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Sunday, April 21, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies- 49 Republic or Republican, Civil or Civilian

By Anna Von Reitz

As is now apparent to everyone, confusion and semantic deceits are the stock-and-trade of crooked lawyers.  

It should come as no surprise that these same devices which seek to confuse "Citizens of The United States" with "citizens of the United States" and to pass off "the State of Wyoming" for "The State of Wyoming" have been employed to promote other self-interested gambits. 

There is right now a concerted effort to confuse "Republics" with "Republican States" and to pass off the "Civil Government" for the "Civilian Government" we are owed.  

Most people in America are not well-prepared to recognize this ruse for what it is, because the study of Latin even in the Church has been suppressed since the 1960's.  

However, there are still a few dinosaurs, present company included, who do recognize Latin and do have the ability to properly interpret the full one-third of our Founding Documents which are written in Latin.  So it is up to us to clue the rest of you in to the fine points. 

What our Forefathers built and what they envisioned from the start was a "republican" state and a "republican form of government".  Please note those two letters "an" that are attached to the word "republic".  In Latin, this converts the word from the male gender to the female gender, and conveys a significantly different meaning than the word, "republic". 

With a "republican form of government" everyone in this country has both rights and responsibilities.  Everyone has the right to own land and other property interests.  Everyone has a duty to uphold the public law.  Everyone has a duty to defend our country. Our nation extends down to the poorest and up to the richest among us.  We are all equal in our political status, all enabled to elect fiduciary deputies to conduct our public business, all equally protected under the Public Law.  

In a "republican state" the population is organized similar to the present government of the Swiss Cantons.  

The job of American governance begins around the kitchen table, which is the focus of power, because the ultimate source of political power in a republican state is vested in the living people and extends outward from the family to the community to the county to the state to the country as a whole.  

The living people occupy the pinnacle of power in a republican state and they are what is known as the civilian government.  

By now you have noticed that those two pesky little letters "an" are also attached to the word "civil" to create the word "civilian".  

As in the above example of "republican" versus "republic", the addition of "an" to the word "civil" converts it to "civilian" and converts the gender of the Latin from male to female, which changes the meaning and flavor of the word.  "Civil" can refer to any function of government that is not military, but "civilian" can only refer to the people as in "civilian population" -- themselves. 

Thus a "civil action" is not necessarily a "civilian action", and vice versa.  

Now we've looked at what a "republican state" and a "republican form of government" implies and also noted the difference between "civil" and "civilian". It's time we looked at the male counterparts -- "republic" and "civil".  

You may be sure that if our Forefathers had meant to establish "State Republics" instead of "republican states" they had the command of language and thought to do so.  The fact that they did not create "State Republics" and did not choose this as their form of government should raise some red flags in the minds of those who are mistakenly describing our States of the Union as "Republics".  

Americans have never had any "State Republics" much less have we embraced "a" political Republic to represent our Federation of States.  We have never embraced "democracy" either, apart from the concept that everyone's power at the ballot box is equal.  

Those who are spouting off about "a" Republic and "State Republics" are either: (1) ignorant; or (2) undeclared agents of the Municipal Government of Washington, DC. --- trying to foist their foreign form of government off onto unwary Americans, using more semantic deceits. 

The Municipal United States Government doing business as "the" United States, operates as a separate plenary oligarchy that is structured as an independent international city-state.  It is its own separate little country plopped down in the middle of the District of Columbia, which is run in turn by the Territorial United States Government.  This Municipal city state is run entirely according to the whims of the members of Congress.  See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitutions to see where this is allowed. 

The Municipal Government is "inhabited" exclusively by "persons" --- not "populated" by "people"-- and these persons are functioning as either: (1) Oligarchs with unrestricted power; or (2) some form of "Citizen of the United States" --- a corporate officer or municipal employee or dependent of the Municipal Government; or (3) a SLAVE -- a corporation chartered under the auspices of this separate government. 

Note that these are decidedly not "republican states" and as separate STATE oligarchies under the plenary control of the members of Congress are not operating as any "republican form of government", either.   

As we saw earlier, the word "civil" can be applied to any function of government that is not military, and that is in fact how the Municipal United States Government is described as the "Civil Government" --- please note because this is extremely important ---- it is not the civilian government, which is our government,  to which both the Civil Government (Municipal) and the Military Government (Territorial) owe Good Faith Service. 

It is the Municipal Government which has styled itself as "a" Roman-style Republic and which has usurped outside its stipulated boundaries and functions to create for itself a shadow government of Municipal STATES OF STATES which are styled as "Republics" and as "State Republics".  

This separate "Civil Government" which is here on our shores providing federal non-military services [think Postal Service, Customs Houses, Tax Collection, etc.] under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States, is the source of the oft-noted symbol of the Roman Fasces -- a bundle of sticks -- that appears around the Federal Capitol and on various seals and emblems associated with this element of the Federal Government. 

Unfortunately, the members of Congress elected by "US Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" ---- have gone into business for themselves, while we, purportedly anyway, have been "absent".  

This False Claim against our Government of the People, for the People, and by the People, has been promoted using the excuse that the original "States of States" serving our States of the Union ceased to function after the Civil War. We can answer this easily enough by saying, "So what?"  

Our States of the Union have never ceased to function, and as the source of all the "Delegated Powers" that the Federal Government ever exercised, our States are competent by definition to take over and run any aspect of government that is otherwise unfulfilled --- Federal, State, County, or otherwise. 

The current attempts by the Municipal Government and its Undeclared Agents to promote their "Republic" as a substitute for our unincorporated United States of America and to promote their "State Republics" ---- which are merely foreign commercial corporation franchises---as a substitute for our "republican states" is at best attempted international commercial fraud and at worst open treason against our Lawful Government and against the Constitutions we are owed. 

This is especially concerning as regards the issue of citizenship.  

Those serving the Federal Government and their Dependents have always been afforded Dual Citizenship with the intention that those Americans providing Federal Services would be able to retain the protections of their American State National status at the same time that they worked as either "United States Citizens" or as "Citizens of the United States".    

Unfortunately, many members of the current Federal Government branches have abused this generous arrangement to adopt totally foreign citizenship obligations.  Some consider themselves Dual Citizens of the Territorial and Municipal Governments.  Others, like many members of Congress, have styled themselves as Municipal Government Citizens and citizens of entirely foreign countries.  Many Democrats and some Republicans function as citizens of their plenary oligarchy and also citizens of Israel, Monaco, England, and so on. 

As such, these people are expatriating themselves from any association with our States and our Lawful Government, placing themselves outside of our Constitutions and our Public Law, while still pretending to be our "Representatives" and to have our permission to charge their expenses against our credit. 

This allows them, at least superficially, to operate as foreigners immune from prosecution on our shores.  But, please note, this sword cuts both ways.  

At the point they violate our Public Law, they are simply foreign criminals on our shores, like illegal immigrants, subject to international arrest warrants and  detainment.  They are owed no protection under the constitutions, and owed no loyalty, as they have betrayed their own country and their countrymen alike.  

Also to the point, as their actual political status was not disclosed to those voting in the corporate elections, they need to be deprived of office and have their elections overturned.  Remember that they work under contract, and for a contract to be binding, it must be fully disclosed. 

Bottom Line:  educate everyone as to the current effort to confuse our "republican states" with their State Republics doing business as STATES OF STATES ----incorporated "STATES", and to confuse our civilian government with their own Civil Government, which is a foreign subcontractor on our shores. 

They are trying to usurp authority from our missing Federal States of States, and from our actual States of the Union, and once again, they are using semantic deceit to try to accomplish this ---- deliberately promoting their foreign "Republics" and their "Civil Government"  as if these were our "republican states" and our "civilian government". 

Refuse to be confused and do not support any of these charlatans in their con game.  Educate all Americans and spread the word.  


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    Is this STILL America, the land that I loved? NO
    I have had false charges by a cop against me, disorderly conduct AND harassing phone calls.
    The calls were an attempt to get the cops to STOP THE NOISE violations going on, on my street, City Ordinance 17-8, OWENSBORO KENTUCKY, they refuse to do so. I have been sleep depraved for SIX MONTHS, which has now caused my severe Rheumatoid Arthritis to kick into a full blown attack on my body from the stress of it all. I am NOW in heart failure, have swollen legs and feet, which is extremely painful just sitting here, let alone to walk on them. Additionally, their refusal to apply the noise violations and the disturbance of my sleep, day or night, the only solution I came up with (as Im unable to afford a divider fence between my neighbor & me) I parked my truck IN MY YARD BETWEEN our houses for a sound barrier. So because the neighbors grandson, which has no vested interest in the property next door, he calls the cops because I was parked in MY YARD, and they came and told me in the dead of night 12 midnight, to MOVE MY TRUCK, I refused to leave the safety of my house with 5 or more cops in my yard and neighbor yard, with my walker wherein I cannot see the ground well to walk, I TOLD them Id move it later in the day, that wasn't good enough, they wanted me to come out under threat so they called a tow service and STOLE MY TRUCK RIGHT OFF MY PROPERTY. For using my FREEDOM of speech I cussed them out for stealing my truck and I got charged with DISORDERLY CONDUCT ON MY OWN PROPERTY STANDING IN MY OWN DOORWAY. YOU President Trump have got to be kidding me. Things are getting BETTER? I think not, its become a dictator regime fascist nation when this goes on in the America I use to know. I am under siege. They threaten that IF my disabled butt does not show up in court May 7th 2019 at 1PM they will issue an ARREST WARRANT. Pardon my candor, but this is BULLSHIT! 67 yr old, totally disabled, heart failure, dead bone in my entire body CALLED osteonecrosis, also having holes in my bones osteopenia, also having osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis, I have been imprisoned in my home by my work comp insurance for nearly 20 yrs, and Ill be damned if Im trading this prison in my home for a fucking jail cell which will cause me further detriment to my health, pain and suffering as I cannot manage well as it is, I must have my lift chair as I cannot lie down on a bed as that action can break my back, I also have SEVERE SPINAL STENOSIS, WHEREIN MY ENTIRE SPINE IS COLLAPSING DOWN ON ITSELF, SO I CAN SEE COPS ROUGHING ME UP, CAUSING ME TO FALL, AND ABUSING ME WITH ALL I'VE SEEN ON YT FOR YEARS, NO DAMN WAY, no way to go EVEN IF I COULD. SO..... IF THEY ISSUE A WARRANT BECAUSE I CANNOT GO, AND I'M CAUGHT OUT GETTING GROCERIES OR DOG FOOD FOR MY SERVICE DOG, THEN BY GOD THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SHOOT MY ASS, AND I HAVE NO DOUBTS THAT THEY WILL, I AM NOT GOING TO BE ABUSED NOT ONE DAMN MORE TIME BY ANYONE!!!!!!! THEY ARE TERRORIZING ME, I HAVE NO HELP, YOU ALL CAN'T OR WON'T. SO I BID YOU ADUE. by: Carol Roberts flesh, blood, bone women OF OWENSBORO KENTUCKY

    1. If you insist on invoking MUNICIPAL ordinances instead of bringing a claim for harm under Non-Military Common Law, you are causing your own problem and have absolutely no cause to blame us. We have done our best to describe the different branches of government and how they function and the different forms of law that we have to deal with as a result, and here you are, telling us --- the advocates of Common Law --- all about your failures to obtain redress under Municipal Law. Hello? Who ever said that you should place yourself under Municipal Law and expect any comfort? Whoever among us told you to do anything but remove yourself and your good name from that entire system and stand on your own two feet as an American? Nobody! Yet, you have the brass cajones, having NOT followed any instruction available here, to blame us for your subjection and failure to obtain relief under a foreign system of law in which you are considered a SLAVE and already guilty and defined as a criminal? Hello? Where have you been on our websites that told you anything different about Municipal Law?

      So far as I can see, although I sympathize with your physical pain and distress, you haven't taken in the information or made use of it, yet you are blaming me and the rest of us for your failure to obtain relief.

      This is like knowingly standing outside in a rain storm without a raincoat on and blaming God because you are wet.

      We offered you a sturdy "raincoat" but if you don't put it on, who is to fault for your situation?

  2. oh in addition Im in congestive heart failure. I want to know where the fck the PATRIOTS IN THIS DAMN COUNTRY WENT, ARE THEY ALL HIDING BEHIND TREES. I see so many TALKERS typers on yt, it makes me SICK. I stood up alone when JPMorgan tried to steal my house with no contract with them, FOR TWELVE YEARS, I WON. NO MORE, NO MORE, I will stand up till they KILL ME!

  3. thank you all for all your knowledge and doing what youve done :) tc see you on the flip side.

  4. I just ordered my portable infare red sauna from Walmart for $159.oo plus. my studies tell me if used daily most of my pain and on and on will go away. Check it out. Grandpa Stan

  5. Carol so sorry to hear your story.This is a classic story of Gangstalking but the DHS,Threat Fusion center, Community watch group,and local police.Ive experienced these Dane type of harrasment myself.Best for you to video and record these people with time and date and warn them to stop stalking and harrasing you,and also file complaint with local police ( of course the police are in on it) to get a record of stalking.Stalking is a felony in most areas.After you get your proof in order find a non- BAR attorney not in your county and Sue the heck out of the police and the stalkers themselves.This is a very real agenda they got going and there a ton of money they got to stalk and harrass an elderly woman.This is the depths of Luciferian Zionists agenda.

    1. thank you for your response. I have been videotaping all of it and putting it up on my two yt channels. I also have emails I had sent the city of owensboro, the 4 commissioners, the county attorney who filled out the bogus charges, the sheriff' dept, the police dept to include the Chief and Asst Chief. Ive called a Congressman Mitch Mcconnell, AND Rand Paul, NOTHING, then I called the state Representative, NOTHING FROM ANYONE, I also sent it to President Trump.All I can say for a FACT, I will not be taken, I will STAND MY GROUND, unto DEATH because to take me would kill me anyway and it would leave my Service Dog unattended and then HE would die from lack of water and food.
      I do not know, nor have ever found a NON bar attorney. How would one begin to find them, since they in my search never ADVERTISE. I KNOW and have PROOF that the police are in on it. Video proof! They are now doing their sirens every night passing my street and then they turn them off! Terrorizing me as if they were coming for me NOW. tc

    2. Carol: many sympathies for your misfortunes, may you be protected and healed by your faith and good works in keeping Gods laws, it is in the laws of God that we find our protection from the evil ones. Rely on God. Study and apply his laws rigorously. There can be healing for all your ails, if you find gratitude for His blessings and keep his laws, intended to bless, prosper and heal His children.

  6. The point is that when you "offer" to operate under Municipal LAW and take reference to their "Ordinances" you identify yourself as an "Enemy Combatant" ---- one that has already been found guilty by definition (see the 14th Amendment to the Territorial Constitution of the United States of America) and a defined as a SLAVE because you are identified as a criminal! Wake up! Wake up! It's been this way for a hundred and fifty years! It's time to read the writing and take action accordingly. Stop using or "accepting" the Municipal "PERSON" or replying to these vermin as you are a Municipal PERSON. Do the work to reclaim your Good Name and to seize control of the PERSON and distance yourself from it. Actually follow what is being taught here or don't blame this situation on us. We have all suffered as a result of this same bullcrap. We have all had to learn what THEY are doing the hard way. And we have often had to do it with no money, no help, no support, in ill-health, all alone. So.

    In answer to your one actual question --- you need to look for a "Counselor at Law" or "Counselor in Law". The "at" means that they are a Bar Attorney, but nonetheless retain their option to operate as a non-bar counselor. A counselor doesn't present the case for you. They stand at your elbow and tell you what is going on and give you good faith advice which you either follow or don't. The better option in all events is to request Arbitration, even if you haven't bothered to recoup your identity as an American. You have a far better chance of getting justice from Arbitration than from a Court and if you hire a competent Counselor they can at least get you lifted out of the status of a Municipal SLAVE presenting herself for slaughter as an already condemned criminal.

    1. Thank you and I understand, what no one is doing is how TO FIND THE NON BAR ATTORNEY! I dont have time to do all that other stuff, May 7th is NOT long enough. So those words though helpful is all going to take time I do not have. I filed paperwork many decades ago, be it wrong or right. Filed with the Pope, the Queen, etc etc I dont even know where that stuff is now. tc

    2. I came back to see if there were any other comments and began reading your comment again. I did no such thing as you state. The ordinance I referred to is what THEY are to follow for the neighbor, I wasn't applying it to my life. IF the neighbor is ignorant enough to abide to it, that's his problem not mine. Since your suggestion on finding a counselor at law, I guess they are GHOSTS as one can't find them doing a search, so that is nothing more than a pass along suggestion that has no substance whatsoever. I live in a small town, maybe you have listings in your town for such people, not here. To request arbitration one must have money to do so as I'm certain they don't work for free and I have no clue how an arbitrator is going to assist in a problem with false charges being charged against me.
      Anytime I have asked HOW TO do that claiming you suggest, needing the entire step by step directions, I have never received them, so without the knowledge there is little else I can do. Furthermore with a matter of DAYS now, that would be a moot point now wouldn't it.

  7. Question for Anna:

    Your article above says "the Municipal Government which has STYLED itself", and,

    "like many members of Congress, have STYLED themselves as Municipal Government Citizens and citizens of entirely foreign countries"

    Lets talk about "Style". One definition is, paraphrasing: a passageway or gate between two fences dividing fields of jurisdiction or ownership.

    If the tricky words of attorneys aka Congress persons "style" themselves as U.S.Citizens as well as citizens of other foreign jurisdictions, this seems to conform to the "style" definition above.

    When an attorney I know prepared a title document for land owned by a friend of mine, he used the ALL CAPITALIZED NAME of the owner on the document and sent it as a part of his work in handling the matter, to the County recorder.

    Observing the titles used for the County in question, there are two distinctly different names used: County of ____, and ____County.

    So here we find there are three visible discrepancies:

    1) the use of an all capitalized name which the true owner does not recognize,

    2) the recording of the land deed title in the ______ County,

    3) the correspondence from a similar named County of____.

    What can be done to get this straightened out?

    The attorney was complained to about the discrepancy in the NAME IN ALL CAPITALS.

    His answer: "Oh, that is just a matter of Style".

    So that admits there is some kind of breach of the separation between two different owners, that an covertly alleged gate sits between two jurisdictions is presented on the title document showing the ALL CAPITAAL NAME of the owner, by using a "style" other that the name as spelled in proper English, with a capital first letter for proper nouns, and other letters in lower case.

    For Anna: How can these discrepancies be corrected and recorded in the real ____County recorders office?


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