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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Land Grab

By Anna Von Reitz

Right now, you have a "DEED" on your property record that is held by the STATE OF WHATEVER  --- STATE OF VERMONT, STATE OF TEXAS, etc. 

That entity is bankrupt, because its parent corporation, the UNITED STATES, INC., went bankrupt via Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy in 2015.  It's gone and it isn't coming back.  

So now what?  Your property that was being held "in trust" by the UNITED STATES, INC. is being caught up in their bankruptcy and considered chattel backing their debts, simply because you have not stepped forward as the "Powerholder" over the ESTATE and claimed it and properly directed what is to be done with it.  

As a result, the British Territorial United States Government run by the military is stepping in and converting all those land recordings to registrations --- unlawfully seizing upon your land holdings and turning them into property owned and controlled by the Queen and the British Crown.  

They will then re-issue a new "title" to your property under the auspices of some organization calling itself something like "State of Wisconsin" or "WISCONSIN" or whatever the name of your actual state is, and most people will not be the wiser --- unless you tell them and you all take action to save your property and yourselves.  

We have to create a Major Stink over this one, and bring our complaints to the UN and every foreign government that will hear us.  

The UN is not in charge of us because of some legislation passed by the Municipal Congress, but it has plenty of hand-holds on Britain if American sovereignty is being threatened --- as it is, by this egregious land-grab.  

We already have liens reclaiming the States of States and State Trusts for the actual States and The United States and The United States of America, so you are already somewhat insured, but you need to re-record your land claims in terms of physical landmarks, not their airy-fairy "land descriptions".  

People are having trouble wrapping their heads around this concept, so here's a typical for-instance. 

You currently have a Deed of Trust or a Warranty Deed sitting on your property. 
You will want to record a "Notice of Vacated Deed Conveyance". 

In that Notice you will want to reference the various land descriptions that have been attached to your property, giving the details of each such description, for example: 

"The property formerly described as "Block 11, Lot 10, Herkimer Subdivision" in the town of Herkimer, Pennsylvania, recorded by the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, Document Number 12-90104, recorded on May 3, 1985, and as also described as 4536 Hillsboro Road and recorded by the State of Pennsylvania in the Township of Herkimer and shown on the Town Plat as Item 1290-1992, Page 15099, Plat 11-342, Volume III, is hereby conveyed to Pennsylvania and stands upon the land and soil of Pennsylvania as a two acre irregularly shaped plot of land in the general form of a triangle enclosed by green metal posts  and piles of native granite around the posts, located as boundary markers at each corner of the triangle.  The land and soil has been physically surveyed by Keith A. Pierce and Sons, Surveyors, of Herkimer, Pennsylvania, and that survey is accepted as an accurate physical description of the location of this privately owned plot within Pennsylvania's borders.  All right, title, and interest in this property belongs to Pennsylvania, a State of the Union, and to me, the Powerholder enforcing the State Trust.  All Deeds issued by the STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, PENNSYLVANIA, or other franchises of the UNITED STATES are vacated and re-conveyed to the original jurisdiction of Pennsylvania, free and clear of debt, as a Freehold upon the land and soil of Pennsylvania." 

Sign it as the Powerholder in your Upper and Lower Case Name, First and Last only, using a by-line like this:    by:  George Allenby, Powerholder, for Allenby, George-Frederick, of Herkimer, Pennsylvania. 

This last bit is necessary because in their records, we are not listed as "George Allenby" or as "George Frederick Allenby", but are instead listed as "Allenby, George-Frederick.  

They've gobbered everything up with their endless deceits to such an extent that I think Frank Zappa was right --- just call your children by nonsense names that do not conform to their system of nomenclature at all, and adopt whatever kind of name you want for yourselves, as well.  

They want to run the world in abuse of trusts and false nomenclature?  Fine.  Millions of people can play the same game.  Change your name every month or two and give them (Vital Statistics) notice of the change.   

I, Frank Marvin Williams, have changed my name to Funkweiler P. Morgan as of November 11, 2017......  and then a month later..... I, Funkweiler P. Morgan have changed my name to Little Funk Morgan, otherwise known as LF Morgan, as of April 18, 2018......and then a month later.... I, Little Funk Morgan, otherwise known as LF Morgan, have changed my name to Pittance LF Marvin as of October 10, 2018..... 

Why not?  They want to seize upon our names and play these stupid games to unjustly enrich themselves via fraud and False Claims in commerce?  They want to define "JOHN ADAMS" as a Public Charitable Trust of the foreign Municipal United States Government?   

They want to pretend that registration of land assets is proper?   Well, you are the Powerholder and you can define where your land and soil interests are "seated" ---- and how they are defined, too.  

We, The United States of America, will be opening our Land and Soil Recording Offices soon and you can record your interest in your private property with us for a small fee.  Just be sure to do your paperwork and declare your birthright political status first.


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  1. Anna want to know who do we a knowledge with this document? To notify the local government you're not a part of their game any longer so you don't have to pay their taxes especially School tax since I have no children and I'm retired is your establishment to one that's going to record this and hold it? Please emailed me at my junk mail I will be watching it!

    1. Coalminer111: I did the process Anna describes for my land last year. She did not have a "Notice of Vacated Deed Conveyance" Document, but the process had 5 other documents included. I believe I sent the entire package to 5 different agencies and I haven't gotten a tax bill since. Would be glad to send you my Recorded Documents. Email me at

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. Interestingly I have been studying this exact subject for the last week, mostly Ron Gibson's material. The people I found to be the most credible and sound on this topic said to do a land patent which was the original pre-corporate method.

      I would like to see the paperwork if you don't mind I will email you if that's ok. You say you sent these in last year and haven't received a tax bill since doing it? The tax bill only comes once a year, has it been exactly a year, past a year?


    3. Thomas Cunningham NewYorkAugust 17, 2019 at 11:28 AM

      I thank God for all of the wisdom and energy you have passed on to all of us who hear the calling yet have been paralyzed with frustration at the overwhelming power of their deceit.This is a war for our humanity,no one is exempt.They truly have enslaved our minds and our motion as men and women to unimaginable levels.Once ,my friends all thought I was a nutjob conspiracy theorist,that is no longer the case.May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you,AMEN.

    4. thank you Anna looking forward to hearing from you with the docs

  2. What a POWERFUL read.I wrote down every word in case my e mail is taken away and i lose this important info ...Thank you Anna and Paul and researchers .

  3. How would one record a "Notice of Vacated Deed Conveyance" if the property is held in a Living Trust.

  4. I know there is a session law on the books in Washington State laws that offers people to register their land, the from to use and how to plead with the judge to allow you to register your land.

    Right after it had the paper to write to change you mind and un-register it. No Permission required, just write, sign and record the re-jection or mistake you made registering your property or land, not sure now the wording and the doc is in 1909 session laws.
    I have my pants, a couple of guitars and a car that runs, an old truck, nothing really , never wound up owning anything except my life that was given back, so that is about all I have to want to keep as mine to have and use fully as intended with no man or woman ffffn with me as long as I am not bothering them. Basic stuff, love your neighbor as you love your self. ( Include automatic forgiveness if you do that for your self or anything like that often ignored in the case of others.) and so on.

  5. I sincerely apologize for using this forum to ask this question: I signed up for Sign In America Debt Relief Program months ago. Have received notices on July 11, 2019; July 18, 2019; and now August 16, 2019. I have never been contacted by my Sign In America Coordinator. According to the latest communication, Round 1 has completed and Round scheduled to begin. I have all the necessary paperwork in order-just need to hear from my contact person. Please and thank you!

  6. Paul, I'm sorry--thought my name would appear. I know not to use the "unknown" handle. Comments are from rgwall.

  7. Changing your name is pointless and in fact a very bad idea and these corporate trusts have no bearing on our legal standing.

  8. Sorry, not being a smartass here, but honestly this makes No sense to me whatsoever. Its like saying people can just walk up and take your car out of the driveway and go for a spin in it, ''because you dont have any Powerholder claim on it''.
    So then what? Are you trying to tell us that, in order to stop such a joyrider, we gotta go get some Powerholder claim on the car we sweat to pay for and is already documented in our name - - to stop such thievery??

    Well, I just cannot buy into this, and WHERE is the written proof of such a thing taking place, anyhow? And where is the literal proof that such a Powerholder move will have any credence anyhow?
    Just way too much being assumed here, and I dont live on assumptions.

    1. I must say, that is some very sound thinking.

      I came back on because I wanted to remind everyone that these are, as far as we are being told, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING MURDERERS... in other words SNIVELING COWARDS.
      Failures. Losers. Liars.

      Anna says, backed up by an apparent German commenter (Hi Germany!!) the land recording offices are closing.
      Well. We can still publish our own NOTICES in our local newspapers. It accomplishes the same thing according to the Register of Deeds here where I am.

      Seriously, we have to stop jumping.

      We need to get the facts, get their claims confirmed in writing by their corporation and make our lawful counterclaims when appropriate.

      And NO, I don't think we should believe anything they say!! They sex traffick children (if true).
      But we still want to get their response. In writing.

      The other thing is, for those if us who believe in God:... he is with us. I really like the reminders Paul has been adding.
      All of this that is going on is pre-known to him.
      He knew we would be the ones here, now, going through it.

      For Bible believers who want to: let's start remembering the cloud the size of a mans hand; the veil being lifted so the warring angels could be seen in the heavens; and that when we join our faith together in what he is capable of and desires to do, our spiritual power increases exponentially.

    2. First proof of all this BS is look at your birth certificate.
      More than likley it has been issued from "The clerk of Orphans Court" ask yourself who gave you up and why you are an orphan?

    3. It is sound enough on the surface. A power holder wouldn't be a "joyrider" it would be more along the lines of a wife and husband with joint custody and who has final authority from my understanding of the offices of trusts but I am no expert, I plan to study trusts and trust law in the near future as I am sure it will come handy.

      I do sympathize and agree with you about proof, it is just being prudent. Lots of hucksters and people with just enough knowledge to sound legit and be dangerous in this movement.

      Of course Anna doesn't owe us anything however and has done enough already putting this information out (as long as it is sound advice knowledge) so it is up to each individual to do their follow up research. It would be nice to have some anecdotes and links to some technical information for proof of concept/logic though.

    4. Hi Bodhi, yes I simply consider it to be prudent and wise to require proof, and even though I agree Anna does not owe us anything, still she has offered herself to do all this work - not at our request - and so therefore, I just think she could do a more thorough job by providing the fine print, then.
      If somebody says they ''invite you over for cake'' then Im just saying, ok, put the frosting on it, lol.

      There is far too much in here that leaves out the final details that are really necessary in order to make real use of all the WORK she has already done. Why tell US to go finish up the job she offered to do in the first place...when most of us are ill equipped and are busy as it is.
      All in all, everything is just too entangled and messy. (personally, I dont happen to feel a need for any of it, but.....just sayin')

    5. Don't forget Annamaria is not giving this information out as a Public Service.

      She has publicly claimed over and over to have made herself the FIDUCIARY of what belongs to the American people using some new "re-constructed" version of The United States of America based upon a supposed, her/her husbands, claim to be a Titled Hereditary Head of State---- NOT upon the Declaration of Independence of the people who dissolved those same types of political bands that had connected them to European Titled Persons and Offices prior to 1776.

      So she absolutely DOES owe complete explanations and also verifiable proofs of ALL of her many, many claims... unless of course she is working from the Monarchical position that her claimed European Title gives her, in which case then:
      The Monarch does not have to answer questions from the inhabitants, serfs, paupers, res(thing)-idents, property, constructs, fictions; nor is the Monarch required to provide ANYthing to the serfs at all, for what slave tells its Master what it wants?

      Annamaria, the self claimed FIDUCIARY of this New, Re-constructed The United States of America, has also claimed sole control over trillions and trillions of "dollars" that belong to American state nationals. Not for the purpose of being set into individual accounts for each of the separate people of the First Nations, African heritage, American state nationals and so forth to get ready-access to it... No. She claimed it for HER to control if you have not become a NEW made up fiction she called a Lawful Person!!!

      Is anybody getting this???

      Should I scream "WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!" like Shelby does? :):):):):)

      Annamaria has already claimed the $21 trillion credit owed to us, the American people, and offered to give it to "Trump"/the Corporation.

      Read it.
      It's right here on this blog, a couple months ago.

      Who gave her permission to do that?
      She "doesn't need your permission" or consent because she has claimed a Titled Position and of being FIDUCIARY over YOU. She, the Titled Person, can do whatever she decides is best. You have nothing under your own control. You can only have what you are given by the Titled Person. You have nothing. It is actually WORSE than having "Trusts"; at least those "Trusts" had our stolen names on them. This has one name on it..."Anna's", the FIDUCIARY.

      *Unless the OfficeHolder agrees to work UNDER Public Oath and Public Bond furnished by you, the people, the OfficeHolders are claiming to act *OVER* you.*

      ******Annamaria, you need to correct me if what I am saying is in error. I've asked for and invited your public correction before and you have not yet furnished anything pertaining to my counterclaims and challenges.*****

      Are y'all reading this stuff she is writing?
      To comprehension?
      Are you demanding proof?
      Challenging claims?

      The ones of us who even so much as "dare" to ask valid questions or demand proof of claims from "anna" are told to get off the blog, and to quit attacking "anna".

      But imo, anyone who tells any of us who are asking for or demanding proof of Anna's claims, or of anyone else's claims of lawful authority over the people: to leave, or who ridicules us, or who deems it unnecessary to know "Quo Warranto"/By What Authority someone who is claiming authority over you is lawfully acting, is in the category of the serfs already and is in serious need of breaking free of the conditioning we've all been subjected to
      ... and to start seeing their OWN self as a uniquely created man or woman who was given FREEWILL/sovereignty for a reason,,,,,,!

      We have a duty to be mature men and women who are responsible for ourselves and for those around us.
      We do not need a FIDUCIARY to handle what belongs to us (anymore than we need Trusts and Trustees) who can decide to give it all away on a whim without our consent.

    6. Yah I agree Abby ty for the response.

    7. I certainly think you are asking some good questions goodboots. Where is this article about Trump you mention? Hell to the no I would never give any of the American people's money to that Israel ass munching Zionist.

      I am with you on most on this, there are 100's of people out there all talking about doing this and that but very few of them posting any proof of it. I do understand a lot of these things are difficult to post proof of but expecting someone to just read and do this process with their home and property on the line with no proof but a blog post is madness especially when I strenuously disagree with a number of the things she suggests doing in some of the articles.

    8. All in all I see the same things goodboots sees and speaks of. Ive said much the same thing in other ways, means the same thing, tho. I too have seen Anna as taking claim to everything for herself, self proclaiming herself as the Fiduciary (without any proof of authority of such a position) ... and NEVER once have any of you/us seen her indicate in any way that she intends to convey those funds to The People. Nor has she EVER indicated how she intends to do that, or at what point in Time.
      Instead we have a pack of non-thinking folks in here who just blindly take it for granted that 'she will do right by you' while having no addressing of such action.
      I even see what sure looks like 'baiting' to 'do her paperwork or you will get left out''. Really? Where is this Funding sitting? In what Account, what access does she have to these fantom funds? No explanation of any of that.

      Personally, I have not been concerned, because I fail to believe there are such Funds available to her. If this is not so, then she has every opportunity any day of the week here, to explain those Funds and do it in a very unquestionable manner.
      Lastly, I wonder how her avid fans and followers think this current very active government will move over and allow her to take the Control that she tells you she 'will have'. Have any of you bothered to ask?

    9. Well a fiduciary works for whoever the trust belongs to and they are legally held responsible for their actions when in this position to whoever the beneficiary of the trust is so her being the fiduciary. If she is spearheading this movement with a sizable group of people working with her I have no problem with it. I mean someone has to do it, I have researched this information for a few years and there aren’t many organized groups doing much of anything, if she can put it together and get the job done more power to her, I am more than happy to be part of it and help where I can.

      That being said I wouldn’t count on “getting rich”. It won’t be easy getting what they stole from us back and even if we do it won’t have very much value, if everyone has something it loses its value, this economics 101 supply vs demand. It doesn’t matter if it is green paper or tons of gold bars, if everyone gets a large equal portion of it, it will drop the value like a rock until it concentrates in fewer hands again to become less abundant. This is a cycle they have been doing for 1000’s of years. If you redistribute wealth it is only a matter of time before it gets concentrated again into the hands of the best and brightest or the best scammers as often the case.

      People can bitch and whine all they want about equality but the cream always rises to the top and there will always be a caste system because people are not and never will be born equal hence why everything is statistically a bell curve. Like PT Barnum was famous for quoting “There is a sucker born every minute”, the fool and his money soon part ways as it were. I would concentrate on securing your property and safety learning the law and taking the proper steps to do so and only being concerned about this IMF “settlement” as an interesting possibility.

      I would like to see a grand game plan so to speak for Anna’s end game with all of this. This stuff could be a little more organized. Just writing articles that are posted on a blog is not very confidence inspiring if I am being truthful. I did read an article she published about a conversation she had with some IMF banker on Facebook you could read Abby that covers some of the questions you posted and gives a little background of the funds Anna is talking about. I imagine there are other articles she has written that probably have a little more depth as well on this topic.

      My only concern is as I said I would like more information on the day to day progress, proof of concepts and successes with this advice and procedures and how to be more personally involved, people need to be hands on with all of this not just reading articles about how their champion is slaying the beast for them to cheer on from the sidelines. As I already mentioned simply writing articles for a blog about unproven methods (some I completely disagree with for reasons I can explain in depth) and grandiose claims of what is being done is just a bit silly and looks like a bit like boomer grandstanding claiming to have the moral high ground so the bad guys are gonna just roll over so the good guys can win and happy ever after. These people are ruthless killers with billions of deaths on their hands, they aren’t just gonna roll over, and they aren’t playing games. The only way you are going to get them to capitulate is if you can back your claims and threats up with force if you have to and the only way you will ever have that kind of leverage is by waking up the masses because the masses are THEIR army until you do and we need them to be OUR army.

      Also if we do accomplish this it won’t be pretty you can bank on the fact there will be rivers of blood when the masses find out what these people have been doing and are up to trying to turn their kids gay, poisoning and brainwashing them, sending their loved ones off to die in the desert for Israel, because of false flags, genocide, fraud etc. Anyhow there’s my two cents for what it is worth.

    10. Oh and one last thing, in her method she suggests people sign over their trust these crooks so who in the world is she getting this "settlement" for? People that sign over their trust no longer have any security interest in these stolen funds they signed it over already. They no longer have a trust and are no longer even citizens "employees" in the corporation that would get these funds in a settlement to be re-distributed. I would like an in depth explanation of the logic behind this personally.

    11. Bodhi, you said:

      "If someone hasn't read Mein Kampf, seen the Greatest Story Never Told, read Hitler's and Goebbels's speeches and assorted writings they have no business talking about the Nazis and their opinions on them should be completely disregarded."

      Just like if someone doesn't read from the 2000 year history and teachings of the Catholic Church and then we expect them to know what they are talking about?????

    12. Ditto to what Abby said.

      No, I do not
      listen to Rush Limbaugh.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. The history they have doctored? I think it would be more important to learn the history prior to that they have covered up for the last few 1000 years personally. The history that shows where the teachings really come from they plagiarized to use for control, fraud, pedophilia, genocide, and every other criminal endeavor they are guilty of. The Catholic Church has always been nothing more than the largest crime syndicate to ever exist cloaked in spirituality. Unfortunately this is a objectively provable fact.

  9. An these same actwhores have been doing this for decades including during viet nam
    Charles Manson is Paul Tate
    Just like with the Epstein story now we have the same bullshit
    Mind control, cults, sex slaves, etc etc etc, they spinning this story today the same way
    Epstein is an actor on the world stage
    Read this story
    In the story they claiming that he constantly drilling applying for permits, can you say stealing California's water supply
    Tal mud vision created by the very crooks who running this world wide scam

    1. As most know, I analyze an entire picture and over many years, and I begin to see formulations. I have wondered why it is that certain people became frontrunners, rich and famous, while others who are more talented and intelligent never seem to be able to advance no matter what they do.
      As a result, I have concluded that ALL those Names we all know, from their positions in the world, were hand picked in spite of their ignorance; put into place and to do the bidding of the powers that be, behind the curtain (whoever they are) and to be puppets to fulfill 'the Agenda'.
      One example of what I am talking about - - bill gates of microsoft. He is one of 'the chosen' and all of these people are handed super wealth. And in return, they must pay for that freely handed ''success'' and so we look at what gates has been doing since he 'retired'. That should tell the story right there.
      Then we must also include the entertainment industry. All of those at the top, especially the females, we can see they sold their very souls in exchange for the spotlight, multiple mansions, and more money than anyone can spend. They are 'chosen' and heavily promoted, made household names around the world - even though they are no more talented than many Ive heard just singing on the streets. They are just heavily invested in......and then must do the bidding of those, to repay for their freely handed ''success''. Just take a look at how they are used, to promote the dark side.
      Then for the lesser known, we have ALL the folks that are being given kick-backs of all kinds, also in return for 'selling their souls to the devil'.
      In the end, nearly everything in life, is manipulated, is deliberate and has the intend to do just what is being done. Evil intent and evil influence is used everywhere; and it can even be used within your own natural family; I know this for a fact.
      There is no need to be puzzled about any of it.

    2. And yet you question my belief of their plot from Hollywood with Polanski, Reagan, Tate and Manson?
      You don't think they played a role?

    3. The stuff she posts that may not be true is harmless enough she is trying to help and posts mostly good material. Take what resonates with you and don't worry about the other stuff in my opinion.

      There is plenty of bizarre f*ckery going on with underground facilities, cloning, transsexualism idols (I am pretty sure Michelle Obama is a man) and so many bizarre mind control tactics whether it is all 100% true or not doesn't really matter. Don't trust anyone or anything unless you verify it to be true yourself is my suggestion. No need for infighting on the details of all the insane $hit these people are doing.

    4. Agreed.
      Very well said Bodhi.

      [Was it the cucumber afloppin'?? Or the heman mus-kles and broad shoulders? Or repeatedly being called michael?;):) :( :) :( :)].

    5. lol I think it was the bulge "she" displayed so often :). To continue the conversation we had the other day on the Constitution (sorry I did not reply point by point I just started reading a book you may be interested in here is an excerpt from it)

      The Constitution of the United States was written to protect us from intrusion on our God Given Rights by the Federal Government. The Fourteenth Amendment was necessary to protect us from intrusion on our God Given Rights by state governments, political subunits, and individuals who act under color of law. The Fourteenth Amendment, contrary to what some believe takes no rights away. In fact, the Fourteenth Amendment is one of the most valuable legal tools we have at our disposal. Some Patriots have been misled with an argument that the Fourteenth Amendment makes them inferior citizens. This propaganda originates from the belief that Lincoln "enslaved us all" by declaring martial law. In truth and reality, Lincoln's order invoking martial law was revoked by then Chief Justice Taney. Roger Brooke Taney was fingered as a bad guy as a result of the Dred Scott decision. Taney, like many
      others was a product of history. Taney's ruling in Scott was based on the fact that Taney was a strict constructionist, believing that the Constitution pretty well says what it says and was reticent to be too creative with Constitutional interpretation. Simply put, Taney believed slaves were property and maintained the Constitution's protection of private property ownership warranted a constitutional amendment if slaves were to be granted rights as citizens. Taney's revocation of Lincoln's order of marshal law fomented a Constitutional crisis in as much as Lincoln regarded Taney as a usurper of Presidential power claiming Taney had no authority to revoke his declaration of marshal law absent a
      case being presented to the court. After Lincoln's death, the Supreme Court removed all doubt in Ex Parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866), ending any presumption that Lincoln had "made us all inferior citizens." The holding in Milligan ="The Constitution was not suspended in time of emergency. The Constitution was a law for rulers and people, equally in time of war and peace; therefore, the military trial of civilians which violated constitutional guarantees of indictment by grand jury and public trial by
      an impartial jury was impermissible where the civil courts remained open. Neither the president nor Congress can authorize the trial of civilians by military commission as long as the civil courts were open." Patriots due ill to the cause and obstruct justice for themselves by buying into the falsehoods surrounding the Fourteenth Amendment.

      It reinforces many of the topics I often bring up about people misunderstanding the fact that they do not need to change their citizen status, they only need to be aware that they don't have to submit to civil jurisdiction if they don't want to and can invoke common law anytime in a civil statute case which makes changing your status pretty futile and even a bad idea as you lose an important tool in commerce (a limited liability persona to do business with). If you want a copy let me know. I just started it, I will make comments about any interesting finds in it. Looks like it will be a good one. It is info on common law procedural information, paperwork etc. It is called Secrets of the Legal Industry by Richard Cornforth.

    6. Oh I also forgot to add that I believe Anna once wrote in one of her articles that we have been under martial law since the civil war with the war on poverty, war on drugs, war on terror etc to keep The Habeas Corpus Suspension, 12 Stat. 755 (1863) by Lincoln ongoing or something to that effect if I am not mistaken which as we can see by Ex Parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866) is incorrect. Just something to note.

    7. Check this out and see what you think Abby : )

    8. Bodhi, I commented in the comments a couple of times to tell Anna and Paul that the 14th amendment info they peddle is a patriot myth. Anna responded to me with her usual name calling and insults.

    9. lol idk man I guess it can't hurt anything afaik just a big waste of time though. All this paperwork is doing is the same thing you can do in a courtroom in 5 minutes and undo once you leave it lol.

  10. And this project right here has everything to do with why we were in the middle east
    Also connected to the BRICS deal they made part of the Rocky brothers doing yet again
    Brazil just happens to be where Bush clan bought land on the largest fresh water aquifer
    Russia and ole putin in on the game
    India, that's why you have all kinds of Indian companies and people being mirgrated to the US
    China - no surprise their involvement
    South Africa - killing the farmers there, white genocide, taking away the farm land and moving bi agri in
    You see it was all planned
    All part of the UN agenda and the corporation of israel is right smack dab in the middle of all of it
    Thats why we have no industry, no car manufacturing, they killed the states up in the rust belt, now they putting lead in their water etc etc etcRead a report the other day that New Jersey now has issues wuth their water
    See while they frack the hell out of the US and destroy the fresh water table they will bottle and sell water from the lakes to sell back to us like Nestle is doing in Michigan
    Report is they pay Michifan $200 a year to pump millions of gallong of water out of the lakes??

  11. The bankers and their cohorts have been bombing the hell out of soverign nation states
    World wide banking swine is what they are

  12. For anyone who's looking to laugh

    1. They guy is funny but if you go look at some of his videoa he had some from 4 years ago and then nothing and then all of a sudden he's back within the last few weeks and he has a pretty good set up going
      He refers to one of his folks that works with him as puppet master? They throw up some hands signs as well and I see a lot of numbers being used like 22, 88?
      Just some observations?
      I have questions about folks like Zach Hubbard who his channel stays up now without any flak but others are taken down?
      He reveals the hidden secrets in gematria, huge secrets right, and yet he goes on unabated while channels like those trying to get truth out about 'events' or vaccines or other stuff they shut them down??

    2. And he is now soliciting hometitlelock stating that thieves have stolen your data from Capital one and are running amock with your equity and your identity???
      Sound like the pitch for life lock?
      Funny how this all falls in line with land grabs???

    3. Who this cowboy dude? He just looks like a typical normie anti-sjw this dude doesn't know anything about the mysteries or gematria etc. I think you are talking about someone else.

  13. Weather warfare, brought to you by British Airways

  14. Now this is interesting, this guy at the beginning of his video is now soliciting
    Stating that thieves are stealing your titles
    Capitol One data breach?
    See how that works they have a data breach, indentities/title stolen, sell a new product to protect yourself??
    Sound like life lock to you??
    Problem, reaction, solution
    So we have to ask ourselves how all this ties in with what Anna has been talking about with your home and land??
    Banks are basically setting the theft up and then creating a new product to sell to the unsuspecting public of the real culprits behind the theft
    Would like to know what you think?
    He has a good show but way too commercial for him to just be doing these shows as he is??
    Tours the country with his show
    Could be wrong but could be controlled?

  15. Anna, Paul, are there any links we can go to or notices from the private government that show this happening? Thank you in advance.

  16. Might want to read about their NED (national endowment for democracy)
    The link came from the below article
    They are privatizing water and utilities all over the world for their own benefit
    Bush and Tony Blair found guilty of war crimes in Mylasia
    These pricks knew exactly what they were doing
    In the first link above they created the terrorist groups to gain control of what they were aiming for
    Here is the link again - notice that Reagan is all over this - they arranged for hostages in iran to be held until Reagan took 'office'
    'Reagan' the actor also meets with Gorbachev in planning the disarmament of the US populace and also the decommisioning of military bases
    All of which they planned in the 60's
    See bottom right of the above link for Gorbachevs role in all this
    Make note that Al Gore Sr, Prescott Bush and Thomas J Dodd signed off on the plan to disarm and decommission military bases in the u s
    And get this Roman Polanski, Paul Tate, Sharon Tate, Reagan Governor of California at the time stage the Manson murders to get the publics attention away from the anti war movement and they do this one week before Woodstock
    The war in viet name last 10 years just enough time for the Rocky boys to assist in getting in a puppet regime and get leases for all the oil in the asian sea
    According to what I have read they arranged to keep the hostages held in Iran until Reagan took office and it is no coincidence that Reagan is the guy who helped ole Gorby tear down the wall
    Gorby then comes to u s where Nancy Pelosi sets him up nice and pretty on the shores of California at the Presidio where under the Gorbachev Foundation they carry on their plans
    Ole Carter (aka John Kennedy) is now a world elder making decisions for the human flock on an international level
    Bush clan is now down in Brazil working the BRICS angle while they steal the fresh water resources - he and Jenna made trips to Brazil to buy over 100,000 acres of land that just happens to sit directly on top of the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    They acquired that land while Jeb Bushs' wife was playing the role of the Preident of Brazil
    Jenna Bush traveled there with full protection under the UNICEF banner but wasn't there for any UNICEF business she was securing land there for daddy and fmaily to escape to
    Enter the BRICS deal
    Just like today with the Epstein fraud that it is, they diverting the peoples attention away from the world domination plan - one distraction after another to keep your eye off the plan

    1. Shelby, Im just curious, where do you get some of this information from; Gov Reagan involved in the staging of the horrific sharon tate murder(s)? Are you kidding? And Goodman being AG Barr? That kind of stuff is just way way far out IMO.

    2. Reagan was an actor for crying out loud, so was Swatzernagger, so was Jessie Ventura
      How about ole Trump, you think it is a coincidence he is sitting where he's sitting now? How about he wad the apprentice, groomed for the role
      You don't think they using that tell lie vision to program the masses
      And how do you know they were murders at all? Were you there? Everything you think you know about those murders you saw on tell lie vision or read in books or in their publications, right?
      It's called psychological warfare

    3. Shelby, you did not answer my question. You sidestepped it pretty good there. It was an honest question....where do you get your information from?
      FRom this response, I take it that most of your 'information' is really just your opinion. Then you should say, it is JYO...not state it as fact, which you never verify.

    4. I didn't side step anything I gave you the link to read for yourself, did you read it, did you look at what was presented?
      They are all actors, producers and CIA assets if you cannot read between the lines then I don't know what to tell you
      Yes, IMO based on the countless links I have provided based on all the research this stuff has all been orchestrated as all of it is today
      The ramifications to the non involved is off the charts but for those in on the deception the rewards are great
      These psychological operations are going on all over the world

    5. Oh I see, its on the internet so it must be true.
      Oh my.

    6. A lot of the stuff she posts is legit but some of it is a bit wonky lol. Yes they use actors as politicians, the reason why should be obvious, idolatry, the whole point of celebrity culture. To lead the idolaters astray, they are all just tools for the Zionist agenda. The Jews own all the music labels, publishing, Hollywood etc. These celebs will push the progressive communist agenda or they won't have a career in most instances. IE people like James Woods, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell etc. One exception would be Clint Eastwood but he is Clint Eastwood after all.

      However politicians actually being actors in disguise is some conspiratard nonsense. There are channels on YT that try to convince people all celebs are trannies and what not as well. Some psyops to make real "truthers" look gullible and schizo. They can be quit convincing at first glance but always do your own research to confirm the truth for yourself and avoid the most outlandish aspects as much as possible. This is a double edged sword however because the provable truth is so "outlandish", I mean Atlantis, what this reality actually is etc, are pretty far out there for the average person, but I would avoid flat earth, reptilians and some of these other "bizarre" topics.

      I'm not saying there aren't reptilian aliens, in fact all ancient cultures spoke of such things and I have never found them to lie yet in all my research, however, do I have irrefutable evidence of it? No, so best to just let people make their own conclusions on these kinds of things, try to focus on what is right in front of us that we can prove and how to best combat it with the tools we have available and keep a sense of humor about how bizarre this life is and be thankful the creator made it all so interesting as opposed how boring it was to work your entire life as a wage salve in a mundane world with no wonder to it our old life was. We are awakened earlier than the rest for a reason. We all have a role to play in this cosmic dance just enjoy the ride as best you can.

      That being said Shelby is right, there are psyops, disinfo and misinfo on every level, it took me many years of research to get to the bottom of everything and sort through the bs. Very few you can trust, even Alex Jones is a Zionist agent.

      Just understand the history and the end game, the details aren't so important as to waste arguing about. The end game is communist neo-feudalism, the new world order is just the old word order before the Aryan revolutions against tyranny to gain sovereignty.

  17. Multiple part series on redefining the geneva conventions
    3 and 4 and maybe others can be found at the bottom of the links I left above
    Nerve manipulation through tell lie vison and computer monitors (EMF and 5G)
    No coincidence that geneva switzerland is where the BIS, cern and zion are located

    1. You know Jewgle actually has patents for this stuff, alpha brain wave state EM manipulator signals through the monitor I have also seen declassified CIA documents on it

  18. Remember the television show JAG - this article will blow your mind

  19. The articles I have been posting are pretty old but still apply today
    This one is about the challenge of the official story of 9 1 1
    All of this has been being coordinated for decades and I mean decades

    1. Paradise california, with pre meditation, they murdered 50,000 people and burned down their homes
      Katrina, with pre meditation, blew up those levies and flooded all those people out or murdered them
      Gulf oil spill, pre meditated to kill the fishing industry within the gulf, decimate the local economy and force those people off the shore line and in to designated regions, that is if they live to tell about it
      The Rocky brothers move in to the gulf
      Just like they moved in the Viet Nam for that oil and the land resources there
      And around the world they go from France, to Germany, to Viet Nam, to Iraq, Yeman, Afghanistan, Africa, North and South Korea
      While their CIA assets in hollywood, disney, nfl, music industry, news and anything else you can think of keeps the masses busy they building a massive army all over the world to detain us at every turn
      And the southern border (which by the way there is no border)
      they carry out an invasion - not only there they import entire populations from 'nations' they have already impoverished to come and take American jobs
      Disney fired all their American workers and brought in all new workers from India (this is part of the BRICS deal)
      NOT AN accident folks - it's going on all over the country)
      Diversity means that minority groups take precedence like LGBTQXYZ and others
      Minority owned business' - low or no interest loans to anyone not American to come here and run their business' with the banks and private foundations and associations bankrolling all of it
      Lots of digging required to find their true plans and they still carrying them out as they keep the public glued to their military asset owned media companies

    2. Now this is just my opinion
      If anyone thinks they we are going to ascend anywhere out of this hell hole anytime soon, think again
      They have plans all the way out to 2050 if not beyond
      They have military commands at every level which is what the UN picked up and continued with after the League of Nations
      Based on the article I left above even the coast guard is part of it
      Their objective is to keep the masses asleep until their is no escape at any level - this is their heaven on earth
      5G and internet of things is part of their open air prison and surveillance system
      Other dimentions and aquarius are all being sold as new age wave as they work to secure their military Babylonia System world wide for complete and total control while the serfs eat bugs and live in tents
      I'm sorry but that is my belief - we best fight and fight hard and damned straight know what we are doing or we will all land in their so called 'courts' even through the coast guard and face military charges even though we are civilians
      Please everyone proceed with care

  20. It is in my opinion that ALL trusts are a waste of time as every trust falls under the 1st created trust: UNUM SANCTUM 11/18/1302.

    which if you actually read the 1st trust proves that Catholic Popes are completely mad!

    1. its completely logical, if they truly believe christ is the only begotten.

      except for the statement "my kingdom is not of this world".

      the illogical part is:
      -- putting to death any non-believers
      -- assuming the pope/whoever is "most holy"

      medieval kings were the same. the assumption is it was a meritocracy. whether this was true or not, everyone was supposed to believe the king was the holiest/most talented/most worthy.

      same as presidents/CEOs etc. nowadays. which of course is all roman civil law incorporations/titles.

      anyone claiming unum sanctum seems a joke to me, the official vatican lost the "keys" long ago

      the office of "pope" is vacant.

      person impersonating frank o collins "ucadia" there are some docs on saying they are dissolving such. and that MANY popes going way back dont have valid offices. they also claim ALL bibles are fake, but fail to mention any legitimate ones, supposedly were all destroyed.

      im not saying various groups dont invoke unum sanctum, and there arent things based on it still around today, but it is doubly so fraud nowadays. they lost the "keys" long ago. the official "vatican" switched to 2nd coming circa 1770s (latin) and 1960s (english).

      change of keys == change of office == changed traditions handed down to him == any such popes violated their "oath of office"

      catholic rules are they are only supposedly "infallible" so long as they keep the traditions. they automatically are excommunicated/"anathema" for stepping out of bounds, which has happened many times.

      i suppose clergy/nuns/laymen/etc. are supposed to "impeach" them somehow before it gets out of hand.

      english trusts were invented to evade taxes. "hanbury's modern equity" circa 1960s re: england covers this. very applicable to america, gives some history of english common law, equity versus common law, etc.

      english trusts were a way to avoid paying taxes to king and lords "above" you. good if you had lots of "lords" above you. bad if you had lots of people below who tried to use it to avoid paying fees to you.

      at first, the king outlawed them.

      eventually, circa 1694 private bank of england came on the scene, the king no longer cared about taxes as much, he could just borrow/inflate from the private bank and tax people to pay the loans/interest/bonds. so then he allowed "trusts" again.

    2. the way trusts in england were used to evade taxes was basically normal "inheritance" there was a fee. but a trust, with an administrator, could hold things for the beneficiary.

      hence, beneficiary didnt owe anything, only the administrator. so rich nobles could pass things to sons and the son wouldn't have to pay anything, since he only had beneficiary title/right to use the land/whatever.

      this is why "the pledge" in america is so ridiculous, and all the monetized debt hypothecated against americans. if the "government" are the "administrators" they are supposed to be paying the 'taxes'

      if they are the "owners" and there aren't any administrators, then they are supposed to pay the taxes.

      but they want it both ways: to be administrator, but not really, and owner, but not really, and everyone else is kind of owner, but not really, and everyone else pays the taxes.

      they are violating the rules of trusts left and right.

    3. it has been said the reason the king granted charter to the private bank of england 1694 was kickback for funding his "glorious revolution" that put him in power in the first place.

      in other words, he wasnt "selling out" england, he did that before he got in power. this was honouring his commitment, a way of paying back those who funded the army to put him there in the first place.

    4. Trusts are a foundation of law in the west and what all this fraud and nonsense is built on how can you say it is a waste of time? It is what the whole system is based on, you aren't gonna dismantle this system with violence lol it is the system the entire world runs on. All you can do for now is learn to navigate it to use it to your advantage. It isn't really that bad of a system tbh as long as it isn't being abused.

    5. Trusts are for incompetents. (Or the immature, incapacitated, or to protect property.)

      No way around it.

      So are fiduciaries: for those who are incompetent, who can't take care of their own affairs.

      If one is competent, there is no reason to hand over ones life (any part of it), or affairs or property to someone else.... Unless you WANT to; unless YOU determine that you will be advantaged by letting someone who you believe is smarter and more capable than you take, basically, over your life.

      There are times when this is absolutely the best thing to do... If sick or injured for example.

      Otherwise, even if the system is not abused, its actually an almost irresponsible act for a mature man or woman. JMO only.

      As for what has been done to us without our consent:
      There are the three basic positions in a trust:
      Trustee/Executor (who oversees the sub-positions of Administration)

      **Hang on to your hats for this one because this alone verifies the fraud:**

      If ONE man/woman
      Holds TWO positions in the Trust,
      There is no needs for the Trust.

      The thieves have said we agreed to be the Grantor;
      And We *ARE* the sole and exclusive true Beneficiary.

      So what need is there for the Trust?

      Answer: None.

      The Trust is there so that they can take the only position they claim you don't fill yourself, that of Trustee.

      Why? What are they doing?

      Answer: They are using their magickal "courts" where their games are played to: shift you OUT of the Beneficiary position (the beneficial interest position) and
      shift you into the Trustee/ Executor/ Administrator position (the LIABILITY position)
      so that THEY can claim the Beneficiary position without you knowing it...

      (Some people have claimed the trustee/executor position and are directing the trust themselves.. But why? Read on.)

      Fast forwarding:
      They say you already (essentially) HAD *TWO* designations assigned to you by them:
      That of Grantor
      And that of Beneficiary, (making the whole concept of having a Trust moot (since a trust is set up by a loving benefactor who wants to provide certain conditions for a loved one who is immature/incompetent)),
      ...if we grab that third position, the Trustee/Executor position, then we REALLY don't need the trust because were holding all three positions!!

      Likely, the thieves will never divulge that.
      But instead will/may/could/do *presume* that you have vacated the Beneficiary position, leaving it open for them to jump into.
      Without telling you a thing about it.
      Sticking you, the Liability position holder, with the charges unless you know how to nullify the charges against the Trusts "assets".



      We need to seize it ALL... ALL OF IT. (Accord-ing with: THEIR CORPS' EO13818, 12/21/2017-- SEIZURE OF ASSETS OF CRIMINALS. That isnt OUR law, it's *THEIRS*: which is why I specified "according/in accord with" their EO13818.)
      And sift through their books to discover where the "money" came from.

      The portion of it obtained through lawful means ALL belongs to us, the separate people, because it was generated from the UNAUTHORIZED use of our PRIVATELY HELD and public property.
      It belongs to us OUTRIGHT.
      No middleman.
      No Trustees.
      No Fiduciaries.
      No Popes.
      No Royalty.
      No Central Banks.
      No CREDIT, digits on a screen, paper or promises.

      The portion that was obtained through criminal means: has to be re-distributed back to the people who it was stolen from.
      It can't be any different.
      Spiritual laws of life dictate that it must be done this way because what is gotten by ill-means carries a curse/judgment upon it, and upon its holder.

    6. Trusts aren't for incompetents. A trust is just a natural way of doing business tbh. The government and man relationship is a trust relationship. They are acting in your interest (the real government not the corporate bs). It is a legal relationship with rules that governs how deals are done. All legally binding relationships have trustees and beneficiaries. Most of the stuff has been created from 1000's of years of doing business and developed the way it has for a reason, to serve a purpose. Just because people have found ways to take advantage of these things doesn't mean they are inherently bad. This system is actually a very successful system that is ancient that builds wealth when done right and drains wealth when abused. The system isn't the problem it is people's ignorance of how the system works that is the problem

  21. I urge everyone to watch and listen to the following
    Again more damaging information about vaccines and our children
    Look at the sign at the 8:06 mark see that CHILD ID sign and the symbols on that sign, MO CHIP, being done in Missouri to ID your kids - selling it as a safety thing capturing the childs DNA and fingerprints and vital statistics about your child
    Telling the parents it is for safety reasons and that they can use it quickly to find a lost child?
    Now mind you in the news we got sex trafficking, child trafficking and all kinds of things being promoted and the parents who are watching that tell lie vision and believe the lies are opting in for these programs
    It is no coincidence that the program to help mothers and children in the health and welfare system is called CHIPS

  22. goodboots so while you and others on this site seem to disagree with Annas and all the researchers that have got ALL of us this far my question to you is WHY dont you more QUALIFIED people get your own site so you dont have to DISILLUSION the people that HAPPEN to be very grateful for ALL their hard work.

    1. All she is doing is voicing concerns bud asking questions everyone should be asking. Some of us do have our own websites and have done just as much if not more research on many things not just this.

      How far have you "gotten"? How far are we? If asking questions "disillusions" you maybe you are the one in the wrong place. You should probably just stick to the mainstream narrative on the liberal media outlets with the rest of the sheep, it is what got us all into this mess to begin with.

    2. Hugs to you Bodhi!

    3. Charles Robert Walker:
      I am trying to HELP.
      There is, unfortunately, ALOT of conjecture/ non-verifiable information being laid out as FACT by annamaria.

      You, Charles, actually should be thanking me.... Not that I need it. :):)

      All I am doing is demanding that she provide proofs of her claims Charles, which is absolutely no more than she would have to do in any American traditional common law court!
      1. Make your claim
      2. Show your proofs
      3. The jury decides if you have proved your claim or not.
      *American traditional common law authority*.

      We've been assaulted for so long by people who make accusations or claims without any proof,... and then because they are "a This or a That", well, don't anybody DARE question them.
      THEY said it, so we're to take it as true, when NO Proof has been shown?

      Do you realize how Stasi that is?
      Do you realize how dangerous that is when someone can make EITHER a claim or an accusation without providing proof of the truth of it?
      and then just simply because of who they are, they are believed?
      That happens, but we have to move back away from that.

      The news says the FBI is considering people who won't believe the mainstream media version of the "stories" to be potential domestic terrorists.
      Yet the CORPORATION'S "courts" ruled that they are just entertainment and they don't have to tell us the truth!
      You surely can see where something like that leads.

      For the people who don't like annamarias unverified claims being questioned:

      You are in very serious danger yourselves of being swept into a brainmindcontroltype brainwashing that you are not going to be able to claw your way out of one of these days.
      Your creator gave you your very own brain for a reason.
      He expects you to USE it!
      You have to USE your OWN brain.
      DO critical thinking.
      See if what you are being told makes sense to YOU.
      If it doesn't, you better be asking questions.

      They're trying to stick you.

      When you meet up with someone like that, Don't just run, RUN LIKE HELL.

  23. Like I said before, contracts are inherently corrupt because of attotneys....!! I would of rather had no contract with the state until such time as the situation occurs....!! Until then , the people should have control and the state none.....period..!!
    Just look how they manipulated the original organic constitution...!! It took us 200 years to figure out what they have done to it...!! It is overly complicated and overdone to the point of making it impossible to understand..!! Especially with our education system...!! This time no contracts with the state....only the people have the right to vote on things , not the government...!!

  24. That is if we ever figure things out here....!! Personally I think Abby is correct...!! It is to far gone to let our govt control things...!!

    It will take a God to chance things down here...!!

  25. Together we stand Divided we fall .You got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.=To many chiefs not enough braves

    1. Well you can blindly follow whoever you want, to each their own. I will fact check for accuracy and think for myself and lead if I have too or walk alone if I have to do that, whatever it takes to get the job done right. Lead, follow or get out of the way, add something of value to the conversation or stay out of it, no offense.

    2. "add something of value to the conversation or stay out of it, no offense".

      Hahahahaha! You're giving me the giggles.

    3. : ) You should check out this playlist of Bill Thornton, pretty good stuff

    4. Thanks Bodhi,
      I can't get on UT. Will try elsewhere.

      I actually have some DVDs of Bills, I think... If he's the guy with the long gray beard.
      Will find them and replay.

  26. Let all your spirits be your guides Good luck Our actions will speak louder than words.I have been getting remedy through Annas procedure .Just saying Any body has been getting remedy some where else i am very glad for you .

    1. That was very kind.
      Thanks Charles!
      Glad for you, too.