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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Extraordinary Effort -- EE -- Message for White Hats

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I am making an Extraordinary Effort  --- which should rate me a grade of "EE" in the Great School of Things --- by using whatever graphic skills I have (very little, indeed) to draw out basic symbols and rules of symbols for you.  I am doing this to make you all aware of these things and hopefully in a way that you can grasp at a glance.  The end result will be available on my website, .

Second, everyone has been pestering me about the death of a puke named Jeffrey Epstein.  You need to be swift enough on the uptake to know when your attention is being diverted and then look at what it is being diverted from.

In this case, you are being lured by your natural but prurient interest in sex, to give your attention to issues that are unimportant.  How Jeffrey Epstein died in a high security prison is no mystery.  That he died is a disappointment to those of us who would have liked to see some justice for the victims, but that is fundamentally unimportant, too.  A puke is dead. Good riddance. There are plenty more just like him. 

What is important is that this past week the rats launched an all out effort to register your land as their land and to shut down the land recording offices throughout this country. 

THAT is what is important, and THAT is what your attention is being diverted from. White Hats, we need assistance blocking this attempted registration of our land assets, which would unlawfully convert our entire country into a corporate holding. 

If you have not recorded your metes and bounds description and land marks you must do so now and you must take exception to the registration of any land assets in this country.  They are attacking the fundamental basis of your country --- so get off your duffs and record your interest using landmarks. 

We have already claimed back the States which are physically defined, so you are somewhat shielded, but you need to exempt your own landholdings from their process explicitly and specifically, by counterclaiming all their various descriptions of your land and rolling all those land descriptions under your physical description. 

For example, "112 Mockingbird Lane" is a Territorial Land Description, seeking to identify your physical property as property existing in a Territorial State of State, while "Block 9, Lot 2, Mercier Lakes Subdivision" is a Municipal Land Description seeking to identify your physical property as property existing in a Municipal STATE OF STATE.  You must seize upon both these descriptions and any other such descriptions that they offer to use and apply to your land and counterclaim these by issuing your own landmark-based physical description in your State ---- for example, "the Southeast one-quarter of the original homestead of John Mayo recorded upon the Crystal Lake County, Illinois Recorder's Office, Volume 2, Page 114, August 15, 1855, and consisting of forty acres of rolling hills, orchard and pasture land, enclosed on the east by the Millburne Creek, enclosed on the west by a split rail fence and brass corner markers, enclosed on the North by our border with the Neil Olson Homestead running directly East and West between the northern brass corner monument of our western fence line and Millburne Creek, and enclosed on the South by the ditch and road system easement of US Highway 54...."

You get the idea.  Now get moving. 

The Clerks have developed a new tack in their attempts to befuddle you and muddy the waters.  They are telling everyone that they don't record legal documents.  This is true.  Legal documents must be registered, not recorded; however, the paperwork (not documents) that you are recording are land records, not legal documents.  

You are yourself a land asset: dust thou art and to dust returneth.  So you have every right and reason to record everything including land asset re-conveyances of your Good Name and private property interests. 

And more importantly, you have no reason to register anything. Ever.

Finally, for those of you who are intrigued by my First Life as a mathematician, here's a helpful step into the brave world of actual mathematics, even if they don't have it all figured out yet:

What is Reality?

Quantum Gravity Research


  1. North Central Texas Council of Governments
    The judges and mayors working in this council of government organization are implementing UN agenda 21 (regionalism)

    Regionalism and how they working the UN agenda behind the scenes

    Forced relocation off the land - California
    The UN agenda - north american union
    Declaration of interdependence compliments of the Rocky brothers
    Judges, mayors, governors, senators, all involved whether they know it or not
    The roman and queens army

  2. "What is important is that this past week the rats launched an all out effort to register your land as their land and to shut down the land recording offices throughout this country."

    The above must be occurring on a diplomatic level because there is no evidence it's taking place on a statewide or local level. Is there some way for an individual who is not diplomatically connected to research and obtain verification of this activity?

  3. Video isn't bad, my article is better :)

    What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

    1. Bondi this guy was one of the first I started to listen to I think he was spot on with many things
      Haven't heard anything about him in months
      Thought you might be interested in some of his videos

    2. Another video of his

  4. They are doing this for a reason...they mean to take possession of your land without recourse. ..!!
    I don't know if anything can stop it...!!

  5. What Anna about the cancelation of the land recording offices
    is describing took place here on German soil in 1990 after
    the merging of West-and Mittle-Germany to the now Federale

    Almost nobody had a clue whats going on.
    Now we have separate books of original entry
    without valid signatures !!!

  6. Jonathan Coulton lyrics:

    "Mandelbrot Set" ("you can change the world in a tiny way")

    MUSIC MATH MEANING (and a catchy tune too!)

    Pathological monsters! cried the terrified mathematician
    Every one of them is a splinter in my eye
    I hate the Peano Space and the Koch Curve
    I fear the Cantor Ternary Set
    The Sierpinski Gasket makes me want to cry
    And a million miles away a butterfly flapped its wings
    On a cold November day a man named Benoit Mandelbrot was born

    His disdain for pure mathematics and his unique geometrical insights
    Left him well equipped to face those demons down
    He saw that infinite complexity could be described by simple rules
    He used his giant brain and he turned the game around
    And he looked below the storm and saw a vision in his head
    A bulbous pointy form
    He picked his pencil up and he wrote his secret down

    Just Take a point called Z in the complex plane
    Let Z1 be Z squared plus C
    And Z2 is Z1 squared plus C
    And Z3 is Z2 squared plus C and so on
    If the series of Z's will always stay
    Close to Z and never trend away
    That point is in the Mandelbrot Set

    Mandelbrot Set you're a Rorschach Test on fire
    You're a day-glo pterodactyl
    You're a heart-shaped box of springs and wire
    You're one bad-ass fucking fractal
    And you're just in time to save the day
    Sweeping all our fears away
    You can change the world in a tiny way

    Mandelbrot's in heaven, at least he will be when he's dead
    Right now he's still alive and teaching math at Yale
    He gave us order out of chaos, he gave us hope where there was none
    And his geometry succeeds where others fail
    If you ever lose your way, a butterfly will flap its wings
    From a million miles away, a little miracle will come to take you home

    Just take a point called Z in the complex plane
    Let Z1 be Z squared plus C
    And Z2 is Z1 squared plus C
    And Z3 is Z2 squared plus C and so on
    If the series of Z's will always stay
    Close to Z and never trend away
    That point is in the Mandelbrot Set

    Mandelbrot Set you're a Rorschach Test on fire
    You're a day-glo pterodactyl
    You're a heart-shaped box of springs and wire
    You're one bad-ass fucking fractal
    And you're just in time to save the day
    Sweeping all our fears away
    You can change the world in a tiny way

    And you're just in time to save the day
    Sweeping all our fears away
    You can change the world in a tiny way
    Go on change the world in a tiny way
    Come on change the world in a tiny way


  7. I've never seen Satan work so hard to take over the world. All this Fraud for what? Once their antichrist comes here, their stupid land recordings won't mean a damn thing.

    1. Awakend, absolutely true. And sooner than folks think, suddenly and without warning, just when they think not.

  8. The "G" in Free and Accepted Mason stands for what?

    1. Gold
    2. Geometry
    3. God

    If you picked Geometry give yourself a pat on the back. Geometry is the God of the mystery school and guess what, they are doing a very good job at it.

    The mystery school of thought is that thru the genetic mutation knowledge will be passed on from one generation to another. Thus, the more intelligent students are targeted with scholarships and weened into their games. Eventually thru all that accumulated knowledge man will eventually mutate into a god!(listen to Bill Cooper and learn)

    Free will?? Who invented this phrased??

    Webster dictionary:

    free will noun
    Definition of free will (Entry 2 of 2)
    1 : voluntary choice or decision
    I do this of my own free will
    2 : freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention

    So free will said there is no divine intervention in our lives. God is thrown out the picture.

    What does the Scripture say?

    From G5463; graciousness (as gratifying), of manner or act (abstract or concrete; literal, figurative or spiritual; especially the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude): - acceptable, benefit, favour, gift, grace (-ious), joy liberality, pleasure, thank (-s, -worthy).

    So the word of the Most High say that He graces you by divinely influencing your heart!!!

    Is the end known from the beginning??

    Isaiah 46:10 King James Version (KJV)
    10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

    So this Creator of ours said He knows the end from the beginning. Hummmm.

    I am giving the source to go to and prove it for yourselves. It is not what i think or interpret. And i am using the "Bible" Anna loves to quote so often.

    All that is happening, Anna being used to expose the world system, wars and rumors of war, signs of the time, geoingenerring etc etc is all happening on time. When the time come you will all know.

    You are all very intelligent people compare to the a large part of the world. Use you head and think out the matrix.

  9. 1. there is no such thing as outer space. The only space that exists is between most folks ears.
    2. Earth is not a globe in a place called space.
    3. About the little BS talk on crystal atoms. Well, you can't see atoms so no one has a clue about atoms. Atoms are simply a theory and just one more pipe dream created by a brain-fart by a group of "scientists" who are being paid large sums of money by grants who pay for their ideas to be backed up by "scientists" who have no proof of anything but they do have a lot of brain-farts.

  10. Reality is nothing more or less than God's all powerful imagination and His Holy Will continuously supporting energy, matter and everything he has created from the beginning of time with His eternal will including that which we don't see or understand.

    1. good point; to me god is 'consciousness'

    2. ....and upholding all things by the word of his power...

      Hebrews 1:3

    3. Reality is quite Real. Good example is, you are walking and stub your toe and dang it Really hurts. Its like when you fall and break your arm and must go to the ER and have your arm in a sling, cant even cut your own food.
      Thats what Reality is.

    4. goodboots, maybe it would be better to say "power of His Word" Since his word is Jesus Christ, His word personified, the Word of God made man. And yes he is and always was God, one with the Father, by whom all things were created and are maintained. And the love between the two is the Holy Spirit, and the three are One God, the triune God without beginning or end forever and ever, Amen

    5. lut, here is an example of the reality of God. When my son turned 19 I realized I had to quit worrying and allow him to grow up normally without a mothers hovering. So I asked the Lord ''to watch out over my son for me'.
      I didnt tell him or anyone else about that. I actually forgot about it. In the Spring he was out walking in the city park on a beautiful sunday afternoon, sunny, warm with a few beutiful white clouds in the sky.
      When he came home he was excited, telling me as he strolled thru the park, enjoying the day, he said he ''heard, Look Up! Look Up''
      So he looked up, and saw the eyes of the Lord peering down OVER HIM.
      Immediately I recalled what I prayed, and that He had heard it and this was His answering it. I instantly 'knew' this was Him.

      (This is also Reality. I know Who I speak to,and I know Who speaks to us)

    6. Paul, I did a little study on that very thought. Its been so long ago, I had to look it all up again now.

      The word "word" used in Hebrews 1:3 is *rhema* [Strongs exhaustive: greek, 4487,] is an utterance or command;
      Rhema is shown in Strong's to be from the Greek word [4483] *ereo*, that is from the idea of "a pouring forth": to utter, speak, say, command, or make.
      (I think of "light be/let there be light": the creative power of his imagination that when *spoken* brings the elements in the darkness together to form what he had envisioned in his mind to create).

      Power: [Greek, 1411,] *dunamis*: miracle power, ability, abundance, might, power, strength, violence;
      From greek, [1410,] dunamai: to be able or be possible, be of power.

      I take it altogether to mean: that he holds all things together by the utterances and commands that create and make the miraculous possible.

      [Rather than, (in this particular verse,) speaking directly about his incarnate Son who is the express image of his person (Hebrews 1:3 also) and the Word who was made flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14) and by whom all things were made (John 1:3) and who was appointed heir of all things (Heb 1:2), by whom also he made the worlds (Heb 1:2) who is the brightness of his glory (Heb 1:3) and so much much MUCH more. :):) ]

      But, I get the concept you were speaking about and do agree.

    7. paul: the masons define "holy spirit" to mean when christ's light and catholicism is snuffed out aka 2nd coming, and him and followers are replaced with masonic light.

      i.e. everyone just follows the bibles into 2nd coming.

      1st coming mostly catholic trinity (but note wikipedia commentary "holy spirit" while the document itself literally says holy ghost):,_2nd_Baron_Baltimore#Religious_toleration

      masonic 2nd coming trinity:
      Denzinger's "The Sources of Catholic Dogma" is one of the few sources that explains the requirement of the name of the Holy Ghost in the Baptism Rite (one of the four horsemen). It doesn't explain why the two names are different, it only explains that the Holy Ghost must be present in the Rite for the Baptism to be valid. This can be found on page 155.
      the masonic opinion is holy spirit is only begotten.

      aka darkness. aka gnosticism (all messengers are fakes basically, they may have some "truth" but all are temporary)

      aka christ was just a dream the creator and/or scribes had. and they, as self-appointed "creators" want a new "dream" now. the christian era is over, the age of aquarius/horus/millenium is nigh.

      thousand points of light.

      the masons/gnosticism basically figure they can wait everyone else out, all the other religions will come and go, but since they don't ever pick one, they will survive.

      holy spirit is john's pre-christ baptism. holy ghost is the catholic baptism.

      holy spirit baptism means "wait for next messiah" aka 2nd coming. it is to deny christ. it is "in water only" because it was before christ had "arrived"

      that is why the masons love the "holy spirit" baptism so much. it destroys catholicism.

      with all the fake bibles, then "the word" gets everyone tricked into 2nd coming lucifer.

      the end game is no valid baptisms in holy ghost == no catholic church.

      everyone deceived into "holy spirit" 2nd coming.

    8. xerces, you read all those extra books written mostly by jackasses, then all you do is come in here and tell us what they all say. Why should we care what the hell ''they say''?? Who are they?
      And so thats why you end up knowing nothing and have Nothing of any real value to say. Why dont you go pick up a real bible and read it and throw all that other junk into a firepit.......because you are really one messed up dude.

  11. If Lut send any email thru, I never got it.
    Just sayin'