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Saturday, February 23, 2019

From the National Assembly forums

This is a post on the forums for the National Assembly that you should read and comment on.

From C.Johnson:

There is NO PRIVATE LAW that governs you.

If you are going to live free, you must understand the difference between the 2 sides [realms] of law. There is both PRIVATE and PUBLIC.

When Congress passes laws it is called; PUBLIC LAW. Have you ever asked yourself why? Because that is ITS jurisdiction! It has ABSOLUTELY NO JURISDICTION over PRIVATE AMERICAN NATIONALS. IT only has jurisdiction over PUBLIC ENTITIES/PERSONS known as U.S. CITIZENS. Congress only writes PUBLIC LAWS! Why? Because American Nationals have un-a-lien-able RIGHTS protected and secured by the Constitutions [National and FEDERAL] and State and STATES.

So when they write PUBLIC LAWS they only write them for U.S. CITIZENS! They do not write PRIVATE LAWS! Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE [unincorporated, men and women, non-registered] make our own laws for how we want to govern ourselves in our own communities and neighbors.

This is why, the UNITED STATES, was created by the ORGANIC CONSTITUTION of 1787. It was to protect the rights of the People to have locate govts made up of themselves and to be excluded from all federal powers. Nowhere in that organic Constitution was power over the People ever given. The Constitution not only created the UNITED STATES [in law defined as DC, enclaves and territories}, it created a pact that the several States would remain free also from the UNITED STATES control, except for the limited jurisdiction given to the UNITED STATES written within the Constitution.

But, in 1866 per reconstruction all REPUBLIC GOVTS seat were evacuated by the tip of the bayonet of the UNITED STATES. It was an invasion of the several States, by the UNITED STATES. Congress in 1871 wrote a PUBLIC LAW and named it the Constitution of the United States and it is found in this PUBLIC LAW District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Congress by its PUBLIC LAW ACT, created a corporation and named it the UNITED STATES. In law it is known as the UNITED STATES, INC...municipal [city corporation]. It is not the United States that was created by the Constitution of 1787, that created Congress. It is a new UNITED STATES and its citizens are U.S. CITIZENS and it was created by an Act of Congress. All of ITS CITIZENS are citizens of IT and IT is a PUBLICLY REGISTERED CORPORATION and IT REGISTERS all of ITS PUBLIC citizens within its jurisdiction. IT registers all the property, land, possessions, trade, kids, bodies, etc...of ITS PUBLIC CITIZENS for ITS own purposes. ITS citizens are 14th Amendment citizens of ITS corporations and ITS subsidiaries...the STATE OF STATES, INC. The PUBLIC REGISTRATION OF THAT CORPORATION CAN BE FOUND WITHIN THESE PUBLIC LAWS: District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871,,28 U.S. Code § 3002

So what happened to all WE THE PEOPLE? We are still here, with our ORGANIC CONSTITUTION, waiting for the other Private American People to wake up!


2016 District of Columbia Code
Title 28 - Commercial Instruments and Transactions. §§ 28:1-101 - 28-5210
Chapter 35 - Statute of Frauds. §§ 28-3501 - 28-3505
§ 28–3501. Estate created otherwise than by deed.
§ 28–3502. Special promise to answer for debt or default of another.
§ 28–3503. Declaration, grant, and assignment of trust.
§ 28–3504. New promise or acknowledgment of contract — Action against joint contractors.
§ 28–3505. New promise or acknowledgement of debt incurred during infancy.



  1. Public or Private - 5G I am pretty sure knows no difference
    I'm pretty sure that your paperwork is not going to stop the genocide either
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Anyone know what The Kalergi Plan is - well have a look
    Exactly what the bankers are doing to all white european nations and it has all been planned
    Not sure how accurate this blog is but it sure as heck has some information in it that describes what is taking place in Europe under the so called leadership of what he refers to as Mama Merkel
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby, Please allow yourself to move away from the "fear" grip that you are immersed in = involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest. Many people have for years researched thoroughly what your many comments list. Researching "Q" will be instructive as to communications that are troubling & may even help: Many articles here for de-coding help:
      Also, this may give you another perspective
      within the article is a link to Report from Iron Mountain, (Aug. 1963, before Pres. JFK death) which helped me in 1991 make sense of what we see going on then and even today.
      In gratitude to all -- For-give: Love & Peace. ra

    2. People need to wake the hell up they are not playing a 3D holographic game here
      5G is a weapon and a kill grid do you not get that
      SMART Cities are open air prisons of slowly being poisoned to death with chemtrails and all the love, vibrations, or conscienceness will NOT make this all magically disappear or fix itself (caution, language)
      Maybe you can dream all this is not happening and listen to all this other nonsense but I live in one of those SMART cities a huge one and I see with my own eyes what UN Agenda 21 is bringing to all of us and let me tell you it's not what they paint it out to be, cameras everywhere, living in a 400 square foot box they call an apartment or better yet how about bunk houses where you get assigned a bunk for 1,000 a month and you share everything else in the dorm like your a big ass college kid at 30 while you work a job that they devised would be assigned to your FEMA Region
      So forgive me if I don't follow Q or SerialBrain2 or projectspeak
      I live in the real world - it's not fear, it's reality
      Go read everything on this page
      It's not prophecy either it was planned
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. C. Johnson, Thank you. We can depend on your spot of "flashlight", that succinctly delivers and brings a timely remembrance to elucidate that specific jurisdictional outline!
    With Love & in Peace. ra

  4. Here is sort of an analogy concerning a possible reason a lot of ppl hesitate to just take someone at his/her word concerning alot of this stuff (being free vs. being a slave; what a "person" is; is a man/woman a corporation or other entity; blah blah blah, etc.): A city dude was walking down a road one day and saw, down in a valley, an old man leaning against a fence watching a herd of hogs run this way and that way and back again. Curious, the city dude went up to the old man and asked him what was going on. The old man, in a husky/whispering voice said, "Well, son, before I lost my voice, I used to call my herd of pigs to come eat. Then when I lost my voice, I took to thumping on that thar hollar log, j'yonder. Now the woodpeckers are about to run 'em to death."
    I, being one of those pigs am about to be run to death, myself, and brings me to a reason why others are in the same frame of mind. We are getting tired of being run to death with some woodpecker thumping on a log here, another there, another somewhere else. We only have so much time in life to do research which can run into 1000s of hours as Anna can testify to; only so much money, and not much of a yearning to sit in jail or be shot [to death,maybe?], and the vast majority of the people being educated in the conflicted with interest "public fool system" not knowing what my (our) problem is. After all, "this is how we have done it all our lives," notwithstanding maxims of law to the contrary (to how our employees/servants with weapons see things).