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Monday, April 29, 2019

A Very Important Grab Bag

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a kid growing up in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, the big event of the summer was the County Fair.  My Best Friend Forever and I would volunteer as gophers and later as kitchen help and still later as waitresses for the VFW concession every year, and every year, my BFF would get a "Grab Bag" for the fun of it. 

A Grab Bag can contain a very wide range and assortment of goods, the idea being somewhat akin to gambling.  The majority of Grab Bags contain nonsense novelty items, plastic bangle bracelets, plastic paper clips, single wrapped pieces of hard candy, and similar items of use but very little value --- but once in a while they throw in something that is worth far more than the price of the Grab Bag to keep the customers coming.

It's been years since I have even seen a concession offering Grab Bags and I have no idea if the younger generation even knows the concept, so I have belabored you all with an explanation. 

This posting is a Grab Bag -- the value of which depends on who you are, where you are, and which issues you face, but begins with an issue that everyone reading this faces: are you an American?

Item One from the Grab Bag:

 "An American citizen in territory occupied by the United States is at all times entitled to his constitutional rights." --- or so we are told in Corpus Juris Secondum, (American Jurisprudence Second Edition),  War and Emergency, Section 38, Military Occupation, (a) general, (b) in effect.

Please read this above quote again in light of the information I am giving you. Note the words "territory" --- as in Territorial or District Government presumed to be overlaying the land jurisdiction of this country as a result of the 1863 Enrollment Act --- and "occupied" as in "military occupation". 

Now focus in on the word, "American".   If you are an American and this quote from the venerable secular Bible of American Jurisprudence is correct, how is it you are routinely deprived of your constitutional guarantees in District Courts throughout this country? 

Could it be that I am right and that thanks to foreign citizenships, both Territorial and Municipal citizenships, being "conferred" on you without your knowledge or consent, you are no longer being recognized as an American?

There are two kinds of separate Federal Citizenship created under the Constitutions --- (1) United States Citizens and (2) Citizen of the United States--- and these exist apart from the American citizenship that already existed at the time the Constitutions were adopted.  These political statuses are very succinctly defined at Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3. 

I have already proven to any reasonable man that the only two branches of the Federal Government that survived the American Civil War were the Territorial and Municipal branches, so the Territorial United States Citizens and the Municipal Citizens of the United States continued to exist. 

Now, what happens if a State Trust is created, say the Ohio State Trust, and along with that a Federal Territorial Citizenship is granted to everyone? 

This Federal Territorial Citizenship as a "United States Citizen" is merely "conferred" upon you as a "gift" by the British Territorial United States Government upon your acceptance of a Birth Certificate defining you as a Legal --- rather than Lawful --- Person. 

This is where they unlawfully and unconscionably convert your political status from that of an American to that of a British Territorial "United States Citizen". 

All right, so now you are a foreigner and merely a "resident" in your own country, presumed to be here providing the "essential government services" described in Article IV of the Constitutions.  

This British Territorial United States Citizen is permanently domiciled in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and if you look at the name of this Foreign Situs Trust, it will appear to be exactly the same as your own Proper Name and it will appear in exactly the same style and form: John Mark Doe.

Now what if the British Territorial United States Government decides to "incorporate" as a franchise of the British Crown Corporation --- which it did in the 1870's--- ? 

Well, now, it has "devolved" from the status of a government and become a commercial corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated,  like any other commercial corporation on Earth, and all its "citizenry" have been redefined as shareholders (known as voters) and also as chattel backing the investments of that corporation. 

So much for the fate and identity of John Mark Doe, a British Territorial United States Citizen. 

Next, the Municipal branch of the Federal Government gets in the act.  This is a plenary oligarchy run by the members of the British Territorial Congress--- the same exact people who presumed "United States Citzenship" upon you in Step One above.

As the representative body of the British Territorial Government and as the oligarchs in charge of the Municipal United States Government also, they confer another citizenship on you, presuming (liberally) that if you are a British Territorial United States Citizen, you may also be a "Citizen of the United States" ---- their Municipal Oligarchy allowed by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. 

The Municipal Government also decides to get in on the incorporation thing, and incorporate themselves as a franchise of the Holy Roman Empire, doing business as the United States, Inc.  They also devolve to the level of a commercial corporation but their "citizenry" is all presumed to be "paupers" and "criminals" who are already guilty (sinners) by definition.  See Section 2 of the 14th Amendment.  All THEIR assets are presumed to be donated to the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) and they are used as perpetual DEBTORS, guilty by definition before they ever enter a court room.  

Do you see what is happening here?  The American citizen is disappearing, being "eased out" by competing Federal Citizenships being conferred on him and presumed to attach to him by his failure to object and take exception to this process of genocide on paper.

Of course, you are conveniently kept in the dark about this entire process. None of your public servants tell you a word, so as to ensure that you have no opportunity to object to these arrangement undertaken "for" you by your presumed "representatives". 

So are you still an American citizen?  Not on paper.  On paper, you are a Dual Federal Citizen.  That's their story, anyway. 

And in both cases, you are no longer presumed to be a living man or woman. You are presumed to be voluntarily acting as both a British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust and United States Citizen, and a Municipal Government Slave and "Vessel" known as a "Citizen of the United States" doing business as the JOHN M DOE under admiralty law.

So you are no longer "recognizable" by the courts as an American citizen and you are no longer entitled to the guarantees of the Constitutions. The monsters running the Congress who wear both hats in this scheme-- acting as the British Territorial United States Congress on one hand, and as the Municipal United States Congress on the other,  have put themselves in position to enslave you and railroad you in the Admiralty court system and there is only one way out of this. 

Expatriate from any presumed "US Citizenship". 

Do the paperwork to make your claim explicit and place it on the Public Record of the State of State land recording district of the local Territorial Government franchise. At this point you become recognizable as an American and as a Lawful Person, one of the People of Ohio.

You also become eligible to serve as an Ohio State Citizen and to assemble the Ohio Assembly --- the actual State of the Union thus comes back into view.

And the foreign incorporated interlopers get shoved back in their box.

Have the members of Congress committed treason against us?  Yes, they have been doing so over the course of the past 150 years, incrementally, on purpose and in clueless stupidity both, until the issues must be addressed and the actual American Government restored.

Item Two from this Grab Bag:

A Taxpayer is a Tax Collector -- a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines known as a "Withholding Agent".

Everyone who ever mistakenly signed a 1040 Form was claiming under penalty of perjury to be acting voluntarily as a British Territorial United States Citizen and as a "Withholding Agent".

All this web of lies and legal presumptions attaches to you, an American citizen owing no obligation to even participate in this system, because you have mistakenly been deluded into thinking that you are a "US Citizen" of some kind and that you are a Withholding Agent for the British Territorial United States Government working in their Merchant Marine Service.

Well, of course, they are going to throw the book at you for any failure to do your duty, aren't they?  And they are going to continue to go after the poor old Municipal United States STRAWMAN that they gratuitously named after you, too. 

So again, what is the only way out of this situation? 

"There has been a mistake....." 

"....and now that I know what a "Withholding Agent" is, I cannot possibly claim to be a member of the British Merchant Marines, and nobody can suborn me to testify under penalty of perjury to say that I am a member of the British Merchant Marine Service or force me to take any action to file taxes as if I am, because that would be inducement and coercion to commit perjury and other crimes."

Again, do the paperwork.  Establish your claim to be an American and a Lawful Person.  Expatriate from any other political status.  Cancel all Prior Powers of Attorney granted or presumed to be granted to anyone claiming to represent you in any capacity at all, and stipulate the conditions upon which your copyrights and trademarks will be recognized and honored. 

Has the British Government betrayed your trust?  Is the Pope Roman Catholic?  Is "Roman Catholic" a misnomer? 

As an American, you are owed all rights, all titles, and all interest in your estate and in your land and in your Good Name. 

As a British Territorial "United States Citizen" you are in the unenviable position of a Person doing business as a Foreign Situs Trust permanently domiciled in Puerto Rico. 

As a Municipal "Citizen of the United States" you are in the position of a "VESSEL" subject to bottomry bonds under Admiralty Law--- and already condemned as a fugitive subject to salvage and arrest.

And all of this--- absolutely all of this --- is the most specious kind of self-interested lies and bull crap.  It only succeeds because you remain blissfully unaware of it and don't take steps to put an end to it. 

Item Three in this Grab Bag:

The only court left in America that has Article III powers is the United States District Court --- a Court that is literally foreign to you and which can only act in the presence of maritime and admiralty contracts. You are a member of a Foreign Nation --- your actual State.  You are a Minnesotan, a Georgian, a Vermonter, etc.  As a result the United States District Court is in no position to serve you, except in Arbitration of a dispute between you and a Municipal CITIZEN. 

Do you see how this works?  They can't operate in Public, because by definition they are a private court hired by a commercial corporation-- the same corporation operating the entire "District" government of the British Territorial United States.  And they obviously can't sit in judgement of their own employer, as that would be a grotesque conflict of interest.

But they can be invoked to operate in their Article III capacity inclusive of the Supplemental Rules (the Rules that allow them to attach assets and distribute Equity) and sit in private arbitration against any Municipal PERSON defined as a "vessel".

And that, my dears, is how they have all been working this "System" to their advantage all these years.

They bring suit against the Municipal PERSON which is defined as a "vessel" operating under Admiralty Law, then they use the Supplemental Rules of Admiralty to "attach" the assets related to that VESSEL and distribute the proceeds to whomever or whatever claims to have an ownership interest in that VESSEL. 

They issue Summons for an in Rem action in Admiralty against the Municipal "Citizen of the United States" conferred upon you without your knowledge or consent, and when you show up to defend the THING against charges, they "attach" you as the VESSEL's owner, responsible for its debts, operations, accounts, etc., etc., etc. and then they proceed to prosecute you "as" the VESSEL --- and they have a secret motivation to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the Admiralty Law.

They, acting as the British Territorial United States District Court, get a share of the "prize money" from apprehending such Municipal VESSELS, and they can do so without an appearance of conflict of interest, because technically, the Municipal United States Government is an entirely different corporation than the one they work for---- even though, at the top of the pyramid, both are being run by the same group of people acting both as the [British Territorial] United States Congress and as The Congress of the United States [Municipal].  

And therein lies the rub and the total conflict of interest and the entire story of the gross corruption being worked upon this country and its clueless People. Who is responsible? 

Ultimately, the Queen and the Pope are responsible.  Both have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and have allowed this System of things in violation of every duty they owe as International Trustees and as Allies and as Principal Parties and High Contracting Powers obligated under the Constitutions we are in fact all owed. 

Their minions, the members of the British Territorial United States Congress acting in both that capacity and also acting as franchisees running the Municipal United States Government  have constructed unconscionable "private" contracts with each one of us via the registration of Birth Certificates in our names and then, with the Brits having accomplished that much, the Pope's minions have done the second and more egregious constructive fraud against us by secretively creating United States "VESSELS" in our names for the purpose of allowing us to be sued. 

And all this has been done "for" us by our purported "representatives" without our knowledge or consent, forced down our throats by coercive racketeering, and all the while, we haven't been told or known a thing about any of this.

Even the idea that we, Americans, are in any way involved in any Maritime or Admiralty activities at all, is foreign --- and in fact, is untrue.  We are all land lubbers, most of us, from beginning to end. 

We are being press-ganged and conscripted by the British Territorial United States Government in contravention of the Public Law which has prohibited these activities for over 200 years using the excuse that we privately contracted with them --- as babies no less --- to allow this. 

Item 5 in this Grab Bag: the Root of the Evil

The ultimate root of all this evil is the birth registration process, which is in practical terms, like all the other evil perpetuated against us, is carried out by franchises of the British Territorial United States Government operating as "the States of States" on our shores. 

These incorporated Territorial franchises (think Burger King franchises) mindlessly carry out the wishes of the parent corporations and are obligated to do so by virtue of holding their charters or prescriptive status as a grant given to them by these foreign corporations. 

The people actually doing the dirty work are forced into it by their employment contracts or by the professional licenses they have mistakenly applied for. 

Thus the young lady at the Bureau of Vital Statistics or the Richmond County Health Department merrily entering your baby's name on a registration form has no idea that she is committing international crime and participating in genocide against American citizens.

Likewise, the doctors signing off on these purported contracts largely have no idea that they have "conscripted themselves" into the US Army by applying for a license to practice medicine and that as Uniformed Officers (Title 37, Uniformed Officer Code), they have no choice but to follow the "Public Policy" of the US ARMY, INC. and to participate in this genocide-on-paper being carried out against American babies, serving to unlawfully convert their political status from being American citizens to being "presumed" British Territorial United States Citizens. 

It is the same way with all the IRS, BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, and other "Agency" officials.  They are all just subcontractors and franchisees in the same way that the "States of States" and their various "Bureaus" and "Departments" are commercial subcontractors providing services.  

This is why there is no remedy or relief available from any State of State Court.  This is why all these Public Officials take phony Oaths of Office --- just pull one of their Oaths of Office.  There you will see an unidentified Person using a middle initial "swearing or affirming" ---- well, folks, who is it and what are they doing?   This isn't an Oath of Office.  It's a mockery and invalid contract by definition.

So, our mission as American State Citizens, if we accept it, is to correct our own political status records, serve Notice of same, and restore our rightful form of Government.  Our secondary mission is to spread the word worldwide about what has gone on here and in most of the other countries worldwide.

Our additional mission once we have our own records corrected and ducks in order is to "fully inform" the members of the United States military that: (1) the Enrollment Act of 1863 is both unlawful and illegal; (2) they are still under contract to serve us, the civilian government, not the "civil" government; (3) we wish them to "Cease and Desist" all private conscription activities involving minors and to convert their registration processes to simple recording functions recognizing the American State Citizenship of all babies born within our geographic borders; (4) we wish them to formally release any private contract with any baby they "seized and presumed upon" on their phony 150 year-old "battlefield" and (5) we wish them to recognize the fact that The American Civil War was a long-resolved commercial mercenary conflict that had nothing to do with our actual States of the Union and nothing to do with us. 

Got your paperwork on the Public Record?  Sharpen up your pens and paper and jot off a note to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  And President Trump.  And the Queen.  And the Pope.


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  1. re:
    Now what if the British Territorial United States Government decides to "incorporate" as a franchise of the British Crown Corporation --- which it did in the 1870's--- ?

    Well, now, it has "devolved" from the status of a government and become a commercial corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated, like any other commercial corporation on Earth, and all its "citizenry" have been redefined as shareholders (known as voters) and also as chattel backing the investments of that corporation.
    except actual "shareholders" can "cash out" their dividends and "shares"

    in this case, they steal everyone's credit for the never-ending "greater good" of the "company" but noone can access these "shares" we supposedly "hold" and anything that was purchased with our credit.

  2. Change your status while you can, I've used it twice this year as the "NAME" was the dead thing summoned to make an appearance. Anything appearing becomes the surety for the obligation for the DEAD thing, Res-(thing)ident (indentified). Are you a thing? Coach Bob

  3. This article (1783), 1784 and 1785 tie it all up nicely...finally, something I can share with friends and family that they will read, understand and seriously consider. Thank you Anna and Teri and Paul
    I look forward to your outsourced materials for general consumption and "citizen" awareness. Count on another donation to come your way.