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Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Further Insight About Amorica

By Anna Von Reitz

This comment came in from a reader who is considerably more familiar with the Celtic language than I am. I had always thought that "Amor" might be another transliteration of "Amour"--- French for "Love" but now find out it means "Heavenly", which is certainly aligned with Love.... 

Consider the implications of the "Heavenly Kingdom" never conquered by Rome, never controlled by the Catholic Church, expanding and flourishing on a whole new Continent? 

No wonder the Roman Catholic Pontiff hated it and sought to undermine it.  

And now my Reader's Quote:

"If one should check the true meaning of America in the Celtic language you will find that it is broken into two separate words, "amer" = heavenly, and "rika" = kingdom or nation. Thus America is the Heavenly Kingdom to finally be set up in the earth as it is in heaven, which is part of the prayer given as how to pray, the "Our Father which art in heaven....." 

Let us fulfill the destiny of our True Name and Heritage, and the name of our Capitol city, Philadelphia. 

(Of course, the Capitol of the Heavenly Kingdom is The City of Brotherly Love.  It makes perfect sense throughout, just as it always does when the True Lord of Heaven puts his hand to something on Earth.) 

Rise up, you Remnant, returning to the land after the Great Tribulation (Tribute paid to Rome).  Let your feet hasten and your hearts be glad, because despite the ravages and destruction wrought by our enemies and the enemies of the True God, we have survived and remained intact and the land is here for us to come home to. 

Take up your work with peaceful hearts knowing that the scourge has come and gone and will not rest on us again. 

It will rest on our Enemies and give them no rest until the Final Hour of the current world has come to pass. 

Pray, then, for the Earth and all the people on it.  Pray for the restoration and truth that is so desperately needed.  Pray for the permanent removal of the Evil Ones, the Liars who have made lying for profit the object of their days. 

Step forward with courage and with faith to reclaim and restore your great nation.  Leave no stone unturned in your efforts.  Come now, as children who have been kidnapped and enslaved, returning home to your righteous kingdom and your Good Name. 

Establish your Will in these matters by recording your paperwork on the Public Record, reclaiming your Good Name and returning it to the land and soil you are heir to. 

What began in Amorica so long ago, let it come to fruition here, so that the Heavenly Kingdom is established before all men and all bear witness to the Truth.


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  1. You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.

    -Psalms 30:11

  2. Amorica is a name given to a part of ancient France Not to be considered America as we know it. Don't get it twisted. Canada was colonized by the French government but not the lower 50 States. So, be clear Anna when you put out misleading information about redemption of Birthrights and heirship on American soil. However, I Am aware that America is a Continent and consists of North, Central, and South America. Amorica is associated with the Nation's of Canadian ancestry ONLY. It has nothing to do with the lower 50 States of U.S.A. or Mexico or Brazil. Those people who were the first people of Amorica were Muurs/Moors and Berbers . So again Anna, you're instrumental with many people making False claims about Heirship on American soil. Colonial inquisition on American soil is illegal and unlawful.

    1. Your time will be short here dummy

    2. patriot58 your Momma was the dummy for having You. Get your studies up and stop hating. The TRUTH will make some people MAD, but it will also make you FREE. Peace & love pilgrim!

    3. Response from Anna Von Reitz:

      It's not "misleading" ---- it appears rather, that you can't read.

      America is named after Amorica. There. See? Got the point?

      Or do I need a sharp stick and a garden hoe to deal with the snake trying to make such a comment as this?

      The French Government had a great deal more to do with the existence and founding of this country than any public school child has ever known, thanks to the pernicious habits of the Liars among us. It's not for nothing that Shakespeare termed his own country "perfidious Albion".

      Britain and France fought a terrible war called The Thirty Years War in Europe and The French and Indian War in America, precisely because France's already established interests were being usurped upon by Britain.

      To say that "Amorica" is associated with Canada shows gross ignorance and stubborn refusal to use your own eyes and ears.

      And to say that the Berbers who could barely sail beyond the reaches of the Mediterranean were the first people here is ridiculous. We have plenty of historical proof that blows your hypothesis to smithereens, so stand down and stop this blather.

    4. i think everyone would be very surprised, according to congressional records and the george washington letters, that the sultan of the empire of morocco was clearly in charge of modern day america, operated out of NY and philadelphia was considered marrakesh. george washington referred to the sultan as magnanimous multiple times, look that one up. anywho, before everybody goes bashing one another, do your due diligence and as we all know, history has been turned upside down in every area not just a few.

      the aboriginals of the americas were modern day "black" think haiti and "hispanic" think inca pre-spain and portuguese colonization. what if the new world was the old world and the old world the new world? what if the chosen people were the aboriginal of the americas in udah and not in jeruselem? what if black used to mean white and white black? what if the slaves were the slave(ic)s and not africans but afrikaans? all of history has been whitewashed so dont be too surprised as everything else has been inverted just like the maps, nothing is what it seems and my experience is typically the reverse.

  3. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together! According to the Cajun spoken history passed down to us in present day south Louisiana, the French Catholic immigrants from Normandy who arrived in 'the new world' in 1604 called their 'new' land 'Acadia' which means Heaven. This reminds me of my being mocked in 2011 by Keith Livingway for my declaring the creation of a sovereign nation named "The Kingdom of Heaven". Soon after, I noticed that 'they' were now claiming to be the Reign of Heaven... or something to that effect. Anyway...In honor of our ancestors from Normandy and then in progression thru Canada to south Louisiana, the present day Cajun culture has named the 22 parishes in south central Louisiana: Acadiana, which is a blend of Acadia and Louisiana. We even have our own flag. I just found this website and it has several documentaries on the subject of Louisiana travel in the 22 parish local destinations:

  4. JoelMarch 31, 2019 at 12:08 AM

    The land mass we call "America" was given to the people of Lehi, descendants of Joseph, the youngest of Jacob's (Israel's) sons sold into slavery and who then became second in command in Egypt under Pharoah of Egypt. Lehi, a prophet who lived in Jerusalem arrived here on the American continent being led by the Lord to this promised land with his family about 600 years before Christ's birth. Two of his sons, Laman and Lemuel rejected the prophetic vision of their father and became the fathers of an apostate nation of people called Lamanites who shaved their heads and wore loincloths, hunting for their provisions and plundering Lehi's other descendants who were led by Lehi's righteous son Nephi, and were called Nephites.

    The chronicle of these ancient people details how they inhabited what we now call the American continent, and apparently they ranged in their habitats from Northern South America to upper State New York, where the record of their journey to the new world spanning about a thousand years was deposited in the Hill Cumorah by the last prophet who led the Nephites in a final battle to he death of the entire Nephite people, leaving only the Lamanites to take over the lands and roam as numerous tribes from coast to coast for centuries until Europeans began to arrive, divide, and conquer. That is the part of history we have learned of by public education.

    The land they roamed and were led to by Lehi guided by God to cross the sea from the biblical world to the new world was given to those who followed the Lord as a promised land flowing with milk and honey, and would be preserved as a choice land above all other lands on condition that the inhabitants must follow and serve the Lord, or otherwise be swept off the land. The Nephites met that description as over time they fell way from following the Lord, so were swept off the land. We are also nearing that fulfillment of Gods stipulation today.

    I invite all history and spiritually minded interested people to go to and under scriptures, open and read the Book of Mormon with an open mind. It teaches of Jesus Christ with greater frequency and particularity of the role of Jesus Christ in Gods plan of Salvation than does the Bible, and even describes Christs ministry on this American continent after his crucifixion. It will be the greatest book you will read in this life of Jesus Christs ministrations to his people he led out of Jerusalem just prior to the city being taken into captivity as God's judgement over the wickedness of the inhabitants of that day. I offer this wonderful learning experience to those who have a sincere desire to obtain a more complete view of the history of what we today call America. there is no earlier or more perfect record of any people who have inhabited this land than that book, translated by a modern prophet by the power of God.

  5. Are You a Christian Malik Akiel Bey
    Your Google plus picture speaks of illuminati and evil
    You are a troll ....

    1. I think Bey might be the surname of a moor but overall I agree Annie, this looks like gaslighting which is a 50 cent word where a 10 cent word like troll would suffice...


  6. OML! Anna, your depth of understanding, and research of history and law is mind boogling! I see you as a modern day Moses attempting to lead the 'children of Amorica' out of slavery and bondage to debt! And like the 'children of Israel' if we will sacrifice the lamb, put the blood over the door, roast the meat, and have the lamb inside of us, we too will be spared when the angel of death visits in the night. And the next day, before we leave Babylon/Egypt/Greece/ Rome/Britain/DC, we will leave with all the gold and silver, and the Lord shall provide for us as we cross the desert with food, water, shade, a pillar of fire @ night, and 'deliverance', from the greatest army in the world! We shall defy maritime jurisdiction and cross the 'red ink' sea on dry land, and then turn and watch the greatest army in the world be destroyed in our sight! Be not afraid of the 'giants' on the other side my friends, for we will cross the river Jordan on dry land "if we have faith" and receive deliverance, the gift of the Holy Spirit which is the 'promised land'. A land flowing with milk and honey! The battle is the Lord's, Praise Him! For he has saved a remnant who has not dropped a knee to Baal, even if it is only 144K, be one of those saints! Who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints? Who dat! Be faithful, and be blessed my people, for our day of redemption and deliverance is at hand... Peace to the sons of God, study and understand that our mandate is: Romans 8: 14-39 Our law is carved in stone and our goal is to be self governing!