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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

In Celebration

By Anna Von Reitz

Last week it was my great pleasure to complete eleven years of hard work. 

This was often hard slogging --- but we got it done, and now nobody  can complain or say that the lawful owners of all the "unclaimed" American assets are not present and accounted for, properly named, properly organized, and both recorded and registered as the Original Issuers and Owners, complete with their Public and Private Provenance.  

Happy birthday, America.  Blessed be.  You still have Sons and Daughters.  You still have Heirs to Freedom.  

Please post and share the attached paperwork in evidence.  This is the final assignment of trust collateral back to The United States.  The United States assignment of International Jurisdiction to The United States of America was made by prior land jurisdiction recording. The extraction of our land assets from the MASTER FORM LINE OF CREDIT DEED OF TRUST documents prepared by the United States Attorney General's Office in 2007 is concluded. 


Anna Maria


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  1. 2007 was end of bankruptcy and if I recall 2008 obummer.took office in wake of bank fraud scan gone bad banks floating bad loans and fractional banking style toxic junks flopped.
    Bottom like 22 trillion went out of country and bankers refused one bankruptcy in 1860 one in 1907 one 1933 and one in (2011)?

  2. Bankruptcy in 1907 brought us 1913 central bank .1933 got our gold .

  3. Only if you agree with them! Look if I lend you a glass and promise to fill it with milk, you might believe I have a cow or other means to get milk, so as to fill the glass! But you only have a promise from me that that will be true! AKA Promissory Note! But the confers are with notes/debt, so show me the MONEY! In return for what I lent you, an empty glass! If you lend me seeds, I have a choice, to either eat the seeds, or plant the seeds! So In return for a loan I have received, really has no meaning, that does not say what that was that I received? So show me the exact transaction that you say I received, was it eggs, milk, goats or just a plain Jacksass, you see no proof of any asses just maybe Jacks!

  4. Now lets go close down some FEMA camps and tear down some 5G

  5. The orchestrated housing collapse was designed to gut the middle class. Sick, dumb and poor is what these psychotic, pedophile, Satanist billionaires want. The Great Depression, The ACA: sucking the wealth out of the middle class. How better to control the 99%?

    But there is one fact. The elite fear us more than we fear them. Watch Noam Chimsky's Requiem for the American Dream. The global elite shit their pants back in the 60's. Love not war? That possibility, unimaginable and not profitable for the megalomaniacal warmongers.

    Polluted, malnourished, misinformed, programmed, hive-like worker bees is what they want. Through GMOs, vaccines, geoengineering, mass media programming and cell tower radiation, the elite, psychotic eugenecists are doing an excellent job in the de-evolution, depopulation agenda.

    God has a plan for these sociopaths, I am sure. I hope I get to witness the justice.

    Again! Light always conquers darkness. The light of truth will prevail.

    Please! Tell everyone you know how important it is to speak your truth. They can censor the net. They can censor the media, but we will win this spiritual war.

    1. well, it is their idea of "evolution" survival of the fittest. more population of them, less of everyone else.

      they believe they are the best and brightest. they believe god has rewarded them. they believe in "natural law" the law of nature, aka raw survival/utility, completely amoral.

      of course, "evolution" never said a mutation was good or bad "morally" speaking, it merely said for enviornment x then trait y is beneficial or bad for survival. it never was a "moral" system.

      they themselves would never want to live under their creations. the "rules" are for everyone else.

    2. the worse things get, you see, then that provides a self-serving justification for their "survival of the fittest"

      another reason it is always "war" "permanent emergency" -- their "moral system" doesn't hold up except during "war" (real or imagined)

    3. They are not sociopaths, they are psychopaths and/or insane
      They DO NOT have empathy or compassion, nothing
      This is geometrically layed out upon the earth/land
      Watch the below video
      Many have mapped things out like in the above video
      Makes you think of WATSON and 'it's all elementary'
      IBM Watson, IBM Q, CERN is the world wide web
      Or how about the movie a while back 'War Games'
      Shall We Play a Game?
      Some things to ponder

  6. A MUST WATCH, mathematical equation, mapping

  7. Thank you Anna for such a wonderful birthday present to all of us, this makes this 4th of July truly special! Waves of Gratitude to you and the Living Law Firm, your all amazing work!

  8. Well done Anna . Pat yourself on the back for me and thank you for your efforts and faithfulness. Now that you have spare time Australia needs you to sort out its mess ;)Just kidding God bless

  9. I'm just putting this out there
    International Objection, Anna Maria Riezinger Is Not A Fiduciary For The United States Of America!
    This is part of the TROH group
    Like I said putting it out there so Anna and others know about it

  10. From Anna:

    No, this is in no way associated with TROH and neither am I. In fact I have explained at length exactly why Keith Livingway's claims are bogus.

    Get your facts straight or get out and stay out of my blog and stop spreading crappola.


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