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Sunday, February 17, 2019

For the Pope and All My English Friends

By Anna Von Reitz

I struggled for forty plus years to find all the playing pieces, stood back, looked at the history, knew what was going on and "who" was doing what in what capacity, and then logically, according to Maxim of Law ----- "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound."-----hit the reboot button.   They began this process by seizing upon our Lawful Person --- our Given Name --- and trafficking it into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and thence into the even more foreign realm of global commerce.... 

So, I began the reversal by seizing up my own Given Name, and trafficking it back to the international jurisdiction of the land, permanently domiciling it on "the land and soil" jurisdiction of my State (would be the County and Province most places on Earth), Expatriating from all foreign citizenship obligations "conferred" on my Good Name, and then seizing upon all the related NAMES and issuing a Certificate of Assumed Name(s) and trafficking them back and permanently domiciling them on the land and soil of my State of the Union.

This is all a process exactly like re-flagging a vessel.  

Pretend that you buy a sailboat in Greece named "The Jolly Ann" and it is registered in Spain.  You can sail that boat anywhere on Earth, and it will still be under Spanish law until you change its registration.  So you, coming from England, might want to change that, and take it to the British agencies in charge of registering "vessels" and you might then "re-flag" your sailboat as a British "vessel" operating under the law of Great Britain and Presto!  You are now internationally identified as a British sailboat and globally recognized as a "UK" sailboat, instead of a Spanish sailboat --- and you are sailing under British law, instead of Spanish law. 

This is the same kind of process.  I was born as an American, one of the natural born people of Wisconsin.  The Queen's Agents operating the hospital where I was born as a disguised military facility (See Territorial Title 37 that illegally conscripted American doctors)  "offered under force" to register my Given Name.  They didn't disclose the end result of this to my Mother, and she unknowingly signed "me" over as a "ward" of their Territorial State of State commercial corporation.  So, I -- my Proper Name -- was misidentified almost from birth as a "U.S. Citizen" and a chattel property owned and operated (like any other "vessel" at sea) by the British Crown Corporation.  They subsequently copyrighted my Given Name in Breach of Trust and subjected "me" to British Territorial Statutory Law.  

So I am rightfully an American State National, a Wisconsinite, but as a result of this primary Breach of Trust and Fraud against me, I have been misidentified and "sailing around" the world as a British Territorial United States "Vessel".  My identity has been stolen, in exactly the same way that a credit card hacker steals identities. 

There is just one other twist to this particular story --- the British Commonwealth of Puerto Rico operates under Spanish Law, which still allows them to impose The Inquisition on all "vessels" registered in Puerto Rico.  This creates a back door for the Pope to profit from this identity theft, too, and also a means for the Holy Roman Empire to get its claws into innocent people worldwide.  

So, after the first fraud and breach of trust by the Queen's disguised agents, they created a Roman Inferior Trust benefiting the Pope and named it after my stolen Proper Name.  They removed this Cestui Que Vie Trust operated as "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER" to Puerto Rico and registered it there.  

Now this leaves me with a British "Vessel" operating as a franchise of the British Crown Corporation under British Territorial Law, registered to a British Territorial State of State doing business as "the" State of Wisconsin.....and, a Puerto Rican "VESSEL" operated by the Holy Roman Empire under Spanish law, also drifting around --- and all of this is happening via a process of totally "unconscionable" and undisclosed contract, without my knowledge, and against my will.  Totally non-consensual.  

I never knew a thing about any of this skulduggery being done "for" me by Undisclosed Foreign (British) Territorial Agents. 

And there is absolutely no plausible reason --- other than pure profit and self-interest --- for any of this to have taken place.  

As an American, I didn't ever need or want any of their international or commercial franchises to operate my business interests, because my State of the Union, Wisconsin, is perfectly intact and competent to float my boats as American "Vessels".  

The British Territorial United States is under contract to provide me and my State of the Union with Good Faith Service under the actual Territorial Constitution ratified in 1789, and the British Monarch is under contract as a result of the Treaties of Versailles (1778-1784), Treaties of Westminster (1784-1794) and Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 ---- to act as my "Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways".  

Like Evil Uncle Ernie, the Queen has been caught diddling the children, making contracts with infants, trafficking us into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea, and then letting her Bar Attorneys pillage and plunder us under false pretenses, and letting her bankers "salvage" our ESTATES under the same outrageous false pretenses.  

Then, using our own Delegated Powers against us, and again, in Gross Breach of Trust and criminality, she has ordered her Territorial workers to keep mum about all of this ---- 18 USC 472---- in an effort to ensure that all these false claims and all this chicanery would never be discovered, and if it was discovered, the people who knew could not talk about it.   And all the Americans bound up in this scheme were told it was a matter of "National Security" and not to be questioned --- they just weren't told which 'nation" was securing itself. 

And the Popes, who are supposed to be our Trustees in the global jurisdiction of commerce,  have not been a bit better.  Oh, no, they jumped on the bandwagon, and their only objection to all this fraud and racketeering and identity theft has been to demand a cut of the action.  

The same thing has been done to people worldwide.  The Queen created and condoned this "system" in Britain, too, and orchestrated it while sitting in The Chair of the Estates, instead of the British Throne. 

By rights, they all ought to be taken out and shot, and they know it --- which makes them desperate and unwilling to come to an accommodation, because that would admit their guilt.  It would also divest them of a large portion of their ill-gotten wealth. 

I have been repeatedly asked ---what do I want?  What do I want?   

I want what most people want.  I want my freedom, control of my own life and assets, and to be left alone.  I am not offering to cause anyone any harm but by the same token, I have not donated my assets to the British Crown.  I want this identity theft and fraud and all these false claims in commerce to stop.  I want those responsible for this situation to disgorge the profits from it back to the people who have been harmed by it.  And I want peace and a normal course of business from now on.  

Since disgorging the profits all at once would cause chaos and devalue the assets, I have directed them to convert the debt system into a credit system and begin paying everyone on Earth a Basic Living Stipend equivalent to $2000 in local currency per month per person.  I have also told them to issue an equivalent $1000 in local currency per month per person as an "Investment Credit" that people can use to make investments of their own in any peaceful business enterprise, with the principal and the profits becoming available to them for their use upon reaching the retirement age of 60. 

Those of us who have been defrauded and suffered and who will not be able to benefit from the long term enactment of this remedy are owed the return of every penny we have paid into fraudulent mortgages, "federal income taxes" paid by people who were never actually federal citizens or employees or dependents, federal pension "contributions"  (Social Security, etc.) by people who were never actually federal employees, property taxes on our own property---- etc., all to be calculated and returned to us with reasonable interest as completely non-taxable dividend earnings.  Any service, such as medical services under SSI and Medicare, and all insurances that we are owed, will continue to be owed together with free pharmaceuticals and physical therapy and hospice care --- full boat.  

Everyone on Earth has more than enough reason to demand such reasonable settlement of their personal accounts.  

As for our national accounts owed to, for example, our actual States of the Union, they need to similarly be paid off and accounted for in a forthright and proper manner. allocated to our State Trusts, and passed through to provide infrastructure and environmental remediation and long term care taking and management of natural resources (not including people as "natural resources" -- thank you, very much) that belong to the People of each State.  

And no, we are not fooled by the Carbon Tax fraud-in-the-making.  We will not be diapering our cows any time soon.  Please take the fake "Treaty" agreeing to carbon taxes being proposed by the commercial corporations involved --- and have a nice bonfire as it passes into the dustbin of history.


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  1. Went to my home town to record my re-conveyance. I was told that I had to have these 6 items.

    1: Must have who prepared paperwork- name and address

    2: Tax map and parcel ID.

    3: Legal description.

    4: Name and address of owner and who is responsible for taxes.

    5: Must have oath of value.

    6: Must have prior title references.

    1. were you re-conveying your name or your home if I may ask?

    2. Mike Kelly
      Record @
      Lamar County Superior Court
      attention Bill Hewett
      326 Thomaston Street
      Barnesville, Georgia
      Google their website to get current recording fees

      I called them Friday morning 2/15/19 to check if fees had changed since 2018. Spoke directly to Bill.
      1 document. $10 first page $2 each next pages. Certified copies $2.50 first page and $.50 next pages.

      No problem ever recording any document. I've done my personal documents and the ones for my home.

    3. Anni....yes, you can file it, but it's critical that things concerning foreclosures all show up on the first page when you check your name to see what is filed on you....I filed an "Intent to Preserve Interest " on my home, and that was supposed to show up with the rest of any property filings....instead, the CRO saw fit to file it under the heading of "NOTICES", so if someone wanted to see if the title was cloaded(title is not free and clear of encumbrances), they would never find that filing because there has to be almost 200 headings to file under....!! Then, I found out they changed all the property lines in the entire area I was living at....which created basically a new beginning for that house starting from when it sold to someone else with a clean slate....!! This is the CRO....and they are allowing the BANKS and attorneys a free pass for fraudulent filings....!! They are that desperate to get your home...!!
      In there book, whatever created the illusion that these foreclosures have no "encumbrances " cloading the titles...!! That's why I don't trust the county recorders office anymore...!! They privatized it for the banks , attorneys, and the big Corporations...!!

  2. If I too had not been a victim of this scam I would say it reads much like "Brave New World" or "Blade Runner", too many times things have popped up in my life which I have questioned why only to feel that somewhere it was not based on the welfare of the general public. Amen, Ann we need to pull back the curtain and show that the wizard is NOT...

  3. Michael....what did you expect from a low level employee that has a supervisor, that is in her position because the Corp likes how she thinks and goes along with the Queen Mary for the ride in luxury....!!

    That's why we are doing this backwards...we need to turn all of them into Americans, rather than them trying to turn us into US CITIZEN/ SLAVES...!!
    And by the way, we are on open waters and inland waterways, so it seems simple to me....start flying your flag on your car (vessel), declaring your Nationality and your plain sight..!!
    Right..!! Either everything on this planet is water, or everything on it is LAND.....WE absouluty cannot have two or three jurisdictions...!!
    Make up your you want to live on the water or the land...but not both....!!

  4. Wow, so why have I believed all this time that Puerto Rico was a "US territory"? Amazing, a British Commonwealth, operates under Spanish law, Spain is a catholic country, and the Inquisition just keeps right on rolling along. Can anyone say with me, Vatican Jihad? It's really almost too much to comprehend!!! Thank you for this information.

    1. You are right, its too much to comprehend. That is why you take small bites..then even you can eat the elephant

    2. Tommy...Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory , but not an American territory...!! That's why people can't wrap there head around the fact that the U.S. is a different (foreign) country than America (the 50 states United only)...!!!

  5. Paul; I put a post up last night hoping for a reply,,, What happened to my post?

  6. doonstrFebruary 17, 2019 at 8:28 PM
    were you re-conveying your name or your home if I may ask?

    State- Tennessee
    County- Wayne

    1. I was asking a question about why I keep getting thrown in jail when following instructions of anna's articles...

  7. I have done all of the paperwork per (Necessary Paperwork to Establish State National and State Citizen Status) and recorded it here on New Jersey but nothing has stopped the foreclosure.

    I have done a Land/Letters Patent and recorded it and I recently received my State citizen passport and passport card. I sent a copy of everything I did for the dept. of state to issue me this passport, a cease and desist letter, a mandatory notice to the sheriff who has a writ of possession to steal our home and small farm and I instructed him to run my passport card info through NCIC, do not know if he did but no one has knock on our door for 2 weeks.

    I have also sent a certified copy of my recorded Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Re-Conveyance of Deed, Certificate of Assumed Name and Act of Expatriation under Notary Seal. Mandatory Notice of Foreign Sovereign Immunity Notice of Liability under seal and autograph.
    Even though I have not been served this writ I still think they are still coming.
    What else can I do even though my status has changed?
    Can I call the US Marshall for help? Please can someone here help me?
    Also I just found out that none of the orders/writs in this court have been signed and sealed properly and no oath or affirmation attached to anything. Some are saying I must file a Motion to vacate the void orders but if I am a state citizen can I do that now.

    1. Mikers: I suggest you copy/paste this comment into Anna's Facebook page.

    2. You need to have others at your home with you and at all times and be sure that everyone is armed - they are armed and you should be too
      I'm not advocating violence but this is not going to stop
      Another guy on you tube says he is facing 6 years in jail for trying to put trespassers off his land - he lives in Vermont
      This is all UN Agenda 21 where no one will be permitted to live on private land or own farms or grow their own food - everyone must be equal it is racist for you to own something that everyone else doesn't - this is what they are doing
      It's also why our jobs are being given to others to equal out the playing field that the bankers and crooks made unlevel in the first place - see how this is working
      Those who become unemployed they are planning to make drug addicts or drunks out of them and then they will just be eliminated
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. Go to court.

      1. Everything has to be on and for the record.

      2. Ask for a copy of the judges’ “Oath of Office”. Tell him that as a public servant, you are a foreign agent to the living breathing flesh and blood man and woman. Therefore, any public official who works for “the corporation”/ aka DC municipal connected-government, is required to have an oath of office and bond/insurance to operate in the public, so as to indemnify their actions to protect foreign living man and woman. Also called a Registration Statement-Pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

      Believe it or not there are judges that have no oath of office, which means any of their verdicts are null and void. If they do give you a copy that shows that there is no jurisdiction. Don’t argue jurisdiction just ask for the copy. If that doesn’t do the trick than do this.

      3. Tell him that you would like to receive a 1099 OID after the hearing. “Where is the 1099OID for this commercial transaction.” Isn’t this proceeding set in the nature of a taxable and thereby doing business transaction pursuant to the rules of commerce?” The prosecutor is duty bound at that point to deliver the 1099OID to you for your review. If he doesn’t, he’s confessing he’s running a bluff, (think fraud) he’s saying, ‘I don’t have a claim, and there is no claim.’ At this point the case should be dismissed and/or closed.

      These crooks pay income tax on their salary but never record the court bid bonds, which are sold on the stock market. Foreclosure goes between $1 – 2 Mill. If you want a 1099 OID to report to the IRS they cannot make any money off it because they have to pay it back to the treasury. They don’t care about the paperwork that you have filed or justice, it is all about making money, so hit them where it hurts. Good luck.

    4. Thanks Angela, I do have a copy of the judges Oath of Office but did not know what to do with it.

      I also did a 1099OID already with the correct papers but do not know what affect it has had on this case.

      I don't think my status and my passport has changed anything, it seems like the sheriff could care less. I also have his oath but can not get his Bond.

    5. Shelby I know you mean well but my wife and daughters are already traumatized..Being armed here in New Jersey would only mean death to us, we can not stop all their guns.

    6. are certainly right about won't be dealing with only one cop to foreclose on you. There will be others there to...!!
      The minimum would be a sherriff, a city cop, and someone representing the Bank...!! Your outgunned, so don't even try it....and even though I don't know your exact situation, God may just have something else in mind for you, like he did for us, but we didn't know what it was for 2 years....looking back now, I can see that the LORD had a better choice for us...a beautiful brand new apt (more of a condo), right in the heart of the city so we no longer have more than a few blocks to get anything we want...!!
      I was like you, scared to death because we had no place to go and we had it with living with anyone we were facing being on the street , but at least with a van that we could sleep in confortably...and no animals to deal with...!! Well that lasted two years, and just as we were ready to collect SS ,we drove by a brand new apt complex, all one storys, which is subsidized somehow for both "affordable housing" or section 8...!! Since both my brother and I both qualified for SS at the same time, they took our applications and we were approved for affordable housing.... $540/mo with no trash or water bills and we only pay for electric and gas which together come to $50/mo....and it comes with a garage and all kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator and a washer and dryer....all brand new....and we got rid of all the losers that were hanging around us....we were the only ones out of 5 people living at our foreclosed home that made it...all of them are suffering tremdously, from financial and heath related problems...!!
      We were actually rich when our dad died in 2002...!! But it wasn't until we lost everything by helping other people, that our life actually got better than we have ever had it because that's the only time the govt comes to your aid...!!

      In this monitary system now, the only way you can make it is if you are super rich, or super poor..!!
      Everything in between is a nightmare...!!

    7. And Mikers....the only oath these people have is to the Corporate U.S., not America, the 50 states United....and they will even go to great lengths to give you a falsified oath...!! One guy on another site asked the judge for his oath of office and was so persistent that the judge finally gave it to him, but with a slight change to it, which would would catch, but not the average person, because at the end of his oath, it always help me god..!! But when he got his oath it read like this..."SO HELP ME GOD"....!! Clever isn't it...!!

      And there "BONDS"...your kidding right...!! No one in govt positions are even "bondable" anymore because they know how much fraud is going legitimate binding company would take that kind of liability....instead, all counties and cities have opted for the lowest type of "coverage" they could still get and remain functioning legally...!!

      They are all insured under a blanket policy of limited liability....sort of like getting only "liability" coverage for your car...!! That's why all of them are taught to say they are "self-insured" though their city's or counties "Risk Management " depts....!!

      And most people try and sue either the city or the county for REMEDY...But that's why if you don't go straight to risk mgt. , they will tell you that you "must" fill out their complaint form to see if you even have a case to begin do you think they will rule for you doing it that way, when their whole job is to minimize their liability, because if you do have a valid case and you win, guess what happens to their "premium payments"...??
      And they will never back any employee over $250,000...if you are awarded any more than that, the city comes out of pocket for the rest...!! I wonder how long that officer would last in his position after that...about 3 days...!!

    8. The one you really have to sue is there "insurer", which is a pooling of insurance co. , because not even an insurance co. Alone will insure them....they need to split the liability amongst at least 3 or 4 insurers....!!
      Now what does that tell you...!!
      If you go straight to their "Risk Mgt" dept. and tell them you are a student writing about how city's work for a project for a class you are taking at a local university, and that you need to know how the city protects itself from liability from lawsuits and that requires you to know who your insurers are, they may just give you that info even though it's supposed to be public knowledge, if you don't do it that way and simply walk up and want to know their insurers, they immediately want to know why you are looking for that....!!
      They protect that info with there lives...why?? Because now you can sue the insurance companies for insuring "FRAUD", and with complete knowledge of that...if you win a case like that, the city will become uninsurable, meaning they are out of business....bankrupt...!! No business can function without insurance....even city's and counties...!!!

    9. Mikers, you don't do the 1099OID. They have to present one to you. You have to ask for it. Have you already been foreclosed?

  8. Have a listen folks
    All of this was designed and manufactured through I s r a e l with the help of course of AIPAC, CFR and the rest of the alphabet gangs and all using our very own tax paying money
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Mikers....I can tell you from experience that no law enforcement agency, including the US MARSHALLS will do anything for you without a court order, because they will only tell you they are following orders...court orders..!!
    Next time they tell you they are following orders, say fine, but where is the "order" that gave rise to this order...??? When he says what do you mean, tell him I'm talking about the "money order"...!! Did the judge pay for that order to "charge" this account for the "foreclosure" notice (the unlawful detainee notice).....there can be no lawful order without money behind it to order it.....they all think that these judges can just arbitrarily pass out "warrents", Unlawful Detainee notices", arrest warrants, and everything else without "paying for it....!! So it's your turn to ask the Sherriff , where is the order (your asking for the money order from the judge) that gave rise to his Unlawful Detainer order to make the contract lawful....!!

    Right now, the best thing you can do while you have some time is ask your real estate agent or "title holder"(whoever that is ) for an "abstract" of title, because you can't find your original papers...!!
    Often, they can give it to you within a few days, and it will be your mortgage agreement that will be stamped in RED INK saying that your house has been paid in full fact, by law, they should have filed a "satisfaction of lein" 2 weeks after escrow closes with the county recorders office, to show that the house was completely paid for in full as soon as escrow closed....unfortunately, within that agreement, we all waived 2 very important things...we waived "Power of Attorney" and "Power of Sale", which gave the banks attorney to file anything and everything now at the CRO without noticing you at all about what they were filing on your property....and trust me , they filed a lot....enough to "assign", transfer, or sell your "interest" in your property so many times , it's dubious anyone knows who the "Real Party of Interest" is anymore, or if their even is one anymore (FRCP 17 (a)....!!!

    So you immediately have to file a revocation of POA and POS at the CRO letting everyone know that this should have been done immediately and would have if there was "full disclosure " of the contract...!!!

    Also , did you answer their court order with your own, making a mandatory "Counterclaim" for all the fraud that took place on your loan...tell the judge to order a " forensic Audit of the Equities" to see how this loan was funded...its up to the Banks to supply that and at their cost since they are the ones trying to make a claim....a forensic Audit could cost well into the hundreds of there is no way you can pay for it...!! Maybe they will come to the table with you and work out something....but you will never get your house free, even if fraud was actually found....the only thing you can pray for is a modification of your loan would be nice to get the judge to award you "Quite Title" to your home, which is in essence equal to a "Fee Simple Absolute" title....the closest thing you will ever find closest to "Alloidal title", meaning you own the house completely under our original constitution...!!
    You have to be articulate in their courts and know their proceedures, because that's all they go by....!! The more you sound like them, the more they will be afraid of them....!!

  10. Continued...

    One more thing you need to do just before you walk into court....file a "Subrogation Bond" for a million dollars, using the judges name (full name not his title), making him liable on the bond if he doesn't rule in your doesn't have to be complicated...just put "SB" at the top and under "subrogation" , you can sign the judges name yourself because he never will, so you are not forging his signiture....!!
    If you had asked the judge to acknowledge your right of "Subrogation" and have both him and the prosecutor to sign it under penalties of pergery, the case probably would have ended right then and there...!!

    But I have been telling people how hard it is to fight these foreclosed because the Banks finally told all the judges that if they don't all start ruling in our favor, they will just shut all the banks down....!! Even judges homes are being foreclosed would think th ed t would get it but they don't or wont...!! Good luck..!!
    But prepare yourself for the worst, because it has become so corrupt and complicated that it's easy to roll over everyone no matter how unlawful it looks....!!

    1. Thanks James, I have never been to court, did not have a trial by jury.
      James is there a way we can talk?

  11. Mikers..when it comes to foreclosures now, no judge will even hear your case without an attorney now because foreclosures are the only thing keeping the banks liquid, at least with as little negative liquidity as possible because they are all operating now on negative liquidity...I have even heard the banks now want to monitor "negative liquidity".!! In other words they want to monitize DEBT...!!
    But if you would like to contact me, first do it through my email account