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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Gun Control in a Nutshell



  1. Jmo:
    If you want to see who has perhaps been promised a position as a prison guard for you, the daily caller dot com has some excellent video of the "Antifa" in Portland yesterday. Infowars, too. There is a reason they are not being arrested. But, its reported that a warrant for the arrest of the patriots prayer leader was made out ahead of time: for rioting. Praying = rioting now?

    Some articles are already referring to the Antifa as the "brownshirts."

    There is another group of brownshirts too, imo, that is: the people who signed up for the "COMMUNITY ORGANIZED POLICING SYSTEM", or "COPS", for short, that was put into place by none other than the old "Devil with the Blue Dress On" himself: William Jefferson Clinton.

    They are, as I presently understand it, the ones who have agreed to turn you in if you aren't following the "rules".
    Or if you do something "different". Or, heaven forbid, if you do something they consider "suspicious". They facilitate making a Suspicious Activity Report on you that gets turned in to the Fusion Centers (Utah?)

    I will probably begin to "harp" on that now. :):):). Because IT'S SO DANGEROUS!!!

    This was what was done in the 1960s: Cointelpro=Stasi=Nazi. Its the neighborhood version of the tattletale programs that the grade schoolers are being indoctrinated into at their schools, if any,:
    To tell teacher if mommy or daddy or grampa or gramma says_____________ at home.
    Same thing... They watch you, their neighbor, and turn you in.
    The people in the Community Organized Stalking Program signed up with the foreign Corporations POLICy Enforcers to watch you and report you for lawful activity.
    The Corporation is using them to build false profiles of "you".
    Similar to what the Arizona VA did to Dr. Samuel Foote and Dr. Kathryn Mitchell when those two doctors began making serious accusations that the VA was harming our veterans. The VA began constructing fraudulent psychological files and fradulent employment files on both doctors so that if they dared to go outside of the VA system with their complaints, the VA already had employees making false or unverified or subjective complaints about Drs. Mitchell and Foote, for use in discrediting these hero doctors who risked their careers and LIVES to go public and make the mistreatment of our veterans known.

    Imo We are much farther down this very slippery slope than we ever dreamed.

    1. "See Something, Say Something".

    2. Update:
      The patriot prayer leader apparently had a warrant issued for his arrest back in May for some kind of altercation they called "rioting."... The article doesn't say what happened that I could see.

    3. Go look at their new TAPS legislation
      H.R. 838: Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019
      So based on their illegal tapping of everything including your text, cell phone calls, banking activity, buying habits, social media, where you have traveled, people you associate with, they are assessing everything to bring complaints or charges
      It's all illegal as hell but they doing it anyway
      Read the below article and his fight over the last 8 years or more of charges brought up on him through the coast guard
      This I believe all falls in line with Bush while he was in there passing all kinds of crap about mental health screenings for everyone in America including your 3 year old
      It is no coincidence what so ever that they are promoting the mental health issue
      Just like Abby said to me how do I know the murders weren't real of Sharon Tate?
      Well see I read an article that lays out some pretty good facts about that whole set up on a California movie set exactly where ole Charlie was nestled away in
      Reagan was the governor at the time, an actor turned governor, hmmm
      Vietnam and anti war protest, should have never been in viet nam in the first place just like iraq
      Here's the article
      Now see because I read that article that maybe they planted on this internet, and I passed it along and made my views known, I could now be considered a mental case? See how that works
      All of it is entrapment
      You are not allowed to think, they want brain dead people all around, thinking outsie the box will not work
      And they baiting people all over the country with all their tweets, fakebook post, articles they put out, you tube videos they put out, etc etc etc
      You make a comment in the comments sections or retweet etc etc etc then they compile 'their' mental profile and wala you have all kinds of crazy people but not the perps who set the whole thing up to begin with
      You will either conform or else

  2. They guy in this article talks about the fusion centers