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Monday, February 18, 2019

Hear the Birds Sing, All You "Citizens"

By Anna Von Reitz

I tell you that the very word "citizen" implies a duty to serve a government.  And you have a choice about that.   Otherwise, you aren't free.  

Go look up the word in a Legal Dictionary if you don't believe me.  

I also tell you that you have a choice about which government you may choose to serve. 

Americans who wish to serve as "citizens" have a choice of serving their soil jurisdiction state republics or their land jurisdiction States, or both. 

Americans can also choose to serve as "citizens" of the Federal Corporations --- meaning employees and dependents thereof --- known as "US citizens" --- but that requires letting go of their natural political status as Americans.  

If people paid attention in Civics Class they would already know this.  

Admit it, you slept through U.S. History.  You slept through Civics ---if you even took the class.  

You barely remember something about "reconstructing something somewhere sometime....mumble...mumble...maybe." 

You never really knew what a "citizen" was to begin with.  

And some of you still don't.  Despite my best efforts. 

So all you "experts" out there trying to put words in my mouth  --- do everyone a favor.  

Those of you who do understand the words written above, tell others.  Those of you who just can't "get it" --- shut up and sit down until you do. 


  1. Anna, I have learned so much from you the past 2-3 years. And I need to hear it multiple times in different contexts for it to stick in my mind. A couple of VA doctors, more than 10 years ago, gave me some meds that hurt me severly, as in poly-neuropothy(severe nerve damage in my limbs esp my feet, that called for so many pain meds, and others, that my memory is so weak that I must hear or read anything multiple times to remember even small parts. So, I, for one, appreciate very much what you are doing and the way you are doing it.

  2. I had a wonderful history teacher in 11th grade, Mr Washington. His specialty was Black History though so we learned a lot about civil rights. The other years seemed to fall into European History. We had very little American History except memorizing dates and such for tests. As much as I love history it wasn't presented well in school. I've learned more American History since leaving school. All they teach now is about USA INC. Definitions are all LEGAL FICTIONLAND. I love the history Anna provides and if you dig hard enough you can find all of it.


  3. My 1st question: If one expatriates from the U.S. Citizen status and becomes an American National while encouraged to join a County Jural Assembly and chooses not to, what protections do they have from the County/State?
    2nd: As an American National, and not a citizen, and someone steals my car, do I have the same protection as a State Citizen from the local Sheriff and courts?

    1. Just remember that all presentments are an offer to contract. Reject the offered contract within 72 hours of receipt and use certified or registered mail so that you know when they received your reply. Here is how I do it.

      I, John James Jones, a man on the land, a non-citizen national and beneficiary of original jurisdiction, do hereby reject and herewith return your offered contract titled "xxxxxx" dated ------- state the reason, state your claim, etc.

      If you get kidnapped, you will have to make it clear that you are not the surety, guarantor, or liable party for the fiction entity that is charged with the crime.