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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Why Q Anon Matters

By Anna Von Reitz

The rudimentary truth is that we are The Plan.  We are the only Plan that can be.  Mankind exists according to what Mankind asks for.  So we better ask for the right things.

And that requires waking up and taking stock and taking action. 

All by ourselves.  In small groups.  In huge waves.

I remote viewed the Seventh Seal last week.  It looks like a cratered molar sunk in the waves, just the jagged northern edge of that once-overwhelming edifice remains.  That's what your love did.

And the Great Palatine Seal?  Oh, it's still there, but eroded, all its edges rounded over, strangely melting away like a sand castle under the force of a gentle rain. 

"How to Lose Your Mind and Build Another"....those who are stuck in the mud need to rise up and dance.

We don't struggle now against the powers of the flesh, but of the air, and of evil in high places. We struggle with ideas, with lies, with claims and counter-claims, and issues of value.

Notice that the quality of the light has changed. 

Radiance has increased.  Color has shifted.  You have seen this before, long ago.  Something is stirring in your memory.  Gaia is the name of Mars. Terra is the name of Earth.

This isn't so much about getting back what we are owed as it is about reclaiming what we are: free men and women.  And then, realizing what the whole lesson is about.

1 Samuel 8.

We shall put no man above us to serve as king; only the True and Living God shall be our Sovereign.   

We are The Plan.  And that's why Q Anon is the Praying Medic, not DiddlyBopQ13. 

We are finally coming to fruition and correcting our mistakes.


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  1. By what authority do you dabble in the Occult to Remote View and play God in order to be a fortune teller to read the future? I wish to know how is it that you can be the fence with Christ Jesus one day following the Holy Scriptures then the next day be practicing essentially witchcraft that is Forbidden by God.This is what the Free masons do too long with worshiping Satan.. What say you about such despicable disgraceful practices? Are you not a true Christian ? Please inform us of this then- because this is important and I for one will have noting to do with the Occult or Sorcery , black magic, white magic or witch craft This so called power is gained and enabled from Satan and not God of the Bible. You are obligated to disclose your standing and True allegiance to we the people who trust that you are not a soldier of Satan. All this ether out of the light bull shit will not be tolerated and I for one am out unless there is full disclosure. Who are you and by what authority gives you the right to dabble in the Dark Arts and Occult? If its freemasonry allegiance through blood line you or your husband cannot be trusted at least not by me. thank you

    1. Prada
      Anna has previously provided her findings. You would have to go to her web page and research. She isn't obligated to provide the history each time she comments and does not specifically answer to you.

      In Power vs Force by David Hawkins, the enlightenment frequency chart would place Anna in or above the 600 range giving her much more access to the Universal Truth.

      She is not dabbling in the Dark Arts nor siding with Satan. Far from it. Research and tread lightly.

    2. I will make it a bit clearer than Dan, there is no need to be politically correct about this. If you don't like the message, don't shoot the messenger.

      You can always just delete the link, it's a bit like watching TV. If you don't like what's on then hit the off button. It won't change Anna's life one iota.

      Many people aren't going to relate to or understand the meaning or significance of all she says but Dan has it when he says she isn't obligated to please you. She isn't twisting your arm to agree.

    3. first of all the word occult simply mean hidden/we all can remote view with our pineal glad it has rods and cones just like your eyes do thats were you dream from.try it you must have the power of belief.I hate to tell you all every thing in the universe is a hologram including you/read these 29 pages from the c i a freedom of information library
      then watch this you tube this is where the c i a got that info from aka remote viewers then once you realize we have lots of power to make change put we must do it with a mass prayer all at the same time

    4. From Anna:

      I have the gift of remote viewing by the grace of my Father in Heaven and I also see the future as all prophets do; it is not for you to judge, but for my words to tell and for the Spirit to be Tested according to the facts. I highly resent the suggestion that anything I do is "unnatural" or comes from any arcane spiritual practice. All "magic" that I am aware of is merely undiscovered realms of what is possible with the True God. We are, as Christians, obliged to believe in water being turned into wine, the lame being able to walk, the blind to see, the incurably diseased to be made well, and for the dead to rise to new life. If that seems strange to you, as well it might, then consider the Gospels in light of what they in fact say and teach and realize that according to our faith and our works and our love we are gifted to understand--- and to perform "miracles". Take heed that Jesus foretold that his Followers would perform even greater miracles than he did.

    5. Anna is completely within all that is good and what belongs to her, and to us. Source, All that is, has given these capabilities to each of us if we will only lose the mind control so craftily and easily put on us by evil in high places. Practicing publicly your mithraic christian religion beliefs will gain you no points on your earn as you go mission to return to our Source Creator. You have far to much to learn to be teaching those on this website of your poorly researched, shallow and baseless beliefs.

    6. Your totally off the rail and If in fact you can Remote View and you witnessed the 7th seal Prove it.. You cant therefore it is your personal hallucination and cannot be validated as anything more.. You claim to have a gift to see the future by use of pseudo science and its gifted from God.?? God don't need to give gifts like that- Its not a gift from God and you cannot prove any of it so why don't you go and remote view the :Book of Life " Something you may understand as Akashic Records ( Satans replica of the Book of Life " Come back and and prove to everyone your name is written in it. God will not be mocked and I am sorry you are lost and shame on you for leading the blind into sorcery and lies. You were doing so well what happened ? what was it that made you fall. Purity is everything and God reveals to me many things that are supernatural through intercessional nd prayer If its his will. Your all to afraid to follow God's command so you throw in a little Satan Swirl and call it good. Its not Good and you none of this Restoring America shit matters if your at the same time Marching straight to hell with Satan. Mind control is sick sadistic measure and over my dead body will I follow a Judas.

  2. Anna,

    I appreciate that you seem well rounded and connected to God,the source of all life.

    We need to use all the powers of the universe and recognize each, if we are to win this spiritual war.

    God bless.

    Nancy Ryer

  3. To those who like to judge and condemn, I would like to state that the the Word of God, who came to earth as Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man, is written in the hearts of His people, not necessarily in a book that was put together by a pagan Byzantine emperor who no doubt added in all the stuff about "witchcraft" and "sorcery" in order to keep us ignorant and powerless. Who made the universe and the stars, anyway? It wasn't Satan. BTW, the word "sorcery" in the Bible derives from the Greek word "pharmakeia." Let that sink in (big Pharma). A tree is judged by its fruits. Anna's "tree" bears good fruit.

  4. If you what a real lesson in fake religion the psyops that it is.this guy has 60 yrs of reseach in it and its all sex and drugs

  5. We only have two,(2) dna links in our headband connected.
    As we activate the rest (10), we will enjoy more powers which are originally ours. We have been duped into believing these powers are the result of sinful, Satanic meddling. NOT SO. The only programming we must OMIT is the crap Religions have put into us.

  6. We most certainly are "The Plan"! -
    We are absolutely encoded/Designed with/in it. And as such it is time to "know thyself" and live according to your unique Design - as it is a holographic part of the greater "Plan".

    I trust that Anna intuitively knows her Design and is committed to living according to the inner authority of that. All the others who may appear to mock that orientation only reveal their own ignorance of their own magnificent Design. That is perfectly understandable - because the nature of the world is to deny truth.

  7. All the lies betrayal deception of fruit cakes lost in their own mind and cause- deceived by Dark forces -- I forgive you but I also thank you for I count it all joy. I must go now where I thrive - In Truth and Purity--- I will not be returning. BYE BYE LUCIFER