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Monday, June 24, 2019

Note to Pope and Congress: There Are No 14th Amendment Citizens

By Anna Von Reitz

To all those reading this  --- to all Whitehats,  to all members of the Roman Catholic Church including the Curia, to every world government: 

This is information that needs to be conveyed to the Pope and Curia, and to the members of Congress and Secretary of State Pompeo and President Trump, and to all world governments, at the earliest convenience. 

It also needs to be fully understood by everyone in the Human Rights and Patriot Movements worldwide:  

There are no 14th Amendment Citizens--- even though we have a letter from the US Passport Agency last week baldly stating that they consider us all "Fourteenth Amendment citizens"  ---that's a claim that they, Mike Pompeo, the Trump Administration, the Queen, and the Pope---- are all going to have a hard time selling. 

The so-called 14th Amendment was adopted by a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America" [Incorporated]. It published its "corporate constitution" in 1868 as a knock off of the actual British Territorial United States Constitution.  They were using this corporate By-Law change misrepresented as an "Amendment' as a ruse to recoup money they lost in the American Civil War. 

When Lincoln bankrupted the Northern States of the original Confederacy, he took more than half of what they hoped to steal off the plate and caused no end of whining and howling in London.  The vermin were restricted to making False Claims in Commerce only against the Southern States--- and the Southern States were ruined by the war and mainly farmland, so slim pickings there.   

The Roman Pontiff sided with the Southern States of the original Confederacy, so these crooks arbitrarily conferred "citizenship of the United States" on the poor black former Plantation Slaves and used that as an excuse to "seize upon them" as property ---- to in effect, they re-enslaved them as public slaves to carry the public debt.  

This is the profoundly ugly truth of it.   Black people were never set free.  The whole system of slavery was simply re-branded, and went from private slave ownership to public slave ownership.  These "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" have been carrying the debt ever since, and the outrageous lies and claims have only expanded, to the point that these vicious con men are now claiming that we, Americans, are all Fourteenth Amendment citizens.  

But Fourteenth Amendment citizens don't exist.  

The "Constitution" that this Amendment is part of was in fact the Articles of Incorporation of The United States of America, Inc., which was chartered in Scotland in 1868 and bankrupted in 1907.   It was never ratified by the States and has nothing to do with the States, nor the People of this country. 

Obviously, a corporation does not actually have any citizens.  Rather, this is a tongue-in-cheek deceit by the Roman Pontiff.  All corporations are owned and operated by the Roman Pontiff and administered by the Roman Curia, so, technically, such entities are "citizens" of Rome prior to 1929, or now, Vatican City.  

This gives us the odd perspective that a corporation owing its existence to the Roman Curia --- the Scottish blackguard in here secretively substituting itself "for" our actual government and pillaging to make up its losses in The American Civil War, attacking other corporations --- also ultimately owned and operated by the Roman Curia.   The only difference was the Middlemen involved--- the Pope v. the Union and the Queen v. the Confederate States of America.  

None of these "entities" ever claimed to represent us as the States of America, and none of our States were involved in the War, yet these European Bounders used their commercial conflict (where have you heard that before?) as an excuse to come ashore and pillage and plunder our people and make these outrageous False Claims against us? 

Yet, through all this maze of lies and double-speak, Fourteenth Amendment citizens don't exist. 

What they are talking about is a political status, a capacity, which we may choose to undertake or not.   The original Municipal Citizen political status was created by The Constitution of the United States and provided for Holy Roman Empire employees to be here providing "essential government services" --- nothing more or less. 

The adjunct political status "citizen of the United States" was created for Negroes in the wake of the Civil War as a means of seizing upon and enslaving them to pay the debts of the Confederacy.   Thus, there came to be two kinds of "Citizen of the United States" --- the original Federal Civil Service Employees and their Dependents, and the new crop of slaves known as "citizens of the United States" --- termed "Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States".  

 Americans in general were never the object of the Fourteenth Amendment, as the public discussions that took place at the time make very, very clear.  The intent of the Congress in passing the measure is also clear --- in their minds, they didn't mean to enslave anyone.  They were trying to avoid more bloodshed and controversy.  

The freed Negro population needed to have some kind of political status, so the Congress "conferred" US Citizenship on them rather than struggle with the individual States trying to make the States accept them as State Citizens.  

The creation of a secondary, even less advantageous version of Municipal Citizenship--- the creation of a new kind of slave status-- was not the intention of the Congress that created the Fourteenth Amendment. 

Two generations of bureaucrats and the bankruptcy of the original Scottish Corporation in 1907 would try to change the interpretation of the Act, but the Act still stands for what it is ---- proof that the way to Hell is paved with good intentions --- and the fact that no present-day presumption against us can be maintained on the basis of Fourteenth Amendment "citizenship".  

If you aren't black and aren't either working for the Municipal Government and/or receiving unearned welfare checks from the Municipal Government, you couldn't possibly be in the political status of a Fourteenth Amendment citizen in the first place --- by definition.  

And, obviously, the policies of a long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation merely infringing on our Good Name and pretending to be "The United States of America" have no bearing on our political statuses today. 

The actual, factual government occupying the land jurisdiction of this country  decries this as nothing but the most venal and disgusting kind of abusive constructive fraud and organized commercial crime, all of it undertaken in Breach of Trust, and we lay the blame for it firmly at the feet of the Pope and the Queen and the members of Congress.  

Now we come to FDR and his humongous fraud, which again, involved "Citizens of the United States" ---- Municipal Citizens.  The Municipal Citizen political status is created and allowed by the Constitutions and is administered via The Constitution of the United States (Notice--- no "of America" --- just "United States").  

Every United States President since Washington has been sworn in as "President of the [Municipal] United States" and FDR was no different. The present crop of con artists have based their False Claims on his Inaugural Address, in which he "offered" in the commercial sense of the word, to conscript all the Municipal United States Citizens and the "citizens of the United States" and all their property for a "Holy Cause".   

This only makes sense when you realize that these people are all employed by the Pope.  Our government maintains separation of Church and State.  

So who was FDR addressing?  The Municipal Citizens.  

That doesn't include us, the rest of the American Public. We were not being addressed, so we had no reason or cause to reply.  

We hear news about BREXIT on the BBC every day, but we have no cause to comment or write to members of Parliament about it.  In the same way, we had no reason or obligation to agree to or rebut anything FDR said to his employees and "presumed-to-be" slaves in 1933.  

As we were not being addressed, and were not participating in any realm of commerce since 1868,  it does not allow for any False Claim that our silence equates to acquiescence or agreement to adopt the political status of "citizens of the United States" under a non-existent Fourteenth Amendment to a corporate "constitution" adopted by a defunct Scottish commercial corporation. 

The same can be said of all the Misaddressed mail that Americans receive which is addressed to Municipal corporations that have been named after them by the same fraud artists.  

Since when did "JOHN MARK DOE" --- the name of a Puerto Rican Cestui Que Vie trust --- equate to the Lawful Person of an American State Citizen called "John Mark Doe"?   


In fact, if it did, their entire System would fall apart within hours, yet they still keep trying to fob off their "Collective Entity Doctrine" the same way they have tried to foist off the "Doctrine of Discovery" --- claiming that because some drunken sailor wearing a soup pot on his head staggered ashore and stuck a flag in the sand that any entire country already occupied by living people was somehow magically transformed into a possession of a European Monarch. 

It's like dealing with Evil Children engaged in a bizarre game and its time for this insanity and criminality to stop. Forever. 

We are the "Parents" of these entities ---  the Roman Catholic Church, and the Congress and the British Monarchy.  These are all just institutions gone mad, institutions that depend upon us for their existence.   The men and women engaged in misdirecting these institutions need to be brought up short and forced to face their actual Board of Directors.  

And here is the first piece of information they all need to receive:  there are no "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" in America.  That political status, to the extent that it ever existed, vanished in 1907 along with the corporation that created it. 
Negro Americans are State Citizens just like everyone else now, and so are Native Americans.  

Their nationality is determined by the ground upon which they were born and the soil that their bodies derive from, and no corporate charter can say otherwise, no "policy" of trying to create unconscionable contracts with babies will stand and neither will the rest of the horse dung being promoted as an excuse to justify Commercial Feudalism. 

We threw off Feudalism, Colonial Feudalism, and now, Commercial Feudalism. 

If we have to make it clear for a third time that we will not tolerate this, we won't bother blaming and fighting Iranians for you, we will just bomb London and Rome and Brussels and be done with the entire epicenter of this global scourge. 

As for us being "Citizens of the United States" voluntarily and knowingly subjecting ourselves to a commercial contact offered by FDR, that's a stinking pile of horse dung, too.  He wasn't addressing Americans in an inauguration speech as US President, and none of us were operating in commerce in 1933.  

Despite the "gifts" of corporate franchises being "conferred" upon us via unconscionable contracts, first by the Queen's Government to kidnap and transport us illegally into Territorial jurisdiction, and then being offered by the Queen as Municipal slaves to the Pope, it's time to pay up for the Breach of Trust and fraud that the Popes and the British Monarchs and the members of Congress have been  engaged in.  

The whole "Collective Entity Doctrine" needs to be scrapped and consigned to the Dustbin of History along with the "Doctrine of Discovery" and a lot of people in Westminster and Whitehall and Rome and Washington, DC, need to be making haste to correct their sins.  Or this time, they aren't going to be able to pass the blame on to someone else.

Not the Germans.  Not the Chinese.  Not the Americans.  Not the Iranians. Not the Russians. We've all had enough of your crap.  It's time to get back in your box --- the ten miles square allotted to you.  And stay there. 


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  1. True, but mincing words: 14th Article in Amendment citizens are corporations chartered under the USA Inc setup by King George in the Treaty of Trent 1814 after we lost the War of 1812. The STATE OF XYZ states are STATES under the Reconstruction Acts still in place.
    The United States of America is the cofederaty
    United States of America is Treaty of Trent entity that brings back in the BAR Temple Esquires and Jesuits thrown out by Jefferson
    UNITED STATES is the 1933 BK'd entity under receivership

    The Surname is the ruse they offer to create the appearance of our Volunteering into the Roman Civil Law CJS system vs the Magna Carta common law system when we identify by the Given [First Middle] name.

    SSA does not deem the middle name to be part of the legal name for SSA,
    Real ID Act includes the Middle Name as part of the Full Legal Name 6 CFR 37.3
    My Christian Given Name is solely First Middle

    The Birth [Franchise] Certificate shows the name of the USA Inc. Franchise

    I cannot use anything THEY create to asseverate me in my private exclusively original equitable jurisdiction landed estate person over which landed plantation estate I exercise dominion as Steward and Producer and Ambassador [the mud air sucking mud suit in which I dwell]
    Did anyone ever wonder why the 1040 tax is a Farm Tax @ 26 USC 1040?
    Who pays the taxes on farm products: the Farmer or the Merchants receiving farm products?

  2. As per you comment
    "If we have to make it clear for a third time that we will not tolerate this, we won't bother blaming and fighting Iranians for you, we will just bomb London and Rome and Brussels and be done with the entire epicenter of this global scourge."
    I would say you forgot ten square miles on the east coast in that category? And that neutral place over yonder?
    If we do not take some sort of action as a whole they have every intention of detaining and/or getting rid of millions of us - they have blatantly put the information out for all to see
    Their FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities as layed out are open air prisons which is where their 5G comes in to play has nothing to do with self driving cars
    Technotronic terrorism
    It's either do or die if you ask me - they do not care for f's sake they are starving little kids to death for crying out loud
    You will not make any deals with psychopaths
    Just my opinion

    1. As I stated above not looking at the source

    2. Not looking at the source

  3. I thought this movement is supposed to be peaceful? Just "Who" is going to send Bombs to these places? Terror-ism is not acceptable to talk about or promote in any form. Am I angry? You are damn right I'm angry! More so for my part in the Birth Certificate Scheme, enslaving my daught and son. But would I be willing to say ok, send Bombs to kill innocent People too. No! Would I defend myself on my own Land? Yes! They can have my weapon when they murder the body.

    Shine the light on these scum bags. Evil can not exist in the light. The solution would be for "everyone" to return from the Land of Nod. This has to come from the source. Each Man. Bombing certain cities will not get rid of the Evil in the world. They'll just move the cheese!

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware.

    1. I'm sure Anna is neither suggesting nor condoning bombing anyone. However if violence becomes at some point inevitable at least this time direct it towards those that are deserving. No righteous man should ever fire the first shot. No smart man should accept the second one.

    2. Sorry Paul. That last reply es by Bob

  4. Violence becomes necessary once you are unable or unwilling to out think, out love, and remain in your power. We don't need the use of violence. It is a tool of adolesence, or less-enlightened maturity. I'm not casting stones here, I've had many thoughts that would indicate my lack of maturity at the time not that long ago actually. Just remember we are commanded to not kill. That means there is always a way to overcome a challenge without being forced to violate it otherwise God becomes a hypocrite. I don't think God is one. We ARE winning, smartly, non-violently.

    1. While I truly appreciate what Anna and Paul are doing to get people thinking and trying to get their status corrected, we ARE LOSING and LOSING BADLY . William D -----you have to face reality.

  5. QUOTE
    This only makes sense when you realize that these people are all employed by the Pope. Our government maintains separation of Church and State.
    except who is "the Pope" employed by? since 1777, rosicrucians pushing a false "2nd coming". see 68th convocation of rosy cross order, fundamental laws,, 1916, mentioned by william cooper in "mystery babylon" broadcasts, alluded to in "the shining" movie, see rob ager analysis (google for it). see also see helen peters "the union jack" re: british israel pushing this "2nd coming" too.

    you are up against masons/mormons/rosicrucians/knights of the golden circle/scottish rite masonry, all pushing "2nd coming" and merger of america with mexico and england, per their interpretation of "the bible" and their interpretation of arthur and the knights of the round table (see CFR, cecil rhodes, e.g. stanley monteith brotherhood of darkness).

    "the pope" "the queen" are just figureheads.

    according to that rosicrucian document, the "religion" of america is illuminism, which is their brand of "christianity"

    to "christians" and "catholics" there is no separation of "church" and "state". there is saved and unsaved. that's it. there are believers and non-believers. there is no such thing as "secular". that is rosicrucian luther's idea of "2 kingdoms" nowhere found in any "bible"

    "satanists" are not "Brothers" and "Brethren" of non-satanists.

    satanists and non-satanists dont all worship the same "god" -- that is luciferianism, merger of christ with satan.

    see the founders faith: note franklins comment about fire/water/earth/air (4 elements of alchemy) see getty alchemy collection,, 52 english books. compare to rosicrucian document mentioned.

    that is who "natures god" is in the declaration of independence: egyptian alchemy so-called "magic".

    they hide behind "the bible" and their freedom of religion "interpretation" to push all this garbage, giving you filler/meaningless fluff (admitted by themselves) while keeping the real "secrets" for themselves.

    rosicrucians ADMIT all this. they ADMIT they started "illuminism" (they call it true christianity). they ADMIT they setup "America" for this plan to take over the world under disguise of "2nd coming".

    ALL of america's woes tie into the false "2nd coming" and prophecies that we must merge with mexico and england to complete the "capstone" and become "enlightened".

    it is the modern-day egyptian priesthood and "melchidezek" priesthood pushing all this garbage. (mormons, masons, ...). post-1777 "pope" has been illuminized, also pushing this garbage.

    in their mind they are "gods". it is "freedom of religion" they will hide behind, why they are allowed to worship isis/osiris/horus under guise of father/son/holy ghost.

    "freedom of religion" is how/why they can use fake bibles to promote false "2nd coming"

    their "religion" says destroy america and enslave the world. it is "freedom of religion" that allows them this "interpretation"

    an actual "pope", not a rosicrucian imposter, only goes by catholic bible. there is no "2nd coming", that is lucifer.

    since 1777 the "pope" is just an imposter, pushing rosicrucian/illuminist "2nd coming".

    1. stick to non-religious topics anna. there is more than enough satanism and treason to go around.

      every time you blindly say "americans have freedom of religion" (not like the evil pope/king) then the illuminists and satanists laugh and laugh and laugh.

      "left wing communism, an infantile disorder" -- same old setup 2 false "sides"

      because you are (i will give you benefit of doubt, unknowingly) setting up a false hegelian rosicrucian luther's "2 kingdoms" idea. pillar and a post.

      as someone pointed out previously, this is the same old crucify people between a king and priest. (we the people is "king" in this case, "the creator" in declaration of independence is the false prophet/priest, nowhere specified, the "satanists" interpret that as americans all worship satan, and they are your "Brothers" and "brethren")

      noone goes to the father except through me -- bible christ.

      why is that not in your declaration of independence anna?

      that doesnt make you "Secular" to deny/ignore christ, the fact "satan" offers you "freedom" is not something you should be "proud" of, that just makes you luciferianism/satanic.

      luciferianism on the "left" luciferianism on the "right". pick your poison. exactly in line with illuminist goals.
      are you trained in the 7 "mystery schools" so you can properly interpret "2nd coming" ? no, you dont belong to any masonic organizations? havent studied on your own?

      can you even say what the 7 "mystery schools" are? alchemy, occult geometry, astronomy, "soul science" ?

      then, you are not qualified to comment on "religion" and "the bible" according to the rosicrucians.

      yet you blindly push rosicrucian luthers 2 kingdoms idea, oblivious to the end game/final result.

      QUOTE if you dont understand the game being played, its best to keep your mouth shut.

      pride, a deadly sin. this is a key cause of "America's" downfall.

    2. THE ROSICRUCIANS FLAT OUT ADMIT THE STATE RELIGION OF AMERICA IS "ILLUMINISM". fundamental laws of the rosy cross order, 68th convocation, 1916, has at least 2 copies.

      that document is nearly identical to modern day mormonism.

      they will use the "public schools" to push this. been going on AT LEAST a century. because to them this is the true philosophy/religion of america, necessary to keep it going.

      they say jefferson/adams/franklin were all in on this.

      to the mormons/masons/luciferians/rosicrucians they are FULFILLING and CARRYING OUT america's "destiny" foretold by merlin centuries ago.

      you call it "treason" they say to merge with england and mexico and enslave the world under "2nd coming" is truly american values, the goal from the start.

    3. is there some part of "noone goes to the father except through me -- bible christ" that you dont understand anna?

      "the creator" of declaration of independence doesnt qualify. that just means you chose "satan"

    4. are there ANY "American" founding documents/etc. that dont deny christ?

      "noone goes to the father except through me" -- bible christ

      the egyptian alchemy "nature's god" of declaration of independence, also does not qualify. that is essentially just hermes/mercury.

      "one nation under god" -- also does not qualify
      "in god we trust" -- also does not qualify

    5. most amazing about the american "religion" is it is entirely based on ignoring christ's admonition that noone goes to the father except through him.

      anna claims american common law of the land is "based on the bible"

      apparently it is based on all the non-christ parts only.

      such as amon-ra, egyptian sun god. "amen" -- quote the cluess illuminist dupes.

      let's see, we've got rosicrucians on this board spreading "amen-ra" egyptian sun god calling this christianity, or we've got brainwashed "americans" without a clue, hypnotized and spellbound by egyptian alchemy. take your pick.

  6. Anna, you are pushing the 14th amendment patriot myth hard! Post/publish the letter that you recieved from the US Passport Agency last week that baldly states that they consider us all "Fourteenth Amendment citizens", I will like to see it!

  7. Also saying there are no 14th amendment Citizens, is saying there are no states of the union Citizens. Great job you are doing here!

  8. I can not respond to Anna's reply to my original posting on the article titled "Trading With the Enemy Act Deconstructed" because the ability to post new comments on that article was conveniently closed. So I will post my response to her here….
    I do not misunderstand jurisdiction, there are 2 types of jurisdictions and thus there are 2 types of legal contexts, there is constitutional jurisdiction (legal context) and there is statutory (legislative) jurisdiction (legal context). With Anna's conspiracy mindset, she only thinks in statutory (legislative) context, even within the constitution and that is the biggest error of all!

  9. Anna, you say that a 14th amendment citizen is a political status, yet you attach civil statutory meaning to it. You can not mix political (constitutional) context with civil (statutory) context together. This is not hard to understand, but it is easy to misunderstand. A statutory U.S citizen has a ss# and has his/her domicile in Washington d.c (without even knowing it) and is called a resident by the local governments and it's employees and is not a 14th amendment citizen, this is a civil status, not a political status as you claim! A 14th amendment citizen is a state citizen and has his/her domicile in a state of the union and is a political status, not a civil status.

    1. Reply from Anna:

      There are no 14th Amendment Citizens. That is the whole point. I am getting ready to publish a lot of stuff. Including that.

    2. Reply from Anna:

      STATUTORY CITIZENS are not people. They are things--- literally, municipal corporations of one kind or another, created by the Municipal United States Government. 14th Amendment citizens are defined by the 14th Amendment to the Territorial Corporate Constitution. There is no "mixing" of apples or oranges. The 14th Amendment references real living people ---- black people --- and their political status after the Civil War according to the Board of Directors of a now-long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation. The Municipal STATUTORY CITIZENS are the direct result of improper claims by the Territorial Government claiming that such "citizens" exist, when they don't.


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