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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Situation With the Alaska Assembly

By Anna Von Reitz

People have asked me why I am not active in the Alaska Assembly. 

I can't be at this time, because I am anchoring all the claims of the States that entered the Union under the Northwest Ordinance, including my birth state, Wisconsin.

Similarly, my husband is anchoring the States that are still in limbo, like Washington State, where he was born--- States which were never officially enrolled as members of the Union and are only members of the Federation by Compact.

Only our sons and daughters who were born and raised in Alaska are able to participate in the Alaska Assembly directly, without harming the legal and lawful claims of other innocent people in other States. 

And there have been reasons that they have held off, too. 

The former leaders of the incipient group in Fairbanks (never officially part of the American States Assembly) are wonderful people and good Christians, but their religious beliefs led them to want to mix our strictly non-sectarian government with theocracy, and the fact remains that guaranteeing religious freedom for all is the right role for government, even if we are Christians in our private lives.

Our government guarantees religious freedom for all, because our Forefathers realized that this is the surest way to guarantee religious freedom for ourselves, too.

When we leave a door to oppression open, we can be oppressed along with those whose rights we abandoned; like setting a bear trap and forgetting about it, one can become the victim of one's own laxity and oversight.

That is what happened with the issue of slavery.  We didn't actually close that door to oppression at the end of the Civil War. 

Southern Democrats in league with European Bill Collectors and Banks contrived to "assume the title" to the freed plantation slaves so as to use them and their labor and possessions as collateral backing government debt.

As a result, the evil of slavery never ended.  It simply flip-flopped from private slave ownership to public slave ownership, and we have all suffered as a result, as the perpetrators were further encouraged by their success in re-enslaving Negroes to contrive means to enslave all of us as chattel backing government debt.

We are still resolving the detritus of mistakes and self-interest and fraud left over from the Civil War.  Slavery is still an issue for and within this country, because we failed to put an end to it in all jurisdictions. We failed the American Negroes and that has very nearly led to our enslavement, too. 

As our Forefathers knew, the oppression of one man leads to the oppression of all men.  The suppression of one man's religious conscience, leads to the suppression of religious conscience as a principle. When we restrict the right to free speech, we gag ourselves.

So if we succumb to our religious prejudices and seek to make America into a theocracy, instead of honoring our commitment to freedom of religion, we leave open exactly such a door to oppression and set exactly such a bear trap again. 

I could not get the Fairbanks leadership to understand that, so the future of the group as a whole and its legitimacy as an Assembly was always in doubt.  I am happy to report that Alaska has a new State Assembly Coordinator and it is not Destry Payne.

Destry was the former webmaster for the Michigan General Jural Assembly, a group that "almost got it right, but not quite" --- in that they have not recognized the need to declare their proper political status and organize their State in preparation for organizing a new Federal State of State.  He moved to Alaska about a year ago and has taken over the group in Fairbanks, which he continues to mislead and to incite to violent action.

I wish to make it absolutely and perfectly clear that this group in Fairbanks is not acting in accord with the knowledge that we have, and not following the peaceful and lawful path to Assemble an actual State. 

The Fairbanks group members have not reliably completed and recorded the necessary Declarations. The group as a whole is not part of the American States Assembly process.  And it is becoming increasingly exhorted -- by Destry Payne -- to take violent and pre-emptive "action" of some undesignated kind.

This is par for the course for Federal Agents. 

They don't get specific about what "action" people are supposed to be taking, they just incite action and then let the victims hang themselves, like Schaeffer Cox.  The Federales made him fearful and got him thinking about "actions" to take "in case" and got him to talking about such plans, and that is how they snared him and drummed up enough evidence to charge him.

I very much suspect that the same modus operandi is being employed in Fairbanks again, right now --- trying to ensnare more innocent people with fear-mongering and "contingency plans" and more of the same kind of entrapment as was employed before, only this time by an imported Agent,
Destry Payne, playing a role more similar to that played by Michael R. Hamilton who misled the Colorado Nine.

It is a goal of Federal Agents to quash organization efforts for our lawful government, by such entrapment programs aimed at people naïve enough to fall for it.  They then "make examples of them" in hopes that the rest of the population will be too scared to assemble their States.

As I am in Alaska, it would be logical for the Federales to try to target any group organizing a State Assembly here.  They would love to be able to take down any group calling itself the Alaska Assembly and blame it on me, and scare off all those who are committed to restoring our lawful government. 

But I have nothing to do with what is going on in Fairbanks, and neither does the American States Assembly.

Even though the group in Fairbanks has never actually qualified to be the Alaska Assembly, and even though they have never officially joined the American States Assembly process, taking them down could be used as a publicity stunt, and the misery inflicted on these innocent people like that already inflicted on Schaeffer Cox and the Colorado Nine, could be used to throw cold water on all our efforts to get this country back on track. 

I am therefore making this public statement about all these goings-on, the reasons and why.  We now have an Alaska Assembly operating under the American States Assembly process in accord with the actual Law. The members are making and recording the proper Declarations.  My children
will join this organization, which upholds the separation of Church and State. 

I will continue my work as Fiduciary for The United States of America, will continue to hold the line for Wisconsin and the other Ordinance States, and will continue my office as a Justice of the Peace for the Alaska State.

I wish the people in Fairbanks only goodwill and good fortune, but as was necessary with the Colorado Nine, I fear they are on a dangerous and ill-advised path now and I wish to make that clear for them and also wish to make a distinction between what they are doing and being led to do, and what the American States Assembly is about.

We recognize the fact that our States of the Union require a singular devotion and that only the actual States can legitimately organize State of State service organizations that are of, for, and by the American People.  We recognize the necessity of declaring our political status.  We know and respect the jurisdictional boundaries.  We stand for the peaceful and lawful resolution of these long-standing issues left over from the Civil War, the restoration of our lawful government, and the full reconstruction of the Federal Government we are owed.

I dearly hope that the people in Fairbanks recognize the ear-markings of Federal Operatives and resist any Siren Song that involves violence, laying aside stockpiles of guns, and similar activities, for they are almost certainly being set up to take such actions, and if they do, they will just as certainly be arrested. 

And it will have absolutely nothing to do with me or mine or the actual Alaska Assembly now taking shape or the American States Assembly, either, if the Fairbanks group should fail the test and become another victim of Federal Incitement.


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  1. thank you for that amazing clarification

  2. I have always said anyone calling for violence should be shown the door.

    1. Butch00, exactly, we are peaceful non-combatants searching for a peaceful end to all the bullshitarie.
      Sheesh, I thought I was done hearing about that clown.
      Thank you Anna

  3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 5, 2019 at 10:18 PM

    "I can't be at this time, because I am anchoring all the claims of the States that entered the Union under the Northwest Ordinance, including my birth state, Wisconsin.

    Similarly, my husband is anchoring the States that are still in limbo, like Washington State, where he was born--- States which were never officially enrolled as members of the Union and are only members of the Federation by Compact."

    Well, first of all:
    --ABSOLUTELY every State admitted to the Confederated Union after the original thirteen was admitted under THE EQUAL FOOTING DOCTRINE!!
    People in my age group known this, it was taught in the 50s and early 60s in schools.

    Notice that she is now admitting that her claims are NOT being made in LAW, but instead are being made under Ordinances!!! Which, as we all recognize, are NOT LAW...



    No man can make a claim for another man!!

    No man needs to have someone presuming to be superior to him in status to "anchor" his lawful claims for him!!!

    This is a whole new "corporate" construct,... But not "incorporated"? Ahh, so many twists and turns? Seems to be true, since the claims are now be admitted to be being made under mere ORDINANCES, not LAWS!!

    And now, also, other claims being made under claimed Federated "Charters"?: made by a Hereditary Head of some State that may very well FICTIONALLY exist, but has absolutely no authority over living men and women living under authority of the laws of nature and nature's creator!!

    We're not stupid though and we know that ordinances aren't laws and that Charters are different from declarations made by living men and women!!

    A mans claim does not get anchored.
    It gets made.
    By YOU... the man, the only one who can make it!!!

    What Annamaria is doing does not say that it has to do with living, natural born, free, independent and sovereign freewilled men and women!!!
    She has never used those words in reference to what she constructed because she is talking about FICTIONS, Lawful Persons, she constructed! Who do NOT have the natural God-given authority to make their OWN claims... And need a Titled Person, like her claiming to be Royalty and her husband claiming to be a Hereditary Head of some State... to make claims for them and "anchor" it.

    Read her articles for proof.

    Free sovereign and independent men and women under authority of their creator:
    Make their OWN claims!
    They are sovereign and freewilled and are the only ones who can speak for them unless they lawfully elect a delegate or deputy to carry their decision about a specific issue forward to a larger group of the people.


    1. Yeah I was a bit concerned about that opening statement I admit something seemed a bit off.

      Also she said...

      "When we leave a door to oppression open, we can be oppressed along with those whose rights we abandoned; like setting a bear trap and forgetting about it, one can become the victim of one's own laxity and oversight."

      You don't have to leave a door open to oppression. It won't come through an open door, it will come from a battering ram in the wee hours. It will come at the end of a gun.

      You don't have to look for trouble it will always find you.

      "A republic if you can keep it" from Franklin turned out to be either clairvoyant or he was just being coy about it and knew what was going to happen. The "republic" didn't last long which means that the founders couldn't write bulletproof documents or it was never intended to last.

      It was toppled through sleight of hand, that doesn't speak well of the founding documents. The other guys had better attorneys?

    2. Goodboots: Me again!

      Did you Read and Comprehend the same article I read? Since you will not respond, I think not!

      Whose Doctrine, equal footing or not is Law vs Ordinances as Law?

      I certainly hope for your own protection you and or your husband are functioning as Documented nationals not US CITIZENS in whatever mission you are trying to accomplish.

      This warning Anna has issued for the people on Alaska that are putting themselves in harms way is pretty cut and dry. I suppose we will all have to watch the outcome if they do not heed the warning.

      If you believe you can carry out treason against your government if you have not corrected the record, well good luck to you and yours. It seems common sence escapes you.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 6, 2019 at 7:29 PM

      What I've read about that quote by Franklin is that its just an oft-repeated story.

      The things that makes me believe it is just a story are that:
      1. the woman is supposed to have said something like:
      "Well Mr. Franklin, what did you give us?"....

      What did you GIVE us??

      The State representatives dont GIVE the people anything, they do what the people tell them to do.
      They don't just go into a session like the Corps Officers do and then come out and say to us, the people, "Here is what we decided you *get*!"
      Instead, they go in and say to each other, "Here is what the people on Missouri decided regarding this issue and here is what they gave me the authority to do."

      Again , they don't DECIDE to GIVE us anything.
      We tell THEM what they are to do.

      Recall that they are our employees, not the other way around.
      And we are not their property either!

      Also, the United States is not and never has been a COUNTRY, that it could even BE a Republic.
      It is a Union and Confederation.
      It would have to be a country, a nation to be a the nation Texas, its a Republic.

      But a Union is just an AGREEMENT to join together for certain specific purposes, not for everything, so, its not a country/State/ or nation that it could be a Republic.

      Quaint story though, eh?! :)

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 7, 2019 at 5:57 AM

      Also, then later when the Corpse has told us that "we" are a/in a "Republic", well, a corporation can't be a Republic either.

      Again, only a nation (like Texas) can be a Republic, a Union or a Corporation can't be. (Another ex: The UNION of SovSoc REPUBLICS.)

    5. goodboots, yeah choice of wording is critical. Well actually let's face it, words are the only thing that attorney's have, it is their stock and trade. They have nothing of value otherwise in the big picture.

      Most of the public does not comprehend what damage "legalese" has done. Nor do most realize that words can have a different meaning depending on whether you are using Merriam's Dictionary or Blacks Law. That should send people running into the streets looking for the culprits.

      On another note, I read an interesting piece following up on Anna's post regarding Jackson Hole conference a few days ago.

    6. Oops here is the link

    7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 8, 2019 at 7:30 PM

      Thanks will. I'll check that link out.

      Exactly... They only have their word truth, no actual claims or rights pertaining to us, just deceitful, and deceitfully used, words. Alot more of us are catching on though now!

      "Nor do most realize that words can have a different meaning depending on whether you are using Merriam's Dictionary or Blacks Law."
      ...And in 10-17 years of school, WHO was ever taught ANY of it except "law" students and so forth?
      Pretty big secret for so many people to keep... and to keep it for so LONG ... OH! While claiming everybody elses rights and property... OH! and changing our natural status too while abusing us when we say NO!...While claiming to *our* death that we gave consent.

      This is unforgiveable.

      Tock, is the new phrase for me.

      Their time is UP.
      They better start getting their well-fed, expensive wine-bibbing selves busy returning what belongs to us because they know that their scribbles on their secret papers have no more lawful authority over men and women than chicken scratchings in the dirt do.

  4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 5, 2019 at 10:28 PM

    This is very sad.
    Annamaria has constructed a whole different The United States of America, unincorporated, now claiming openly to be operating under Ordinances, not law, and Charters (unincorporated but still corporate)) instead of YOUR Declaration of Independence and the laws of natures creators authority.
    This is seeming more and more hokey IMO.

    1. Goodboots: In your Opinion are you claiming "The United States of America" a corporate entity but not ever incorporated into some other entity was not created by the union of nation states on, around or about September 9th, 1776??? Then therefore claiming
      this corporate entity was not the original Lawful union of said nation states?

      Corporate = the inclusion of 2 or more sovereign entities. Each nation state is corporate in nature because of the sovereign people who created each nation.

      So, In your Opinion, we as State nationals do not have a claim to the name "The United States of America" and the right to repopulate that entity and operate it for the benefit of all the people?

      I look forward to your comment as do many other readers!

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 5, 2019 at 10:29 PM

    This is very sad.
    Annamaria has constructed a whole different The United States of America, unincorporated, now claiming openly to be operating under Ordinances, not law, and Charters (unincorporated but still corporate)) instead of YOUR Declaration of Independence and the laws of natures creators authority.
    This is seeming more and more hokey IMO.

    1. I'm sorry, what does IMO mean?

    2. GoodWill - IMO is In My Opinion

    3. The word "unincorporated" is being used as a description as to the nature of... not part of the "Name" "The United States of America". If "unincorporated" is part of a new name you could find it documented somewhere.

      Anna is using the word "unincorporated" To distinguish between "the United States of America, Incorporated" a British Territorial foreign corporation employed as a governmental service provider with a similar name but of no relation. The service provider, subcontractor, is as different from our true Federal Government as an apple to a beet. Not even in the same catagory.

      Goodboots, I suggest you learn the facts before posting misinformation.

      If it is as you say and Anna has created a brand new entity called "The United States of America, unincorporated" bring forth the Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Incorporation, the EIN number and the DUNS NUMBER. This will also reveal the Registered agents information where we can request a w-9.

      Any change in a Name changes the entity. Chicago Manual of Styles, used and recognized worldwide.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  6. Destey never never advocates violence however our founders gave us the 2nd ammendment for good reason! Da.
    True these Ordances,Statutes,Codes are internal rules of the corperation .
    Judge William Blackstone the strongest voice for common law said when a conflict between Gods law (Bible) and mans law clash man is falliable.and is inferior Gods law is superior. Blackstones commentairies.were required reading for all common law lawyers like president Andrew Jackson.

  7. Charters are granted to corporations and incorporations by sovereign entities. 

    Research, People into what Sovereign entity granted the Charter for UNITED STATES, INC.  Research the sovereign entity that granted a charter to your local municipality.

    Research "IN GOD WE TRUST/USA INC." Look for that entity on the Pennsyvania SOS website.  All coins and paper currency are inscribed with the name of the owner, "IN GOD WE TRUST". A Pure Common law Trust.

    Only the nation states each operated by the government of the living People can create a union of said states.

    Delaware state  is part of the original union of States that chose the Name "The United States of America" This entity is created by the People of sovereign states by free will therefore although corporate due to numbers of People, sovereign in nature.  We have every right to come together now and use the name which was chosen years ago.  Doesn't matter which man or woman is the first to support it as long as it benefits all the people in the long run.

      "The United States of America" is not part of "City of London", "Wahington DC" or "Vatican City", all incorporated entities under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

    To stand and function as Fiduciary for the People is a great responsibility and if Anna accepts this responsibility then intentionally caused harm to the People she can be held accountable.  This is a Trust position.  This is not a position to take lightly.

    We have been deceived for decades if not centuries by people with intent to enslave us.

    This article is warning a small group of people.  If Anna was trying to deceive why on earth would she take the time to issue a warning? 

    People who create another "incorporation" like TROH can not possibly finish the reconstruction and put all 50 states under one sovereign union. TROH is an incorporated entity itself.  Look it up on their website.

    Most of this is simple to comprehend once you wrap your head around the deceit which has been intentionally made against us in the name of greed.  Not one single President, senator, congressman or representative that we have granted an unconditional Power of Attorney has stood for us and if they tried they were executed which amounts to very few.

    Anna can not do this work alone and there are many who work hard every day to thwart her efforts.  This is one of the first places I have been offered the truth without cost.  Facts I can look up for myself.  The issues of religious beliefs asside.  Every day I come to the conclusion all the religious "doctrine" is mind control.

    In the system that exists now we have no voice.  The People have to come together to move forward.  Do we keep what we have or take a chance on something better? 

    Fact is most people can not agree on the color of the sky so this task to repopulate the true government of the People seems impossible some days but I want something better for my daughter, sons and granddaughter and am willing to put forth an effort and trust.

    I challenge any man to bring forth indispensable evidence Anna is working to deceive us for personal gain.  No evidence, no Facts, no truth!  Goodboots, et al, shrills, bring forth the evidence or stop the libelous comments.  

    Opinion obviously is not fact.

    If in deed any man is working to turn away new people that are here starting to reeducate themselves by reading Anna's articles to incite them to follow organizations who are of the same ilk occupying our soil now, please post some substantial facts in evidence that Anna is out to cause harm.  Any man who employs critical thinking can see right through vacant libelous comments.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

  8. Just thought I would put this out there
    One of the comments below the article pretty much tells you what these people think about nationality?
    Just putting it out there is all not trying to riffle any feathers

  9. Again we see the short -sightness of Anna..!!
    What good is all this nonsense if there is NO RULE OF LAW..!!
    They are thinking 3 steps ahead of you Anna, and we will take the brunt of it if it fails...!!
    Do you realize how far down on the scale we are...!!
    Even if you were to do everything right, get all documentation correct, they will surely change the law to entrap the unwary..!!
    They have everything in place to do so after 150+ years..!!
    Actually, they have been doing this for so long that the average person has no chance..!!
    And we still have to deal with the IRS..!!
    IT is useless unless you control the money, utterly useless..!!

    Why are you trying to play God..!!
    We only have till the next election until God come back to straighten out this mess....2024 will be the last year we can straighten out this mess...then it will be armogedena..!!

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 6, 2019 at 8:48 PM

      I have to agree with James that they are at a point where they are either going to get what they want... Which isn't going to happen
      ....or they are going to just make it all go ka-blewy.
      If they can't get their way, that's all they have left.

      There are just way too many people awake. And yes, I agree with Shelby, that all of the information dumps that are waking people up are a construct too: to see who is awake, what they know and who will cooperate etcetcetc.

      But *they* are the ones who are desperate.
      They are out of time.
      They only have two choices and it doesnt look to me like they can win with either one of them.

    2. James, Good points. However I do not give it till any 2024, but next year IMO will be pure havoc, and just grow worse, no matter who wins any election, IF there even is an election.
      I just dont see how this world can last at the rate it is going. Worse, I dont see how mankind can be patient that long. We havent had any ''good progress/improvement'' in like forever, if we take a good look. All we see is a slippery slop downward IMO; everything just getting worse.

      Most of all, even IF anna and her camp of paper-filers would 'fix all the schitt they are trying to fix' - - papers will never fix the moral bankruptcy this pig trough is in anyhow. And without Morals, wallowing in gross immorality, what kind of a world do you really expect to have? Is that something you would want your families to inherit??

      I really wonder sometimes if you paper filers ever really stop to think? Y'all act as if 'papers are some cure-all' and yer gonna then just live happily ever after - - IF you can just 'wake everybody up on the planet, and get them to file all those endless papers, the world will just be hunky dorey.
      Really?? And just what do you propose to do then, about the gross immorality that is already totally out of control? Do you really think that doesnt play into the whole scheme of things? If you think that, then you are what I call ''half-baked''.

    3. Agenda 21, agenda to one government, 2021 after they stage the next selection of humpty dumpty
      Lining all up with bible prophecy
      Sept 2017 the great sign in heaven in revelations, 3 1/2 years takes you to 2020 selection and in to 2021
      That's why they have to have 5G put up and fast because it is the banking cartels cashless society chip everyone on the planet for social credit and universal basic income - that is for those left standing and who agree to their madness

    4. Thats why they took out 7 countries in 5 years so they could set up their banking scheme and keep it going, the survivors of course will get the rewritten history and pay the debt of those that died trying to save their nation and people
      I think this is where ring around the rosies (rosecricians) comes from IMO Georgia Guidestones, GG = 77 also they were put up by someone named RC Christian (rosecricians)
      And round and round they go until they get to their ultimate prize world order and world government by the very crooks who killed anyone and anything that got in their way for thousands of years

    5. Shelby, the time clock is ticking closer, but that 3 1/2 yr. period did NOT start in 2017. And neither has the other half ....for a total of 7 very long and horrific years, called the Tribulation....which BTW will be totally ruled by the world dictator called the anti christ. He will rule as his title indicates, a society/world that is totally devoid of anything that is Godly. (this is how God is going to give people exactly what they wanted - a world free of God. Then they will get to see how they like it.)
      Everyone will know when that 7 yrs. period begins. They wont have to read all the guessing about it.

  10. I am asking for any valid evidence anywhere that I have ever insited any kind of violence. Will the evidence be posted? Or will all I hear be crickets chirping? Well?

    Trump complied with the last orders I issued to him. The 1871 act was terminated on June 6th 3 weeks after he received them. Serial Brain 2 (military intelligence) confirmed it with 3 videos.

    Guess I may issue more orders to Trump next month. There is a reason why Trump executes the orders I issue to him. Few people will understand how and why this is so. It may be due to something I did right that others are are scared to acknowledge. After all, I am nothing more than an educated welder fabricator and truck mechanic who learned to think.

    Enough rambling here. I want evidence posted as requested above.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 7, 2019 at 5:44 AM

      Any competent mechanic has my respect! Glad you are on the blog commenting...

      1. By what authority do you give orders to the CRIMINAL Corporation's president?
      2. Is that the capacity you were speaking to him in?--him being the Corpses Pres.
      3. In what capacity were you, yourself, speaking when you gave the orders to him?
      4. Are you presuming to speak for me, a publicly declared true, native American state national who is not presently a part of your organization? (I have Cancelled All POAs and all presumption of same.)
      5. [or] Does your order to DJT only apply to the people who are in the Mich Assembly?

      We're all busy, so if you could just point me to where I could find the answers to these questions on your website, I'd appreciate it.
      I've been on there before.

      In general, I'd like to know more about the authorities and capacities used in your issuance of your orders to the Corpses Pres.

      Thank you!

      jan-marie on bluebird acre

    2. Destry, if you have such a hotline to Trump why don't you "order" him to stop his gun control criminality before he starts a civil war on American soil, because that will surely happen if they try to go house to house to confiscate guns using their so called "red flag laws".
      Go ahead. Prove to us all that you have that kind of power. We are waiting.

      Humpty Dumpty pardons
      He must be remembered by those in the 'community' come 'selection' time

      You see they put the goy in jail and they have no resources and destroy the family while this group here has special arrangements for their kind
      15,000 incarcerated compared to millions of others and these ones get special treatment including their kosher meals and religious exceptions

      And cereal for brains and his Q post which all come from the IBM Q super computer and his decoding is more babylonian bullshit

      CERN is the super computer and Q is artificial intelligence leading everyone around by the nose


      The first link in the blog above for audience reduced to cattle
      Third link confiscation stage before big bang
      This would be the UN plan to disarm the cattle before leading them off to the slaughter houses
      Confiscation of the beach front property and everything else on the planet as well


    4. Don't even know if it is Destry even posting the comment
      Could very well be a bot

    5. They have armies of people making videos to steer the masses in to complacency and cereal for brains is one of them
      While humpty dumpty declares more land off limts to the human cattle, they frack the hell out of the US and contaminate the fresh water table and or reroute the fresh water to special people in the know like this couple here in California
      who by the way use more water than the entire city of Los Angeles
      They also promote war with I r a n because they want ot be the worlds largest producer and supplier of pistacios
      How about some almond milk or some halo oranges
      Meet the wonderful company who is stealing the water from all of California for themselves while they put water restrictions on everyone else
      See how this is working


    6. Shelby it doesn't need to be an AI kind of bot, it is more likely to be a "two hands bot" that isn't busy enough and needs some attention.

      Doesn't have to be Destry, but if it is Destry then someone isn't busy enough either up in Alaska now supposedly.

      Very juvenile mindset and low quality communication skills, craves attention.

      Isn't this world great!

    7. I agree with Paul on this. Tman promised to keep our right to bear arms and self defense; but his actions have been the opposite and by his timidity in pressing to keep his Promise, will lead to civil war. If people are made defenseless, then NONE of this other stuff will even matter.

    8. Abby I agree with your observation that filing paperwork shouldn't be required to correct fraudulent assumptions in commerce. What is done can be undone the same way. It was done to the public by decree basically, clearly with the intent to commit fraud. Consent was manufactured through omission of facts of the presumed contract. This is why they were quick to talk up the idea of the "social contract" years ago, you don't hear much about it now. You were in a contract with the government that agreed to be your "sugar daddy" and look after you. Another fraud.

      The presence of fraud is supposed to instantly invalidate a presumed agreement. Except in this case? Huh?

      The guilty parties are jumping hoops now to position it otherwise, that there was consent of the public.

      Anna has described many examples of that. Guilty as charged, they are trying to have it both ways now to avoid recompense. What a bunch of stand-up guys and gals huh? Judgement is only for those with no dog in the race, the small people.

      We find ourselves hostage to the idea that we have been reduced to operating in commerce. That was done to allow corporations to rule by proxy and pretend that they were of the people. It's the only way the Vatican could get things done.

      The maximums of commerce apply, but now that people are clued in, the other side is dragging their feet. They assumed that we were too stupid to find out. They found out otherwise and they need to be introduced to the idea of consequences. Karma if you like.

      We hear all the time that there are rules of the creator that are to be observed. Do no harm basically. We also hear that even the other side runs up against rules, fraud and deception being one of them. So we are told that we are agreeing to be abused which absolves them of their responsibility, yet they are attracting a karma of their actions. The psychopaths that they are, they don't like it one bit.

      We are also dealing with the frailties of the mind. The supposed Destry post is of psychopathic delusion actually the way it is offered. Trump may have started out with good intentions, we will never know the truth probably. He sounded good on the campaign trail and in the debates with Hillary but did do 180 degree spin as soon as he won. Trump doesn't look like the man now, your comment is really the acid test of which side he is on. And it doesn't look good.

    9. Will, I am reminded of the well known law and document people sign when a salesman calls on them at their home, and they buy the product being sold. The Law in my State says that even though we signed that Contract with them (say it was for siding for your house ) we still have 3 Days in which we can still change our mind, having been perhaps caught up in excitement or emotion, but upon Second Thought decided it is debt we really cant afford to take on. So we can lawfully cancel that contract.

      And so now, when we apply that scenario to ''all these things they try to say we agreed to - even though we didnt even know about any of it at ALL - then it stands to reason - among reasonable /logical thinking people - that ALL of THESE would also be automatically Null and Void. Period.

      I mean, it really is just about the most foolish thing we've ever heard of, isnt it? The PTB's trying to even fathom that we the People agreed to all their nonsense when we signed nothing, and didnt even know about any of it?

      It really is just about the biggest insult to our intelligence if you really stop and think about it LOL. And so in view of this reasoning, for anyone to tell me I ''have to'' file papers to undo something that is IMO fraudulent and null and void from the get-go;to undo fantom 'contracts' that dont even exist, IMO.

      (right, left, right, left, right, left.......HALT!)

    10. I don't quite understand the logic of some of Anna's ideas.

      That the people are victims of "identity fraud" and that needs to be corrected by filing papers. On the face of things it seems reasonable I suppose. The issue I see is that the problem and the solution are not symmetrical in response.

      If we are fraudulently "captured" by doing nothing, the onus is on us to "un-capture" ourselves? It is clear by observing the evidence of the capture that it was with intent to commit fraud. In any other contractual relationship should that not be immediately null and void as you said? To make things worse, we are explicitly operating under the maxims of commerce, thus contract should apply vigorously. By filing papers they might let a certain percentage escape to not raise any alarms, but eventually the doors will have to be bolted shut if too many people try to exercise remedy. At that point all bets are off and you find out which of them is swimming naked when the tide goes out.

      Anyone today who isn't aware of what is going on would scoff at the idea that you need to protect yourself from the government. Yet when America was being founded there was a much greater appreciation of the fact that yes you had to protect yourself from the government too. The people that they were trying to get away from.

      That sensitivity and awareness has been scrubbed out of successive generations so that they don't recognize it anymore.

      The the fraudsters pretending to be a dejure government of course remember it, and it is a fraud that to them never grows old, they never forget, and it is always in style. This is a disgrace.

      It is truly staggering how anything legitimate happens in this world in the face of the astounding amount of fraud that exists and is practiced and perfected.

      It has been thus for a very long time and is a tough yoke to shake off and has probably been a big anchor around our necks since forever virtually.

    11. To Destry from Anna:

      People who were present who were concerned about the suggestion of violence came to me and said, "What do we do? We want to Assemble our State of the Union and get back on track, but we want nothing to do with any violence or contingency planning. That's what got Schaeffer Cox in trouble!." So why don't you ask them? You are the one scaring people. And misleading them about the political status they need to adopt in order to assemble an actual State of the Union, too.

      The only legitimate "State of State" organizations have to be formed by the States, thus the necessity of forming the States first. This is not rocket science.

      Can you create a "State of Florida" without a "Florida"? No! So why is is such news that you have to Assemble the State before you can create a State of State and that this step-by-step process is what needs to be done to end the Reconstruction?

      Until you get your head wrapped around the facts, and the people in Fairbanks do the paperwork to declare their status as Alaskans and as Americans, there is no seat for them in any office of State government and no place for them in the Federation, either.

      It frosts me that I have to explain and explain and explain something so obvious. Do you think people from England are authorized to run our actual government? So why would you think that "US Citizens" are authorized to run our actual State Governments?

      Trump isn't following anyone's "Orders" ---- he is following his own good sense once he is advised of situations that need attention. He appears to follow plenty of my directions, but then, I give him good solid information that he can rely on. And he takes action accordingly.

      As for Trump supposedly following your "Order" to "terminate" the Act of 1871, that Act was repealed in 1874.

      I rest my case.

      Destry, you simply don't have the knowledge to do this. And you are being stubborn and not listening to those who do, which is causing trouble for everyone concerned.

    12. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 8, 2019 at 8:47 PM

      "I am asking for any valid evidence anywhere that I have ever insited any kind of violence. Will the evidence be posted? Or will all I hear be crickets chirping? Well?"

      What is the EVIDENCE that "Destry" was inciting violence?

      None has been provided.

      It sounds like someone is spreading around something potentially damaging to someone else ("Destry")with no PROOF.

      Would you all want that to be you? No, you would not!

      Does he deserve to know what someone is saying about him that could damage him or his reputation?

      Does he, DO *YOU* deserve an opportunity to answer?

      Would you want to know what you supposedly said if someone was spreading around something like that about you? Undoubtedly, "yes" to all three questions.

      Maybe they just misunderstood what was being said, or took it the wrong way, or maybe someone just doesn't like him.

      Exactly what is this man supposed to have said?

      He deserves to know and so do we.
      It was brought to us. We need PROOF.

      This is the whole problem with a Stasistyled tattletale system like what we are dealing with now...
      I.e., someone makes an accusation about you and its taken as an actual event. With no proof. And you are prevented from even knowing what someone said. Or who said it.

      Does this send a chill through anyone's else's veins?

      If some, like me, then insists on PROOF OF THE CLAIM, they are lambasted, attacked, and maybe even told to leave the discussion.
      This should not be.


      I say again, "Perception" management is MIND CONTROL.

      Admiralty operates on: you are guilty if someone says you are. So does commerce.


      ITS EVIL.

      We are free, sovereign, and independent men and women living under authority of the laws of nature and of its creator as per the DeclarofIndep.

      What did he say?
      Let the people decide if he was right or wrong since its been brought before the people.

  11. For some reason I cannot c/p a link into the comments here with my Galaxy S10+ android phone. And I am not a bot!
    As for my standing, it comes from my Act of State created by Clyde Edward Powell which is internationally certified and state authenticated, a Copyright on the UCC legal entity, and a series of unrebutted global and local notices published since 2011. Who do you think stopped Obama from invading Syria with boots on the ground on September 10th 2013? I was one of those who did it. The rebuttal can be read on nesaranews. The video record of Obama's request to invade can be viewed on YouTube for the same date.

    The post proving my orders to Trump are in the National Assembly forums posted under Notices and Announcements section. Anna herself published an article criticizing the notice. After many questioned her on the criticism of the notice, she never said anything about it again. In the post on the forums are the 3 videos confirming Trump going to the UK and Britain to void the Act of 1871. Yes many states endorced and concurred with the orders, but the orders were of my writing.
    Many times I become inspired to write documents in the middle of the night. Where the inspiration comes from, I can make a good guess.

    Notice that all my claims I make are backed with references. Too bad nobody else can supply references to back their claims with validity.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 7, 2019 at 7:15 PM

      Destry, thank you for the info.
      If you get a chance to answer:
      Do your orders apply only to the people who have joined the Michigan Assembly?
      ... Seems to me like it would...
      In other words, you are only speaking for yourself and the people in your Assembly and not for others. Correct?

  12. And for you Paul~
    You should know the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with the any of us. That is between the states and the federal level on the de jure side that remains mostly vacant. Each state has a constitution with their own clause dealing with arms. That is between the people and the de jure states.
    And since when does the foreign corporation abide by a Constitution? The foreign corporation has their U.S. code and State OF STATE code they use that has nothing to do with the people. This is why many administrators (judges) demand that people do not bring the Constitution into their courtrooms.

    1. And...
      Due to what I cited above and to answer your request for that particular order to Trump, I cannot interfere or trespass with the internal workings of that foreign corporation and their fictions. Someone invented the term "Firearm" then created many codes around it. Then the foreign corporation through propaganda trained the dumbed down public to think arms are firearms when they are not. The right to arms has never been challenged. Only the peoples ignorance has been used with fictions that have nothing to do with the people. Reference the Rod Class DC gun case for further clarification.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 7, 2019 at 8:03 PM

      "This is why many administrators (judges) demand that people do not bring the Constitution into their courtrooms."

      We could also actually say "This is why they have no business dragging the people INTO their courtrooms.".... Do you agree?

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 7, 2019 at 8:23 PM

      Also Destry,

      What UCC legal entity is copyrighted?

      Your standing comes FROM your Act of State?

      What Act of State did you do?
      Which State?/ Michigan?
      How did the Act you did give you standing?
      (It sounds like the Act gave you standing to do the Act, but I'm sure that's not right!
      Would you mind clarifying? Thank you!)

    4. Ok so as per your statement
      'I cannot interfere or trespass with the internal workings of that foreign corporation and their fictions'
      You cannot interfere but on the other hand you can give the CEO of the US COPORATION orders to comply with?
      Again I see good boots asking questions and Destry not giving answers or examples of 'what he did right' to help everyone else
      Destry could enlighten all of us to 'what he did right' but?
      Sounds more like the delphi technique to me

    5. You also didn't mention that his presumed authority is also vested in a series of notices published everywhere apparently, for which no rebuttal was received thus according to the maxims of commercial law they stand.

      Hmmm...not so much. Dude we can ALL do that. In fact, look up Unam Sanctam for a really capital example.

    6. goodboots said:

      "We could also actually say "This is why they have no business dragging the people INTO their courtrooms.".... Do you agree?"

      Yes...that is a more succinct way of expressing things. And it you want a real adventure start waving your birth certificate around. They will all start putting on hazmat radiation suits.

    7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 8, 2019 at 9:32 AM

      "And it you want a real adventure start waving your birth certificate around."


      And how about waving your mother's private hand written records of your natural nativity around in the other hand!!
      Just asking. :):):)

    8. Yes, I do believe that might get someone's attention. Might not be the kind of attention you had in mind, but what the heck :)

    9. In the interest of further clarification, do y'all remember in the Titanic movie where the male romantic lead stood up on the front end of the ship (yes I know there is an actual name for it...not a sailor) and yelled "I am the King of the World"?

      And do you further remember that the female romantic lead did not rebut his proclamation by saying "Come down from there you dork, you are clearly full of sheep dung, you're just some ratbag kid from Wisconsin7" or something similar?

      All the Pope(s), the Queens, Kings, every major and minor monarchical minion since time began...and also Destry, believe that by saying it then it is so. Welcome to false claims in commerce. So get out the popcorn and enjoy the ride.

    10. I've read that you should carry the birth certificate with you at all times, it is the bond
      I am the creator of that instrument, it is a recorded event
      It is not for identification purposes nor as an ID
      I am the soul beneficiary and shareholder of my corp(oration)
      I am the general executor of the account
      I Do Not CONsent
      Others have noted that you write to your attorney general and advise you have arrived on the scene and that you no longer require their services

      Just heard that last night they had the entire Dallas Toll way on shutdown, DUI checkpoints, no movement in any direction

      Now this is the highway that is part of the NAFTA deal and it is owned and operated by a foreign corporation and all tolls from that tollway are paid to a foreign entity

      And guess whos names are on these roads
      LBJ and George Bush, both toll ways, roads already paid for are now toll roads and all proceeds go to a foreign entity for the next 50 years
      And the 9 1 1 con mayor of new york is front and center along with Bush to make billions on the NAFTA and free trade deals (their green new deals)

    11. The so called representatives of Canada are also in on the deals as I am sure that Mexico chosen ones are also

    12. The birth certificate is evidence of the fraud, which is why it has the status of kryptonite to the bad guys. It is actually a death certificate because the named entity is dead according to the rules due to the use of the all caps name. Did you register a dead corpse after a name that sounds similar to your name (see Chicago Manual of Styles) after yourself? You didn't? Well then, who did if it wasn't you? That is why it is not a form of ID (from their perspective) either. It is toxic to them in court, which is why they don't want to see it.

    13. Will please share more!! Do you listen to Romley Stewerts videos? You made a very valid point on the BC because the wording is in Epitaph. Thanks. Sherry Elizabeth

    14. Will, kid you not, I know someone that was put in jail for a short time but before the entity could be released from jail they had to provide the institution with a copy of the birth certificate!!!

      Now think about that, they put the subject in jail without the birth certificate but the subject could not be released until they provided a copy of their birth certificate??

      That is so they could attach the debt to the certificate and the subject has no idea what just took place, undisclosed

    15. This is another instance

      Birth certificate is the beneficial interest
      Produce a copy to the prosecutor
      This is not for indentification purposes
      This is evidence for my beneficial interest
      I hearby release my interest to you to settle this matter

      You actually hold stock in the US CORPORATION That bond

      Will, I could be wrong here so chime in if you would

    16. My instincts tell me this strawman psyop was to make us all beLIEve that we were bonded slaves through the birth certificate

      But in reality we are actually US CORPORATION stock holders

      The stocks they are operating in our names are truly ours not theirs but they trick us in to thinking that they have the control?

      The birth certificate is your passport - you can pass from port to port and dock that vassal anywhere

      Will, please chime in here
      good boots too

    17. Yes Skully I do follow Romley Stewart he is a great researcher and has a great delivery style. You have to look everywhere to find nuggets of truth.

      So Shelby I am not an expert, but I have been digging at this for a long time. Some people don't care, but I want to know the truth about the condition of mankind that we find ourselves operating in. The whole truth, the good and the ugly. We have to grow spiritually and the truth is a good place to start. We have to evaluate the conditions that we find ourselves in and seek to improve.

      The birth certificate is a bond, it is printed on bond paper and has a cusip number that can be tracked. As a security it can be traded on the "open markets" and I read somewhere that we are bonded in event that they harm any of us. They know the rules, even they have the creator to deal with.

      They can harm us by kidnapping and forcibly confining us without our consent if we have done no harm in natural law. Do whatever you want just do no harm. Seems simple enough.

      Everything operates in commerce to allow corporations that are chartered by the Vatican, to exert power over us by proxy through the mechanism of contract. If you are in jail it is because you didn't reject an offer of contract to go to jail, you are there by consent. If they want to send you to jail for an infraction of statute or misdemeanor for which there is no injured party, then you are there because you agree to.

      Well actually, remember the "Get out of jail free" card in Monopoly? That was a subtle message from the creator of the game. Since everything is in commerce, even what we call crime is commercial. That means there is a dollar value on everything, including what we call crime, law and justice.

      The system was purposely setup that way by proxy to trick us through Babylonian word magik.

      So when you see young punk rich kids get out of trouble, it is because Daddy has the financial resources to pay the money. It's pay to play man, it's not personal honey, it's just business! The judge has to bring home the hardware for his wife all the time and spoil her or she just isn't interested in him. So what's a guy to do? Somebody has to finance my lifestyle and today in my court it's gonna be you punk, so pay up! LOL That may be a little too much truth but it happens every single day and no it is not fair.

      When the judge says at the end of the sentencing "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" That is the overture of an offer of contract to go to jail.

      We should be saying "yeah f-you this is shite dude I don't consent to any of this crap, I am rejecting your offer of contract to be in jail, and I will sue your arses off asap"

      Well maybe he should not say it quite as punk-ass as that. But you get the drift. And they will kill you if it suits their interests, and they will kill their own if it suits their interests also. There is a famous story about a judge who ruled with a defendant in a case in the late 60's that the bank had no right to foreclose on his house, and some of the ugly inner workings of banking were exposed, and that judge was whacked by the fellas afterwards. It's a grim state of affairs.

    18. Shelby yes your comment about needing a birth certificate to be released from jail was about charging the account for the "benefit/privilege" of being unlawfully confined for doing nothing wrong. "You had a roof over your head and 3 square meals a day didn't you?" "That shite don't come free, pay up."

      In their sick world, being kidnapped and confined against your will is a benefit as a slave. Commerce at work here along with a frightening imagination.

    19. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 8, 2019 at 10:48 PM

      This is the second comment that has disappeared today at around the preview point.

      Shelby, I think you are onto something there, that the people are STOCK/*BOND* HOLDERS in the US CORPORATION.
      Remember awhile back when we were all talking about how they now send the DEBT copy of the BCert and keep the Credit copy for themselves?
      I have a feeling your pulling on a thread that is going to unravel all that perhaps.

      If you had the Debt certificate copy you would be the Slave would you not?
      And if you had the Creditor copy, you would be the creditor/BOND holder would you not?
      So, what if they just secretly, as usual, KEPT the Creditor copy for themselves and send you the Debtor copy?
      Then you go trotting into theirtribunal with the Debtor copy and they throw your a$$ in jail and people can't figure out what happened.
      Don't they? Unless you know their game and tell them that you know you're the Beneficiary and know you should have the Creditor copy... And tell them more than that too. Like really let them know you know what is going on. Then,even that may not help. They are admitted CRIMINALS and LIARS...hr3166ss2b,1996.

      So, like you said to me a very long time ago for me to watch out for which copy they sent me because it might be the wrong one.

      I think it was because it was the white copy and just a photocopy: not on bond paper, so it is not *THE* BOND?
      They must have kept the Creditor BOND copy for themselves and sent me Debtor Slave copies.
      Very interesting

      We'll get this filthy lie sorted out eventually.

    20. The certificate of live birth that I received when I ordered is on bonded blue watercolor paper
      My name appears in upper and lower case letters
      The berth was registered on 8/10 not my actual date of birth
      The berth of the creditor is the date of register not your actual 'birth'day
      The SSN belongs to the debtor and so does the birth date - the all caps name
      So you see what they have taught us is that the day we were born, we celebrate our birth and they laugh all the way to the bank because they have, through fraud, made you the debtor
      According to their rules my creditor vessal was berthed on 8/10 not my actual birth date
      The reason they want the birth certificate to get out of jail is because they need to know the registration date of the 'bond' so they can get at the creditor account is my take on it
      So they bring charges, the SSN might be on there, date of birth, all caps name, etc etc etc, everything they taught you is yours but technically it is not
      From now on as the creditor of me I will no longer use the SSN nor the birth date I will use the 8/10 date
      Hope this makes sense
      This leads me to why are people filing this paperwork claiming to be the debtor then reassigning everything back to munch head - are they not giving their credit accounts back to those who stole them in the first place - you still are not the creditor if you have to ask people for donations for the cause??
      I've said it before you need to get the Live Born RECORD not the birth certificate
      Their services departments will not send you the Live Born RECORD they will always send you the certificate, just like they do for your car, certificate of title
      The state is the service provider and DEPT OF VITAL STATISTICS is also a service provider, they provide the service they have been TAUGHT which is to send you the certificate and not the LIVE BORN RECORD
      My opinions

    21. Note that the person named on your BC is You, along with the actual Date of your/our entry into this world. Our Birth Date is the original and is older than what 'they' use which is the Date Registered, always days, weeks or even a month AFTER your/our actual Birth.
      This makes US the original and First Owner of ourSelves. During that short interval of Time between our actual first Whaaaa and the date they register us at the County/State Health Dept. we are NOT under those tyrants and are Free. It is only when they register us that we become enslaved...or so they try to make us think so, lol. Again no full disclosure. Null and void IMO.
      So then WE were First and have First dibs on our Selves.

    22. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 11:38 AM

      "This leads me to why are people filing this paperwork claiming to be the debtor then reassigning everything back to munch head - are they not giving their credit accounts back to those who stole them in the first place - you still are not the creditor if you have to ask people for donations for the cause??"

      My own private answer to that is that it doesn't matter what they do or say, they don't have an INITIATING contract with us!
      Its all garbage.
      Its all moot. Lying. Fraud.
      This is part of what MIND CONTROL is...
      ...they lead us mentally into "believing" what they say is valid by making it *seem* like we have to do something or answer them or defend our property, rights, and statuses when we actually don't!
      But they will stop at nothing. They are criminals. They enforce the fraud upon us with violence and force if we dare to object.

      As you keep saying, "They are ALL *ACTORS*".
      There is no truth to what they are saying. They're making it all up as a pretense for stealing from us and damaging us. They know that. And they don't care. They are ADMITTED thieves: LouisTMcFadden, 1933;
      they are ADMITTED liars, H.R.3166 ss 2b.

      What more do they need to do?


      And in doing so, they are rubbing it like shit in our faces.

      What more do they need to do?

    23. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 12:00 PM

      Abby, excellent! explanation of the time between our natural nativity day and their UNDISCLOSED registration/ Berth Date of us *as* [as *if* we are] their Vessles/their chattel in commerce that they "gifted" to us for us to maintain... That few of us ever "acknowledge and accepted" and therefore THEIR creations are THEIR property for THEM to maintain/other.

    24. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 12:27 PM

      And while were pulling down the Corporation's constructs:
      Richard Mack seems like a wonderful man, inside and out. But there is no such thing as a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF.
      More malarkey!!

      More MIND CONTROL IMO = trying to "manage" our "perceptions".

      ...Where is "Sheriff" ever mentioned in the Constitution? As I've said before, it ISN'T IN THERE!

      Those Sheriffs are all Corporate Employees that have absolutely NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY OVER ANY AMERICAN STATE NATIONAL!! They are Corporate employees who do not have a contract with us.
      Same with "State Troopers"! Corporate Employees. No contract with us. Standing armies, on our land and soil. Pitting American against American for pay IMO. Lots of well-meaning people "being used", too, IMO.

    25. goodboots, I have a legit question for you: In view of the Fact that we all had that interim period of time between our actual entry into the world.......and ''their' stated Date.........doesnt that make us ALL natural born American Nationals to begin with? (so then what's to correct?)

    26. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 5:21 PM

      To me, yes it does mean we are all American state nationals.

      I have been forced by the Corporation to respond to them about a number of issues under threat of "punishment".
      When they harass you like that, you are FORCED under COERSION, threat, duress, and more unlawful conduct by them to deal with them.

      That is done to "trick" you into their jurisdiction. Which they have not done to me. Except criminally, with my notices given to them that they were acting criminally upon me-- all video recorded by their own cameras. That and other things preserves my claims against them.

      So, what I did was to Cancel All Presumption/ assumption / claim / actual or other Powers of Attorney.
      They are working on Presumption.
      So I extinguished all Presumption, as well as all those other claims they might make.

    27. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 5:22 PM

      I corrected my political status of Record, having never received full or even meaningful partial disclosure regarding the difference between being an American state national and a US citizen/artificial legal person.

      Also that I have never NOT claimed all of my property, rights and statuses and so on and that I am under authority of the laws of nature and of nature's creator and that i am under authority and protections of the American common law trust/other known as the Declaration of Independence; and am also under American traditional non-militia common law authority as it follows after the other three: being one of the free, sovereign, and independent living people and so on;
      I specifically included claiming my physical body since that is the "contents" of the "Trusts": for non-disclosure and "fraud"; plus all of my intellectual property and much.much.more,-- all "from the very beginning and before."

      Also, I waived all benefits, privileges or presumptions thereof, connected with being a US citizen/person. And more.
      I also relieved them of any and all duties, or presumptions, etc. Of duties, that they are functioning as my trustee, guardian, conservator. Etc. Or that they or anyone else is a co-beneficiary with me.
      And much much more.

      I also told them I am aware that they are an admitted criminal organization, LouisTMcFadden, 1933, James Trafficant, 1993 and others, and that all claims that I would ever voluntarily join their criminal organization are false claims
      That I the living woman have a superior claim to all other claims and if someone believes they have a claim superior to mine I now call them to and place them under DEMAND to enter proof of their claim onto the Record, just like I am doing with mine!

      I preserved my right to change anything I was Recording since they are admitted liars, hr3166ss2b,1996 and I have no way of knowing the truth when they have legislated that they can lie to me.

      I got this from someone on the internet:
      told them: I have nothing in my possession known to me showing proof that I am obligated to them.
      Also from someone else: That I have never authorized them to use my private property in commerce;
      and they are under DEMAND to enter the INITIATING contract onto the Record, or the Declaration of War since they claim to be able to use Admiralty on us, even though we have an exemption being American state nationals.

      So much more.
      I have already lawfully notified their boss, william pelham Barr, of all of this and "notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent."

      Nothing much seems to stop them because they are stupid suvkkng criminals who are parasitic losers engorging their worthless selves on what belongs to the people. but I have HUGE, YYYYYYUGE claims against them through william pelhzm barr if they do not lawfully enter a lawful INITIATING contract onto the Record, lawfully.. just as I have done!

      All IMO, ONLY!! This is NOT legal advise, but is just mere chitchat among blog friends regarding my private opinion.

      None of what I have written above can be claimed or copyrighted by anyone; it belongs to me alone and is all held lawfully by me under American traditional and other common law copyrights and other protections. Any living man or woman is welcome to use it for free for their own private or public papers as long as they assume full risk and obligation for doing so, on their own, as I am not responsible for what anyone, besides me, does.

    28. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 5:36 PM


      "but I have HUGE, YYYYYYUGE claims against them through william pelhzm barr if they do not lawfully enter a lawful INITIATING contract onto the Record, lawfully.. just as I have done!"

      SHOULD BE:
      "through william *pelham* barr if they do not lawfully enter a lawful INITIATING contract onto the Record, lawfully.. just as I have *lawfully entered my lawful superior claims and so forth* "!

      Abby, I would appreciate your prayers on all this theft of my property and regarding my claims for my deceased mother's mistreatments and also for myself and my protection!

  13. SHELBY!!!! LOL you have me laughing so much I like your way of communicating tell it Sister....oh and my 2 cents is that
    "Q" is the queenie having her last hurrah and thumping peoples imaginations LOL sherry elizabeth

  14. Abby have you ever heard of the Book Of Enoch? I guess you must not because you are acting like we have to wait before it gets much worse LOL and we ARE and have been in the tribulation period since Babylon and we are still being ruled by those wicked Watchers that Enoch wrote about and the good news is....their TIME IS UP they and all the unthankful and haters of Almighty The Lord of Spirits get to be utterly REMOVED and Mother Earth is going to be rejoicing just as I am because Tick Tock its so very late on the clock for those evil babylon merchants peace to you all Sherry Elizabeth

    1. Skully, have you ever read the book of Revelation? I guess not, or you would realize the Tribulation has not yet even begun. And yes it is going to get a whole lot worse than anyone has even imagined, in fact the bible tells us that ''mens hearts will be failing them for what they see coming upon the earth''.
      You would also know that the 7 Seals of destruction upon this earth have not yet been opened.
      I will not post all that long scripture which is the 6th Chapter of Rev., but as a bit of proof that you or anyone can relate to, the 6th Seal involves a 'great earthquake and the sun becomes black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon becomes as blood.

      So even with that little tidbit, it should be very obvious that the Great Trib has yet to come (and in the near future IMO.)
      As well, scripture tells us that the Trib period will last 7 yrs. no more and no less. What is being seen right now is just the leading up TO that period in Time.
      So for those that think its past tense and 'now about to turn to the good part' .....sorry,but you are absolutely mistaken. In fact have you not heard about the antichrist ruling for that period of time? And that he will be totally demonic thru and thru?
      We would have to say that there is no ''good news' in that at all. But it is at the very end of that 7 yrs. that the Son of God Returns and puts an end to it all, and takes over and Rules his Kingdom on earth......minus all that is ungodly.......and I do mean all.....including all deceptions, lies, and all story-telling and fantasies.
      (that tick tock is the clock telling us that the SHTF is nearing its beginning)

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 8, 2019 at 8:11 PM

      Abby, I had meant to comment to you before now. I had comm. to Shelby that I agreed with her that God doesn't do this sh!te!!

      You made a comm. that more or less, said, "Yes, he does."
      Correction on my part;
      As you know already, I too believe that he DOES; I should have added in my comm to Shelby "he doesn't do these things to those that belong to him."

      He does do these things to evil people tho. Agree, 100%.

    3. goodboots, I too should clarify that He does these things, horrific things, to those that are not His Children; evil folks....and unfortunately that includes those that do those things which are UNgodly, but it includes those who simply agree with those that do UNgodly things.
      For example, even tho one would not have an abortion themselves, but are in total agreement with it, are just as guilty as those that Do have such a procedure. That is Gods view on things.
      What can be very 'ticklish' is one who has a job which involves them to withhold information they know their 'customer or client' should be told, or goes along with things they know are not right just for the sake of keeping their job; or other 'little dishonesties' - - those folks are in a position I would not want to be in. Just sayin' for the sake of those that think its just ''all these tyrants who are guilty'.
      I guess thats where the script. comes in which says 'for what does it profit a man if he gains the whole whole world, but loses his own soul'. (that is, 'at the cost of losing his soul')

      All in all, scripture makes it clear there are basically two different kinds of people; those he terms righteous and those he calls the unrighteous; those who are his children and those who are not; and the outcome is quite different for each group.

      For Shelby: The decayed state that this world is in has gotten this way because of Man's doing, not by His Design or Plan. So it is Man who is to blame, but the consequences of such bad actions is going to come from God; in fact is already dished out periodically, as a warning, but which Mankind does not heed. We can somewhat suspect this by the mere fact that He has done nothing to stop those incidences.
      And this I can tell you: Man has taken this world beyond the point of return or repair, now. And no man or group of mankind is going to repair it. I know you dont want to hear that, but it is Time to realize this. Yes, we do our daily tasks and take care of our own affairs as best we can, we dont just sit around and do nothing, but the 'Mission' so many are on now, is like fighting WW3 with a wet noodle. That is what it amounts to. The only remedy is JC; there is NO other solution. All of your sought after answers are right in 'The Book'. Set it in front of you, Ask the Father to give you true Understanding, seeking earnestly for the Truth, and since it is late in the Hour now, start at the end of the Book and work your way backwards toward the front and stay in the new testament. This will be much more profitable than all the other research you are doing.
      Just sayin'

    4. Abby I gotta say that was very eloquently and thoughtfully said on your part. I don't know that I see things entirely your way, but you are putting yourself out there and being real right now and offering your perspective on it.

      This blog isn't always conducive to discussion and debate in ways that move things forward. Many people are reluctant to put themselves out there, but I will tell you this is the kind of thing that self-governance is made of. Or should be. Finding out what is real and what is not, and what matters and what doesn't. That's how you build a world people want to be in. And part of.

      There is a lot that is wrong and has been wrong with this world, and for a very long time. The evil is mind boggling. There are many, many good people I don't think that has changed or will ever change. But the super small percentage of people that are determined to make this a hellish experience for as many of us as possible, is also boggling.

      It doesn't have to be like this, the doom and gloom. We don't have to succumb to it. It is not a forgone conclusion that we aren't capable of better. But there are a lot of souls that don't belong here.

      John Lennon was known to have said "what if they gave a war and no-one came"? What if we all boycott is what he was suggesting. Just say no to war. Just give peace a chance. Let the chicken-hawks (who are all for war as long as somebody else goes off and loses their life) do it.

      Men and women of good conscience can just say no it's not good enough for this experience on this planet at this time.

      We now know that we have war because it is profitable. And why is it so hard to do the right thing in this world? Why does it have to be profitable for us to do the right thing? I know the answer actually, it is all about commerce. It's all about money. To make it about that is to miss the opportunity to grow as souls and spirits and really do the right things.

      And what about control? Who in their right mind feels the need to control everything and everyone? To the point of obsession. Cause that's what it is. Obsession. Who wants that, where are they? Why are they?

      Who can stand by and watch hundreds of millions of people in this world suffer. For kicks basically. The thrill of the game. It is beyond sick and we are capable of much more than that. We are infinitely creative, gifted people.

      Oppression is how they get us to want to argue and fight and kill each other off. Play one group off against another. For kicks...

      Is this all there is? Is this really the best that we can do?

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 7:10 PM

      Will for President of the true and actual t/T u/United States of America!!! :):):)

    6. Will, Ive asked some of the same questions. Like, who in their right mind would have to aim to control other people, and why? What is wrong with such mentally slanted folks? Well, I dont even want to get into their heads, but I can assume they feel some shortcoming in themselves that makes them feel 'if they can get control of some others, then they will cure then they can finally feel important; as important as they (falsely) feel they need to be or should be.
      And who needs to be the ''bestest and the mostest' or above others? Whats up with that? Geesh, such people need to go find something they are good at, and then find something further they can accomplish.....even if nobody else realizes it. Its about learning to love ones self, in a level headed manner. They need to stop always seeking accolades; if you're just a decent person, somebody is gonna remember you for something.
      My mom would now be 106 years old, died in her 60's, and I am remembering her homemade apple strudel. And how she had the house smelling so clean of Lysol every Friday when we came home from school. I looked forward to that. See what I mean?

      People who get a kick out of the suffering and torture of others? Well, they have lost their souls, and have hearts of stone; very sick reprobates, children of hell. And we have just way too many of them, all seeming to be in positions of power. They are incurable, and therein lies the ills of our sick society. But their days are now running out; there are consequences for evil actions, of that we can be sure. (it is written)

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