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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

For the Alliance: From The Fiduciary of The United States of America

By Anna Von Reitz

By: Anna Maria Riezinger
Intro:  I am doing this the old school way without a teleprompter, so don’t expect it to be slick.  You will also probably want to have a pen and paper handy to jot things down as we go. 

1.  The first point I want to make is that we inherited this situation.  The people responsible for it, are all long-since dead and gone.  We aren’t to blame, but we are responsible for what we do about it now.  So it is important that we all do the right thing.

2. So with that firm understanding, let’s begin.  Point two…. Americans have been living under a largely British-controlled military protectorate since 1863.  That is a fact that is never taught to Americans in school and indeed, most members of the American military have been left unaware of it, too.  The only way that we become aware of it is by noticing certain facts and they are:
              A. The position of the British Monarch as our Trustee “on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” under The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 and the attendant Admiralty Treaties; 
              B. The fact that our Congress never declared the so-called American Civil War;
              C. The genesis of the Lieber Code in 1863;
              D. The fact that no Peace Treaty concluded the American Civil War, which was in fact a foreign Mercenary Conflict, just like Vietnam, staged on our shores;
              E. The adoption of The Lieber Code as The Hague Conventions.
              F. The attempt by the Municipal United States Congress to give away our state offices to the United Nations under the International Organizations Immunities Act in 1976, and thus transfer responsibility for our land jurisdiction government to the United Nations.  This left the Brits in control of what is supposed to be our Navy and the United Nations purportedly in control of our land and soil. 
3.  Point three…. the foregoing facts lead to the following facts:
              A.  Americans are internationally protected persons under the Geneva Conventions, because we are members of a non-combatant Third Party population being occupied by our own Army, albeit an Army acting as a Federal Subcontractor operated under our own Delegated Power;
              B. The U.S. Department of Defense owes every American an international Identification Card admitting their actual political status and providing for the exercise of their “natural and unalienable rights” and all guarantees owed to their States of the Union by the remaining Federal Subcontractors – which are the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States Governments.
              C.  The American Subcontractor, the actual intended majority interest holder in the Federal Government, a Confederation of States of States operating as the States of America, has been under reconstruction since 1865, a project that has never been finished by the States and People of this country because our other Federal Subcontractors usurped upon our lawful government and failed their duty to inform and assist.
              D. Any role that the United Nations presumes to have in any of this, has been handed to them by the Municipal United States Government, which has no authority to do any such thing.  The situation is similar to that which results when the heir to an estate has been left uninformed of his heritage, and suddenly finds out.  The probate of his estate under the presumption that no heir exists, has to be reversed and the property returned.  In the same way, all control of America has to be returned to the Americans it belongs to. 
4. And now we get down to the nitty-gritty of how Americans have been mischaracterized, misinformed, and impersonated by our own employees so as to prevent us from operating our government and keep us from accessing the guarantees and credits that are owed to us.
              A. The first part of the current scam intended to defraud and pillage Americans was put in place by the British Territorial United States Subcontractor, via the abuse of our military and unlawful licensing and conscription of private physicians, dentists, nurses and other medical professionals on our soil under their Title 37 Uniformed Officers Code.
              i. Under duress of losing their ability to practice their profession, medical doctors have been instructed to admit fetal afterbirth materials, what is properly called the “amnion” to the hospital as a dying “person” admitted under the Given Name of the living baby.
              ii. This then reliably gives rise to an intestate infant decedent estate operating under the Given Name of a living American baby --- this dead impostor is presumed to be a Federal Dual Citizen, under obligation to both the British Territorial Government and the Roman Municipal United States Government franchise.  This thing, this dead “amnion” is thus substituted for a living American baby and their estate is then operated by members of the Bar Association using Dead Letters of Administration issued by their own Circuit Courts, for the benefit of the Pope and the Queen, in Gross Criminal Breach of Trust.
              iii. It is self-evident from these practices and the circumstance, that foreign European governments that owe us Good Faith and Service, have deliberately and with malice aforethought set up a criminal enterprise of vast proportions on our shores, all designed to defraud Americans of their identity and their property rights and that these Subcontractors have been misdirected to usurp upon and undermine our lawful government – a government that they are under solemn treaty and commercial contractual obligation to protect and defend.
              iv. As a result of this identity theft fraud scheme, millions of Americans have been impersonated and in effect, kidnapped, from their natural jurisdiction on the land and soil of this country, and so far as the paperwork goes, we have been genocided on paper by misdirected Federal Subcontractors.
              v. All this has in turn led to completely insupportable legal presumptions being applied to us and to our property assets, a False Claim and Presumption that our Given Name represents a Dual Federal Citizen, that this Dual Federal Citizen died intestate as an infant, that the estate of this infant is subject to administration by the Bar Association Members, and that the resulting Public Trust Estate is available to serve as chattel property backing the debts of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government, which have colluded to deprive generations of Americans of their freedom and their property assets under conditions of Gross Criminal Breach of Trust.
B.  The second part of the scam involves manipulation of our monetary system, a process that began shortly after the Civil War hostilities ended. 
We must pause to note that the Parties to the Civil War were all “States of States” that is, commercial and business corporations --- not actual States --- and were all members of the original Confederation of States formed in 1781, whether North or South.  Thus, the actual States and the People of the States of the Union were never involved in this mercenary conflict and are thus, not the subject of any “war”, nor under any presumption of enmity against anyone.  We have been innocent Third Parties throughout.  That is, there can be no presumption that we are now or ever were involved in any sedition or rebellion against our own government.

              i. In 1868 a Scottish commercial corporation merely calling itself “The United States of America”—Incorporated, set up shop, infringed upon our Proper Name in an obviously fraudulent manner, and misrepresenting itself as our lawful government, accessed our credit and stole our gold.
              ii. This secretive substitution of a Scottish Interloper for our intended American Federal Government then led to the equally secretive substitution of franchises of this commercial corporation operating as British Territorial States of States for the “missing” Federal States of States we are owed.
Their Scottish “State of Wisconsin” replaced our American “The State of Wisconsin” and nobody was the wiser. 
              iii. Having gutted our credit and having despised our good name, these criminals began preparing – “in our names” -- for bankruptcy.  In December of 1898 they concluded an agreement to purchase the Philippine Islands using our money, and began transporting our gold reserves to the Philippines. In 1906-07, they bankrupted “The United States of America” – Incorporated, and the Filipino Government was left as Steward.
              iv.  Next, the Pope and the Municipal United States took their turn at pillaging and raping America. In addition to the phony Territorial “States of States” set up to administer the foreign military protectorate, the Roman Municipal Government set up its own phony Municipal “STATES OF STATES” and the Double Dipping began.  The Dead Baby Scam (assisted by the British Territorial Government) and the Federal Reserve scam was the result.  In 1934, the Territorial United States Congress declared the Philippine Government to be “independent” so that it could act as Trustee of our gold. This is where Ferdinand Marcos and all that association with the Philippines got started---the purchase of the Philippine Island land mass using our money back in 1898, followed by this action.  Notice that although they declared the Philippine Government to be “independent”, the actual ownership of the land mass of the Philippines remains with us.  It was all purchased “in our name” using our money, just like Alaska was purchased from the Russian Government.
              v. The Municipal United States Government is a franchise of the City of Rome Municipal Government, operated as an independent international city-state on our shores. It is a Theocracy that worships Baal using the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront.   It is supposed to be limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, and it is supposed to be ruled over by members of our “missing” Federal Congress acting under the provisions of Article I, Section VIII, Clause 17, to provide an open meeting ground for all the States to send their Deputies. Obviously, they have been operating secretively on their own since the 1860’s, because no American Federal Government has met in Washington, DC, since that time. Our seat of government is and always has been in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The run-amok Municipal Government has treaties and a service contract with our lawful government called The Constitution of the United States (no “of America”) which it has grossly violated in thought, word, and deed. 
              vi. We have covered The Dead Baby Scam so now we will cover both the Federal Reserve and the IRS Frauds promulgated by the City of Rome franchise doing business as the Municipal United States Government---misrepresenting itself as The United States and as the Congress owed to the people of this country.
              a. In 1913, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, legal tender “laws” were imposed upon all citizens of “the” United States ---- not our United States---- the Federal Municipal United States Government.   Unfortunately, we were all impacted by this, because we have to carry on trade with them.  They established themselves a very profitable exchange rate of one US DOLLAR – their fiat script, for one American United States dollar --- an ounce of fine silver. They forced us to accept their corporation’s I.O.U.’s as an equitable exchange for our silver dollars under color of law.
              b. They used this exchange rate to fill their coffers with American silver for the cost of printing up paper “dollars”. 
              c. In 1934, after deliberately causing The Great Depression and bankrupting their own commercial corporation doing business as “the” United States of America----Incorporated, which is yet another infringement and constructive fraud substituting a commercial corporation pretending to be the actual government of this country analogous to the Scottish Interloper of 1868 --- they created a “debt credit domestic monetary system”.
              d. Under a debt credit system, you either: (1) owe no debts yourself and collect debts as credits, or, (2) everyone concerned is in debt to the others, and the Parties exchange debts as credits.  It is all based on zero-sum transactions. This is anti-intuitive and against any normal course of business, so pay attention:
              You go into a burger joint and give the owner a fiat five dollar bill in exchange for a hamburger. You have just gotten a hamburger which has actual value, in exchange for an I.O.U. – a debt, in other words.  You still owe for that hamburger and no actual money has changed hands. Your debt just grew by $5 and the hamburger joint owner just accrued a $5 debt-credit. Every debt creates a credit in exactly the same amount, so there is a “zero sum” result--- and it is impossible for there to be a debt without an answering debt-credit.
              So, when they talk about the “US National Debt” you know automatically that there has to be an answering “American National Credit” --- the credit/payment still due for that actual hamburger.
              e. Americans have been accruing American National Credit under this system for more than eight decades and “US” Municipal United States Citizens have been accruing the US National Debt under the same system.  Our National Credit with them is equal to their National Debt to us. We, Americans, are by far the largest and highest Priority Creditors with respect to the US National Debt. China is a far distant second runner.
              f. This is why the perpetrators of this scheme plotted to kill us all off, thinking that they could escape their debt by killing their Priority Creditors, just as the Nazis endeavored to kill off the Jewish population that was holding the bulk of their National Debt.
              g. Who actually owes us the US National Debt, our gold, the interest, and the profits?  The Pope, the Queen, all their actual, legitimate government franchises, all their banks and corporations worldwide.  They have coerced the use of our assets under color of law and forced us to extend our credit for their benefit under conditions of Gross Breach of Trust and Treaty for the better part of two centuries, and now, they don’t want to pay up.  Forced extension of our credit, without our consent, and additional False Claims against the Dead Baby ESTATE, is what happens every time their foreign Municipal “Congress” extends the debt limit. 
              h. Next, we address the situation where both parties owe each other debts in a debt-credit system --- this is supposed to result in a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.  Americans do owe the Territorial and Municipal Governments for stipulated government services that they have provided under the terms of their respective Constitutions, and obviously, they owe us train loads of credit as a result of the monetary system they imposed under color of law.  What is supposed to happen according to their own admissions in the 1934 Emergency Banking Act and Federal Title 12, is that we have the right to claim “exemption” and to demand “offset” of any federal debts we owe them, against the credit they already owe Americans. 
This is a situation where I owe Joe a hundred dollars and he owes me a thousand, so I agree to knock a hundred off what he owes me already.
Every time Americans do this offsetting process, the US Debt goes down. 
If this system had been utilized and properly administered from the beginning, the US National Debt would have been constantly pared down, but instead, those responsible have kept this a secret from the General Public and used various means, most especially, The Dead Baby Scam, to prevent Americans from accessing the American National Credit and offsetting federal debts they actually don’t owe.
Without the counter-balancing effect of the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, the US National Debt has increased exponentially. 
              i. The mysterious $23 Trillion Credit that the DOD Division of Fiscal Services found on its books, as well as the principal part of the gold in the Philippines, plus the actual ownership of the land of this country belongs to The United States of America --- Unincorporated, and to the member States of the Union and to the People of this country--- that is, all the long-lost purportedly dead Americans.
              j. And now you know why Americans actually are the Priority Creditors of the US and why we are owed the preponderance of the US National Debt.
              k. This foregoing circumstance, the constructive Dead Baby Scam leading to denial of the individual American’s ability to offset federal debts they don’t owe and the commandeering of their assets by the Bar Associations acting under color of law, fraud, and deceit --- also leads directly to the IRS Fraud.
              l. You will remember that the dead fetal afterbirth “Person” registered under our Given Names as a Dual Federal Citizen owing obligations to both the British Territorial and Municipal United States Governments was also by definition obligated as a result, to pay Federal Debts, including Federal Income Taxes.  This same identity theft and impersonation scheme was also used to allow the Municipal United States’ religious Inquisition to extract payment of Federal Income Taxes and to deny Americans access to the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions they are owed.
              m. Forcing people who are not in receipt of any federal income to pay federal income taxes is quite a feat, but using The Dead Baby Scam in concert with other historical maneuvers has allowed the perpetrators to siphon off billions upon billions of dollars-worth of fiat debt notes and physical assets belonging to the American People.  The principal historical maneuver referenced in connection with this, is the Victory Tax.
              n. During the Second World War, the United States Congress “offered” the opportunity for patriotic Americans to step forward and voluntarily pay an amount equal to what their federal citizen counterparts were paying as income tax, as a special “Victory Tax” to help win the war.  This special tax was supposed to end at the end of the hostilities and the American “volunteers” were supposed to be released from any further obligation.  This never happened.
              o. These patriotic Americans who came to the aid of the British Government during its “darkest hour” were kept on the hook and mercilessly billed and harassed and misidentified as “Withholding Agents” --- British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers, in charge of collecting “gift and estate taxes”—from their own presumed-to-exist Dead Baby ESTATE, created by the Municipal Government in the first place as part of The Dead Baby Scam.  The date for the end of the hostilities which was supposed to mark the end of the collection of the Victory Tax is clearly marked at the beginning of Title 50.
              p. All of the taxes that were collected after that date in September 1945 from Americans who signed up to pay the Victory Tax and who were not directly employed by either the Territorial United States military government, nor by the Municipal Government, were collected under conditions of knowing constructive fraud; even worse, these Americans were again deliberately misidentified as Dual Citizens under obligation to serve both the foreign British Territorial United States Government and the Pope’s Municipal United States Government, when in fact they were never actually Federal Citizens at all and under no such obligations.  These gallant “volunteers” were repaid with vicious continued taxation, vicious false arrest, and vicious seizure of their private assets under conditions of fraud, deceit, and violent racketeering by members of the Bar Associations and IRS employees. 
              q. The IRS and the “Courts” being operated by the Bar Associations are all operating under color of law on our shores; they are all private and foreign entities that should not be here and should not be operating in these capacities at all, misrepresenting themselves as being some part of our lawful government, when in fact they are all nothing but federal subcontractors that are supposed to be limiting their activities to serving actual federal citizens and dealing only with stipulated federal issues.
              vii. The Life Insurance Fraud – Life Force Value Annuities
              In addition to all the other dis-service that the British Government and the Popes have provided to this country and its people via the gross, deliberate mis-administration of their functions as Federal Subcontractors, they additionally contrived to insure their surreptitiously and falsely claimed property, by taking out life insurance policies on all the Dead Babies – in the form of Bottomry Bonds placed on the bogus Dead Baby ESTATES.
              The British Government colluded with the Government of Ottawa and its Governor to “subsume” all the Dead Baby ESTATES into the bankruptcy of CANADA, and the Annuities generated when these ESTATES were collapsed (“died”) --- $950 trillion dollars-worth, were paid to Prince Philip as the presumed beneficiary.  He resigned from Public Life two days later, in April of 2017, revealed to be the King Rat of King Rats.
And now this is what we have to say as the actual Americans who have officially returned to the land jurisdiction of our country and who are operating the actual States of the Union and our Federation of States called The United States of America, which is Unincorporated:
We wish for every Municipal COURT including the US TAX COURT, which is improperly operating outside the District of Columbia to be permanently shut down, immediately, and all CRIS Accounts associated with these COURTS to be seized and held pending disposition to the rightful owners;
We wish for all members of the Bar Associations to be re-educated about these issues and for all Circuit Courts to be fully informed and strictly limited and subjected to oversight when issuing Dead Letters of Administration; we wish for drastic reform and re-education of the Territorial Courts as well, so as to ensure compliance with international law and an end to pillaging;
We wish for the immediate worldwide recognition of our lawful government as the only government that has any right, reason, or ability to control the affairs of the actual United States in international affairs;
We wish for the cessation of all corporate hostilities whatsoever, and the for the immediate dismantling of The Dead Baby Scam, the release of all our medical professionals who are not working directly for the military from any obligation of conscription or coercive licensing, and the correction of all our records to reflect that fact that we are not “dead”, not federal Dual Citizens, not Enemies of anyone, not responsible for any of this deplorable criminality exercised in our names, and not offering to serve in any capacity but that of the lawful government of this country and the Priority Creditors of the US National Debt;
 We wish for all actual Americans who are not currently working directly for the federal government in the military or Federal Civil Service, to reclaim their birthright political status by public declaration and by joining our actual State Assemblies and for the U.S. Department of Defense/DOD to: (1) issue proper international identification cards identifying these Americans as State Citizens and/or State Nationals who are non-combatant civilians owed The Law of Peace by the military and owed every jot of the guarantees afforded their States under the federal constitutions; (2) issue credit cards directly attached to their unblocked credit accounts to execute Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges to offset the US National Debt using the American National Credit that is owed to each and every one of them; (3) work with our State Assemblies remove the private property of these Americans from all public tax rolls and permanently return the freehold land patent to their possession; (5)  shut down all registration activities affecting land and land assets in this country—all of which must be recorded, not registered;
We wish for a cessation of all talk of transfer of our wealth to Third World countries upon the premise that our assets are “abandoned assets” and an end of any presumption that the Municipal “Civil” ---not “Civilian” Government had any right or authority to transfer any aspect of our government to the administration of the United Nations nor any justification to create the Dead Baby ESTATES and DERIVATIVES attached to our Given Names, either.  These are all criminal activities recognized under the Geneva Conventions and they carry the death penalty should anyone wish to raise their hand and continue these practices--- let them be well-advised;  
We wish for it to be recognized that the British Crown and Government of Westminster in particular, has been operated as a crime syndicate on our shores and worldwide, as has the Roman Catholic Church which has been used as a storefront by criminals, as has the Municipal Government of Great Britain, as has the Municipal United States Government, the British Territorial United States Government, the various subsidiaries including CANADA and the Territorial Governments, including the Office of the Governor of Ottawa;
We wish for Prince Philip and the Governor of Ottawa to be prosecuted for the return of all Life Force Value Annuities owed to the natural heirs, including the multi-generational heirs actually owed these Annuities;
We wish for the entire world to wise up and realize that money and credit are commodities like rice or pork bellies and that these commodities no less than all the others have been commandeered and manipulated via commodity rigging schemes cooked up by the World Bank and the various “Territorial” Governments --- that is, commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services under subcontracts to actual governments --- including the creation of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the London Gold and Silver Exchanges, the Shanghai Exchange, the various other Stock and Commodity Exchanges, and the grossly mis-managed Securities and Exchange Commission organizations worldwide;
We wish for the entire world to realize that the all the nastiness done in our names was in fact done and ordered by British Territorial Citizens and Roman Municipal Denizens, acting as “US citizens” ---working for corporations and institutions which have been criminally mismanaged and misdirected ever since this plague of deceit and criminality was started under the reign of Queen Victoria when she sold out the British Working Class by “enfranchising” them and their assets as chattels to back the Raj in India and to promote herself as Empress of India;
We wish for all of you hearing and/or reading this to realize the gravity of the situation and the fact that any GCR will immediately reveal the manipulation that has been readily available all this time, the arbitrary nature of that manipulation of world money supplies and currencies, and the grotesque fault of the bankers and the politicians which has resulted in so much misery and violence for no good reason;
We wish for a gentle re-seeding of the world markets and believe that this can be adequately accomplished at a micro-economic level simply by converting the debt system to a credit system, allowing people to exercise the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions they were always owed, shutting down The Dead Baby Scam and seizing back the so-called “Legacy Trusts” from the administration of bank administrators who have falsely claim that these are abandoned assets; 
We have already seen what happens when we leave things to the discretion of members of the Bar Associations and other bankers.  We wish for an end of their hegemony and respect for the Titles of Nobility Amendment made to The Constitution for the united States of America in all dealings regarding us, our property, our courts, and our day-to-day lives until this entire business is brought to a conclusion and all our Judicial Courts are returned to service;
We wish for the realization that the Legacy Trusts are for the benefit of living, breathing people, including the lawful heirs and the intended beneficiaries---not corporations; also, they are not “abandoned property” to be divvied up among cronies to promote political agendas, to buy protection from government contractors, or to otherwise be abused and mischaracterized as public trusts, subject to legal chicanery and to being siphoned off under conditions of fraud, False Claims, and deceit. 

The final point that I wish to make solely in my unique capacity is that we have to let go of the old, before we can embrace the new.  If your hands are full of blessings that belong to someone else, you can’t have the peace and joy of knowing and enjoying your own.  It is apparent that there is far more than enough in terms of resources to wipe out poverty, to provide abundant food and water, to educate everyone on this planet and build a marvelous future ---- but only if we give up the false assumptions that have been fostered under the Roman Church’s Doctrine of Scarcity and only if we embrace our true birthright and standing. 

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  1. Entirely tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long of a post. Most of us work jobs that take 8-12 hours out of our days. i certainly would appreciate your keeping the post to something that only requires about 5 mins of my time...but then i am only one man...Thanks for all you do.

    1. LOL No time to read BUT plenty to bitch and moan???

    2. Paul-ben: Have you dedicated some of your time to read all the articles?

      Anyone out there have a total number of pages for all Annas articles to date?

      Are you still fortunate enough to have a roof over your head? Unlike the homeless.

      Are you fortunate enough the IRS syndicate isn't levying your bank accounts?

      How much of your time are you willing to contribute to operating the government?

      If it's tooooooooo much to read 9 pages of history, what will happen when you are required to read 10 times that amount of instructions on what each of us must do to correct the records and take back what belongs to the people?

      These are questions we all must ask ourselves. If we aren't willing to put in the time to correct this mess by especially learning the history who will? We have to first be responsible for ourselves.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    3. @paul-ben...get over it, cliff notes are for those who won't do their homework. Anna has said the above coming up to 2000 times, get down to work, this was an excellent article as intended to break the history into a time line. You cant get 200 years of deceit explained in one page. grow up PB

    4. Mike i am not "bitching and moaning" as you alleged. This is not my full time job...reading Annas posts which i thoroughly enjoy. However i have right now 3 pasts posts i have not been able to read because i do have a full time job that keeps me gone for 12 hours a day. I dont have the luxury of NOT working so that i can support Anna financially among other things responsible americans do. Those are good questions you pose Annie however my guess is that i have been in this"fight" longer than most of you have been alive. i have done my paperwork and recorded my documents on the limited time i am allotted. Havent been on a vacation in 9 years and do the best i can with the limited time i have. And Mike you are correct...i should not even be wasting my time defending myself against disparaging comments/ questions from you. I will refrain from expressing my feelings/ displeasure to anyone on this blog in the future and will invest my limited time to reading. You Mike must be so much better than me...Enjoy your 1 min. of fame.

  2. Nine pages of single space type is too much for me...i typically have to print off the post and read it when i have 30 mins.

  3. NOTICE:

    Annamaria/other IS NOT A FIDUCIARY with regard to anything that pertains to me. I have NOT voluntarily consented to have any corporation/other office-holders, including any FIDUCIARY, speak, think, act/other usurpation, for me.

    I do not recognize her as Head/Hereditary Head of State/ other Titular or Titled or any other position.

    I do not recognize her claimed authority being a
    Constitutional (10th Amendment Judge)= Legal Fiction = Corporation judge/justice/other, since same is not an elected common law Public Office judge but is, instead, a contractual>(Constitution) position even though "elected"/polled.

    I do not recognize or receive her judgments/other over the states or the States/other and or the people or People and that includes her claiming the living people are "inhabitants".

    Instead, I am a lawful, free, sovereign, and independent woman and soul being one of the people living on the land and soil that belongs to me, (and I do not belong to the land and soil, but the land and soil belongs to me) lawfully under lawful authority of the July, 1776 "Declaration of Independence", and not necessarily subject to the/ any Constitution/other, except through the States of America, when lawfully ratified through the original States of America from consent of the people, and that includes "10th Amendment" judges/justices, so that nothing in this paper/document pertains to me.

    authored by: jan-marie on bluebird acre.

    1. Notice: If nothing pertains to YOU, then why the hell are you here???
      ""....and soil belongs to me) lawfully under lawful authority of the July, 1776 "Declaration of Independence" ""
      LOL please provide documentation proving YOU own anything because of the Declaration of Independence??? Any actual land /soil - grants/deeds/titles/willed inheritances etc etc ANYTHING besides your vivid imagination??? LOL

    2. The Declaration of Independence was rendered ineffective why?, because the parties who created the document are also the same parties who signed both sides of a contract which renders it null and void it was created to pacify dissenters nothing says they were going to enforce it...

    3. Annamaria, why do you have TWO Cancellations of Powers of Attorney in your freebasicpacket? :):) this is the fourth+ time I've asked this question. :):)

      MikeV the Declaration of Independence IS the proof of me owning things, ...and you too.
      Its a common law trust that holds your and my and everybody else's life, freedom, safety, happiness, among all of your/my other property that can only be accessed FROM that separate man's or woman's own consent. Not through any state or other, signing any this or that, that says anything different.

      Furthermore, Grants/ deeds/ titles /wills are the vividly imagined things you are LOLing about!! They are FICTIONS. Imaginations. They are PAPER. Flat. Two-dimensional as WinkWink has been pointing out. Truly, *there* are those vivid imaginations you are ridiculing and defending at the very same time!!

      And they dont belong to me!
      I am out of DEAD FICTION world, being a true and natural American state national living woman, under authority of American traditional common law.

      Annamaria has vividly imagined a brand new IMAGINARY DEAD FICTION, the Lawful Person!!
      Now that is something to "LOL" about since it cannot be a true and natural living American state national. Ever. Its just another imaginary fictional "person"!
      And, no, I plan on being here as long as Annamaria keeps making claims about American state nationals so that I can, in utmost good faith: object; and also point out what I regard as the inconsistencies/other in her claims and her work: like putting TWO different Canc of POA in her generous free packet of forms.
      You are most welcome to, and I in fact invite you to, please, feel free to skip all of my comments if you don't like my objections/other... Or continue to share your own reactions to same. :):)

      Where was the DeclarofIndep ever rendered ineffective?
      Answer: It wasn't.

      And by whom?...
      Answer: By no one.
      It is still standing and will continue to stand.

      Prove either of those declarations (mine) to be wrong.

      You can't, because its the same BAR attorneys who are claiming that you gave them your private property and your true and natural portion of the public property for them to hypothecate debt against and then send commercial mercenaries under color of lawful Military authority to "arrest" your "bond", if you object (but then take your body and imprison you and it so they can steal the bonds???!!!) that are purposely misinforming (H.R.3166subsec 2b, 1996; repeal of Smith-Mundt Act, 2003/others) the trusting American people that the DofIndep is "ineffective"/other. When the truth is that an American traditional common law trust cannot be rendered null and void except by the beneficiary!!!!
      .. Other people, including those who claim, without lawful INITIATING contract in commerce, to represent us (like those same BAR attorneys are doing so they can steal our property) can sign all the contracts they want, but it is those contracts that are both null and also void, never the DeclofIndep; not only for lack of standing, status, agency, and lawful initiating contract, but also because the common law authority/"jurisdiction" belonging to the natural born living people to whom the land and soil BELONGS (and we do not belong to the land and soil, being living beings with a soul) comes into ANY law matter in a position superior in authority, regarding any claimed/other contract: corporate, commercial, maritime, admiralty, law merchant, merchant law, militia and so forth "jurisdiction" because THOSE ARE THE FICTIONS AND LIVING PEOPLE ARE NOT.
      TheDofIndep was not created by anyone who would have been secretly planning to not enforce it. If that was so, then that would be TREASON, subject to death by hang. ing g. And also: perfidy which is FRAUD. So you are saying that some of the signers committed intentional TREASON and FRAUD?

      Name the ones who did that and show your proofs.
      I am steeling myself to hear **crickets**!

    4. anna is mostly correct, her team is about the only ones standing up for americans

      the problems with her scheme is old testament mosaic law and 2nd coming nonsense:

      "the lord" "living god" is just more disguised "sex magick"

      (same as mormons "melchedizek priesthood"; moses and aaron caught playing with their cadaceus's again)

      every so often we see someone here promoting "2nd coming" or egyptian sun god amen-ra, or wormwood (the death star), or astrology (age of aquarius/horus, the whole of the law shall be do what thou wilt)
      -- just like the talmud (where "son of man" means antichrist), the rest of the scriptures also note this is NOT someone you should follow their 2nd coming "revelations"

      from what i see, the "jews" seem pretty much in agreement on this, talmud and otherwise; why do deluded "christians" get confused and think son of man is a good thing?
      In Matthew, paralleled by Luke, Jesus anticipates that in the Kingdom of God, his followers will "sit on [twelve] thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel".
      supposedly the tribe of the lion of judah are the only ones worthy to open the seal. this indicates they are clearly against christ, thinking they will escape his "judgement"
      the solution is easy. take anna's stuff, but also take your freedom of religion from declaration of independence, use it to reject "the lord" "son of man" "2nd coming" "the creator" "nature's god" etc.

      the problem with the declaration of independence is "the creator" and "nature's god". which denies christ, appeals to alternate gods aka antichrists. "the excellence of the common law" book tells us biblically "anti" just means substitutute mediator. protestants will say this too, for why they dont like rome/popistry/etc.

      yet, they stuck 2 substitute/antichrists in the declaration of independence.

      nature's god is just old roman/greek hermes/mercury. he is both a son of nature and also parent (nature works by "merging" "reincarnation", e.g. rain falls, waters earth, evaporates, freezes, melts, etc. "transmutation" -- change of form, but still just water in various states)

      just take freedom of religion from decl.o.inde. and use it to deny mercury/hermes is "god". easy. claim freedom from satanism under 1st coming christ.

      alternately, zeus or someone probably outranks hermes/mercruy.

      benjamin franklin explaining nature's god (1785):

      "the creator" is totally vague. even bible christ says noone goes to the father except through him. so just take your freedom of religion and just reject this disguised "the lord" "the creator" "nature's god" imposter.

      there are 2 roman/greek gods hiding in the declaration of independence which the protestants disguised calling him "the creator" "nature's god". so just reject those roman imposters.

    5. the sooner people realize they are dealing with satanic freemasons on each of the vatican II/england/and "america" so-called "sides", the quicker they can not get mislead with hegelian false mind games "protestantism versus popistry"
      QUOTE He also boasts about their ability to fake miracles
      virginia colony looks to have been more masonic 2nd coming fraud.

      the 99% protestants and sympathizers who wrote declaration of independence appealed to roman/greek hermes/mercury but disguised him by calling him "the creator" "nature's god".

      they invented a non-man spirit-based "pope" "mediator" "bridge" 2-faced "janus" god of doorways/passages/etc.

      they hated the pope so much, they invented their own imaginary pope in the sky whom noone has seen his face, calling him "the creator" "nature's god" -- just another "the lord" antichrist variant/imposter.

      thus, this false protestant "spirit pope" should be rejected too.

      bible christ says "noone goes to the father except through me" -- this is just yet another attempt to do so.

      besides the fake vatican II, people should also reject the "american" "protestant" versions of substitute/anti-christs.

      "the lord" "the creator" "nature's god" "living god" -- all of these are fake/substitute aka anti- christs.

    6. Xerces, Anna has to be 100% right. *Almost* isn't good enough with this stuff!

      For example:
      She seems to suggest that the contract called a Constitution doesn't need the consent of both parties.
      Well,...I guess that's almost right. :)
      There *IS* ONE party in agreement.
      With itself.
      (As usual.)
      But since their own agreement with themselves is SUBSTITUTING *THEIR* own self-interested consent for BOTH sides of the contract:.... Well, shucky-darn, that does not satisfy the requirements of a LAWFUL contract.

      I am constantly insulted by the disregard these murderers, thieves and liars have for anyone besides themselves.

      Here's them:
      Oh!!! Whatchew say?
      *TWO* parties have to AGREE??
      Oh, nonononono :):)
      we don't do it that way,... *WE* only need ONE party in agreement... US...
      What we say goes, ya got that?
      Cause everybody knows we'll just ..... Well, forget that... Now, tell those *people* that *WE* decided it was ratified and to shut the hell up about it because we dont care what they want and nobody asked for their consent any way now, did they?


  4. This is a great article because it gives you the entire history .It also explains to us how to rectify our injustices. We must unit for our children sake. Sit back an visualize the future our children will have.If we do nothing.
    Semper Fidelis
    Don Brickham

    1. This is the transcript of a briefing for the members of the Alliance--- the White Hats that have kept the world from blowing up.

      They all need this information so they have a succinct nine pages that gives them the basic information.

      For all those complaining about this article being too long, I invite them to summarize 150 years of history, outline the structure of the biggest identity theft and credit fraud scam in history in nine pages. Good luck and may you do a better job....

    2. Thank you Anna, this is one of your best, a summary of 150 plus years of crimes against humanity.
      Very clear and concise – so simple even a caveman could comprehend…….Susan

    3. No luck to it:

      Prove that any of the "Constitutions" were ever lawfully ratified in the first place.

      They weren't.
      Simply: they never went to a vote from the people; consent from the governed was never obtained.

      And many, Many, MANY other flaws and defects, making the "Constitution" the same type of red herring device, sham, ruse, pretense, artifice, cover that the Birth Certificate is except that in the Birth Certificate fraud Americans' *individual* "names and authority" were stolen in order to steal our private property/"estates";
      and whereas with the "Constitution", it was the "name and "de jure" authority" of our Union and States that were stolen in order to steal the public land and property.

      They did the same thing.
      Used the same device.
      Made the same false claims.
      In commerce.
      Using commercial mercenary force, under color of lawful Military to enforce it all.

      And they stole the peoples' Public Offices under these criminal conditions.

      This is not just me saying these things. I enter proofs onto the Record for you to see for yourselves:
      1. Read their Sovereign's Motu Proprio, July 2013... Their own Sovereign admits what they've done.
      2. Read their CEOs EO 13818, 12/21/2017, calling it a criminal organization.
      3. Read the criminal charges on their own Corporation's "Congressional Record" brought against them 86 years ago by their own associate, Louis T. McFadden, that have never been cleared.

      There is much more, but if people need more than that to "get it", then I wonder if they themselves are benefiting from this theft other peoples' work and energy.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. There is an old saying, you can wish in one had and spit in the other and see which one fills up the fastest.

    1. I see by your name that you've been bought off. Hope you can sleep at night and DO realize that what goes around DOES come around. And probably faster than you want it, too.

  7. Our kid are fat and lazy...!! There are no thin people anymore...!! The first thing is to get healthy than we can address this gross breach of trust...!!

    As far as the territorial and municipal US is concerned , they already have all our assets and they could care less about mutual credit of-set exchange..!!

    Look what's happening in Hong Gong..!!
    They want that small country back and they will do anything to get it back...!!

    Anna, this country as well as 186 other countries are concerned, this is the only system they know off....!!
    And they are willing to destroy each other to control it...!!

  8. These are not countries. These are corporations. Big difference. They have no natural right to exist and they are operating in violation of their charters. It's time for these crime syndicates to be recognized for what they are and shut down. The Cretins responsible for the trouble in China are the instigators of the trouble here and in Israel and elsewhere, too. These immoral pagan zealots are pumping the Chinese up on a lot of BS and offering them a lot of money-- and the funny part is that none of the money these charlatans are offering the Chinese is theirs, and neither is Hong Kong. If the Chinese fall for their garbage the parasites will dig their fangs into China just as they did here.

    1. All registered with the SEC

  9. Thank you for the history. I like to print the articles so I can read and reread. I personally do not like reading on a computer.

  10. This man has a very interesting take on the Executive Order President Trump signed regarding trafficking of people. Interested in you take. Please watch the entire video before having an observation:

    1. Can't get on UT.

      Is it about EO 13818?

    2. Yes. Video says because the Federal Reserve dealt in trafficking of birth certificates (people) they are guilty of corruption and their assets were seized. I am sorry about the video.

    3. I got the video to come up and it is about JFK Jr.
      Says he's alive??
      Pretty much indicates the letters they got at Bush funeral was about JFK Jr??
      As we all know they can make ole George Clooney JFK Jr on tell lie vision and video if they want and the sheep would know no difference
      Read the document below bottom right
      Kennedy was a puppet actor just like the rest of them
      Some say he is alive and well and playing the role of Jimmy Carter who by the way is now a world elder, hmmm see how that works
      Kennedy assassination netted these bankers and media companies billions of dollars in revenue and the money stream is still coming in from the psyop 50 years later
      It's called psychological warfare
      Hell based on what we know now that kid in those photos with the Kennedy's may not even be their kid??
      Obama's kids belong to Jamie Fox

    4. Hi Shelby, I always like your posts. What I was interested in was your take on the Executive Order President Trump issued regarding Trafficking of People. How the Federal Reserve Banks were involved in Trafficking birth certificates and because of this their assets were seized.

    5. My personal opinion is that none of these 'actors' represents any of us and they never have

      If they are seizing anything related to trafficking of people it is probably of those that are infringing on their territory

      Who do you think organized the migration of thousands of people from south of the border? Sure as hell wasn't a small time trafficker? It was organized and paid for with big money

      Just like drug trafficking, they will seize everything from a little drug trafficker but the big boys operate with immunity like big pharma and the vaccine industry

      The military industrial complex is dumpng toxic chemicals on our heads daily and people still think these clowns are going to do something noble?

      They creating weather disasters for profit and killing people in the process to get them off the land they bought and paid for?

      They have never represented any of us, ever, and they sure as hell aren't going to now

  11. The last thing that should be happening is Anna having to defend herself and her work.

    So Very well done Anna, Thank you just never seems to be enough. Please know how important your work is and how much you are valued.

    The irony of this is that even the dissenters and trolls will benefit. from her efforts.

    Participation here is not mandatory if the information doesn't resonate with you, just move along to another site of your choosing, without comment.

    Moderator, "your a better man than I Gunga Din"

    1. Semper Fi 74..

      If I don't resonanate with what someone else says, well I just skip their comments next time.
      Simple solution

      Because even if *I* don't appreciate their POV, who's to say they're not furnishing information other people are interested in?

      After all, that's what the true America is all about.

    2. goodboots, Precisely ! We have some in here that show a highly controlling spirit, and that is, as you say, very unamerican and violates freedom of speech.

    3. good boots,Abby....all evidence to the contrary.
      Quid Pro Quo
      "The irony of this is that even the dissenters and trolls will benefit from her efforts."

    4. Semper, its easy to see you yourself are trying to urge Paul to stifle anyone who doesnt agree with Anna, and so that make You one of those showing a ''controlling spirit'.
      I still have not seen anyone who ''has benefited from her work'. All I have seen for several years is talk and promises and telling of this and that happening, but seeing it is just not there. So far its still just words supposedly on paper on typed in here. Im not even 'almost persuaded'.

    5. When it becomes clear that individuals are consistently and
      systematically posturing a narrative that is counter to the
      positive efforts posted here, it begs the question, what is the intent?

      It doesn’t pass the test of reasonableness to take issue with efforts
      put forth for everyone’s benefit. It appears there are other agenda’s
      in play here.
      Label them as you choose.

      Contrary to your assumptions, truth be known, my position is:

      I would fight back to back if necessary,with anyone to protect their right to
      voice what they choose.

      Just don’t expect me to believe it!


    6. Semper, if by your accusation of my 'posturing a narrative' you are referring to my mention of biblical references, I point you to the fact that both Anna and Paul speak far far more about religion than I ever have. Dont you realize that Paul posts an entire Sermon every Sunday? And then Anna makes her sad attempt at 'teaching biblical stuff'' even though it is inaccurate. Why is it you never slam her for that since you are obviously greatly disturbed by biblical references.

      And you frown on any opinion that goes contrary to Anna's opinion, or her statements or the info she puts out in here? Do you really think she is infallible and that just because she says it, it must be true? Do you really think there is not another side to the ''Anna coin'?
      Well there is and many bubbles are going to burst, but I will leave that for folks to 'see it to believe it'.

      Note: I am No troll nor do I have any personal agenda nor am I an agent of anyone or anything; just a simple agent of truth. And I do not press anyone to believe anything. You are all on your own.

    7. Semper Fi 74,
      The intent to reconcile the inconsistencies that we see in the articles.
      That should seem reasonable.

      How do you know what is being done is to everyones advantage? Or ANYone?

      Who is "anna"? Do you know?
      Neither do we.

      Really, kudos to you for caring enough to make comments and for stepping up and asking some questions.
      Just make sure you're asking the right questions of the right people and not knocking down people who just want the full truth.

  12. This is a terrific explanation of the last 150 years. I am so grateful for all of Anna's hard work and diligence in spite of too many ungrateful people. This is definitely something I will be sharing as it is concise and straight forward and will help to awaken many. Thank you Anna for you courage and your intelligence as well as your big heart!

  13. Read what the guy writes under the video
    They are in the process of stealing all the fresh water resources
    Geoengineering is killing the food and the animals and marine life
    Feel free to watch some of his other videos he did 5 years ago trying to tell people what was going on
    This is why they after the 'arms' - to genocide us
    The police state they built is no accident people
    Keep forging ahead everyone we must not give up

    All of them are depopulation agenda

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. True, they don't care the rule of Law, Anna. Please find their common sign "DRAGO" found in 5 country Soldier badges below. DRAGO is a Major Star-cluster, influencing men to do evil, also notice that Prince Philip claimed he is the descendant of the Dracula family. Not many people are aware of the British-French Free Masonry in the past French Indochina, to present in Siam. These soldier Badges belongs to the deceived died soldiers, collected from WWII, and the French-1-2-3 War to keep Indochina-failure. The Vietnam war was actually Indochina war, enslaving SE Asia, then they shifted the slavery more on white when they couldn't win their wars on the other side.$/Original-5th-Laotian-Battalion-Chasseurs-Badge-French-Indochina-_57.jpg$/Original-French-Indochina-Badge-73rd-Colonial-Engineer-Battalion-_57.jpg$/French-Indochina-1st-Regiment-Colonial-Artillery-Badge-Insignia-_57.jpg$/Original-French-Indochina-8th-Moroccan-Infantry-Regiment-Badge-_57.jpg

    So where is the "DRAGO star system" mapping to on earth? 23-24 degree at Capricorn, at WA D.C. + N.Y. Go figure the rest, WHY
    someone is misleading many other countries to use the same DRAGO symbol, in WWII?

    Why many US soldiers died in The Philippines ISLANDS and CHINA Sea in 1944?

    1. Viet Nam was about oil
      Had nothing to do what so ever with freeing the Vietnamese
      I would bet the viet cong were trained cia just like they doing today in the middle east and all around the world

    2. Some symbology that relates

    3. All of it has been planned and carried out for decades
      1941 map
      UN map
      The roman army
      USMCA deal is about the North American Union and the Constitution for Interdependence
      Ole Rocky and his brothers, the four horseman
      The earth constitution
      So while the oil companies and the other corporations plunder the planet they telling us we are the ones destroying it
      They moving all the good stuff to their coffers and the people can be depopulated, that's the plan
      World parliment
      Not an accident either - all planned and carried out by the money masters and the sheep who helped and are helping them do it

      The 'representatives who signed this new constitution and approved it for all of us in 1976

    4. North Central Texas UNELECTED Council of Government working to implement UN Agenda 21 and Regionalism
      Executive Board - unelected by the people
      Judges and mayors on this list of unelected who are implementing UN agenda 21
      Not only are they getting paid to be judges and mayor, they are also getting paid on this executive boards
      They are working the UN agenda through regionalism
      FEMA Regions as defined
      80% of us land mass to be off limits and no humans permitted it is the wildlands projects areas
      Of all the land across this nation look at the little green areas on the map in the above video
      Unelected councils of governments all over the country herding us in to these small little green areas on the map while the rest of the land goes where? Who gets it? Not an accident
      The plan is to cause massive destruction in mega regions eliminating as many as possible as they go
      The elderly are on the list first
      Their manufactured forced relocation
      The club of Rome and their planning of the NAU and depopulation

  17. Half Church of God, Half devil castle... traced back to Viking 900's AD. Symbols every where on Church door-knobs, like the church of Notre-dame in Paris.

  18. This is the craziest thing I've read in quite a while. The U.S. is not a corporation and nothing you've provided proves that it is. The existence, for example, of the Lieber Code is not evidence that a foreign entity owns or controls America. CLaiming it is evidence does not make it evidence either. You've failed to show how the Lieber Code is empirical data for your argument.

    1. Title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 Section 15:

      (15) “United States” means—
      (A) a Federal corporation;
      (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
      (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

    2. Twice I have commented here and both have disappeared????
      All registered with the SEC

    3. Unknown,you are correct!

      The true United States is and always has been a confederation between separate nations called States!

      The thing (the Vatican Inc/ UKInc/ BarAssnInc) that stole our confederated union's name and authority under force, made its doppleganger (dead entity corporation) and is trying to substitute its doppleganger, fictional "country" just like they are creating doppelgangers of all of us using the Birth Certificate fraud and are trying to convince us that those artificial "persons" are "us" or our responsibility.

      Its the very, the exact same scam.

      They just keep frantically churning out more and more papers, more layers of "cover" over the fraud hoping no one will be able to sort it all out.

    4. More simply said:

      Just as the criminals create artificial persons "out of" all of us using the Birth Certificate, they created an artificial "country" out of our confederated union.

      For both they used:
      1. False claims in commerce.
      2. Artificial dead entity doppelgangers.
      3. By fraud.
      4. Enforced upon us by force, using color of lawful Military.

    5. @unknown, Ah, we have a liar, uh, I mean lawyer in our midst! Where did I put that rope?


      The slippery s o b.

      Perfect example of their technique though:

      SAY what is true.

  19. Thank You Anna,
    This blog post came at the perfect time...

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. It would have been a lot easier to make a constitution that gave people , real men and woman, the right to tell their public servants what they want or just fire them, with one complaint...!!Now there is a constitution I can get behind...!! Keep it simple stupid...!! Our constitution is overly complicated and has caused more trouble than it created....!! If the people were in charge, none of this would be happening...!!

    1. EXACTly the point Pasini, they kept the people from BEING in charge of a so-called "Constitution" by never allowing it to go to the people for a vote,... same way they've crammed all their other theft and fraud scheme claims enforced by violence through. See: LouisTMcFadden 1933, JamesTrafficant1993, motopropriojuly,2013
      EO13818,2017 and more.

    2. You mean like the constitution of interdependence that they signed for 'us' back in 1976
      And how about those Rocky boys and their philanthropy working for the betterment of all on earth (my a$$)
      Even says so on their web site philanthropy for an interdependent world - what it really means is slavery for the serfs
      And low and behold bet you can't guess what their family history reveals
      These are the S O B's behind oil, big pharma, education

    3. Oops, I know your name James, I meant PaNsini.
      Sorry :):)

    4. Yeh Shelby, like all that crap.

  22. They dumping the stock markets too so they can steal everyones wealth like they did in 29
    As the video explains the house
    The house of cards is exactly what they looking to collapse and bring everyone up under their rule
    The story about the prick who played in the House of Cards was a clue folks
    They think this shit is funny

    1. Its their entertainment.

      When they're not eating cdilhern.

  23. Sat down with my coffee this morning and gave this a GOOD read.
    A brilliant compilation of the data to date, Anna.
    The bottom line was the bottom line: "If your hands are full of blessings that belong to someone else, you can’t have the peace and joy of knowing and enjoying your own."

  24. Interesting - Anna states above
    United Nations under the International Organizations Immunities Act in 1976
    That is exactly when they signed the New World Order Manifesto and the Declaration of Interdependence 1976
    Link below has some information about the Bar Act
    Now isn't that funny we now have an actor playing the attorney general named BAR

  25. Might want to read about their NED (national endowment for democracy)
    The link came from the below article
    They are privatizing water and utilities all over the world for their own benefit
    Bush and Tony Blair found guilty of war crimes in Mylasia
    These pricks knew exactly what they were doing
    In the first link above they created the terrorist groups to gain control of what they were aiming for
    Here is the link again - notice that Reagan is all over this - they arranged for hostages in iran to held until Reagan took 'office'
    'Reagan' the actor also meets with Gorbachev in planning the disarmament of the US populace and also the decommisioning of military bases
    All of which they planned in the 60's
    See bottom right of the above link for Gorbachevs role in all this
    Make note that Al Gore Sr, Prescott Bush and Thomas J Dodd signed off on the plan to disarm and decommission military bases in the u s
    And get this Roman Polanski, Paul Tate, Sharon Tate, Reagan Governor of California at the time stage the Manson murders to get the publics attention away from the anti war movement and they do this one week before Woodstock
    According to what I have read they arranged to keep the hostages held in Iran until Reagan took office and it is no coincidence that Reagan is the guy who helped ole Gorby tear down the wall
    Gorby then comes to u s where Nancy Pelosi sets him up nice and pretty on the shores of California at the Presidio where under the Gribachev Foundation they carry on their plans
    Ole Carter (aka John Kennedy) is now a world elder making decisions for the human flock on an international level
    Bush clan is now down in Brazil working the BRICS angle while they steal the fresh water resources - he and Jenna made trips to Brazil to buy over 100,000 acres of land that just happens to sit directly on top of the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    They acquired that land while Jeb Bushs' wife was playing the role of the Preident of Brazil
    Jenna Bush traveled there with full protection under the UNICEF banner but wasn;t there for any UNICEF business she was securing land there for daddy and fmaily to escape to
    Enter the BRICS deal
    Just like today with the Epstein fraud that it is, they diverting the peoples attention away from the world domination plan - one distraction after another to keep your eye off the plan

  26. I correspond with a couple in main who believe the constitution clearly protects us OUTRIGHT because of oaths taken by every public servant and we need only declare our intention s and begin to take the actions indicated to stop this train dead in its tracks!!!!! they also believe everyone in this country is lazy, and unwilling to draw a line stand and stand up to take actions that are clearly indicated ,civily and peacefully !! talk is cheap ...knowing all these attrosities and not taking clearly indicated peaceful actions is like not knowing at all!!!! and I believe while we talk about what these criminals should be doing ...they are designing their stradegy to deal with every move we discuss long before we even arrive at our decisions they have implimented the answers to offset it all??? if all here are honest with themselves it will be quite obvious we are doing nothing but analizing and bitching .....