit on their books that they can't account for, needs to be relieved of accounting duty.
Am I wrong?
This same organization is perfectly aware of the exact date and time that World War II officially ended, yet didn't bother to release millions of Americans from paying "Victory Taxes", either.
They are dropping their jaws and going, "What? What?"
So tell the General Accounting Office that military accounts are their responsibility again, and we are returning to carriage accounting, because "Double Accrual Accounting" leads to too much temptation and too many opportunities for guile.
Anyway, on to the Marshall Plan.....
The recovering nations were allowed to place debilitating tariffs against American goods and services, and to profit their own governments on those tariffs. The resulting income was more than sufficient to pay for rebuilding all the war-time damage to Europe, a process that was complete by 1970.
These same nations were protected by the American Armed Forces at little (we are talking 1- 4% percent) or no cost to them, so virtually all the burden of their national defense was footed by the Americans, too.
Good Old Joe.
All of that should have come to a conclusion around 1970-75, at most. The tariffs against American goods and services should have been quietly removed by all the various recipient governments and our own manufacturing and productive sectors of our economy should have been set free to thrive.
Read that --- The Rust Belt should not exist. Detroit should be thriving. Millions upon millions of American manufacturing and service jobs should have been cranking out a good future for millions of American families for the past fifty years.
Should have been.
But we have been letting the Pope and the Queen manipulate our government processes and promote their corporate elections while suppressing our lawful government and unlawfully usurping upon us in Gross Breach of Trust.
They happily sold us and our best interests down the river and continued to glut themselves for an additional fifty years--- and all in breach of International Treaties, in Breach of Trust, in violation of their commercial contracts.
Fifty years. Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter.... traitors all.
It's only now that the facts about The Marshal Plan and its gross mis-administration are coming to the attention of the American People and they are beginning to understand just how terribly they and their country have been mistreated.
Donald Trump is the first American President in all these years to have sense and guts enough to call a halt to it.
Of course, those who have been sucking us dry are disappointed.
It's important for the Pope and the Queen and all the other World Leaders who have been acting as leeches to understand that Donald Trump isn't the only American who has had enough.
There are, in fact, millions of us. Not everyone knows the details yet, but all our backs are up, simply because of the level of suffering and injustice we've endured without relief for fifty additional years of enslavement and taxation and tariffs under "wartime" mobilization.
We are not willing to be killed off in yet another mercenary war, just so they can avoid paying their debts back to us, either.
If we go, they go. For sure. That's the hidden double meaning of "WWG1WGA". And it doesn't depend just on Trump.
This message is for the American Military as much as it is for anyone else. You have been used, abused, sacrificed, lied to, and cheated by these same criminal European powers, betrayed by politically-motivated Generals, and ironically, have been used as the excuse for these abuses and also the muscle to impose them.
Ever heard of shooting yourself in the foot? That's what you do when you follow any "order" to harm any American in any way--- including economic harm.
"Harm" doesn't just happen in terms of blood. It happens in economic losses, in terms of lost time and quality of life, lost security and prosperity, lost rights and freedoms.
You are supposed to be protecting all of us from all of that, and you have failed your mission for fifty years. That's why Americans are suffering, including veterans.
You have been misdirected by foreign powers acting in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial contracts. And you have followed their Orders like so many ducks marching in order.
That's why our borders are being overrun. That's why American children are being snatched and killed by perverts. That's why American children are going hungry. That's why veterans can't find work to support themselves and their families. That's why this country sucks.
It all comes back to the military and being lousy accountants is really the least of your sins and errors. This country has been run as a military protectorate since 1863, so when the chips are down, who else is there to blame?
Fifty "extra" years-worth of The Marshall Plan? An extra 75 years of Victory Taxes?
DOD is responsible by its own admission for providing Americans with proper ID.
Instead, "the Brass" have been trying to set up our civilian population for identity theft and mis-characterization, depriving us of our rights, railroading us through Kangaroo Municipal COURTS. Using us as slave labor to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy. Genociding us on paper, while taking their paychecks out of our pockets. Trampling every standard of "honor".
Everyone from here to Bangkok is wondering what your claim to fame is?
Not being worth your salt? Nothing but criminal mercenaries? Idiots? Clucks? Clods? Shills? Accomplices? Treasonous worthless bastards?
Words fail to describe what has gone on here in "the land of the free and the home of the brave".
Millions of Americans have been robbed of their homes --- literally --- on your watch. Millions have suffered needlessly for the past 150 years, because you have failed your duty to us and failed to assist the actual civilian government of this country to assemble and reconstruct the Federal Government we are owed.
Entire generations of Americans have paid for your protection and instead have suffered as your prey.
Well, fellas, the tale is told. What are you going to do about it?


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  1. Zionest in charge FDR,STALIN,CHURCHILL.murdering thugs CHURCHILL declairing food thugs STALIN refugees contrban.amercian morganthau.plan kill 20 million germans 8 million during 13 million after.1945.STALIN forget.about it.super evil.

  2. Jews who follow their religious book the Torah state they are commanded to kill Christians....hear right from the horses mouth...
    James Perloff Retweeted
    Jews in Israel once again talking about killing Christians
    ‘The godly thing is to kill you, that’s what theYorah says’
    I’m constantly amazed that Christians idolize Jews & when you show them these videos they’ll ignore or block

    1. Wow, what a huge oxymoronic thing for them to say ''kill CHRISTians, a GODly thing to do''. God would never say go kill christians so how do they think it is 'Godly'? Do they perhaps think if they kill all christians it will get rid of what ails them, Lol?
      Oh well, what can you expect from a batch of people who killed Christ Himself? This must be the heighth of stupidity.

  3. Attention Florida
    Nuclear power plant is the target for this 'weather event' dorian

    1. And what are they hiding under it? They thought they were safe.

    2. Now, as of noon EST, Dorian has been downgraded to a Cat 2. Lets hope it blows on out to never never land or something. Would please me as Im not too fond of it touching my personal financial interests in FL.

  4. There must be a man and woman before anything else. Men and women have the highest god-given Authority. Corporations, military, governments anything you could name does not and cannot exist without men and women putting their energy into it. These so-called corporations and the people that run them, have forgotten who they are. They look at their fellow on man in the eye and lie straight to your face and never blink an eye. I know I was one of those who faced them. They have every trick in the book, and they count on your ignorance of not knowing the truth to pull it off. I've had them laugh in my face. In any event, where we go 1 we go all is truth. No one is going to save us we must stand up and help save ourselves and our future, that was the original message of Jesus. Thank you Anna God bless.

  5. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 8:21 PM

    "So tell the General Accounting Office that military accounts are their responsibility again,"

    We, the people, don't HAVE a "military" annamaria.
    You know that!

    That child porn/sex trafficking monstrosity in the Pentagram belongs to the criminal Corporation (LouisTMcFadden, 1933), not to the living people...
    Maybe they spent that money they "lost" on sex trafficking our sons and daughters for rituals. Maybe they can't "find" it because they spent it on China Lake or black ops. Idk.
    Maybe they "found it" again because they are just putting numbers in where ever they want and telling us we owe it.

    The people of the United States (I claim ALL variants of that "name") HAVE FORBIDDEN THAT THEIR NATIONS HAVE A PROFESSIONAL STANDING ARMY.
    You know that!


    Our defense is the militia.
    Our militia is the people.


    This is all being stretched very, very thin.
    We're awake now.

  6. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 8:34 PM

    More simply said:

    The people of the US do not have a MILITARY.

    STANDING ARMIES are forbidden.

    Any military formed outside of an active invasion is CRIMINAL.

  7. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 8:38 PM

    Any and all professional "military" is the FRAUD of the criminal Corporation.

  8. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 8:41 PM

    The only "military protectorate" has been their standing armies on our land and soil protecting their BAR attorneys while they rob and abuse the people.

    This is just common sense!

    1. I'm getting real tired of being lied to by all these frauds
      Just thinking about how many people I sent to this site and they may have done this paperwork and donated and it not be a correct thing to do has me very upset
      These militaried were set up and are working for the UN CORPORATION is what's going on - they are working to keep all nations and people in line while the depopulate and steal everything in sight from the land and the people
      What in the hell is wrong with people

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 9:06 PM



    3. To: Shelby

      Why is it wrong to complete this paperwork? To state such a thing should have a good long list of reasons as Anna and many others have given a good long list of reasons to do the paperwork.

      You do not have to send people to Anna's site and if you believe what we are working to do here is wrong then why are you still here?

      Do you have a better way?

      They "MUNICIPAL and Territorial" have a piece of our "DNA" on deposit along with Mom's " DNA". They "Roman Catholic Church" made a "Claim" on that biological waste in an action in "Trover"
      because we presumably abandoned it . Then they stole our Name Mom left with them and gave the NAME to the Foundling decedent child. Even though we do not need that little bit of "DNA" to make us whole it is ours and we did not "abandon it. If we don't make an "Equity claim" it belongs to them and they get to charge us anything they want because we are using sonething that technically belongs to them. This is about majority. Without the paperwork we are in a minority position. They are running a democracy. To have majority and shut them down we must claim the whole.

      So once again, why is it wrong to do this paperwork?

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    4. Then where exactly can I go for more info on how to free nyself?

    5. Annie, because 'they' are not going to honor yer paperwork. Since when do you think 'they' honor anything, or play fair? Satan is running the show for now, do you really expect any honesty from the devil?

    6. Abby:

      No i do not expect honesty from the devil, but there are rules in this game!

      They are honoring my paperwork. I never had a ticket in my life till last January. The cop gave me a ticket for entering a turn lane too soon. "Crossing a white line". I sent in my packet of paperwork and an "I do not consent to contract" correspondence within 72 hrs, no more ticket
      I got stopped again on May 24. The cop gave me a ticket for operating an unregistered motor vehicle because I chose to no longer register my trailer with STATE OF DELAWARE DMV, since 2016 and failure to have a license in my possession, because I choose not to carry a fraudulent document as identification. I'm still looking for the motor on my trailer. I sent back the ticket and an "I do not consent to contract" in the form of an Affidavit, correspondence. No more ticket.

      This time I sent the cop a TRUE BILL as I now have a fee schedule in place.

      And thirdly, I did the paperwork for my land, recorded it and sent it to 5 different Offices. I have not gotten a tax bill since.

      The issue that got me researching in the first place was they targeted my son in 2016. Well I didn't stop throwing things at them till the whole thing went away. My son now has an absolutely clean record. He also did paperwork we got from T.J.Marrs, Proof oF Life and two other documents.

      Sooooo.... they are Honoring my paperwork as I have a Primary Claim and they have squat. It's all about who owns the Property, the rest is a dog and pony show. I own the property because the DNA is mine.

      I have had results and my friend has also had results. We just got a WRIT OF REPLEVIN dismissed about 6 weeks ago and the Sheriff's deputy was laughing asking "What did you do" "I've never seen this happen".

      Those who leave the battlefield first loose.

      Aby have you done the paperwork? This is not all about paper. This is learning who you are and what they are not.

      This is about standing up for yourself, learning and then getting a great big attitude in place that says enough is enough.

      Each man who makes an equity Claim joins the whole of us who are self governing.

      Those who wish to do nothing but complain will be treated as a minor Holder-in-due course in their court. Get out your checkbook and pucker up your bung hole.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    7. Annie, there have been plenty of folks in here mentioning there have been no testimonies of their papers working for them. Why did you sit there and say nothing, UNTIL you thought you could throw darts at ME?
      Firstly, I have NEVER told anyone not to do papers and that that is their call. If you and others want to spend your lives doing battle to try to live, then that is your call. But there have been a number of folks come in here saying their papers did NOT work for them; they got ignored, couldnt even Record due to rejection of their docs, and even some getting into a lot of trouble trying to use papers.
      Just as it is your choice to do all that shit, it is also my own choice not to do it. I not only choose to ''do nothing' but YOU are very much out of line to accuse ME OF ''complaining'. When have you ever seen me personally complain about any personal injustice done to me? NEVER. Because I have not.
      What I have done is point out a whole lot of crap that we all know goes on, but it was merely a pointing out as a matter of information or what Ive noticed or know.
      You have no call to call that ''complaining' just to try to justify you lashing out at me, silly girl. You should know by now that Im not one bit concerned about the shit that is going on in this stench of a world. It really does not matter to me what it does anymore, because I already know it is 'terminally ill'.

      But you can be sure 'they' will not follow any rules. If you got lucky, that Im glad for you. But dont think that is going to be the norm for the majority of folks and their papers.
      Neither do I have any need to ''learn who I am - I already know who I am - and I also know who those bastards all are, too'.

      Once you ever really grow up, you will no longer get offended by those who dont necessarily agree with you, and thats when you learn to 'live and let live'. Quit sweating the small stuff.
      Maybe that is a part of 'learning who you are' as well.....?

    8. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 5:05 PM

      Do you believe dark spirits are assigned to try to put out people with Light?
      I'm having that conversation with someone and wondered if your own experience shows that to be true. Mine does.

      Also wondered if you have studied the origination of the Bible in 400 A.D.; and if so, if you concluded that it was true or not true, if you don't mind sharing.

    9. Abby:

      First I did not insinuate "Youself" is a complainant or complainer. I made a general comment that those who complain and do nothing should get out their checkbook. I run into those types every day.

      Second, I have relayed to people I have had success. I didn't have proof they were honoring my paperwork till recently. They do not respond. I should have a current TAX STATEMENT and three delinquent Tax Statements in my hand. None came. There is no proof those tickets ever existed.

      Thirdly when people run into a Recorder who refuses to do their job find another one! Documents can be recorded in any county, Pick one! There are I believe over 3150 counties. Full Faith and Credit. All my documents are recoreded at Lamar County Georgia.

      This is not small stuff to me. This is a for profit prison planet in which I donated my daughter Alexis and my son Jake.. I signed my son and daughter up for this BS. Not acceptable at all to me.

      I have been reading your comments for many months about how Jesus is coming back any time now and righting all this wrong. Well its 7:45 pm Present time today and so far no Jesus and we are still living under Grace to Stand against Evil. God helps those who help themselves.

      I would Love for Jesus to come and take those I love from this evil place. and... Another day passes.

      What if the message you believe is not the truth? What if you interpreted it all out of context because of undoctrination? Should we all hide and do nothinhg today?

      Abby one thing I will accuse you of is that you accept a belief that could be possibly be wrong due to Indoctrination and you hold that against me. If you have indispensable evidence please bring it forth.

      I don't accept anything unconditionally. If I did I would still be going to confession at Saint Mary's Catholic Church on Saturday night so I could get through next week.

      I love Jesus but not in the same context as you do it seems. Jesus is in me kicking my ass to stand up today against Evil.

      Dou you have absolute proof the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible is God's Word in its original context? This is one of the things I research constantly.

      Unfortunately none of us know for sure, so who is duped here, you or me? You judge others I do not.

      We don't even know the truth time line as it relates to present time, as the western calendar is 13 days behind present time.

      Abby mankind is in a spiritual fight and I know you agree. I would rather be dead than be a slave to this Prison Planet, so I wish you good luck waiting for the second coming but for me and my house I choose to take a stand against evil today.

      I have no quarrel with you, we are just not on the same page.

      I believe you are a good wombman, full of Love we are just looking at a different picture.

      Blessings to you and your son!

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    10. Annie, regarding the following: "And thirdly, I did the paperwork for my land, recorded it and sent it to 5 different Offices. I have not gotten a tax bill since."
      Do you happen to know the number for the article that addresses the procedure to end receiving real estate tax bills? If you don't have it handy, that's ok, I'll try to find it. I have also had success following Anna's procedures. I’m currently involved with and hoping for a successful resolution of another monetary issue. If I achieve success, I’ll be happy to announce it on this blog. At your suggestion, I filed with Mr Hewitt in Lamar County and spoke with him on the phone. He's a very nice man. I notice very knowledgeable people on the internet offering comparable information that Anna offers, with one exception - they are usually asking big money for their information and courses. Anna, through the kindness of her heart, offers her information and documents free of charge.

    11. Ready: if you will send me an email at I will be happy to send you the documents I Recorded for my land. I included both of Anna's articles in a zip file also. Unfortunately Anna does not put the number on the articles so sometimes they are hard to locate. The first article she did on this topic was September 18, 2018.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    12. I will send you my email.
      Thank you Annie.

  9. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 9:04 PM


    There has never been a Declaration of War since 1812.

    So what lawful Military could Annamaria be referring to?
    We need to know.

    Why is she talking about a Military being here, when there is was no Declaration of War?
    It wouldn't be a Military then, would it? :)
    It would be something else.

    I have pointed out before that without a Declaration of War, there *is* no Military.
    So why is Annamaria talking about their Military?

    All thats been done then has been under COLOR of lawful Military authority.
    More deceit.
    More lying.
    More fraud.

    The Pentagram is reported to be in the top 20 or so out of thousands of child porn traffickers.
    Why should we be accommodating this?
    We already know they have had no lawful reason for being on our land and soil.
    They are here committing crimes.
    Against tiny Americans.

    We don't have to accommodate them and shouldnt. They are CRIMINALS.

    There was no Declaration of War.

    There is no Military.

    They are CRIMINALS. (Louis T McFadden, 1933.)

    We shouldn't be asking the child rapists and murderers and procurers and traffickers if any what THEY are going to do about their 150+ years worth of crimes.

    We should be asking EACH OTHER what WE'RE going to do about it.

    : What are WE going to do about it?

    1. To goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up":

      No this is not our Military but the world mistakenly believe it is the American Military beccause real living Americans invade thwir lands and worst of all it is populated with our indoctrinated sons and daughters.

      As I read your posts it seems you are accusing Anna of supplying incorrect information. She has said many times including this article that this Military is not ours but we are picking up the tab and our sons and daughters used as pawns.

      How many commercials do you hear on the radio or TV thanking our veterans for their service in protecting our freedom? Makes me I'll to hear that BS.

      How many veterans do you inform every day that they are criminals?

      Before this Military Industrial Complex can be taken down the Americans trained as "Order Takers" and the families neighbors and friends supporting them must comprehend what is going on here.

      Americans believe Trump is our president because they voted in the corporate election.

      How many people believe you when you tell them it's all fake and they are doing an injustice to themselves by participating?

      Each and every Man and Wombman in America and the world must open their eyes to what is going on.

      Do you have a good approach I could use with my sister-in-law who I love dearly that her 2 sons and her daughter all actively serving in this Corporate Military that her children are criminals? and to add her three brothers who are functioning as Police Officers are criminals? Speaking with her about this has not gone well for me. How many of us has a similar situation?

      During Vietnam the People at home spit on the Veterans so they devised a new plan to support the same lie, " Support the Troops".

      I'm glad you are awake but is causing a controversy here productive? Standing up is one thing but we need to Stand together to reeducate the indoctrinated, which is all Anna is working Hard to do.

      If you have any productive ideas to help reeducate I and everyone else I'm sure would be glad to hear your imput. We are all in this together.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 3, 2019 at 8:42 AM

      Annie, like I've said before, I'm not interested in what you feel you must say to me!
      I don't find your information to be credible.
      I don't read any of your comments, including when you try to get my attention, which you seem to want pretty badly!
      I've already told you now two times I'm not interested in what you have to say to me, especially since I am just giving my own opinion like everybody else and I consider it a waste of time to read your comments since I've already determined that, IMO, you don't know what you're talking about. IMO.

      Please respect that and thank you for not trying to force your unwelcome ideas upon me or force me to pay attention to you in the future! I'm just not interested.

    3. Well Goodboots you must have read my last post because you responded.

      My objective and mission is to work together by bringing productive ideas to solve some of our problems as a whole and especially bring forth education for the indoctrinated.

      I certainly don't crave your attention. I ask questions because my Shinola sensors are on full alert. You certainly did not answer my questions.

      I suggest from now on you just ignore me and I will consider you a shrill working hard to cause a split in this cause, just like main stream media does with the racial bullshit.

      It is obvious you are dividing the people instead of putting ideas out there to bring people together. I will count the days before your posts start to disappear.

      If you are not one of us you are one of them.

      How would you respond to a Bevins Declaration?

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    4. Annie, even highly educated people still die the same as stupid people. And so do ambitious people die the same as 'lazy' people die.

  10. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 8:53 AM

    I can't find out what COVFEFE really means...
    Now there are several different definitions swirling around out there whereas before, there were none at all!

    Therefore I am dropping the COVFEFE from the "name/URL" and keeping the "I will stand up" to go along with "goodboots" on this blog, "then as now, and now for then."

    1. Goodboots, Why don't you use your given name and honor your birthright and your ancestors? Afraid of something???

      Stand Naked before the True God without FEAR it is very enlightening, the epitome of Freedom. It they want to murder me then they know who I am and where I am.

      Seems you are still seaching for just who you might be. Good luck to you! Eventually you will Choose a side and let go of the fence.

      If anything I have learned over the years is that I am a good friend. Not all man i have befriended have been true. I have no quarrel with you, and I wish you blessings, you are just the "Starfish" in front of me today and I will throw you back in the ocean and move on. Peace!

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. Annie, maybe you would like to post your home address and sheesh phone number too, while yer at it, lol.

  11. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 8:57 AM

    Oh and Annie, I do want to say, it is nothing personal. You actually sound like a very nice (living)person to me.

  12. Paul, I subject my self to your preference to post this publicly or privately delete my message.


    Apparent Situation:
    1.)"Goodboots is "not interested in what you feel."
    2.) The tenor of "Goodboots'" comments "feel" offensive.
    3.) The Narratives Goodboots promotes "feel" counter productive.
    4.) "Living Law Firm" seemingly is for vigilant active "defense."
    5.) "Living Law Firm" seemingly intends to build broad beneficial agreement, support and understanding, to uplift our knowledge and "feelings" and morale, and most importantly to provide a path to correcting the frauds to which we've been subjegated.

    Recommended Solutions? -
    A special form of "tax" and an identifying label should be applied to all Goodboots' Posting, along with a disclaimer regarding Goodboots' "not caring what you feel."

    Goodboots could be jettisoned? Or encouraged to go? Or strongly encouraged to leave this "Living Law Firm" family to seek on their own (with whatever sweat, toil, tears or cash) to build her/his/its' own audience.

    Or maybe I am missing the point with all of goodboots somewhat distracting messaging?


    1. Definitions, we have an old friend who for his entire life has gotten his way by throwing a big fit the whole neighborhood could hear, screaming and stomping his feet, or even yelling at the cashier at checkout to make sure the whole store hears him.
      Maybe you could try that and impress Paul to shut everybody down who you dont like, LOL.
      (then go take a valium and a long long long nappie, perhaps.?)

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 6:39 PM


      and this is equally important:
      It's kind of Part Two of claiming your soul:Imo


      Having a soul, and keeping it, which we have done, preserves our freewill... And freewill is the same as our sovereignty.

      Since we are sovereign in relation to other men/women,
      they can't violate that if we don't consent... WITHOUT them incurring heavy, sometimes deadly punishments upon themselves.. Spiritually.
      Which omgosh, soooo many people are now praying that that is happening to them ...because it's universal spiritual law. Zechariah 5:1-4.
      Every "religion" seems to recognizes this to be true.
      It will not be stopped by threats, abuse/other.IMO.

      Also, we are Sovereign among/in relation to other recognized Sovereigns-- that are manmade constructs.

      Here's the crux:

      When someone starts saying:
      [*I* say] you are: blahblah;
      and [*I* say] you have to: blahblah
      and [*I* say] you blahblahblah
      Well imo they dam well better have and valid, lawful, and enforcable INITIATING commercial contract IMO;
      wet-ink autographed by your own living hand;
      with all risks, perils, and obligations of the contract written out;
      in your own language;
      and much more;
      before they make any claims or
      They might be construed to be committing crimes against you...!!
      Especially if you have lawfully Cancelled All Powers of Attorney and a few other things.

      This is the beauty of American traditional common law... That no one can just start claiming to be speaking for you or saying that *they* are saying you are obligated to them for any reason at all without your agreement.

      Even if they try to claim adhesive or presumptive contract....
      Imo nope!
      Still doesn't work without the INITIATING lawful, valid, enforceable contract. This is not legal advice. I do not understand BAR language. This is all just my own opinion. the way I understand American traditional common law authority today being a living woman and soul, being one of the people. Nobody is under any obligation to agree or even read my comments. :)

  13. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 12:14 PM

    Or, you could just skip my posts? :)

    Is your solution to everyone you don't agree with:
    that they be Silenced??
    Banished? :):)
    Sounds rather controlling to me.

    There are many, many people and organizations who are and have been questioning what Annamaria is doing; and especially, by what lawful authority she is doing it.
    What possible objection could you have to that?

    No, I fully plan to continue posting my questions, thoughts and objections, the same as I've said before, as long as Annamaria is claiming to be the "Fiduciary" for the USofA without proof of lawful authority under the DeclarofIndep!!... That neither she, nor anyone else has, that I'm aware of.

    Why don't you post your own lawful defenses of her and prove her lawful claim of right for her, if you believe she has it?

    Seems like that would be more productive than asking Paul to banish or silence the people asking for nothing more than lawful proofs of so-far unverified claims being made upon the wealth of the living people.


    1. Goodboots you are not offering a better solution on this forum. 

      Annamaria is not the fiduciary for "the US OFA"   the USofA is Corporate.

      Do you realize you can appoint anyone of these corporate flunkys Fiduciary and put them on the hot seat to protect your interests?

      Have you researched the OFFICE OF EXECUTOR?  If you can appoint someone to that OFFICE upon your factual death, Who holds that OFFICE right now?  If you are a Wombman and married it's a bit more involved but the information is out there.  Look it up and comprehend what your power is.

      I hereby appoint annamaria Fiduciary over my share of the Land Trust.  Do we need to create a new document now?

      Just what do you believe Anna is trying to take from you by stepping into a position to protect your assets.

      Office of Fiduciary comes with many obligations, responsibilities and duties.  Do you really believe she can step into this position and take off with all our assets and live high on the hog?  You obviously do not comprehend the Office of Fiduciary.

      Who or what is discrediting Anna?  Make a list.  You insinuate a wrong without providing names.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  14. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 12:45 PM

    Its true! What "ready" is saying.
    All of a sudden there seems to be this glut or dumping of info about it.
    For some reason it seems, they are suddenly dropping the IMO fake Jewish-Christian facade and just going ahead with making "dumps" of the "truth" about intending to kill christians... But really, it seems like its actually all/almost all non-"Jews", not just Christians they want to get rid of. If true.

    The Bible is a proven good book and wisdom book, but I can see inaccuracies/ discrepancies in it so clearly now! I don't like that. It seems to have been messed with....
    A "Bible" didn't even exist until almost 400 "A.D."; there ARE no originals of the New Testament books, so they say; and a group of self-appointed men in the Catholic? church compiled it without original manuscripts 400 years AFTER the facts.
    I'm seriously rethinking this.

    Even it, itself, says we don't actually need a BOOK because our heart itself is a book/tablet that the creator has used to write his laws on.
    It, itself, says men who've never heard of it are found doing the things written in it, by nature/in their own nature.

    That's sounds more true to me.

    1. Hence they have followers of yet another book
      In this book under religions of rome tab
      The book or revelations is to reveal the greco - roman empire
      The map and some bible versus to go with what we are witnessing
      With their weapons they are actively working revelations out in real time creating famine, floods, fires, earthquakes
      Too much evidence to prove what they are doing it is not our creator manifesting this shit
      We have to manifest a different outcome if earth and mankind is to EVER be free from these psychopaths
      That's what that whole manifest destiny shit was about with the pictures they planted in our minds
      Sent all of us out to farm the land, find new materials, build it up so they can tear it all down and take it back and create the 5G, IoT slave planet using digital currency and AI
      Doing this all over the world
      No way on this earth did the creator ever want anything like what has gone on here for thousands of years and he isn't doing it now
      People need to wake up

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 3:49 PM

      That is what SPEAKING [our] truth is all about.
      It creates.
      Speaking creates.
      They speak evil.
      We speak truth and good and send their evil back upon them. They created it. It returns to them, unreceived.
      We dont want it.

      God seems to be opening up another chance for all to catch on to this.
      By using our observations of what is evil?
      Using the very constructs they put up to deceive us with, for our good instead?

      Despite all their work, we still know the truth.

      They hate that. :)

    3. Dorian is anagram for do (dew) i r a n
      Spelling magic in plain sight
      The so called next hurricane Julieene or something like that
      Hmmm sound like Julian ASSange to you
      Kinda of like harvey weinstein when hurrican harvey hit Texas?
      Not a coincidence either that all the states involved in this hurricane dorian are all within FEMA region IV
      North Carolina and Jade Helm 19 going on right now started the 30th

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 9:45 PM

      Glad you're catching all that and sharing.
      Dorian. Do Iran.
      Juilenne. Julian.
      What the samhill??!! :):)

      How toot-ally immature. Sounds like fifth graders :):).
      What a bunch of squirrels!!

    5. Shelby, nobody is trying to make things happen to line up with the book of Revelation (the bible). The Book is God foretelling what he foresaw happening 'in the future'. You see, He knows all of it- - the end from the beginning. Once you think about that, then it can begin to make more sense, even tho we cannot fathom just how He does that. But this is why it ''is all coming to pass' right before our eyes. Also why nothing anyone can do to try to change it.
      Another thing: I dont know if some of this stuff is God causing it or not, but what we all know for sure, is that He is not doing anything to stop it.
      And dont think for a minute that He 'would never do any of these things'. Yes he does. He rained down fire and brimstone upon the cities of sodom and gomorrah and destroy them both including all the people living in them.
      Its considered 'destruction upon ungodly behavior' and 'the wages of sin is death'. And other such references. So God is not some 'Mr. Nice Guy'; people who think that way need to get to know the one true God, and that there are consequences for bad/evil actions.

    6. The midwest floods were to get people off the land and take over the farms or what is left of them and continue with their NAFTA super highway, that would be the USMCA deal
      They took 500,000 acreas of land here in Texas
      It's in their dang plans Abby!
      And the destruction you are seeing up the east coast and the drought they causing in California, it is to get people off the land and take over all food production and resources and move their chattel property in to the FEMA region human settlement zones and they depopulating as they go
      Their depopulation plans
      Planned since 1941
      UN map planned
      PUBLISHED depopulation rates
      And 5G is a military weapon not a telecommunications advancement
      As they are publicly pushing it all over the tell lie vision with their grub hub commercial
      I want it all and I want it now is what it says
      While they strip away the only protection we have, our guns, their next move is to take away food that's why they promoting eating humans now
      Zombie movies making sense now
      How about build that wall to keep us all trapped in this land locked space
      Just read an article that Israhell is now getting contracts for the border wall
      Listen to the baffoon himself
      You think they haven't been practicing all this shit on Palestine and Syria and Yemen and Iraq
      Go look up Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
      Look up and see all the technology they using to create and steer these storms right to where they want them to go
      weatherwar101 another good one
      NASA clearing out space on the ground
      And now they have yet another space farce?

  15. Would not a "saboter" consider their "boots" to be "good?"
    Or perhaps "Goodboots?"

    sabotage (n.)

    1907 (from 1903 as a French word in English), from French sabotage, from saboter "to sabotage which is literally to "walk noisily," from sabot "wooden shoe" (13c.), altered (by association with Old French bot "boot."

    In French, and at first in English, the sense of "deliberately and maliciously destroying property."...the word was used in French in a variety of senses, such as "to play a piece of music badly."

    In English, "malicious mischief" would appear to be the nearest explicit definition of "sabotage,"..."

    As for Authorship, would not The "Author" would be "The "Authority?"

  16. Would not a "saboter" consider their "boots" to be "good?"
    Or perhaps "Goodboots?"

    sabotage (n.)

    1907 (from 1903 as a French word in English), from French sabotage, from saboter "to sabotage which is literally to "walk noisily," from sabot "wooden shoe" (13c.), altered (by association with Old French bot "boot."

    In French, and at first in English, the sense of "deliberately and maliciously destroying property."...the word was used in French in a variety of senses, such as "to play a piece of music badly."

    In English, "malicious mischief" would appear to be the nearest explicit definition of "sabotage,"..."

    As for Authorship, would not The "Author" would be "The "Authority?"

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 3:04 PM

      Wow "definitions" that's an awful lot of work to go to for disagreeing with what someone said directly to someone else, without including you in their conversation!!!

      Now not only have you suggested that Paul S. initiate the Chinese Communist Social Credit Scoring System on his blog to TAX people who say things YOU don't agree with!!....
      Or, your second choice for Paul: Banish them altogether... Also a so-called "Chi'Comm'" solution;
      But now you're even admitting right here on this blog that men and women who you happen to think differently from need to be publicly identified by you as your enemy?
      a threat to you?
      or someone that you fear?

      If you are worried about my comments discrediting Annamaria, i'd say, no Your Chinese Communist-style solutions do far more to discredit her than any of my honest inquiries ever would.

      As a matter of fact, perhaps it is YOU who are the saboteur because I've never heard Annamaria ever support the Chinese Communist Social Credit Scoring System. With all that is going on, perhaps you are from T or Man... or other, and you are on here *pretending* to defend Anna from people who ask questions while using her "The Living Law Firm" family name to cover your own "malicious mischief"?

      Whatever it is, you're creeping me out.

      You're sounding a bit unhinged perhaps,... or even dangerous?

      Maybe Paul needs to prevent *you* from posting.

      I won't be responding further.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 3:30 PM

      "Too much evidence to prove what they are doing it is not our creator manifesting this shit."

      Omgosh!..... So funny!

    3. Goodboots: All who recieve Pauls Emails are involved in this Present conversation.

      This is not your blog.

      When you post you put your comments into at least an area of question.

      Do we not have the basic right to ask a question and expect an answer?

      You post controversy and then don't answer questions so therefore you disrespect the blog and all the people reading the comments.

      Hey, do what you will, but to accuse without proof of indispensable evidence is to be a "Shrill" disturbing the Peace here.

      To get respect is to give respect.

      Put forth your evidence that Anna is out to cause me and everyone else reading her articles "Harm" or give it a rest...

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  17. And anyone thinking that this is not all staged is off their rocker
    Roger Waters no doubt in the club now rallying for the hero ASSange
    All media is owned by the same companies - reporter is reading a script
    Assange aint in jail it is another story line to rouse the public
    Assange is the grandson of JB Hunt
    Wikileaks was created by the Rothchilds
    This is cern the computing grid not some black hole finder

  18. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 4:07 PM

    Uh-ooooh :).
    Too many people waking up!!
    More and more people are rejecting the constructs and fabrications!

    Perhaps part of their problem is they've been around artificial persons too long.
    Maybe they forgot about the living peoples' "God-connection" ...our soul.. It's his property.. They can't have it!

    1. They can't have my soul either
      No deal

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 6:44 PM

      Shelby I just commented to you about my opinion about the soul and American trad common law and false claims on a sovereign, but it put the comment up above here!

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 7:18 PM

      I'm giving my opinions like everyone else.
      I recognize your right, and support it, to block anyone you believe is inappropriately using YOUR blog.

      I plan to continue commenting as I have been for the past couple of months.
      I see many, what, in my opinion, seem to be flaws in what Annamaria is saying.
      I feel perfected justified in pointing them out since she is making claims about being the Fiduciary for the peoples' wealth!!!

      I don't feel obligated at all to respond to comments from anyone since I'm not making any claims.on anyone and am only claiming my natural God-given rights.
      And simply commenting on what seem to be contradictions and asking for clarifications on Annamaria claims and articles, seems like something she would be fully prepared for since she is claiming to be the Fiduciary of the whole world :)!!

      Who are these commenters who are coming on a "freedom" blog anyway and making demands that the other commenters do what they say??!! :)
      That TRULY seems completely out of step with what the articles say Annamaria is doing!... I'm surprised anyone would come.on this blog and begin telling other commenters what they have to do or say!

      If its their blog they need to block me if they dont want me commenting, because they have the right to do that.

      If not, what do they care what my opinion is?
      Just skip my comments.
      Simple. Quiet. Non-disruptive. This should, IMO, not be any big deal since truly inappropriate commenters are so easily blocked.
      ALL JMO as has every other comment I've made been from the very beginning. :)

    4. I saw it good boots
      Check this out - SOS like secretary of state or ???
      You can't get u tub but this video here is very intrigging
      Walking between worlds
      Hope you can get to watch it
      Dragging out souls back in to the matirx???

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 8:32 PM

      Nope! They can't do it!

      Sounds like you are talking about dead souls or the soulless, which apparently there ARE now, if its true that "people" are being cloned.

      Most of this stuff they are trying to do or claiming they have done is spiritually based.
      They have taken the laws of nature which are spiritual, and twisted them into a different form.
      They believe that is power over creator, but what it did was it broke their soul.

      My private understanding of it is: It lost it's "lustre"/light.
      They broke it on purpose, and their light left and now they are trying to replenish it by stealing life/light from the living, who still have their original connection with creator: which is the soul.

      You can trade your soul.

      God gave it to you and you can do anything you want with it.
      Its called freewill.
      And sovereignty.

      A lot of people have sold it off.
      Then once they do, they realize they are actually dark.
      Many want that light back.
      It is joy and enjoyment, being alive, caring and being cared about, loving nature, enjoying the morning sun, watching a puppy play, eating a yummy peach, accomplishing something, just the joy of life...its GONE for them.

      Thats why these are the things they want to destroy in other.peoples lives who have them!.... Because they dont. And they want them. And the cant get them. So they attack and hound and harrass and stalk or whatever, the people they watch and are jealous of.
      because they actually want to be YOU...
      HELL, they steal our "IDENTITY" for a reason for Pete's sake!
      ....Try to discredit peoples' REPUTATIONS for a reason.
      They want to be you and make you into them
      Identity theft = they want to be [mis]taken for being YOU.

      but IT IS ACTUALLY TOO LATE. They aren't getting it back.
      God doesn't forgive everything.

    6. good boots I know you can't get you tube but I wanted to pass this along in the event you want to watch
      public versus private and how it relates to the bc

  19. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 4:27 PM

    Annie, stop trying to force me to give you attention.
    This is the third or fourth time I've said to stop making comments to me.

    I've tried to be nice and clear.
    I don't want to give you my time!
    And I've told you why.

    I'm responding til now so you can demonstrate for the people reading your posts that you don't actually respect other peoples' choices even though you get on here and talk like you do.
    You've demonstrated that now.

    I won't be responding further:).

    1. Goodboots: I've asked you direct Questions and you choose to be silent " Tacit Acquiescence" "to Agree!"

      I still know absolutely nothing about who, what, or where you are getting your information that Anna is trying to Harm me, us? If you present it I will research the evidence you have my word.

      You have the freedom to Post, therefore I have the freedom to ask a question. This is how this works.

      What reason do you have for not answering a direct Queston?

      You are making assumptions about me and you don't even know me. If Anna is hurting me, my brother, my daughter, my sons, my friends, and the people reading thsee blog comments, who I care about, Prove it !!!!! Shit or get off the pot.

      This is not about me or you! This is a public forum and you are accusing. Where is your indispensable evidence. I ask on behalf of all the readers of these comments.

      Do you believe you could go into any court and make such an accusation of "defamation of character" without presenting proof?

      Without presenting indispensable evidence you are verifying to all who read your posts here that you are an Agent.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. Annie, honestly, from my 3rd party observation of the conver here, its easy to see that Goodboots has told you several times she does not wish to discuss with you, yet you sound like a bully.....trying to force a response just because You demand one. And You said 'its not about us'? From what I see, you seem to think its all about You and what You want.
      Looks to me like you are trying to pick a fight here and like Goodboots is not gonna bite on that bait.
      Maybe its time for you to take a hint and just move on. This badgering you're doing doesn't look good on you.

  20. They now have a you tube channel by Tom Steyer
    Climate Change Emergency Broadcast - This is not a Test

  21. Coordinates that lead directly to Florida some things of interest
    For those who wish to view

  22. Here's yet another little goody I saw Jesse Ventura put out via RT News interview: Those Ring camera's in doorbells and all that goes on on your property/porch/walkway - - the Company that sells those gives your police dept. access to whats on the camera, without your knowledge or consent.
    In otherwords they are put on the market as yet another way for our police to surveil The People. (too bad there always has to be some drawback to something that could otherwise be a good safety feature.)
    Ive noticed on our local evening news they often show packages stolen off peoples' porches - - makes me think they are trying to ''sell' people on the 'good' that those doorbell cameras do - but they NEVER mention that police have access whenever they want. And that could be for nefarious purposes IMO.

    1. I was in a bank this morning, 9 cameras in my face at the teller counter - 9 cameras and one in the ceiling
      People have lost their minds if they don't think this is evasive technology and it is only going to get worse
      For crap sake they even got cameras on you in your car, sensors in your tires that you buy that link to the electronics of the car so they can tell you that the tire needs friggin air
      Chips in those spiral light bulbs in your house, chips in all the appliances it goes on and on an on
      If you have a secrity company monitoring your house, they too are selling your data
      SMART meters are also collecting data
      Absolutely nothing is private, nothing

    2. Shelby,
      have a look at this vid., then you will know
      what we are heading for.

    3. Cern is the super computer and the Q crap is part of it

      A link from the following book

      Here is the link

      The below link is a search on the Yinon plan for the middle east

      And if you look at the 1941 map
      UN map
      The world order military commands

      The below link have a look at the headquarters location since 1945

      Their Kalergi Plan is action all over the european nations

    4. Go look up the Office of Population Affairs
      They have openly published documents to reduce the united states population by 83% by 2023

      Their global 2000 report

      These so called leaders are nothing but puppets and don't give a rats ass about anyone or anything on this planet but themselves including the so called popeye

    5. Saw video this morning police handing out free ring doorbells
      See how that works
      Ole Jesse no doubt in the club


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