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Saturday, June 22, 2019

A little flash back from Tucker Carlson about Iran and President Trump

Found Here:

I am sure you all see that regardless of what Trump is President of, what he does will have a widespread effect on our lives.

Was this latest incident in the waters off of Iran today's "Gulf of Tonkin" and this time the President in power didn't take the bait of the Neo-Cons.  I am willing to bet that right about now John Bolton is fit to be tied over what Trump did.

I don't trust Bolton as far as I can throw him.

Trump needs to fire Bolton immediately if not sooner to prevent another long Neo Con war for empire and banks with American boys as the cannon fodder.

And this might be who Trump should replace Bolton with:

Just listen to what Tucker has to say and remember that this was filmed in July, 2018, almost a year ago.

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Paul Stramer 


  1. Thank you Paul, I agree, Trump was being baited and it was likely the Saudis who are responsible for the drone being shot down.

  2. And i do not Trust Trump either.So let's not get carried away.

  3. Or maybe it was Israel? They seem to want us to come over and wipe Iran off the map and in my opinion that is who the Neo Cons are working for. Just saying.

    1. that it totally correct paul .


    2. Do not remember if i posted this here the other day.
      Breaking! Israel Warns Iran Of Destruction Full Spectrum Survival News
      Benjamin Netanyahu - I hear our neighbors from the North South and the east threatening our destruction...
      Sound oddly familiar? Who is the one in the Bible looking to the North South and the east?

    3. mossad motto; "for by wise guidance you can wage your war"; "by deception thou shalt do war" . Gulf of Tonkin incident , attack on the USS LIBERTY etc. etc. AND they are still not held accountable !!!!

    4. Keep in mind Benjamin Netanyahu is also purported to be a born again Christian...If you read, Peter S. Ruckman's, 'Israel, A Deadly Piece of Dirt,' you'll learn more about Israel than any other book other than the Authorized King James Version of the Bible...

    5. Let me correct myself, The Authorized King James Bible is the ONLY Bible!

    6. It's NOT the only Bible. In fact you need to look at it's origins and history and compare it with the only Bible that has been sanctioned by the Church.

      Douay-Rheims Bible

  4. The Gulf of Tonkin was exactly the first thing I thought of when I heard it. I have also questioned if any of it had an ounce of truth. Propaganda has started all the wars as greed for the elite to steal resources and eliminate humanity.

  5., this video should show who runs US INC

  6. As soon as the MSM reports on something like this, assume it is all propaganda and full of outright LIES...!! BOLTON definitely needs to go...why Trump picks these people is beyond me...he knows he's a military warmonger when he picked him....!!

  7. Bolton the psychopath lobbies for Israel and the Neocons - so yes, he should go along with all the dual Israeli/US Citizens responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center. They are agents of and take their orders from Rome - Unholy See and Unholy Roman Empire. Tucker: US came within minutes of war with Iran

  8. from what i have seen: british oil used CIA to put "the shah" in power. they were around there a long time previously (1900 or so? prior?), this was to prevent "nationalization". see kermit roosevelt IIRC. then there is "october surprise", put the ayatollahs there. nowadays it is said (perhaps western provocation) the "iranians" at least the youth want to "liberalize" and "Side with the us/cia" oblivious to who put the ayatollahs and previous leaders there in the first place. (in other words, if they knew who put the ayatollahs there, there might not side with "the west")

    stanley monteith noted during admanijeed (sp?) was almost certainly a "plant" meant to provke war. so does

    ucadia documents notes muslims are/were strongly connected with "jews"/rabbis, possibly offshoots of same "religion(s)". and of course masons note "jews" are/was simply veiled sun worship (they would say same about "christians" of course). and "burning bush" was borrowed from persians, this was a non-idolatorous "spirit" alive but not material (appears to me same as "fire" as used of 4 elementals of olde days chemistry/alchemy, earth/solid, water/liquid, air/gas, and fire/heat/cold is used to "convert" between these states, this is who "nature's god" of declaration of independence is, mercury/hermes also is both son and parent of "mother nature"; "god" used the 4 primary elements to create visible nature, and invisible nature is still generated/destroyed/transmuted with the same chemistry; "light from light" even a "son of god/god the son/christ" can be thought of as transmutation/rearrangement/reincarnation (or first incarnation as man))

    what does this have to do with anything? i would say it is certain "religion" will be used on all "Sides" to provoke "war"

    it was reported not long ago evangelicals (in reality, probably masons posing) trump was compared to "cyrus" who sheparded the jews out of babylon, but "jews" was replaced with "americans" (with so many people pushing 2nd coming, i suppose karl marx was right, we are all "jews" now, with no "homeland" and very few believers in "christ" nowadays). former mossad agent "profits of war" IIRC noted the "antagonism" is illusional/for public consumption, the persians and jews have been "friends" since way back then. mossad has/had a little nondescript agency building in iran, its not publicized, but "everyone knows" they all "share" information. the sabre rattling with israel is just for public consumption

    of course, eustace mullins and "to eliminate the opiate" author implied "conservative" and "reform" judaism were created because orthodox there is no homeland until messiah arrives, so the "illuminists" made 2 new branches, to start the hegelian brainwashing going, and allow a jewish homeland before the messiah comes. author "to eliminate the opiate" noted one rothschild turned against/was not with the "illuminists" but still in favor of israel (there is a rothschild boulevard).

    carroll quigley noted in anglo-american establishment, that rothschild thought they were all nuts, the rhodes/fabian socialists, but he was still "Treasurer" saw profits i suppose

    it has been said a rothschild agent/employee (former?) was behind bailing out/not liquidating some of trumps casinos/hotels. this was the guy who said during federal shutdown "why dont they just get loans?" IIRC. "cyrus" also means "as miserable, as heir" so i suppose this fits trump "inherited a mess"

    1. if ucadia documentation is correct, then i suppose it is "jews" on all sides, but perhaps not how people "think". more likely masonic/babylonian/egyptian "priests" creating religions to take eachother out, play both "Sides" against eachother. in other words, not genuine "jews" at all, but illuminists. aka egyptian sun worship. aka mystery babylon. who strings along the vast majority of "jews" with everyone else, wish to topple them as well.

      i suspect "nukes" has nothing to do with anything. israel was prohibited too, but "profits of war" IIRC notes how they were able to acquire materials.

      if research has taught me anything, from pancho villa and wells fargo, from colonel house's father and the "civil war", from chase bank and "obama-sanctioned russia", from england and ibm and hitler, from new york and the bolsheviks, from the us and castro (see stanley monteith), from reagan/ollie north/iran contra, we can be certain, the "embargoes" if not just for "show", will be entirely ignored by the bankers/arms dealers.

      (paraphrase) the iran contra investigations was the best thing that happened to us. while congress was "investigating" some minor players/fall guys, we kept trading right through the "investigation"

      i suspect "fake jews" aka illuminists/babylonian priesthood on 99% of all sides. i suppose, for now, they have given up on trying to provoke a war by panic about "sharia law".

      iran also means "aryan". but dont tell that to white supremicist/cia agent provocateurs, for whom the whole reigion is full of "sand N word" who want to push "sharia law" on everyone.


      you guys make this too hard. just ask the eastern star masons what they have planned for everyone :/

    2. CORRECTION: i did not mean to imply "october surprise" put the ayatollahs there. it has been said the CIA put the shah in, then got rid of him, so i meant "october surprise" was arguably just more of the same. in other words, not surprising at all.

      ted gunderson had an interview with chip tattum, who did not say specifically, but implied there are 14 or so cia-influenced shadow regimes. whether modern day "iran" is or is not, i leave to you dear reader. of course, he also said british/cia/mossad/dutch intelligence all "share". and snowden "five eyes" etc. its illegal for CIA to do "domestic" things, but MI6 our "ally" will spy on americans for us (and vice versa). and while bush could call shots even out of "office" so could margaret thatcher. the intelligence agencies are really just for the bankers. which is pretty much what eustace mullins said has always been the case, nothing new.

      william cooper says the first "october surprise" was friday 13th knights templars. there is a certain hashassin connection there too. and one "aladdin" was affiliated.

    3. one reason given to the american public for CIA intervention and "the shah" was to prevent the "communists" from going in.

      and then decades later, iran contra, "perestroika" (cold war "over") was how a russian bank got to be the "neutral" intermediary for funds.

      they are still pushing "the dems are socialists" at home, despite about 2 decades of "conservatives" pushing perestroika, "project democracy" under reagan, etc. they have no shame at home, but it seems it cant be used as an excuse to convince people to go abroad anymore.

      of course, the "conservative" ivy league dulles brothers called for world gov. and redistribution of world's resources long ago. as did the federal council of churches, declaration of INTERdependence, etc.

      "all wars are banker wars"

    4. Xerces...didnt Eustace Mullen write the book..."murder by injection", chronicling the rise behind the rise of the AMA and FDA...??

    5. said he'd set the people free / we shall see / we shall see
      the stranglers - shah shah a go go

    6. the old savak was trained in texas.

      the question is did the current regime ever really "break away" from the CIA and illuminism

      from the "british"/post house/wilson/CFR side, you put in dictators/theocracy to "fight communism", and then decades later you "liberate" them with "world democracy" (sold as pseudo nationalist iran "democracy", internationalist private bankster quigley formula in reality), the preconceived "synthesis".

      all these crazy backwards fundamentalist shahs/ayatollahs/nationalists works great as (anti)thesis to "democracy", and then "world gov. is only solution"

      the synthesis is 2nd coming occult theocracy. fake "jews" on all "sides", including illuminized pseudo-jewish israel (orthodox have to wait for messiah before a homeland, who hasnt arrived), illuminized america, illuminized england.

      the q: will iran be illuminized, or is it already?

    7. Xerces, what's this UCADIA you are talking about. You didn't put any links in your comments. Our only experience with a UCADIA is that he is a troll that comes in here under various handles and tries to disrupt almost everyone here. I have banned his comments from this blog. So please explain what you are referring to.

  9. It's all about taking their resources/oil
    Everything on tell lie vision is controlled period you will get no truth there AT ALL
    All of it is controlled

  10. Have a read
    Be sure to see the other links associated as well

    1. Guess what else is in Brussels - NATO Headquarters
      Read the following articles

  11. Supposed to be enemies with these nations and yet have open skies treaties and an Arms Control Association?
    The IAEA
    I'm telling you nuclear power is about energy and nations having the ability to create their own energy for their people
    All the nuclear stuff to be taken down is not about weapons it is about not letting the nations become independent
    No upward mobility for any nation or people
    While they are doing this stuff on the back end they rerouting water to their control which is why Israel is getting green because they are stealing Palestinian water rerouting it under the ground to Israel
    Same thing they doing in the US
    Bush stealing the largest fresh water aquifer in Brazil
    While the family is also remaking the entire midwest of the US for the NAFTA Super Highway
    Public private parnerships making them millions while they impoverish the people and take over all resources

  12. galen winsor explains the nuclear scar scam and edmumd matthews about nuclear weapons don't exist . now what would 1200 tons of TNT exploding look like ? biggest fear and control mechanism ever perpetrated on this plane !