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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bottom of the Ninth....

By Anna Von Reitz

Grandma's cupboard is bare..... 

I normally give the lion's share of my income to support the efforts of The Living Law Firm and the researchers and paralegals supporting us, but it isn't going to happen this month.  This month, Grandma has had family problems of her own. 

My dog who famously survived lymphoma by eating dandelion root also suffers from laryngeal paralysis, an inherited affliction of older Labradors that affects their voice box -- their bark and the opening and closing mechanisms of their wind pipe.  This in turn affects their ability to pant and cool down.  In hot weather, it is potentially deadly.  

Now, my dog is old, but he is otherwise in good shape and as lively and playful as ever.  So doing the Tie-Back Surgery has given him a new lease on whatever life he has left.  I wish you could all see how happy he is, now that the surgery is over and he can pant to his heart's delight in this warm weather.  

So in terms of things that matter to me, taking care of my animals and giving them the best care and the most life and best life I can, is a priority.

Also this past week, my son suffered a dental emergency that has resulted in dental surgery and we all know what that means in terms of the Big Bucks. 

So, no, I won't be contributing a whole lot to The Living Law Firm and the researchers this month, because I can't.  Those of you who can---- we are sitting here with every free-booter in the Western World trying to overcome our claims to our own country --- and yes, we need your help.  

My PayPal is: and checks and other donations can be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  Please make checks payable to me, because I then distribute to researchers and paralegals and others in addition to just those non-Bar lawyers who are part of The Living Law Firm. 


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  1. This is for a very good cause. I am very proud of the LIVING LAW FRIM AND ANNA VON REIZE for all of their hard work and dedication to the AMERICAN people and to all of mankind. They are one in a million! They deserve the NOBLE PRIZE for what they have uncovered and made public to the world. We are the children of the world, and our Heavenly Father loves us with a love that serpases all understanding. It is time to unite with ANNA VON REITZ and THE LIVING LAW FIRM and open the blinded eyes and set God's children FREE! at last!

    1. Children of the world?
      While this may sound good, it is not. Biblically

  2. Why don't you send the bills go the Sec of State Mnuchin ? For credit offset ? What about using the BC or SS# for payment using Medicare partIII ?
    If all the steps you have suggested we do , you havent done then why would we do them if there is no benefit ? What exactly are we doing this for ?

    1. Good to see you asking these questions.
      How old is Anna's son? This has come to my mind before. And yes there can be many answers and reasons for her care.
      In reading Betty J Ward Parker Moody's reply above can we see a problem?
      "ANNA VON REITZ and THE LIVING LAW FIRM open the blinded eyes and set God's children FREE! at last!
      Talk about a cult of personality?
      Christ Himself as the Holy Spirit and Comforter is the only way for His children to become Truly set free.
      John, as stated in Rev. is to be our companion during Tribulation, i am led to spend much time in the books of John and wish everyone would also.
      When we begin to put Christ first the rest will come into view.

    2. I have been posting stuff all along that shows that their process of destroying this land mass is well on it's way and they make no bones about it either
      Watch the new Heinz commercial, song they playing is Ain't No Stopping Us Now We're on the Move
      Everything they do, show, etc is a ritual
      They literally have agents working for them everywhere - traitors to all on earth -
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. My PayPal is: and checks and other donations can be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. Please make checks payable to me, because I then distribute to researchers and paralegals and others in addition to just those non-Bar lawyers who are part of The Living Law Firm.

    What are their names? What is their contact information? Do they and their spouses pay taxes and utility bills?
    When we search your address on google maps we see a nice little home in a good size housing addition. Is this not also The Address of The Living Law Firm? Not a quaint little getaway with a well pump out front for the neighbors and state troopers to see.

    1. Reply from Anna,

      The Living Law Firm is also housed primarily in home offices throughout the United States. The Office we work out of in Anchorage is 1336 Staubbach Circle.

      This is an effort of the people, for the people, and by the people. Real people with actual houses and actual lives and bills and problems like everyone else.

      If you want to see slick guys in Brooks Brothers suits driving the latest Lexus, you will have to go elsewhere and suck up to the monsters you evidently admire instead of lifting your share down in the trenches.

      As for doing your Peeping Tom eye in the sky routine, I told you all a long time ago you could stare up my skirt until you see Jesus. I do believe that is the same thing that President Trump just told you, too.

    2. Staring up your skirt to see Jesus?
      You see no one in their right mind or in the mind of the Holy Spirit would ever say such a bizarre thing, and yes you have made this disturbing comment more than once.
      Peeping eye? We are all to be good stewards. Not looking into "things" and people who claim to have some divine calling has been the downfall of many through out time.
      President Trump told us not to look into Him. and you also think this is good policy? i looked into him long before he was president, and yes he has many issues. Things people should be aware of. Just as Obama and many that have came before.
      Many of us are tired of being played and are doing our research.
      Those of us with His Spirit are calling many out!

    3. For the record, I don't call going online to Google Earth and peering into my front yard "research". I call that snooping of an obnoxious kind.

      For the record, if I had anything to hide, the rats would have found it and tried to exploit it a long time ago, so don't trouble yourself or me with your "questions" or your "research". If I were not exactly who and what I say I am, I'd be in jail.

      Yes, they have "stared up my skirt" for many years. And no, I don't have the hypocrisy left in me to describe it as anything but what it is.

    Be sure to read the comments - big concert and baseball game slated for 8/11 of which others have examined and they think there will be an event on that day in san fran which will kill thousands if not millions
    Just sharing the information
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. I am so glad your puppy is better and of corse we owe it to our animals to do the best for them no matter what their age....always.
    The same of corse goes for our children, provided we were a Survivor of the tender, precious and loving teenage years and can do

  6. Taking out dams
    Sending tiny boats to stop bardges??
    Controlled demolition of bardges and dams and destruction downstream
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. UN Agenda 21 in action - take out dams, bridges, reclaim the land - DEPOPULATION by drowning
      Did the same thing with Katrina
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Follower...I don’t know, you appear to have too big a feet for the little shoes you wear. Wisdom belongs to them who are of full age and who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern good and evil. You have no reason and no discernment so you cannot be numbered among the wise.

    As far as ‘His Spirit’ is concerned, you should be made aware that the light you think is in you is in all actuality instead pitch darkness. Just setting the record straight.

    I sincerely hope Paul and Anna can reasonably soon eliminate you from visiting this site since apparently ‘His Spirit’ singled you out for the proper and correct procedures necessary in order for us to no longer be played by Anna. Your an ass, and a dumb one at that.