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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Modus Operandi 8.0

By Anna Von Reitz

In summation to this point -- a wide variety of means are employed to promote the criminality in our midst.  Those means involve making False Claims and Accusations, role playing by Actors to confuse identities and discredit whole groups of people, the incorporation of business interests and individuals as mere franchises in a larger corporate web all tied to the unincorporated government of the Holy See---which in the case of governmental corporations is promoted under force and color of law, and finally, the creation of Special Interest Groups and Secret Societies to promote self-interested privilege, elitism, and material advantage for members, often using these groups--- knowingly or unknowingly-- to organize and enforce criminal activities. 

Let's work backwards now and see how this operates in reverse -- going from one particular Special Interest Group, through the incorporation process, back to the Actors, and finally to the False Claims underlying it all.  We will demonstrate that this is indeed a Kingdom built on lies.  

The Special Interest Group most responsible for creating and maintaining the criminal corporate government system can be generally described as Public Employees.  The explosive increase of criminality promoted by the civilian Public Employees started shortly after they were allowed to form Public Employee Unions---- a political lobby of government workers. 

So, once again, the delivery system for all this criminality is organized via a lobby.  Take special note.  All these Special Interest Groups -- secret fraternal organizations, Bar Associations, labor unions, political parties, and labor unions -- can all be described as lobbyist organizations, or in British parlance, as guilds.  All of them. 

These groups, often possessing specialized skills or knowledge, and the commercial corporations they work for, both governmental and non-governmental, are the core delivery system for the institutionalized crime we are dealing with.  

While the impetus and motivation for crime may begin with the self-interest of a relatively few individuals or a small group within the framework of the whole, for an example, the State of Ohio Legislature passing a Driver License Statute to pay for road improvements and pay patrolmen and "promote public safety" back in 1923 --- if there is a profit to be made, the profit motive spreads the crime throughout the entire system like wildfire.  

The State of Ohio, Inc. made a profit on licensing Drivers of Motor Vehicles, and soon every Territorial State of State organization in the country was doing the same.  Technically, this was "legal" because the legislation affected only State of Ohio employees and dependents and affected only "Motor Vehicles".  

Remember that we are dealing here with commercial corporations in the business of providing government services --- not actual governments. As commercial corporations they are motivated by profit, not the Public Good. As commercial corporations, they can demand that their employees wear uniforms, obey private corporate laws called "statutes", and adhere to other requirements as a condition of their employment----including licensing requirements. 

So: (1) the State of Ohio, Inc., as a commercial corporation,  requires its employees and dependents to register their private cars and trucks as "Motor Vehicles" and requires them to obtain "Driver Licenses" as a condition of their employment.  (2) State of Ohio, Inc. made money by doing this.  (3) Motivated by profit, all the Territorial State of State franchises were soon doing the same, and  (4) by a process of assumption and non-disclosure, they gradually imposed their private corporate Public Policy upon the General Public under color of law. 

The Public Employees become complicit in this process because more money for the corporation employing them  means more money, more power, more benefits, and more jobs for them.  

The key realization for all concerned is that these things operating "as" our government at both the Federal and State levels are all for-profit commercial corporations, and not true governments at all.  

Everyone in this whole system from the Holy See -- the final receiver and beneficiary of this system, to the State of Ohio Legislature, to the State of Ohio Court System, to the Public Employee Unions, to the lowliest junior traffic cop or officer worker at the now-privatized Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) -- is corrupted by the same private profit motive.  

They are in direct conflict of interest with the Public Good and all working together as a network -- an organized crime syndicate -- to profit themselves. 

Do they do some good by enforcing Driver Education and Performance standards? Yes.  Do they do some evil by enforcing their Public Policies as "law" and charging members of the General Public to pay and obey?  Yes. 

They are engaged in open racketeering and acting in violation of our Natural and Unalienable Right to travel.  

Very little has changed since the days when Robber Barons sent out groups of armed men to waylay travelers in mountain passes and charge them tolls for the use of the road.  

And who is going to enforce the actual Public Law against them?  Who is going to provide a Court to bring them to justice?   

Certainly not the same corporate police and corporate court officials who are profiting from all this graft and misrepresentation and greed. 

The military?  The military is looking to the same criminal corporations to make the profits to keep them fed. 

There are only two answers: (1) expose and embarrass them from the Pope on down, so that the sheer force of public awareness and public outrage bears them down and forces reform; (2) seize upon our natural birthright political status as Free People and boot up our lawful system of self-governance, including our Public Courts and Sheriffs and Marshals. 

Okay, so we have tracked our example back to the level of the Public Employees who are creating and enforcing this criminality.  We have exposed their motives, and their costumes as Actors are plain enough to see: police uniforms and judges robes.  There is only one more step to go. 

We have to examine the Lies at the bottom of all of it. 

In our example, the underlying Lies are the "Offer and Demand" by the State of Ohio to do two things: (1) falsely register your private car or truck as a "Motor Vehicle", and (2) falsely register yourself as a Person subject to their private corporation and its internal rules and regulations.  

Their organization is basically requiring you to lie about yourself and your own private property and they are doing this under color of law and armed force. If you don't do what they want, when they want, how they want, at the price they demand, they will roam around in armed bands and molest you on the highways of this country like Highwaymen of old. 

These Legislators and Judges and Police Officers and Commissioners and Governors and  other Public Employees acting in support of this and similar racketeering schemes are betraying the Public Trust for money and political power---- for commercial corporation profit, not the Public Good.  

As commercial corporation employees they are in fact no different in kind or authority than the Board Members and Employees of Burger King, International. The only difference is that these Public Employees are in the business of providing government services instead of flipping burgers, and they are grossly usurping upon their employers in violation of their employment contracts.  

They are using armed force under color of law to coerce compliance with their lies and their demands.  

They are by definition engaged in extortionate racketeering and inland piracy. 

And nobody --- not the Pope, not the Queen, not the Lord Mayor, not the Parliament, not the Congress, not the Judges, not the Legislators, not the Public Employee Unions, not the Public Employees themselves --- nobody, no group within their entire chain of command,  is doing anything sufficient to self-correct. 

Instead, what we see is that when someone like Donald Trump tries to make corrections and bring the corporate operations back in line with actual Public Law and the actual commercial contracts that these corporations are supposed to honor and fulfill-- we have the members of the runaway Congress and the corrupt Judiciary bucking like wild horses against the saddle.  

History has proven that corruption of this kind just breeds more corruption, and that unless this process is stopped, it simply gets worse until the people rise up and start murdering public employees and anyone else who can be identified as any kind of official.  In Cambodia and China and Vietnam and during the French Revolution, the purging of corrupt "government" officials got down to the level of school teachers and public notaries. 

The commercial corporations employing and mis-directing all these people were destroyed, along with vast amounts of valuable property and infrastructure. 

To prevent this from happening again with increasing violence on both sides, a number of things have to happen.  

Public Employees need to remember who they actually work for.  

The American People have to wake up and undertake the duty to self-govern and provide the governmental structure and Public Courts that will in turn counteract the corruption and crimes of the commercial service corporations.  

The President and the military and the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury need to fully support the peaceful efforts of the People to correct this mess, and need to respect our actual political status and standing regardless of the coerced, non-disclosed, and falsified public documents, birth certificates,  licenses, and registrations that have been employed as a means of identity theft and constructive fraud against the American People. 

The Pope needs to do far more to correct operations and liquidate corporations engaged in criminal activities.  He also needs to deny corporate privileges to those who have engaged in such crimes in the past, not foster a revolving door syndrome in which the same sins are engaged in by the same people simply from a new location or under a slightly different name or charter.  

So does the Queen need to get off her velvet tuffet to actually honor the contracts held by her government and to stop British commercial corporations from usurping against our government, stop press-ganging our people, stop trespassing on our jurisdiction. 

Every member of Parliament and Congress and all the "state of state" legislatures and the Public Employees in general need to wake up, too--- and stop their criminal trespasses against the American States and People. 


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  1. Secretary of Treasury is appointed custodian of bankrupt U.S..
    see Jim traficant reading into record speach.he don't work for us !

  2. Now that we have all of the M.O How are we going to stop the agendas designed to take us out. Every time a state disobeys or defies the demonic UN that state is attacked - Like Alaska earthquake. Shock and Fear is not an option. Enough of the details what is the status of the Suits in Washington?? THe law suits you told us you filed on behalf of the America People. Are you aware, meantime they are driving us to the brink of insanity through mind control. Anna what are you proposing we do to change the course of their plan to destroy us? Correcting status will not save us. If you have 5 million people why are you not sending out notice to them to convene and join forces to combat the threat? Please enlighten us. Danka

    1. exactly my thoughts 'for a long time now' danka !! want to hear about designated burial zones ? they are all over this country ! one here at MY PLACE !!! THEY been setting this one up since before 1992 !

  3. Anna could easily add all our names to her letters she sends people to let them know that we are a force to be reckoned with....its not just her...!!
    Her letters would be so much more recoginized if she added all of us as witnesses that we agree and that we are forming a solidarity and that if any congressman , senator , or President wants to be re-elected you had better take notice of this ...."Proclamation"...!!

    Look at Hong don't see them telling everyone this is a person, 2 million of them blocked all the streets to contest China taking it back and even threatening people with extradition they did something 20 years ago when Hong Gong separated into a separate "Brittish colony"...!! But it didn't work after that show of unity and, the president of Hong Gong is being asked the people are now demanding that she step down and elect someone else....people deserve good govt, because they were put in those positions for the "public trust" do the right thing for the people and their country...!!

  4. Another excellent elementary presentation on the "commercial corporations in the business of providing government services" (that probably most people are clue-less about and who maybe do not care to know any differently). This could possibly be a candidate for a video documentary on the DMV history starting with "the State of Ohio, Inc." and then spreading to the other "commercial corporations ...."

  5. Trump is finished
    Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow 2h2 hours ago
    Trump Approved Attacking Iran, But Pulled Back at Last Minute - News From

    Israel Did 9-11 - A (((Who's Who))) June 20, 2019

  6. All what Anna has been writing in this article we
    also have here on German soil; the only difference is,
    that we don´t have any service contracts for gov. services.

  7. You said "labor unions twice: "So, once again, the delivery system for all this criminality is organized via a lobby. Take special note. All these Special Interest Groups -- secret fraternal organizations, Bar Associations, labor unions, political parties, and labor unions". Are you trying to see if we're paying attention? : D

  8. Public private partnerships
    These special interest groups are the ones behind the scenes providing the 'new' services as 'events' are created to produce the situation
    Sandy Hook perfect example
    A FEMA DHS exercise, produced to create a situtation, public reacts, gun control already written, donations by the millions solicited from the public and you now have tattle tale school surveillance programs being rolled out all over the country
    Using their 'experts' to train the children what to look for all around them including in the home and then go to school to report it
    How about Kirk Douglas and family - check out his families contribution to gun control
    Oprah and gun control
    Oprah working with Gorbachev on the beaches of California on gun control, depopulation of the masses, rounding them up in to FEMA Mega Regions
    Rockefeller created Resilient Cities and groups behind that provide the means for the city to regroup after a 'disaster' 'event' that they produced and put 'live' on tell lie vision for the sheep to respond
    FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities being put up all over the country - there are no longer 50 states however they still selling the bill of goods that there are 50 - fleecing the public
    If we all live in regions then why are we paying taxes to a state that does not exist?
    Control demo some buildings, pass it off on tell lie vision as real, pass legislation to bring in DHS and ICE or whoever, more private partnerships getting contracts
    NAFTA, USMCA perfect example - touting that they working with Mexico and Canada on trade deals and there really is no Mexico and Canada just their imaginary lines they have taught the sheep - erased them long ago
    Climate change they are working through their military industrial complex and making The Green New Deal work for them and the rest of us can go pound salt
    The 'acting' pope working with the crooks to bring about the fleecing of the sheep
    Organized crime across the board being led from the upper families who have been doing this for centuries
    The illumin a z i matrix
    Lennin was an agent, Bush an agent, all of hollywood are agents, books, history, news, all of it owned and operated by the same families
    Global slavery
    Trumps role in the plot

  9. When I repost these sometimes I get Anna's picture to post to facebook but mostly it is Paul's.....I'm sure Paul ia a nice guy but I think Judge Anna's picture would be a better fit and more people will read my posts than not with her picture on it....she is a bit more soothing to the eyes if you catch my drift.....anything I can do to change this?????

    1. I have tried everything I can think of and have never been able to control the pictures that Facebook picks when I hit the post button below each article. If someone else has more knowledge about how to make that happen on Facebook I would like to know also.

  10. Mental health and PTSD - they own the medical field too
    Rockefeller created the AMA and he also funds the medical schools
    They create diseases so the medical industry can create the medicines from by products of the petro chemical industry to poison the sheep
    Mental health screening for your kids
    Lets not forget the Medicare part d where medicare is partnered with big pharma to drug the hell out of the seniors
    Affordable care act was to bring in the group of people that otherwise would have nothing to do with doctors or hospitals capturing their data and giving them all free cell phone tracking devices
    One step closer to their universal death care for all
    Big pharma and the Medici family making out like bandits
    By product of the aluminum industry - well hell lets just dump that in the air and poison the sheep - chemtrails
    Bush connection to IG Farben
    Bush is a part of the family - he gets his name put on roads where he sold out the people and we now have to pay tolls on the very roads we already paid for - fleecing the public yet again
    Disaster capitalism - Katrina
    Ever wonder where NOLA came from? Well that means no Louisianna
    Rockefeller oil moves in to the gulf
    Just like there is no Syria left either
    Stadiums, malls all built for the purpose of extermination
    NAFTA super highway
    Bush and the carlyle group
    See that swath of land up through the middle of the US the parts that they are now flooding the hell out of - yes they are creating the weather and flooding those farmers out to bankrupt them and put them off the land and everyone will think it was an act of God
    And as they go they depopulate the sheep that they poisoned with their drugs, education system, everything so that they have their new world order of only they are the ones left standing
    While on the other hand they tell their followers that they are working for the benefit of all mankind and the 8 billion people are all one they exterminating millions in plain sight
    Ban Ki Moon is now one of the world elders for his work
    Who knew we all had world elders?
    World Parliment solving the worlds problems by killing off the people and keeping all the earth for themsleves
    While they talk true freedom and dignity for all they are starving people to deathProblem being presented in this earth federation as the UN and humans just destroying the planet while the capitalist are the ones stripping the earth of everything for their coffers while enslaving the rest of us

    1. Somehow your two comments above were routed to the spam folder. It's a good thing I set that folder to save everything everyone posts, as a back up. I was able to restore them, even though I didn't put them in there in the first place.
      Thanks for letting me know.

  11. list of subject in 28 cfr part 0, authority delegations government agencies counterterrorism crime government employees, law enforcement national security information organization and functions government agencies privacy reporting and recordkeeping requirements terrorism whistleblowing accordingly by virtue of the authority vested in me as attorney General including 5 usc; 301, and 28 usc 509 and 510 title 28 of the code of federal regulations is amended as follows;
    administrative procedure act 5 usc 553, regulatory flexilbility act executive order 12988 civil justice reform, unfunded mandates reform act of 1995, congressional review act, 0.64-1 central or competent authority under treaties and exective agreements on mutual assistance in criminal matters the assistance attorney general criminal division is authority to re-delegate this authority to the deputy assistance attorneys general criminal division, and to the director, deputy directors and associate directors of the office of international
    affairs, criminal division, February 8, 2017 fr-doc#2017-02955 FILED 2-3-17 8:45 am billing code 4410-14-p

  12. Ethiopia s to become an African startup hub hinges on connectivity Emperor Haile Selassie I, The country of 105 million with the continent’s seventh largest economy is revamping government policies, firing up angel networks, and rallying digital entrepreneurs.
    Ethiopia currently lags the continent’s tech standouts—like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa—that have become focal points for startup formation, VC, and exits.
    To join those ranks, the East African nation will need to improve its internet environment, largely controlled by one government owned telecom. Last week Ethiopia’s government shut down the internet for the entire nation.
    Startups, hubs, accelerators
    Ethiopia has the workings of a budding tech scene. Much of it was on display recently at the county’s first Startup Ethiopia event held in Addis Ababa.On the startup front, ride-hail ventures Ride and ZayRide have begun to gain traction (Uber has not yet entered Ethiopia). Their cars are visible buzzing throughout the capital and ZayRide will expand in Liberia in August, CEO Habtamu Tadesse confirmed to TechCrunch.
    While in Addis, I downloaded and used Ride—founded by female entrepreneur Samrawit Fikru—which quickly flashed connections to nearby drivers on my phone and allowed for cash payment.
    This month’s Startup Ethiopia also showcased high-potential early-stage ventures, such as payment company Yena Pay and online food startup Deamat. Yena Pay has worked to build a digital payments imprint in Ethiopia’s largely cash based economy. The startup has onboarded over 500 merchants, including Zay Ride, according to co-founder Nur Mensur.
    Deamat blends e-commerce and agtech. “We connect small-holder farmers with consumers. People can use their phone, pay with their phone, get any kind of agricultural products they want and we deliver,” co-founder Kisanet Haile told me after pitching to judges that included Nigerian angel investor Tomi Davies and Cellulant CEO Ken Njoroge.
    Ethiopia has several organizing points for startup, VC, and developer activity. Tech talent and startup marketplace Gebeyais located in Addis Ababa (with offices globally) and offers programs and services for ventures and tech professionals to gain developer skills and scale their digital businesses.
    BlueMoon is an Ethiopian agtech incubator and seed fund. Its founder Eleni Gabre-Madhin has extensive experience working abroad and played a central convening role in the debut Startup Ethiopia event.
    On the upside of Ethiopia’s bid to become a tech and startup hub, the country has a strong demographic and economic thesis—in its large population and economy—to support the scale up of problem-solving, digital businesses. Ethiopia’s large and entrepreneurial diaspora populations, with strong ties to Silicon Valley, could also become a bridge to capital and capacity for its early-stage ventures.
    And another edge Ethiopia could have over other African tech hubs is its advances in developing a manufacturing industry (and higher-paid workforce) that’s now pulling some assembly from China. That includes a mobile assembly plant in Addis Ababa for Tenssion’s Tecno, Africa’s leading mobile phone brand. Emperor is so proud of his children seeing our sovereign wealthy Nations is moving to the top Almighty love this, it been a long time and Ethiopia is coming together as the Empire it supposes to be but believe me Ethiopia and sovereign America right there because america and Ethiopia is one under the Almighty God them word

    1. Want to be careful with this they are promoting upward mobility but could very well be a trap
      The BRICS deal was just that a trap
      India is now biometrically marking all of their 'citizens' for tracking and tracing just as they are doing in China
      Look at map and see where Ethiopia fits in with their plans
      Their goal is cashless society leading to chipping of their human chattel property and the tracking and tracing of everything
      You can bet it is all related to their world takeover no doubt
      Take a look at the land surrounding the mega cities and I would bet it is all empty
      Piling everyone in to stack and pack, polluted, overcrowded and poor cities all over the world to free up the land for their take over

  13. I've witnessed some of the things first hand that you talk about Shelby...!!

    For example with the AMA and the DEA , I now have to see a "Psych " doctor just to get my valium (diazepam) , which is nothing more than a "muscle relaxer" as it says right on the prescription ..and it's only a schedule 4 drug, almost the lowest on the substance abuse list...!! And now this psych dr (in his mid 30's I'd say), wants me taking some strange psyche drug I've never heard of before, which has to do with depression, not for anxiety or muscle spasms...!! And it takes two weeks of being in my body before it even takes affect...!! But if I don't take it, he will deny my correct prescription of diazepam ...!!

    Meanwhile, pot which is a schedule 1 drug, the highest rating for substance abuse, is completely legal now as "Recreational" only..!! They got rid of the medicinal label for it...!! I guarantee you there are huge pharmasedical CORP. that are going to step in and completely take over any "medicinal use" for pot...!!

    Then my brother just bought a handgun for the first time in his life, and after the 10 day waiting period, still doesn't have approval of the gun from ATF, and the retail store said he doesn't have any say on what they do...!! He told him that if they still can't figure out on whether to release it to him or not, they will just call the retail store and tell him it's up to you if you want to sell it to him or not....they want the retail store taking the "liability" for approving the license guessing but it's obvious...!! And when he bought the gun a month ago, since then a new law that starts the beginning of next month in Calif.(this July), that anyone who buys ammo from now on will pay a $1 service charge for an updated background check....!!

    The AMA wants everyone on psych meds, while the ATF wants to either take out guns or if that doesn't work, they will just restrict the sales of ammo...!!
    You can't even make your own ammo anymore because the most important part of a bullet is the "firing pin", making a bullet much like a mini missile..!

    But they got control of all the firing pins too now ...!! A gun needs bullets, and bullets need firing pins...!! They have 3 levels of control on guns...!!
    It won't be long until guns are lumped into "illegal drugs" and other illegal (non- Corp. approved) things...!!!

  14. So far where I live in Riverside county, the rural areas are still there, but I know they eventually want all people near or in the cities so they can easily be controlled...!!

  15. Have a read at this list of offences that could land you in a FEMA camp
    A for profit corporation not here to help anyone