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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

No, You Can't Charter Yourselves

By Anna Von Reitz

You can't charter yourselves for the same reason that you can't be your own Mother. 

There are many people thinking that if they need to "reconstruct" the Federal States of States, like The State of Georgia, they can just have a meeting and do it.  Yes, but..... 

That would be true, if you were all verified American State Citizens.  

But thanks to undisclosed and nefarious activities by Territorial Contractors that you were never told about until now, you have been "placed" in a different political status --- that of "US Citizens" --- that is, you have been misidentified as employees and dependents of foreign commercial corporations.  

That is an obstacle that prevents you from taking action as an American State Citizen, which means that with respect to restoring the Federal States of States, "you can't get there from here" until you change your political status back to what it originally was and what you have always assumed it was. 

The Federal Government --- all three branches of it -- is inhabited by "US Citizens".  US Citizens cannot charter themselves.  They are already chartered and enfranchised and part of the Federal Government.  

American State Citizens meeting in a Lawful Assembly are the only ones who can restore the Federal States of States, like The State of Georgia.  

That is, the Federal State of Georgia, is an instrumentality of Georgia, one of the actual States of the Union, owned by the People of Georgia.  

So the People of Georgia (American State Citizens) have to operate their State Assembly for their State, Georgia, and write a new or amended charter for The State of Georgia.  

The People give rise to the State and the State gives rise to The State of State. 

You have to be one of  "The People" and operating in the capacity of a State Citizen to do this. 

U.S. Citizens are not American State Citizens and they cannot do the job of American State Citizens. If they tried to do so, all they would accomplish is the creation of another franchise of their own corporation. 

That is, as United States Citizens (Territorial) they would create a Territorial State of State. 

As Municipal "Citizens of the United States" they would create a Municipal State of State.  

And that is not what we are trying to accomplish.  

So a lot of misinformed, confused, dazed and disoriented Americans need to pull themselves together, face the facts, expatriate from any and all Federal Territorial or Municipal citizenship conferred upon them, repatriate to their State of the Union, pull together their State Assemblies, and reconstruct the actual Federal States of States.  

Thank you, I will take a breath..... 


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  1. Anna,
    Have a look and revisit:Noticed your australian friend wrote convinced instead of convicted, which led me here.
    A Warning against Favoritism
    James 2:9
    …8If you really keep the royal law stated in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well. 9But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the Law as transgressors. 10Whoever keeps the whole law but stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.…
    Now how does the paperwork and new passport give us aid, comfort, and peace in these areas?

    1. Take the scripture back to church, as you will always find SOMETHING not to Your liking. Separation of Church and State.

    2. They always try to combine the two.

    3. Both of you listen.
      Anna, posted this scripture 3 articles back:

  2. I am not Anna, but I will tell you what it does.
    It takes us out from under their yolk of bondage and servitude to stop serving 2 masters.

    1. Right and how does it do that? How does it make one worship and put Good First? How does it connect you to the Son and the Holy Spirit?
      i would assume all are indeed welcome even the atheist? So if an athiest or a satan worshiper gets his paperwork all in order this means he truly serves one master?

    2. good should have been God first.

    3. I guess it all depends on who you serve.
      I really do not think many evil minded people will be doing this to get out from under what is going on now anyway, do you?

    4. We're not talking about "egg" yolks, We're talking about the "yoke" of hitched up oxen...

    5. Fruit inspector,
      No i do not.
      Many evil minded people (and those who have not 'Truly' repented) may follow these instructions, but they will not get out from under anything. And that is my concern
      This paperwork is busy work, it is toil. i believe it can be a distraction from what the people truly need to be doing and focusing on.
      However, following the process may show people the fruitlessness of it and give people more of a clue just how wrong and confused this world is.
      As a last resort they will turn back to Yahuah? let us continue too pray it is not to late.
      This paperwork is not a guarantee of His seal nor His protection.

  3. Everyone needs to wake the hell up - their next move is The Hunger Games
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Whose rights are reserved and in what manner are they reserved? You state this like you have authority others do not...

  4. Shelby,

    Thats funny and not so funny!

  5. Anna, God bless you for having patience with the indoctrinated. I had trouble wrapping my head around Expatriation. But, Suddenly a bright light came on and it all made sense.

    God=Good in German.

    It's too bad we can't understand the Greek version of the Bible as I'm sure we would all receive a whole new perspective.



  6. I stumbled across a powerful archive from the Vatican Library and in reading this particular piece, I felt I was to share. Regardless of your religious alignment, The Archko Volume, especially Pages 68 through 120 are powerful and worthy of your time.
    It speaks volumes.

  7. My point here is two-fold:

    I want people to realize that Land Law unlike Sea Law is Bible-based. Knowing this should help them discern between the two and make sure that they get to the right court.

    Second, I want people to think about the whole concept of "persons" in the context of Land Law and Sea Law.

    We can't avoid using Persons, but we can be aware that we are doing so, we can choose to use Lawful Persons in our daily lives and we can be aware of the dangers of using Legal Persons.

    The Biblical references are to stimulate thought and discussion ABOUT the topic--the use of Persons.

    1. am ok with Biblical reference yet we need to know the context and one needs to rightly divide the word of Truth.
      i believe you are most correct when you express : His grace is sufficient.
      Have you ever read of Bonhoeffer as to a state of false grace? This is a disease in all groups, no matter the geneology.
      This is a concern.

  8. Putting my paperwork in helped me realize that in order to truly be born again one must repent and change = by canceling all Corporate contracts i have given back to Caesar what is Caesars and i can now give back to God what is Gods.Revelation 15-2 = And i saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire and them that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God . This is what i believe getting out of BABYLON entails . Any body wants change make your ink pen your sword .Know what your paperwork says know who you are and know how to stay out of contracts . When a official tries to get my consent i ask nicely are you willing to claim under full Commercial liability that i dont have a choice to not contract with you today???? That will shut them up in a hurry...Anna you are very blessed ..thank you and all that have worked so hard to get us all to this point .. My life changed when i realized i now can secure my childrens children from the tyrants stealing from them when Grandpa is gone

  9. Charles Walker et alia, Yes we can and must be proactive in getting our corrections to the fraudulent undisclosed "bestowal" of U.S. Citizenship, and in a world where liars and thieves support one another in collusion in order to maintain their stranglehold on the peoples minds and property and today they are in such a domineering position as the States of States and the Municipal D.C. with their Alphabet agencies ruthlessly asserting their fake authority.

    All that self serving assertion of authority does not make it legitimate, because it has come about by fraud and covert legislation and misleading public relations. We can take back our good names and our capacity as American State Nationals and Anna's guidance has certainly lighted the way to do this.

    When I objected to U.S.Citizen presumption of the court and the plaintiff in an IRS tax case where the plaintiff was literally listed as "United States of America" vs the all caps name they pegged me to, even in the face of my Claim of Sovereign Immunity, the judge let the presumption stand. The final straw was the plaintiff entering a copy of the 14th Amendment in to the courts record, without and commentary or supportive argument from the plaintiff or the judge. The naked placement of the 14th Amendment document was given such weight that the judge set aside all the many pages of my detailing my claim to sovereign immunity with that one single unexplained page containing the 14th amendment, no explanations, no articulation. So there is absolute proof of how the 14th amendment is employed to give the weight a U.S. District Court Judge uses whether they admit to its presumptive use of it or not, as conclusive in upholding the plaintiffs presumptive claims against me.

    Another first hand evidence being taught by Anna the I witnessed was several years ago inside a local Social Security Office where I personally watched a small swarthy man about 55 years old come from behind locked doors and walk through the S.S. office, beaming self assured authority. His shirt had the blazoned stitched words "City of London" written over the top of his shirt pocket. Yes, the British Territorial government services provider is playing an active management role in administering the United States Social Security System. I would not have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes.

    We better believe and act on the necessity to correct our political standing, because their presumptions of U.S. Citizen status are clearly - without doubt - being used against every American to our political enslavement to take our property, our good names, our estates, our land State, our bank accounts, our homes, our children, to force politically correct speech and behavior, and our freedom from their caged imprisonment until we have a cold hard evidence record we ourselves have created showing who we really are. Thanks to Anna we have the templates we need, and readers of this personal testimony I have shared here of how these criminal colluders work their thieving lies upon us leaves every reader good cause to get off your hands and get your records recordeD of who you are: American State Nationals and NOT CITZENS OF THE UNITED STATES!!!

    Listen you other students and readers, don't be fools and leave the presumptive record that you are a slave and a criminal per the 14th Amendment US Citizen fakery, because IT WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU UNTIL YOU GET YOUR OWN CORRECTED RECORD IN TO THE PUBLIC RECORD AND USE IT ACTIVELY TO LIVE OUT YOUR LIFE THEREAFTER.

    1. Who, or what, is the 14th citizen? Is it you, the Man, or is it the BC thing?. The courts cannot see a Man, only the thing.

      If you go to court the only option you have is to be there in the capacity of an agent or representative of the thing. Your protestations were ignored because you insisted the Man is not a US citizen. Of course the Man is not a US citizen, but, THEY DON'T SEE THE MAN! None of your claims were heard. You were screaming in the wilderness with no one to hear.

    2. There is another option. You can separate yourself from the thing and its agents. In that case, the court has to ask you to leave because you are oil in their water club. You don't belong there.

  10. Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Ststus correction help
    Sundays 8pm till whenever questions get answered
    Come join us, your butt is sore from sitting on the fence.

    Kevin Cote',
    845 987 0084

  11. I told some big Texas land owners about this today - sure hope they spread the word far and wide
    Lots of us do not have the funds to escape - no jobs and no income what so ever - so all we can do is try and inform others for now
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved