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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Lincoln and Illinois

By Anna Von Reitz

Even as a child I never liked Abraham Lincoln.  I didn't like his image on copper pennies and changed them out for nickels as much as I could. This antipathy can't be explained as a simple childish rejection of weird sideburns and top hats and craggy facial features.  I readily accepted double-amputees and WWII veterans who were burned beyond recognition and corpses at funerals and Special Ed kids and the local Winnebago tribal members dressed up in all their feathered regalia--- I was not the kind of child to be fearful of people because of their appearances, nor prejudiced toward anyone because of their appearance, either.

No, it wasn't that Lincoln was homely.  It was something else.  Of course, I couldn't put my finger on it as a child, but the lasting impression I had of him was that something was wrong with him.  Something bad.

In the years since then I have had cause to research into Lincoln's life and the Civil War to some depth.

There are long-standing rumors and some circumstantial evidence of the "he  doesn't look like anyone else in the Lincoln family, but he does look like so-and-so..."  gossip from local observers at the time, giving rise to the idea that Lincoln was actually the bastard son of a rich Jewish landowner named Springsteen; this I cannot confirm or deny.  It would require a DNA test to ever settle the question, and that is not likely to happen--- so let's leave the gossip among all those things we will never know about Lincoln, and focus on what we do know.

We do know that his nickname, "Honest Abe", was a jest, and that in real life, this was a tribute to his wit, not his actual honesty. 

We do know that the picture of his humble beginnings reading by firelight in a one room cabin to educate himself and earning his way by splitting rail fences and working as a small shopkeeper is largely bunk of the nineteenth century Sentimentalist ilk.

Wherever it came from -- Lincoln always had money and didn't lack for much.

We do know that immediately after the University Publishing group picked up on Lincoln as a young lawyer in Illinois, his political star began to rise. 

We do know that Lincoln was a prominent member of the Confederation Congress beginning in 1847 and that he made frequent trips to New York where the Confederation Congress met throughout the 1850's.

We know that through his connections with the Confederation Congress, he met and made friends with some of the most famous industrialists and business personages of the day, including British financiers who were eager to promote investment in America so long as the Queen had control of the government receiving the benefit of those investments.  

Some members of the Confederation Congress, including Lincoln, were eager to secure these economic benefits, and in view of the relatively large number of Federal "inhabitants" living throughout America (British Territorial Employees who remained here after the Revolution to provide "essential government services" per Article IV), they saw nothing wrong with providing "separate but equal" services to them via the Territorial Government--- which the Queen controls under our delegated authority.  Is this beginning to sound familiar?

The means to be employed to provide these services to British Territorial Federal Government Employees and their Dependents would be the creation of Territorial States of States, running in tandem with and in parallel to and mirroring the then-active Federal States of States. 

The British Doppleganger States-of-States were thus prepared by Lincoln and his cronies and were waiting in the wings at the end of the Civil War, ready to take over during the "Reconstruction" of the actual Federal States of States. 

Lincoln served as the British Territorial United States Governor of the Territorial State of Illinois, which was established with Lincoln's help before the Civil War, and in that capacity was in the direct service of Queen Victoria prior to his election as "President of the United States" --- the CEO of the Municipal United States Government.

During Lincoln's stint as Territorial State-of-State Governor of Illinois, the first Bar Association in America was organized in Illinois.  He signed their first charter. Whether or not he was an actual member of the Illinois Bar Association or The Bar Association of Illinois or The Illinois State Bar (there are about fifteen different names) has been carefully obscured, but we know he never occupied any office of the actual Federal Branch of the Federal Government -- and would have been prohibited from doing so as a Bar Association Member.  Again --- circumstantial evidence, but perhaps we can get to the root of this question in the future.

Lincoln supported the concept of Hickey's 1847 "enclosure" of the original Territorial Constitution --- The Constitution of the United States of America --- for use as corporate Articles of Incorporation for the new British Investment Corporation being formed to funnel money into the new Territorial States of States.

All these moves had many members of the original Confederation Congress alarmed, especially members representing the Southern States, who saw all this "untoward" activity by the British Territorial Government as something far more ---and more suspicious--- than a simple matter of providing equal public services to government employees.  They deeply mistrusted Lincoln for his apparently boundless support for continued British investment and broadening British presence and influence.

Lincoln's activities in Illinois preceded his election as President and it was feared that: (1) he was not qualified to become the actual President of our Federal Government, owing to his ties to the Bar Association--- members had been banned from holding Public Office in our American-controlled branch of the Federal government since 1819; and (2) his election meant the spread of Territorial States of States throughout the rest of the country. 

Thus it was that greedy Northern Industrialists, especially Railroad Barons eager to embark on the Continental Railroad project, and other industrialists even more eager for British investment money to back their factories, backed Lincoln; the Southern Plantation owners saw nothing but the return of British taxes and oppression and meddling. 

They were, unfortunately and precisely, right.

Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator" was in fact the Great Enslaver instead; because of Lincoln, black men and women were released from private slave owners and became the property of government corporations, and millions upon millions of white Americans suffered the same fate.

Lincoln, for whatever reasons, was in lock-step with Benjamin Disraeli's plan to "enfranchise" the common man, and was in fact an Undeclared Agent of the Queen, who sought and accomplished the de facto overthrow of our system of government via an illegal commercial mercenary conflict staged on our shores--- the so-called American Civil War.

After the war, the Territorial States of States that Lincoln helped create were ready to slide into place and surreptitiously substitute themselves for the Federal States of States owned and operated by the American States and People.  In 1868, Hickey's "Corporate Constitution" was adopted.

The de facto take over of our government by the British interests promoted by Abraham Lincoln was a fait d'accompli. 

The American States and People were simply never notified of the changes undertaken "for" them, and the stage was set for both British investors and British pillaging on a scale unimaginable. 

There is some circumstantial evidence that Lincoln repented at the last, and that he planned to expose all this and redirect the Union Army, but like so many other things about Lincoln --- we will never know. He was assassinated before the ink was dry from Lee's surrender. 

Illinois was the Port of Entry for all this infamy and it remains one of the most corrupt States in the Union, thanks mostly to banks, international unions, and mafia influence in Chicago.  Nowadays Illinois watches from the sidelines, seemingly quietly aghast at the traumatic results of what they welcomed to our shores. Perhaps not altogether surprisingly, members of the Illinois Bar Association have  begun efforts to restructure and rethink: "Was it such a good idea to welcome British Admiralty Courts ashore?" 

Or, more likely --- "OMG! What is going to happen to us, when the Americans finally figure out who is who and what we did here?"  They have long lived in the fear of what Mark Twain predicted for them --- "a lawyer on every lamp post".

The Bar Associations and at least some of their members deserve to live in fear; because of them, millions of lives have been lost, trillions of dollars have been looted out of America and stolen from Americans, millions of innocent people have been enslaved and "enfranchised" and have suffered endless personage and barratry---- all of which the lawyers have known, and have said nothing about and done nothing to prevent.

Lincoln's giant portrait, the equal of any placard ever bearing homage to Stalin or Mao, hangs in the Middle Innes of Court in Westminster. 

Lincoln also began the practice of financing the government via the issuance of Treasury Bonds.  These "ten or forty" (think 1040) bonds were offered to investors using a concept like savings bonds. They could invest in these U.S. Treasury Bonds for ten years or for forty years and reap a guaranteed rate of return upon maturity.  The Federal Income Tax was originally a tax to force Federal Workers to buy Treasury Bonds.

As for what we do know about Lincoln --- he was a rat's rat, a King Rat on the scale of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   He may well be a hero to the British Federal Government Employees and the Tories in general, but for the American States and People, he is a symbol of our own gullibility and our tolerant, generous nature, which has never easily discerned the source of the undisclosed evil in our midst.


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  1. Please post your proofs that what she has said is incorrect. Even post documentation as to why you say what you have said! I will gladly peruse and make my own judgement!
    I'll wait. . .

  2. Wake up folks here is what the real id is all about- do not comply
    This first link above is the same guy in Texas that is filing land patents and helping people all over Texas and the entire United States
    For anyone interested in the information
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. Read this about the first trust of the world
    And this is how they plan to enslave everyone
    I stated in one of my post that the woman that was representing Brazil in the BRICS deal was a Bush family member - this picture here is that woman who is really married to a Bush but is claiming to be someone else
    While she was president of Brazil, Bush acquired all kinds of land and the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    This is huge folks
    Read about Brazil in this link and how they acquired the water aquifer
    Columba Bush posing as president of brazil so the Bushs' could acquire the land and the worlds largest fresh water aquifer - fraud fraud and more fraud
    Anyway for anyone who wants to read
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Now you know why Lincoln sits in the National Mall
    Just like how Bushs' have airports and highways named after them
    Same thing with the traitors Alan Dulles and Rockefeller
    Taking down statues of those who fought on the ground while the real scum of the earth their progeny statues still stand
    How about Rockefeller center, these bastards have done nothing but undermine this entire country for centuries
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Tell lie vision and the so called elite and leaders of the world
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Re: "I couldn't put my finger on it as a child ... something was wrong ... Something bad."
    I grew up in Chicago and when I was eighteen years old I very suddenly became aware of a deep inner-knowingness that "something was wrong ... Something bad" with this city. (The Summer before was the Democratic Convention where demonstrators were billy-clubbed by "Chicago's finest." ) Although it took me over seven years it was a tremendous relief for me to finally be able to completely leave Chicago.

    In addition to being a center of political corruption (in many more ways than are mentioned in this article) it is also the headquarters for the American Medical Association.

  7. Several sources think Lincoln had Marfans syndrome.

  8. There stands a full life size monument in London of Lincoln. Wonder why?

  9. Switzerland is their base of operations - G20, G7
    No coincidence 'G' in front of those numbers and BIS is in Switzerland
    They are all Knights Templars in my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. Parks and Recreation, Season 7, Episode 10:Chris Pratt describes the Lincoln Memorial as a statue of giant monster who represents America's enemies.

  11. Also, the assassination was faked.It was all "theatre."