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Monday, March 11, 2019

To The Supreme Commander of the Joint British Armed Forces

By Anna Von Reitz

With respect to your published comments:

Our American Sovereignty derives from William the Conqueror; our claim of sovereignty is equal to or greater than any claim that Elizabeth Windsor (=Wind-sur) can make.

As your Queen holds authority delegated to her by us and you hold authority delegated by her, simple logic mandates that the management of the US Forces are our joint concern.

We should like to know by what plausible stretch of the imagination the failed military leadership proposes that they should assert authority under a delegated sovereignty in full view of the fact that they gained power by fraud and maintain power by fraud and have:

1. Failed to protect and manage our money since 1863;
2. Undermined the civilian government;
3. Bilked and embezzled their actual employers;
4. Promoted WWI and WWII and countless other atrocities;
5. Now offered us a QFS that works five minutes a day;
6. Proposed that all our economic affairs should be under their control;
7. Subjected our non-domestic population to exotic warfare tests;
8. Press-ganged innocent Americans under force;
9. Mis-characterized our people in violation of the Geneva Conventions;
10. Conspired against The Constitution of the United States of America;
11. Plundered public trusts created under conditions of constructive fraud;
12. Allowed our country to suffer nine decades of inland piracy;
13. Pretended that the word "benevolent" can ever enter into any of this.

This past week you have witnessed a silent, but we trust, effective demonstration of power and determination: World War III will not be allowed, nor will any continued Raj in America.

Most sincerely,
Anna Maria


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  1. The undermining of mankind has taken place through quiet wars. It is time to be loud but not violent. If we choose violence we agree with their agendas! So many chose revenge instead of forgiveness because of the pain we have gone through. Violence is never the answer. When is enough, enough?

  2. Can you provide information or a link to the published comments of The Supreme Commander of the Joint British Armed Forces please
    Thank you
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. it would indeed be interesting. However the response will like deny anything Anna has to say 'cause that is how they operate. #1 Bullies of the world.

  3. I know this is not related to this article but heads up to anyone living in West Virgina - have word that there are all kinds of companies within the state buying up mineral rights and looking for chains of titles to properties - I know for sure some of these properties goes back to mid 1800's - trying to get the word out
    I personally know of someone who received letter about wanting to drill for the families minerals and wanting to sign papers to give them chain of title
    Word is coming from those I know that live there, they are literally tearing the state up
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. That's why NO ONE should ever have "complete power" over MONEY...!! Why would supposedly wise men create a contract (the constitution), that would allow a subcontractor in to manage our economy and banks...!! Let's turn the whole thing around and give govt all the constitutional rights we supposedly have and just give the people one right...the power to print and manage money only...!! Then we can make laws over them so harsh on them, most will never work for the military or become attorneys....a $10/ hour job when I'm finished with them....lets see how many good Christians there are then when only getting paid minimum wage...!!

  5. How many people here have accepted land grants for the land they live on? The military protects land and property, is that you? Can you re-seat land governance without land? Can you elect a government without being an elector/land owner? Why did the church and State implement a devise (ROLB) which is an easement to land, mothers land? Everything that comes from the land/field of mother belongs to the owner of the field, does it not? Starting to see the importance of land and who controls it? Without correcting the record, that is to re-cord to the land, can one accept a grant from another field? Open your minds, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"

    1. Gone With the Wind comes to mind when all Scarlett ever cared about was her land
      I spoke to a person last night that said the same exact thing Anna was saying about how birth records were typically kept in the family Bible - this woman said she would have to check her family Bible
      I believe this is what they were telling us when they numbered the jews that we all had numbers, SS#'s to be more specific
      I wasn't even born during WWII but the more this picture comes in to focus this is what they are doing
      IBM was front and center in this operation and they still are today in computers and tracking and tracing of everyone born on this planet
      Just an FYI, I have read that the Windsors are actually German not British?
      Might find this information useful
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. If one has been disconnected from their cord, does that result in discord? Is the re-cord necessary to establish the age of majority, to be whole, integrity of mind, body and spirit?

    3. Given the amount of re-definitions of many words of the current english language and the 'original' jural assembly rules, it would be prudent to create a dictionary in due time to become the standard of definition used in such a republic. I was not surprised at the rule that only land owners could elect members to county and state assemblies but in today's world there are so many who live in apartments, most unheard of in the 17th and 18th centuries with the exception I suppose of boarding houses, brothels and hotels. It would have been reasonable not to include drifters who would have been occupying such establishments, but no longer apply in the long run to current times.

      One would be making better use of time and effort in re-claiming national status and addressing these concerns as sovereign people within each jurisdiction. Otherwise the time spent sidestepping the important issues might be wasted.

  6. Is a State of emergence the rise of discord? Can there ever be an accord under such emergency? Every hospital is a port of entry, and what-SIGN- does everyone see-EMERGENCY! Any questions?

  7. I saw on our local news lastnight of a site called "Family Tree NOW". Its free and the disturbing thing is that you can look anyone up, find EVERYTHING you want to know about them, Name, age, addresses, phone numbers, family members, friends, even their net worth.

    1. So as an American National and private where do they get the contract to release your information in this manner?
      Just putting it out there - family history should be private just like your medical records should be private but we now know that they are using the medical data for eugenics, you know destroying the bad seeds that do not fit with their eutopia society they building for themselves
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. If you haven't checked out some of this information you might want to
    That's the power of hollywood and the tell lie vision and why hollywood pushes the agenda because they are part of the entire plot to overthrow the world - All in the Family
    Disney and Desilu Magic all media owned by the same families -shh don't tell anyone that we are just a bunch of family actors on the world stage keeping the masses busy while we plunder ther entire planet for our own benefit
    Look at it this way Acts of CONgress - Acts in a play but with real life consequences for those who do not know the Game of Life (remember that game? How about Monopoly?) Look in to who the Medici Family is - think Godfather, this was a clue given by Q which I think is an IBM computer, just like Watson (the medical computer they will use to eliminate doctors next) Already using telemedicine which can be traced back to NASA documents
    They are working to downsize everything on this planet for everyone else while they are the hoarders - think tiny houses for the masses and mounds and mounds of everything else for themselves
    Bank of America used to be called Bank of Italy
    Just some things to ponder
    Needless to say it is no prize waking up to the level of fraud and deception and as long as they control the monopoly money they control the game of life
    Even the holy books tells us that money is the root of all evil
    And their solution to that will be electronic money (bitcoin) and a universal basic income for all but they not telling you that your supply of that electronic money will be based on the conditions that you do as you are told, social engineering
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. QFS = Queensland Fisheries Service ??

  10. Replies
    1. Quantum Financial System...See also Manna World Holding Trust. Anna occasionally mentions Kim, although usually after a gun-fight.

  11. Ronald Reagan dead? How about Nancy?
    Just throwing things out there so people can see this is all media driven to make us believe the lie they have created for us
    Is the Queen really a Queen or is it Hollywood magic?
    And while they created this entire fraud we the people are being completely brainwashed in to the technocratic society where these same freaks are planning to chip and control us all based on systems that we helped them create and paid for - AND IT IS NOT PROPHECY EITHER
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  12. Cashless stores in Philadelphia to be outlawed
    Here in Texas WalMart rolling out self check outs with facial scanners - this is all part of their move to cashless and the mark of the beast
    And the more people they can make unemployed the worse the situation will get - this is their problem reaction solution crap
    In this blog you will see where they have plans to cut off food stamps and when they do they will require their mark to buy and sell
    It is no coincidence that their banking systems is called CHIPS (Clearinghouse Interbank Payment System) and JP Morgan has a system is Belgium (Eiro-Clear) named the BEAST
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby,

      The mark, token, golem, afterbirth is a hu-man creature, and its been here since the beginnings, but not in the beginning. Look at what the Pope said in 1302-unam sanctam. Frankenstein moon star.......and the monster had no name!

  13. "World War III will not be allowed, nor will any continued Raj in America."
    We can all sleep better now.

    1. Oh Mom...a follower is mocking Anna again, make it stop!

  14. Don't forget the ongoing weather assaults see for details on how they using weather as a weapon
    Also lets not forget the roll out of the military weapon 5G
    This technology alone will cause millions of deaths across the planet
    Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City) and Verizon (Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento) started rolling out 5G VR-WIFI last year, it is less than a couple years from full nationwide deployment. This is not the 30 year old 5g on your home wireless phone & anyone using 5G outside of these locations is using Frequency range 1 which is less than 6 GHz. Understand that all previous cellular services were labeled according to their Radio Frequency location on the Radio Spectrum. I.E. 3G/3rd generation = 3GHZ & 4G/4th gen = 4GHz. This was done deliberately for the purpose of concealing the fact that 5G/5th gen, using frequency range 2, is 24GHz - 86GHz at ground level. Frequency range 4? (couldn't find it's label) is 200Ghz and above from satellites. That is the millimeter wave (based on length of waves) section of the spectrum. It is classified as Extremely High Frequency Non-Ionizing Radiation. 24GHz = 24 billion electromagnetic waves per second. 5G hits every cell in your body with amplitudes that are exponentially stronger than 4G.

    The compact nature of millimeter waves results in heavy interference from just about everything. This limits the distance a signal can travel as well as being line of sight only. Water molecules in the air, for example, can cause heavy loss in signal strength. The only way to compensate for these issues & still deliver the band width promised with the Internet Of Things, is to have 5G transmitters (Small Cell) on every telephone pole in the country, in every room of every public building in the country, boosted by CFL bulbs (incandescent is now outlawed) & smart meters as well as dueling satellite providers with overlapping coverage. If you are saying to yourself "Wait a minute, I'm 70% water!" welcome to the club.

    These are the same bunch who tested nuclear bombs while contemplating weather or not they would set the atmosphere on fire while doing so. Every living thing uses electromagnetic signals to manage bodily functions. Every living thing is harmed by this level of Non-Ionizing Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation. As the densely packed waves bounce off cells in your body they cause damage, as your body repairs this damage, occasionally the process results in cancer. It physically breaks strands of DNA. It punches holes in the blood brain barrier. It causes...abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, fainting, strokes, cancers and tumors, seizures, headaches and migraines, nausea and vomiting, nosebleeds and ear bleeding, insomnia and sleep abnormalities, rashes, burns, or other skin reactions, eye problems, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, ear, eye, or heart pain, edema, hearing ringing or buzzing, memory and concentration problems, high blood pressure, difficulty regulating blood sugar, spontaneous abortions, higher than normal rates of birth defects, mental health problems including depression, anxiety, agitation, and suicidal thoughts, muscle weakness and loss of energy (due to mitochondrial dysfunction), paralysis, joint pain, urinary urgency, and electromagnetic sensitivity (intolerance to microwave or EMF emissions — recognized by the U.S. Access Board in 2002)."
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  15. Senate Bill 649, passed in 2017, exempts fire stations from 4G/5G "small cell" infrastructure due to the health effects, and granted ADA accommodation at hearings for those disabled by electromagnetic sensitivities. California also granted ADA accommodation at hearings for those disabled by electromagnetic sensitivities.

    We are exposed every day to harmful radiation from both natural & man made sources. Unless you live under a cell tower or high power lines, that radiation amounts to a misting in most cases, in order for 5G to work, it will be like jumping in the ocean. The reason they put a lead vest on when you get an X-ray is EXACTLY the reason the FCC refused to do any safety testing on 5G. They didn't need to, they know 5th generation Pulsed Microwave Radiation Frequencies at ranges from 24GHz - 200GHz will not-so-slowly kill you, especially at the levels of signal saturation required to reach everywhere.
    For this purpose, the FCC has long held that only Electro Magnetic Frequency radiation that produces heat is a danger, this is blatantly dishonest. Consumer microwave ovens usually use 2.45GHz, they would have you believe multiplying the frequency output by a minimum of 1000% is safe because it not longer produces heat! The MRI, CAT Scan & X-ray machines don't produce heat either, how awkward do you feel every time you get under one of these machines & everybody else runs for cover leaving you to face the radiation onslaught alone.

    On top of standard umbrella coverage, the new (Small Cell) transmitters have the ability to engage multiple, focused beams (Beam Forming) that automatically tracks every WIFI receiving device that comes into its signal range for the purpose of connectivity (MIMO). Uploading and downloading happens simultaneously on the same beam (Full Duplex). The "micro"wave radiation that cooks your food, modified, focused & amplified, for data, distance & bandwidth into "milli"wave radiation beams.

    Microwatts per square meter is how they measure Electro Magnetic Frequency Exposure & 2.5 is the highest amount reported to be safe as of 2013. The amount measured when laying a meter on a new ATT residential 5G router was 1800+. Now make that commercial & Imagine the overlap & omni-directional bombardment of walking through a mall, school, city street & your 1000+ living room doesn't seem so bad anymore.

    This is the technology they use at airports to see through your clothes. The military has been using millimeter waves for at least 40 years & they can put you to sleep, or stop you from absorbing oxygen. They could literally boil the water in your skin, but they don't need to because at 130 degrees, it feels like you are on fire and instantly neutralizes any human threat. I can only imagine the things they could do to your brain, but it might explain why, for as long as I can remember, there have been non-stop zombie movies. They're called Directed Energy Weapons & are focused electro magnetic energy. Your brain tells your body to function with an electro magnetic signal. If you still doubt the power of this technology, look up the Hutchison effect. Nikola Tesla was just too soon, they weren't ready to use his tech against us yet.

    The universe is electrical, the physical world is frequency and the spiritual world is vibrational. 5G allows for frequency manipulation of the physical world. Everything I have mentioned thus far is just the information I could find about an issue that is being hidden from public view with alarming effectiveness. Imagine the uses they have discovered & have kept from us.?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  16. AT & T is responsible for the 5G in Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City
    Dallas area they just rolled out in 3 different strategic locations to saturate the Texas Triangle with these 5G waves
    Dallas area also has their spy highways that were created within this project - read all 4 pages
    Calls for the total disarmament and a defense industry conversion
    So you have to ask yourself where is that new military budget actually going?
    And how about this tidbit of information and the role Gorbechev is holding here and the gang in Washington are reaping the rewards of the give away
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  17. Biological warfare being carried out all over the planet
    Want to know whats in those chemicals they dumping on all of us
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved