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Saturday, April 27, 2019

US Citizens Going to Jail for Insurrection

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight, I get word that Municipal Prosecutors are arresting "patriots" and throwing them in jail under:
18 U.S. Code § 2383.Rebellion or insurrection and
18 U.S. Code § 2385.Advocating overthrow of Government
Well, note the key words: "US Citizens".
If you claim to be a "US Citizen" you owe your service and obedience to the US Government. You have "voluntarily" subjected yourself to that foreign corporate government, so then, what business do you have to complain about it or take up arms against it?
This is precisely what I warned everyone about recently and the reason I "took exception" to any implied suggestion of affiliation with any of these groups that are purportedly assembling States of the Union, but including "US Citizens" as members.
This is also why I have warned all the Jural Assemblies not to associate with or allow anyone preaching violence to join them. Remember that we have the right to peaceably assemble --- note the word: "peaceably".
Any US Citizen involved in assembling an American State, or rather, pretending to do so, because they can't actually do that----- is out of their lane. They are trespassing against our sovereign States.
If we were to go onto their turf and try to organize a Territorial State of State, we would be transgressing against them in the same way. Ditto if we go into one of their courts and start flailing away.
It's that old straddling the electric fence thing, and the end results of this are as predictable as rain falling.
So, until the Patriots finally pay attention and learn the history and learn the law and figure out how the government is actually structured and what their options are, there will continue to be these kinds of arrests. And all I can do is stand here and shake my head.
This is not, and cannot be, about tearing down what is on their side of the fence. It is, and it has to be, about restoring what is supposed to be on our side of the fence.

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  1. What is your opinion about Subrogation/equity? I don't recall you approaching this topic. thanks


      just type in the word on anna's site...

    2. From Anna:
      We can do it and do it even though strictly speaking the States and the State Nationals are not part of any commercial process.

    3. I totally appreciate and thank you so much for your help!

  2. The clarity on this presentation is very much appreciated and valued! Question: can this be integrated into a high school Civics lesson?

    1. Embedded within the education system they are teaching regionalism which the following link details how they have rolled this out all over the country and the unemployment offices are also involved in the retraining of America to adhere to their regional plans of what companies will be located where and the workforce requirements for the jobs they have planned
      This relates directly to FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities and their perspective regions
      The link below details how they have broken the entire world up in to regions where the populace will live and work according to their planned companies that will be there
      Regional governance is being carried out by COG's that they have set up and operating behind the scenes to implement UN Agenda 21 initiatives
      To name a few of these COG's
      So they have 10 federal regions set up within the United States which I believe this equates to their FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities?
      They have an electrical infrastruture council set up as well
      They also have electric car infrastruture councils set up within the states to bring about the end of gas powered cars and for the move to electric - all part of their massive green new deal swindle
      So while we are being completely saturated with electromagnetic smog and pollution their plans for electric cars adds to the health risks associated with complete saturation with wifi and the 5G network - the more health issues the richer big pharma gets and it also adds to the death toll rate for their DEPOPULATION agenda
      Cars can actually run on water no need for the electrical infrastruture period except for their control of all things
      Dirty electricity is huge and no one knows about it
      SMART meters are part of that plan for total saturation of the populace to create illness and they are also collecting this data and analyzing it for their planned punishmnet of a region for overuse or misuse according to their rules?
      Read the below link of how they have had this all planned for decades
      You will read inside this article where they plan to quarantine whole regions etc etc etc and how they have planned and carried out the re education in other areas to suit their planned purpose
      Just some things to think about in this process
      We not only have the states of states but another layer of government operating as well
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. Remember there IS NO UNITED STATES only on paper...the word is they have 10 federal regions set up within
      America ...NOT United States..peace
      sherry elizabeth

  3. Anna said..."This is not, and cannot be, about tearing down what is on their side of the fence. It is, and it has to be, about restoring what is supposed to be on our side of the fence."

    Fair enough at face value. We know, or can imagine at least, would this side of the fence looks like after the reconstruction. Which we have come to realize that the other side is trying to tharwt but that is a side issue for now.

    What do THEY look like on the other side of all this new reality? Do they compress back into their 10 square mile footprint and never be heard from again? The probability of that is in the low percentiles.

    Or do they still swagger around the planet pretending to be the USA government with their huge military funded by worthless IOU's to real people that are the source of the credit or labor required to make it all run? There are many questions and there are two possibilities.

    1) Anna knows what might transpire and doesn't want to release that bucket of hornets.

    2) Anna doesn't know exactly what might transpire because there isn't enough intelligence available to postulate a reasonably accurate estimate with regard to what the local District of Columbia will do. The reptilian mind will say one thing and do the opposite when the fight or flight instinct is generated. Who forces that genie back in the bottle at that point?

    This is a mind boggling exercise on many levels and it is likely a big part of the reason people are reticent to jump off the citizen ship and swim to shore. Who knows what manner of hungry sharks troll the waters with offers of assistance back onto the ship. Or to put it more succinctly, nobody knows where their next meal and shelter and livelihood comes from once they swim to shore. People are not as resilient as they were during the Depression in the 1930's this is a whole new cultural twist. And they didn't have crying rooms and people confused about which bathroom to use back then either. This is uncharted waters this time. To be fair, I think what when people are threatened with a mind altering 180 degree reversal of their world view that proposes to change their existence in a tangible way, then I suppose many people will snap awake (albeit suddenly) and go with the new survival flow if it reaches their doorstep.

    Lots of metaphors here I admit and answers are scarce. Anybody's crystal ball has a chance of being correct here. I feel instinctively that based on their actions, the other side is behaving in a way that corroborates Anna's observations and analysis of why they are doing what they are doing.

    Will they behave like men and women of breeding and intelligence on the other side or will the psychopathic murdering creeps just press the delete button if they are threatened with loss of face? By that I mean Japanese cultural lore. And it's not just face, they are criminals who would rather change the rules than play the game according to their rules. They are only the rules when THEY are winning the game.

    Is anybody out there wondering how this plays out or should I just go back to sleep?

    1. I'm with you on this, how does it play out?
      Anna has told, Pope, Queen, Rothchilds no deal yet their plans are still being rolled out all over the world
      From what I gather once assemblies in place they can dissolve the state of states and the COG's and everything else they have going?
      These bankers work on bringing the desired area to it's knees so that the people beg for their assistance and the solution
      Their solution is complete control, cashless, microchipped everything
      India is a good example of this - complete poverty of the masses for decades and part of the new BRICS deal is that people from India will be afforded upward mobility if they comply with the demands of the bankers
      India is now biometrically marking every citizen in that country, fingerprints, iris scans, all of it in order for them to get assistance of any kind - this is how they building the digital grid for total control of the population offering benefits in exchange for your digital identity and compliance
      The companies that these bankers have set up (like WalMart) will roll out the policy of not accepting cash and forcing digital purchases (already doing this in some stores) facial recognition self check outs
      This also creates out of work cashiers all over the country
      WalMart involved big time in closing stores in weather affected areas in prepartion for the land grabs and the building of the NAFTA Super Highway
      The bridge that blew up in Georgia was part of that plan too
      That no man might buy or sell without the mark and they know this because they wrote it
      Thats why they have stores doing scan and go all linked to your mobile and your bank account etc etc etc
      Amazon working with home builders on totally wifi cetified homes where everything in the home is controlled and monitored digitally (this is why all the digital thermostats, appliances, everything is being made with monitoring chips in them for this total control electronic surveillance grid which is what 5G is for and why it is being rolled out all over the world - it all connects to banks too one of which banking systems is called The BEAST
      Money is the root of all evil takes on a whole new meaning when you know what they are up to and none of it is prophecy either - ALL PLANNED
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. how does this play out ? the UN agenda 21 maps of regulated areas and removal of people off the land to designated burial grounds! this planned scenario trumps every good thing going on here !

    3. re: Amazon working with home builders on totally wifi cetified homes where everything in the home is controlled and monitored digitally
      this would not be so bad, it is a question of "who controls it?" and their system of course is on "the cloud" "internet" etc. just to "punish" or "Reward" you for "complying" with their "goals"

      if americans ran their own private wifis, and had monitoring of their own private earth generators/windmills/whatever "off grid" power source you use/solar/etc. this would be a good thing (i am talking local autonomy, whether this is good for "environment" or not i cannot say, i am saying it would give people one less reason to have to deal with law merchant power company/banks/etc.)

      kind of sad technology has advanced exponentially, yet people are more dependent on incorporations and ISPs...when wireless is everywhere. i "Get" people dont want to just "open" a wireless network to the world, but technology has advanced where this would be more practical than ever, without any need for ISPs.

      in 1950 the mainframe users/developers would KILL for the CPU/RAM/disk space in your $5 cell phone.

      the "PC revolution" has come full circle, back to the mainframe "cloud" model. in theory it is "cheaper" as you "only pay for what you use" but in practice it is a monopoly, ends up being price gouging, total loss of control of your data (have to pay to "quit" and "Export" it back out of the cloud, aka extortion)

    4. re: "smart grid" etc.

      people growing up with permanent internet now, just give everything away, dont see any "loss of freedom" or that "PCs" didnt "just happen"...IBM didnt see it as a market until others had already arrived (this is how MS could get a deal to provide MSDOS for the "IBM" PC), woz and jobs could not get anyone to build their home computer ...they started a company as they had no other choice. linus torvalds wrote linux (and previous OS for his other home computers) because you HAD TO. there was no "software" no "OS". if you couldnt code, you couldnt do anything.

      the point? microcomputers/PCs (and nowadays "open" OSes) were supposed to prevent all this "top down" control. so was the "decentralized" internet (well, not darpanet, but when it was "released" both academically and later commercially, outside military auspices).

      in the 80s, people used e.g. Apples and Apple IIs to "monitor power" e.g. relays and such, turn lights off at night, etc. this is not a bad good thing, it is "private" and just your own home network, wired or wireless, gives you more control/autonomy.

      i dont necessarily believe there was some "golden age of computers" wozniak has pointed out, transistors only happened/became cheap because the military/air force needed them, THEN one could build a "home computer" for relatively cheap, not before (you could, but cost too much, had to buy parts in quantity, etc.).

      HOWEVER, it does seem this is a giant usurpation of at least the "image" of everything PCs and "the internet" were SUPPOSED to be (at least, how they were sold to people)

  4. I appreciate the truth being spoken.

    1. Yes and let's be blunt here. Anna is disseminating truth as she and her team understand it based on what has happened to get where the world is today. She didn't invent the way the world works she is just reporting on how it appears to work based on what has happened thus far. Everyone else needs to understand that she is just the messenger, you don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the message. Well you can...but that makes you a murdering psychopath.

      The reason why she has to repeat herself over and over again and always seems to be swimming upstream against a strong current is that the vast majority of people experience a kind of cognitive dissonance when faced with knowledge that their world view is not just incorrect it is actually dangerous to their very existence. Anna has to repeat things over and over trying to say things a different way in the hope that people who don't get it or won't get it can finally come to terms with the reality of it all, which is very ugly.

      Speaking of truth, here is an inconvenient truth that people run like hell away from when presented to them on a silver platter.

      There is only one "asset class" as the beautiful people like to say on this planet the way we see it right now. It's us folks, plain and simple.

      Nothing happens without us. Go sit on your arse on the ground all day for a week doing nothing if you want an up close and personal example of how that works. Don't forget you have no chair, no sofa, no walls, no roof, nothing. Because nobody, yourself included, dug up stuff from the ground to make anything.

      We are the only thing that makes anything happen in this world. Without us, the planet would have stayed just as pristine as it was but with no food, no minerals, no gold or silver, no precious real estate for the upwardly mobile classes to fawn over. And speaking of mobile, you better be prepared to use your bare feet if you want to get anywhere because there are no cars or buses...nothing. In fact to really put a fine point on it, your feet are likely to either be too hot or too cold since there are no shoes either because nobody made them! Oh and by the way, you might also be naked unless you found an animal pelt of a pile of broad leaves to fashion some kind of clothing. Get it now? This world only exists as it does because of EFFORT and labor. And no I am not just referring to manual labor, the labor of the mind required to think of things to manufacture. We love our technology but it didn't fall from the sky one day. When I say labor it needs to be within the context of effort and activity of all kinds.

      Or maybe we just twitch our noses like that nice witch in the 60's TV show Bewitched, and everything magically appears? Maybe it could but for now on this planet, things seem to be done the hard way.

      People we need to understand what our real power is and what has been taken from us by parasites allergic to lifting a finger to do anything. Well no...they can find the energy to hold a pen to write you an eviction notice for something that they have no claim to do than you if they didn't build that dwelling brick by brick.

      Not if they can spin a story about what a certain presidential candidate running against the Donald who called the people with the real power in this word the "deplorables" remember that precious gem? This is why Anna says that we are the source of all the credit in this world because nobody has been paid with anything except IOU's and we are the only real asset class on this planet. I defy anyone with two functioning neurons to rub together to disagree with that argument after entertaining that reality for awhile.

      "Free your mind Neo..."


  5. Shooting paper arrows @ corruption is one thing, but believing that standing behind paper shields is safe is quite another thing! Especially when we are battling fire breathing dragons! However...

    The purpose of fairy tales is not to prove that dragons exist, but to prove that they can be slain!

    1. Yes sir your premise is cleverly stated and it IS a big problem. I have elucidated elsewhere in this thread some issues that everyone is faced with. Criminals are likely to continue to do what they always do. And when presented with potential loss of their position, the rules will change to suit the circumstances. It is naive to think that some kind of push-back on this side will not be necessary. It is a huge Catch-22 on many levels.

    2. more than that, the modern purpose is to relegate such things to "the past" destroy all concept of "historical continuity"...such are just kids tales. no connection to the modern world.

      example: 10s/hundreds of "robin hood" cartoons/movies. how many mention "lord nottingham" was in "Equity" and robin was likely common law? none that i have seen. you catch some glimpses of specie perhaps.

      (they were in the forest, certainly not the roman civil law city; now, there was "Forest law" e.g. hunting the king's deer/animals/etc., but they are much more likely to be common law. SOME movies mention a "magna carta" type document. none mention "law merchant" that i have seen, although the king/church still wants specie...) .

      source for lord nottingham: "hanbury's modern equity" opening pages.

      at some point people probably "knew" this about "robin hood"...but now it just gets treated as "The past" with no connection to modern "law" but that seems like the entire problem, "equity" and "civil law" taking over.

      the constant focus on "the future" does this too, because all these disputes get safely dismissed as irrelevant to the modern if "history" just magically cuts off at some imaginary date, whereby everything before is "ancient" and doesn't affect anything after which is "modern" and "future".

      while they watch "Games of thrones" the real world "game" is being played out...seems like an ideal "distraction" IMO.

    3. the "statutes/laws of mortmain" also likely very applicable to "robin hood" and "magna carta" etc.

      a good summary of historical cases of such is in the opening pages of "foundations: their power and influence" book re: 1953 reece committee (2nd congressional investigation of the foundations, after first one was sabotaged; this one was too)

  6. That doesn't make any sense for governmental SERVICE CORPORATIONS to arrest people trying to overthrow the US Government. They are not the US Government.

    1. Actually it makes perfect sense to a criminal pretending to be the government. They are crooks, snakes in suits. All roads lead to the Vatican. The disparity in weapons between us and them is a problem. If King John had his finger on the nuclear button back in 1215 I suspect there would have been little incentive for the Magna Carta to see the light of day.

      This is not going to end as well or as peacefully as is wished by many of us. We need to start to embrace that idea as Paul has just recently posted. This is going guerilla at some point. The civil war that folks are predicting is a misnomer by people who aren't awake yet. It is fraud masquerading as legitimacy that is being uncovered and the falsehoods are being exposed. The ugly underbelly of the beast is being exposed for the swamp creature that it is.

      There are lots of things that aren't being said here and people see it and feel it. Others are still down at the mall blissfully buying sneakers with lights in them.

      You do the math...

    2. "All roads lead to the Vatican"
      this is true. but all modern "vatican" roads lead to the french revolution, post-1777 "baptism switcheroo" etc. "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" . all the "Vatican" doors lead to illuminism.


    Mistake number 1: the People believe FORMS CREATE LIABILITY. The people have been taught, FORMS CREATE LIABILITY by the ADMINISTRATORS of the system. The administrators are straight up liars.
    Mistake number 2: the People believe courts are making use of LAW: IN FACT. The courts are not making use of LAW: IN FACT. They are making use of ADMINISTRATIVE RULES and REGULATIONS.
    Mistake number 3: the People do not comprehend how to make use of LAW:IN FACT, to stop ADMINISTRATIVE LAW [rule and regulations] dead in its tracks.
    Mistake number 4: the People do not comprehend the difference between PRIVATE and PUBLIC.
    Mistake number 5: the People believe they have to REGISTER. The PEOPLE do not have to REGISTER anything.
    Anyone who thinks they can break free from the system and not know these 5 things, are sadly mistaken.

  8. A few years ago, I was interested in the possibility of getting a class A driver license. I looked over the paper work (forms) and decided to ask the Executive of the Department of Public Safety in Texas, what all the words and phrases on the form meant. Silence. I asked again through a Texas Freedom of Information Act request, which law allowing it, says if they don't answer within 10 days, it is misconduct in office and the person who is supposed to answer can be fined for not answering. Silence. The Travis DA was, in that case, supposed to file suit in order to force a response. Letter to the Travis County, Texas District Attorney fell on deaf ears/eyes and in the face of obvious violation of the law concerning this matter, responded by saying there was no violation. If the Travis County DA wouldn't do anything, the next step was to get the Texas AG to file suit to force a response. Letter to the Texas Attorney General yielded an answer that said the AG didn't see any violation of law.
    Now, there are 3 so-called governmental functionaries who are derelict in their duties and have voluntarily abandoned their authority of the office which they pretend to fill. (I suspect now, that all State Troopers are without authority to do anything, much less receive a pay check, since it appears that the Exec. Dir. of the DPS is the one who swears in the officers, and he has abdicated his authority, and the Travis County DA office has no authority to prosecute anybody, and neither does the Texas Attorney General/and his office since they have all voluntarily given up their authority by engaging in misconduct of office.)
    So, my class C driver license was about to expire, so I went to the DPS (deparment of public safety) branch office and filled out the form, but where it asked if I was a U.S. Citizen, I put NOT, and wrote in "American National." The clerk scratched out "American National" and "NOT" and put "AM" (as in "I am a U.S. Citizen) in its place. He did not show me that he changed the information I put on the form (there were some other changes from the "norm" that I did, like no ZIP code, etc.), but I saw him do it since I was standing right there. Before I gave him the form, I took a picture of it with the information I put on it, using my phone's camera.
    So, I suppose, even if you provide the correct information, they will just change it to the information they (the clerk) were told to have/use.

    1. Ysgeye, please contact me via email: jafcpa at that popular email domain created by Google.


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