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Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Last Men Standing

By Anna Von Reitz

First, there is no set "number", quotient or quorum required for us to repopulate the American States and reclaim our land and soil.  

The same foresight that made each man a "sovereign in his own right" guaranteed that every son and daughter of every state of the Union has an eternal claim to the land and the soil and the resources thereof--so long as they are acting as one of the People and only as one of the People. 

It doesn't take ten men or fifty or a million, it just takes one man or woman with the proper standing to claim back a whole State for the People of that State.

Second, by gathering these birthright American State Nationals and American State Citizens together and summoning them to Assemble, we demonstrate the fact that the Americans known as Californians and Texans and Minnesotans and Virginians and so on, still exist.  

We, the Lawful Progeny, are still here, and only we, those of us acting in our correct capacity as People, have the standing and the right to act as Settlors of our Estates and as Enforcers of the Constitutions. 

Over the years many groups have formed and they have claimed many things. We have had RuSA and the National Assembly and the Republic for the United States and the Reign of Heaven-USA and the Nation-States Project and We, the People, and THE REPUBLIC and The Republic of the United States of America and The USA and others, too. 

Each of these groups contributed to the effort to keep our country and our government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" alive.  They each gave evidence of our pulse.  

The problem is that none of them ever acted consistently in the correct capacity needed to maintain their lawful and legal standing. Usually they failed to meet this benchmark because they didn't require their membership to declare their unique political status as American State Nationals and/or American State Citizens, and they let undeclared people and US Citizens act as members. 

Our States of the Union are harsh masters. They demand our unique and singular devotion as citizens. 

That fact and lack of awareness of the various foreign citizenships that have been conferred upon each one of us, has resulted in decades of repeated failure to successfully assemble our States and reconstruct our Federal States of States. 

There is only one organization that has met the requirements to have the correct Lawful and legal standing established for itself and all its members-- The American States Assembly.  

There is only one organization that has posted indemnity bonds for all the States. 

Only one organization has step-by-step  reclaimed all the assets owed to the American States and People and recorded and registered all the Notices and Liens needed to enforce these claims.   

Only one organization has made the long term and extensive effort to give Notice and Due Process to all the interested Parties. 

Only one organization has retained an unbroken access to and ability to operate The United States of America (Unincorporated)--- the Federation of States formed September 9, 1776. 

Only one organization has educated and enabled its members to overcome the legal presumptions of Territorial and Municipal Citizenship. 

Only one organization is set up to fully and properly restore the missing Federal States of States.

We are the Last Men (and Women) standing as the Lawful Government of our respective Nation-States, and as the Lawful Inheritors of the land and soil jurisdiction of these United States.  

We don't say this to put anyone else's sincere efforts down. We don't disrespect or devalue the efforts other groups of Americans have made.  

The facts remain. 

There is only one organization with the lawful and legal standing to reclaim America for Americans: The American States Assembly. 

Support it like your lives depend upon it. 

On April 30 the Renewal Date for The Constitution for the united States of America came and went. So far as certain Parties could see, only the Queen's Government remained standing and stood to gain our land and soil by default. 

But on May 3, on the last day of grace, we visited the United States District Court and filed suit for arbitration--not as an administrative action, but as an arbitration on the international jurisdiction of the land.  

We are suing to compel performance from WILLIAM P BARR and CHARLES RETTIG to return the American assets to the actual American States and People. 

If you want to help, please send what you can as donations to Anna's PayPal: or by Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  Send your prayers, too.  


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  1. I heard that trump recently and in secret met with the Queen and she surrendered the US to Trump.I dont know quite what this means.

  2. Did you happen to post any of the documents for this action that the people can obtain and keep a copy of?
    Helps if more than one group holds the documents?
    All comments mde without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    Ongoing WWIII being wages on all mankind for the last 50 years
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Thank you for all the detailed work you've done on this Assembly! We give monthly but we'll send an extra check Monday. Happy Mother's Day, Anna.

  5. Anna, when are you going to admit that there is no "Rule of Law" in this country or any other....!! What we need is real weapons of war....not paper imitations....!!!!

    1. I do believe I can sense a shift in Anna's strategy here, it is very subtle and I think it is a response to what seems like a sticky situation trying to boot up the assemblies as she puts it.

      The bad guys seem to be doing a bait and switch with THEIR attempts to subvert the process. Bear with me on this.

      I think they are encouraging what Anna calls US citizens and patriots, to take their bait and trespass on the government so they can reel them in for treason against D.C., the city state. Then they can treat them to a trip to the slammer which in turn serves as a warning and wake-up call "Don't try this at home kids" which scares the daylights out of anyone not sure about the process. Again a form of mind control and gaslighting of the public.

      So it appears that Anna's new strategy is to do an end-run around the need for a quorum vis-a-vis the assemblies which implies group participation and is proving problematic.

      If there is even one man standing for each state that one man (or woman I suppose to be completely fair) is enough and is easier to substitute in the interest of getting the whole process rammed through.

      Good luck!

    2. C. Johnson said

      "James, First off, peace people of the several States do not want war we have had enough war to last us eternally.
      Next, you are the most morose and obtuse person I have come across in a long time."

      Actually you probably are forgetting about Abby back in the day. WOW! That was a special kind of misery. Even Anna had to send her to the woodshed.

    3. C Johnson.....if you think my ideas are extreme , I guess you would have hated Andrew Jackson, which Trump has a picture of hanging in the White House because he talked much like me...he called all the bankers and attorneys "Vipers" and vowed to get rid of them and send them all back to England and he did...!! He was the only President to actually accomplish doing what he said because he was a general and realized all to well that these people don't play by rules...only slaves like you , and cowards use paperwork to do a man's job....!! I guess you don't think much of our veterans that lost limbs and everything else so you can play "patriot games" with the courts....hows it working out for you...!! There's a point where words don't work anymore, and eventually the cost of freedom is war....!!

      There's a saying that "if you want peace, prepare for war...!!
      It's never been any different through the centuries...!! And it's always for the same reason....people demand governments to in order to do the job people themselves should be doing...The only govt we need is the "people" themselves, who all have to take responsibility collectively by carrying know , like the wild west....!! They didn t have near the trouble we have today, because the townspeople would just be deputized by the sheriff to form possies....and the good people of that town had no problem helping the sheriff with unruly gangs, using the only thing they understood....violence or retribution at the barrel of a gun....!! But then again they all knew one another back then...Now no one knows hardly anyone and worse no one wants to know anyone anymore because there are to many con artist and thieves, and if it involves FRAUD, the cops won t even take a report....its civil sir...!! Yes officer, but it's also a crime....a major crime...!! You would have us all believe that RAPE is just civil also...and murder to...!! Contracts are a joke...!! Do you see our President getting anywhere with paperwork or the courts...China will never honor a contract that involves the U.S. because they have lied and stole from every country in the world...which is why we have one of the greatest industrial military complexs in the world...!! They lie to other countries the same way they lie to us...!!

      Ever time I come back to this site, all I hear is how all the "Jural Assembles" can't seem to get anything right, and off doing things their way, which is usually the wrong way...!!

      People during the revolutionary war would have understood "jural assembles" because they all knew law....!! But not this generation or the ones past...and the ones coming up now are really clueless, thanks to our great public school system...and technology they use for every reason except to learn our history and how the banks have caused every war we ever had or will have, because they have a single mindedness, while the public at large is divided into just about every controversy you can think of....spead out in a thousand directions...!!

    4. Why don't you just teach everyone "Quantum physics and entanglements and String theory to them while your at it...!!

      The biggest difference between us is that you are one of those people that demand govt , and I dont...!! In other words you want govt to do what you want no matter who gets hurt in the process...and I say arm everyone so we are all equal and would cause less violence , not more..!! It's been proved over and over again that if people are armed there is always less crime, not more...!! One of these days you will find yourself in a blind ally, with no weapon and 3 black guys just want a piece of you, then leave you in the curb somewhere wondering where all the cops were or govt that was supposed to protect you...!! You have a delusional take on think that law enforcement , the people in the courts, and prosecutors are of some sort of higher morality than everyone else, and deserve to take the moral highground....WHY!! DO you like cops chasing vehicles at 100 miles an hour right through busy communities which puts all innocent people at risk instead of the person they are chasing....were is the common sense...!! They are all glorified cowboys on the cement plains of our modern cities...!! And they all just follow court orders no matter how fraudulent that order is...!! Aren't they supposed to know law before they just automatically take a house....the answer is yes, especially when shown by the homeowner his paperwork which they don't even want to look at...they don't care about learning the truth either...its just a job to them and nothing else...!! If you don't like the idea of people carrying weapons, then why do you approve of anyone having make absouluty no sense at all...when you give the right of just a few people with badges to carry weapons , you are endorsing "communism and a "dictatorship", by people who can easily be corrupted with bribes from.criminal syndicates to the detriment of innocent people...!! You need to go back and read Will Smith's comment because it's worth noting...!! I bet you use 911 every week to complain about the least little thing , just so you can get people in trouble with the law...!!

    5. C. Johnson...and someday you simply must tell us how you really feel about James! :-)

      Not dissing you, or James for that matter, just trying to inject a little levity in this very tense exchange. Can't we just all get along LOL! Actually that is very hard the way the cards and currently dealt and taking into account the differences between personalities.

      You said that James wants anarchy and chaos, and as part of the mind control programming we are all subjected to those two words are invariably linked to create a certain context. But apparently anarchy is really meant to mean "no master" or "no overlord" or "no big brother" and it has been purposefully misconstrued by useful idiots reporting to the masters. Since the elites can't imagine a world where they aren't the top of the food chain, they have to ensure that all references, both cultural and political always point to the meme that they are promoting.

      There is evidence that is promulgated widely that postulates that when a society is unable to defend itself it becomes a sitting target for any given psychopath. Stalin, Pol Pot, Adi Amin, you name it. It has gone on probably since the beginning of time. Regional self defense (local firearms) was promoted by the founding fathers as the way the international community views nuclear weapons. Mutually Assured Destruction, a deterrent to hostilities which are thought to make societies much more civilized. So there IS a prototype for regional self defense on the international stage.

      James I know my opinion ain't worth nuttin here, but I do agree with C. Johnson in that you often get wound up emotionally over issues that don't realistically have any chance of happening. You recently have implored Anna to abolish the IRS, when you should know since you are a regular here that she can't do that. She doesn't control the city-state that is the District of Columbia. She said that is for THEIR side of the fence, not the rest of America. Now if a properly reconstructed America proposes to include an IRS equivalent, then surely you have an issue to take someone to task. Too many people are forgetting fundamental relationships and expecting action. Trump is the CEO of that whole kaborsch and since nobody expected him to win, he likely wasn't briefed on how the USA is really structured. Hence the tough sounding campaign and the whole MAGA meme.

      Once in the oval office however, they were obligated to tell him how things REALLY are and thus HE got red pilled. And he was reported to have stumbled out of a meeting with Obama looking like a moose standing in the middle of the road in the headlights.

      Anna said he is doing what he can but D.C. isn't anybody else's sandbox to play in, and never will be. There may as well be a thousand foot wall around D.C. the way things currently stand apparently. Anna knows that.

      The best that can happen is that it gets put back in the 10 sq mile box that it came from and has no influence over what happens in a reconstructed America and everyone else can get on with what should have happened since day one. That is what Anna also has been saying lately I believe.

      D.C. can't exist on it's own without the resources and the other requirements of modern existence. D.C. has nothing to sustain anything but restaurants and bars, thus is needs control of the REST of America to thrive, as little more than a virus.

      D.C. is a British monarch/privy council creation whereby the Queen gets to rule the world unlawfully from her bunker in London.

      Maybe someone knows how it even got its charter to begin with in America, it is apparently part of the city-state triad with the city-state of London, and the Vatican in Rome.

      It came out recently that Rome more or less annexed the Vatican back something like that, and Anna even mentioned that too. No word on that since, maybe someone has heard more.

    6. The Brits are using D.C. as a proxy to wage wars of aggression to secure resources around the world while at the same time blaming what appears to the rest of the world to be the USA. The Queen is just a shareholder who benefits from this corruption but gets to hide out in her bunker clean and safe from any blow-back from this arms length scam.

      Well...until we all found out what a disgraceful sham the whole thing is.

    7. Further, there are too many people not distinguishing the difference and they are thinking of D.C. as THEIR government, and the President as THEIR President. Unless you live in D.C., he is not your President.

      D.C. is THEIR swamp, it is their internal swamp and if that is how the Queen and the City of London like things, then so be it because that is THEIR choice. And for those that need further proof, look up what the gold fringed flag means when you see photos of Donald Trump taken with a gold fringed flag hanging in the background or at a press conference or in the oval office and ask yourself if Trump is YOUR president.

      Anna is only saying that the connection must be broken between the two and I guess the rightful capitol of America would have to be Philadelphia where it all began, I am sure I have heard that even by Anna.

      Free your mind are the Queen's D.C. slave.

      Like the way Shelby postfixes his posts without prejudice, I choose to use simply...

      Just the messenger

    8. Of course finally there is probability that since the Queen apparently reports to the Pope, that the Vatican will "release the hounds", see the Treaty of Verona and the papal bull Unum Sanctum, for a clue.

    9. C.J. yes there are no saviors coming from D.C., or the Vatican either for that matter. Good people have to find each other and work together to make things right in an uphill battle. It's shocking how long this has been the case on this planet, almost like a curse against mankind.

      I just now wrote an in-depth reply to your comment about anarchy and chaos but it just disappeared when I clicked Preview so perhaps it wasn't meant to be. Maybe some other time.

    10. It's too much for many people to absorb. I have followed Winston Shrout's Youtube presence until he was removed and convicted. He differed somewhat from Anna, he focused on primarily issues of spirituality and the issues surrounding commerce and equity (which you mentioned) which is the paradigm that we find ourselves operating in and have since the days of Jesus Christ at least. You mentioned the rule of law which most people assume is what we call Natural Law. Do no harm and nothing happened, but commerce is only about money and law is merely the remedy for breach of contract. That is why James was worked up about criminality being passed off as a civil action by a cop refusing to acknowledge fraud. If you only operate in commerce and there is no contract then nothing happened in equity. If you do have a contract then law only addresses commercial/financial considerations.

      We have gotten so far away from anything resembling logic that it only makes sense to a lazy, self-absorbed, cheating, parasitic, elitist class. It has probably always been thus.

      We don't have the right to judge each other in the abstract, only the creator has that prerogative yet we DO judge each other. Thus by operating in the stream of commerce only we can judge each other only according to breach of contract that was done surreptitiously to disguise the real philosophy of what should be expected of us.

    11. Will...Ill give you this know how to negotiate civilly....!! Yea, I'm mad,and so should everyone else when supposedly the greatest country in the world has tent city's all over the place making California look like another Tijuana ....I never thought that Calif. would look like this ever....or any other state got that matter...!!
      But Shelby posted that article about "Silent weapons for Quite Wars ", which I read almost 30 years ago, and America was used as a proxy for every war Great Britain wanted us taking over, while not shedding any of their own presious royal blood...!! America , in that report, was intentionally propped up to be Great Britain's stomp troopers to accomplish their goals, not Americas..!! Because they knew in the end that America has to be brought down to the level of ever other country if globalism was going to work...!! It was also in that plan that once they achieved globalism, there would be no need for the IRS or Internal Re-venue service, because we would all be on one currency...!! And there would be budgets imposed on every country and enforced ...but if a country can just print money at will, you have to have some way of getting that money back or you would see hyperinflation immediately...!! They would be unable to hide it serves two, is its a relief value for to much steam (overinflation), and two , it creates FEAR in the hearts and minds of men and woman to keep them complacent until their agenda was finished.....brainwashing everyone that you can never achieve "THEIR" STATUS no matter how much money you have...!! Look what they did to Martha Stewart, and countless others, who haven't even come close to the crimes they commit on a daily basis...!!

      Anna's dream of reinstituting our original congressional Congress has come way to late in the game to be of any significance now...!! But we can all come together on one single issue which is attainable since no one can stand that agency (IRS)..!! And Trump even made it easy for us using HR 24 and eliminates the FED and the other eliminates the IRS...!! IF we can't rally for that, then why even bother with "jural assembles"...!! All that takes is calling your state representatives and demanding that they back it or else...!!

    12. What C Johnson still doesn't get is that "The Rule of Law" is not the same as "Any Rule of Law" just to curtail anarchy or Chaos...!! Even dictatorships have that in place...!! But this country was founded on "freedom " and self-governess, and all govt that have ever been created throughout history are put in place to eventually destroy those ideas, not protect them...!! That should be self-evident...!! How does C Johnson condone the shooting of an individual for just pulling out his phone and then blantly saying it was a gun....just to avoid "liability"...!!

      People always assume or brainwashed to believe that if enough laws are made, society will be a safer place...!!
      Well what did Anna say...we have well over 800,000 laws on the books and it looks like it's doing just the opposite...creating more time passes people start to realize what all those laws mean....BONDAGE..!!

      The only reason I tell everyone about getting rid of the IRS is because I can't think of another reason to actually unite everyone under "one banner" that doesn t offend anyone's does pick on the LBGT community, it doesn't single out "Black lives matter", it doesn't offend "woman's rights", it cuts through all races, creeds, and religions so everyone can jump into the Trump train to success again...!! Wouldn't it be nice for once to see everyone unified for one cause and one only one cause and see it through to completion...??

      What "Rule of Law" says a bankrupt corporation or entity can just snub every law put in place and simply ignore the fact that the FED lost its charter to do business, the IRS which works for them is intensifying their efforts to collect money , which is now called "forced compliance", when they too are insolvent and without any authority at all anymore, they have defiantly refused to obey the world court, and the Common law court in Brussels, who's law enforcement for them were so severely beaten by the POPES guards that they wound up in the hospital, and the POPE made it safely back to the Vatican where he can't be touched...!!

    13. C.J., my comment about anarchy and chaos wasn't that it isn't happening, it is happening everywhere with both increasing frequency and severity. The alt-media videos are reporting ramped up mercenary interaction. When their own "law enforcement" started siding with the protestors and taking off their helmets in solidarity, the overlords ratcheted up the oppression by bringing in hired mercenaries (which has been a theme since the beginning of time virtually) who are:

      1) Probably not local thus no cultural identity in common with the Paris protesters. I could call them foreigners which they likely were.

      2) Probably don't have two functioning neurons to rub together. Like cops, these guys aren't picked for their high IQ. Companies like Blackwater (now Xe or whatever it is this week) et al, are to blame here. This company's guys are the ones who got strung up in Iraq back in the day.

      Macron was exhibiting overlord tactics with that move. So to wind up, anarchy and chaos are frequently linked together as you and many others have done. We have been mind controlled by repetition and conditioning to believe that anarchy is linked with no government, thus chaos. The strict definition for the word anarchy was meant to mean no master, no overlord. But the masters can't have no government overlord thus the word anarchy has to be polluted with other baggage attached to it to prevent that notion from being considered as a viable option to their oppression.

      Somalia has effectively no government last I heard. But nobody would call what is happening to Somalia anarchy and chaos. If Somalia had anything that the overlord class wanted then you can bet your britches there would be anarchy and chaos over there to establish an outpost to loot the country's resources, which as far as I have heard is comprised mostly of sand. Could be wrong if someone knows otherwise.

    14. James said..."What "Rule of Law" says a bankrupt corporation or entity can just snub every law put in place..."

      Equity or the Kings Law which as Anna said you don't want to touch because there are no rules, the judge makes them up on the fly depending on whether he appears to be winning or losing.

      Anna has also said that the Vatican and Pope via the curia, are negligent in supervising the activities of corporations, which they have given themselves the ability to charter and create in the first place. They are not being used in a way that is consistent with their original intentions. Look it up.

    15. James said..."And Trump even made it easy for us using HR 24 and eliminates the FED and the other eliminates the IRS...!!"

      Yes I did see that. The government is notorious for giving with one hand and taking away with the other. We all know they are bankrupt and defunct entities anyway which the general public does not realize. I am skeptical however, and can imagine that new versions of those entities are being polished up and waiting behind the curtain, perhaps under new management.

      Be careful what you wish for...

    16. James you said some things that got my sensor antenna going after I read them over. I am starting to wonder if you are playing for the opposite team.

      And I wonder if you have even read what I just said about D.C., and if you really understand everything that Anna has been saying?

      You said this which made me suspicious...

      Anna's dream of reinstituting our original congressional Congress has come way to late in the game to be of any significance now...!! But we can all come together on one single issue which is attainable since no one can stand that agency (IRS)..!! And Trump even made it easy for us using HR 24 and eliminates the FED and the other eliminates the IRS...!! IF we can't rally for that, then why even bother with "jural assembles"...!! All that takes is calling your state representatives and demanding that they back it or else...!!

      Did you even read what I posted today and what Anna has been saying all along?

      Everything you said above suggests that you aren't grasping the issues and what the D.C. city-state represents. I am starting to think you are engaging in a little gaslighting of your own here in favor of the status quo.


      "The only reason I tell everyone about getting rid of the IRS is because I can't think of another reason to actually unite everyone under "one banner" that doesn t offend anyone's senibilitys"

      It may not be offensive as you suggest, but it also doesn't solve one problem either. You're starting to sound like a shill for the other side James when you say things like that.

      And I might be tempted to warn you of the danger of inciting violence with your emotional rants about war and shooting people up.

      Now you want to hold hands and sing kumbaya with the swamp rats in D.C. and your position is not entirely holding here.

      To be fair you do exhibit a knowledge of many issues and also make some valid points in contrast to your more questionable points, but it only takes a little bit of poison to kill now doesn't it?

      And yes I admit I am trying to be more diplomatic than come forward with guns blazing at first contact. Maybe you aren't aware of what you are saying, maybe you want to change the outcome of the game so badly that you will entertain theories that are a bit of a stretch.

    17. To teach you something, but I guess you already know it all...!!

      Here's an example of a real patriot site with pertinent info for everyone that can be used immediately ....!!

    18. C Johnson.....the way I see your venom is that you are looking in a mirror and talking to take a good deep look....because your the shill and troll...!! Anyone who doesn't want to declare war on the IRS is one evil person who wants America to fail....!!!

      You are and always will be a U.S. CITIZEN/ SLAVE ....!! So don't even think about joining a "jural assembly"....your not worthy...!! And as far as your concerned Anna, I don't care if you think that taxes apply only to corporations....we don't need the IRS for that....wake up from that frost bite your in.....there is no legitimate reason for that agency...quit promoting that idea...!!

  6. Look at this garbage piece standing around laughing drinking cocktails claiming they knew nothing about the financial shit that happened in 2008
    All comments made without prejudice and all unalienable rights reserved

  7. Re: "it just takes one man or woman with the proper standing to claim back a whole State for the People of that State." - This may very well be about the most awesome truth that also may not be "self-evident" to many millions of Americans. I wish every single American "sovereign"/potential sovereign would know this!

    The awesome truth of this caliber deserves to have the greatest possible impact upon the collective psyche of all the American people! How can we make this greatest possible impact now? ......... IMO, the greatest impact can be made in a unified way.

    I imagine a combination of various projects, events, initiatives and the like that can in turn produce products that all represent and point to the "the most awesome truth" about being an American. Maybe a film script can be written with the synopsis presented for "crowd funding"? For the greatest "impact" have certain actors and actresses in mind with the parts written especially for their character in the film. (Makes me wonder if Robert De Niro is a candidate.)