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Sunday, February 24, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 38 The American Government Structure

By Anna Von Reitz

You can now see the outlines of the actual American Government:
The people -- all living, breathing beings operate as Natural Persons, and operate the soil jurisdiction, which is the national jurisdiction of their republican states which are members of The United States, an unincorporated Union.

The People -- all Lawful Persons acting in the international land jurisdiction owed to the republican states operating as States that are members of The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation of States.

The United States: Combined National Soil Jurisdiction Union of State Republics

Union Formed: July 1, 1776
Declared: July 4, 1776 via The Unanimous Declaration of Independence
Nature: lawful, unincorporated, Union of State Republics
Jurisdiction: soil, top six inches of land, national, domestic
Units: Unincorporated Counties
Government: Lawful Republican Assemblies
Language: English

The Wisconsin Republic (soil) / The Republic of Wisconsin (surface water)
The Texas Republic (soil) / The Republic of Texas (surface water)
…. et alia

Citizenry: living people conducting business as Natural Persons

The United States of America - Combined International Land and Sea Jurisdiction - Federation of States

Federation Formed: September 9, 1776
Declared by: Act of The Continental Congress
Nature: Lawful, Unincorporated Federation
Jurisdiction: Land (below six inches deep) and Sea, International
Units: Unincorporated States
Government: Lawful State Assemblies
Language: English

Ohio (land) / Ohio State (sea)
Wisconsin (land) / Wisconsin State (sea)
….Et Alia....

Citizenry: Lawful Persons

****Note that some powers of the States in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea were contracted away via Delegation of Powers under the Constitutions, but not all such powers. See Amendment X.****

And now comes the Big Surprise: We, the People, are crossing the Bar:

States of America, Combined Global Commercial and Municipal Jurisdiction of the Air, Confederation of States

Confederation Formed: March 1,1781
Declared by: Adoption of The Articles of Confederation
Nature: Legal, Incorporated
Jurisdiction: Global, Municipal, Commercial, Territorial
Units: Incorporated and Sovereign - Patented States of States
Government: Federal, Territorial, Municipal
Language: English

The State of Georgia / The Georgia State
The State of Wisconsin / The Wisconsin State
….Et Alia....

Citizenry: Legal Persons

****Notice that the States of America Confederation originally conducted the business of all three branches of the future Federal Government. Notice that although the actual members of this Confederation were States of States, they were nonetheless all referred to as "Confederate States" beginning in 1781. Notice that the citizenry of these States of States is all composed of Legal Persons, not Lawful Persons.****

****Notice that the official language of all three is English.****


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  1. Re: "The people -- all living, breathing beings operate as Natural Persons" - Does the term: "The people" refer to "all living, breathing beings" collectively, individually or as both individuals and a collective?

  2. ****Notice that the official language of all three is English.****
    Good point and yet the world is very taken by Babylon. Babble.
    you and others equate everything to fighting the beast (law) of the sea and the beast (law)of the land ( oh yes there is both.)
    And being admitted to heaven. Only the english speaking americans are fighting this war? Oh no not by a long shot.Only the english speaking countries admitted to heaven, no.
    So many of these discussions revolve around "religion" and access to Heaven and the Father etc. can not help but speak out on these discrepancies.
    Perhaps america and the "english speaking countries are all under "attack "For many and much the same reasons?
    Did ye here ireland now has legalised abortions? How about India? also english speaking.
    Do you think the beast is everywhere or just on this land?

    1. UN Human Rights Experts Demand Legalized Abortion Worldwide - PRI
      Oct 4, 2018 - UN Human Rights Experts Demand Legalized Abortion Worldwide ... “States across the world should act now to decriminalise abortion,” says a ... had even called on all countries worldwide to legalize abortion “on request,” ...

  3. WalMart in Texas rolling out facial recognition self check out
    Just an FYI for those interested
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I have yet to see any rebuttal to my claim that this proposed system embodies one immense flaw, which is that you have proposed that men swear their allegiance to these proposed man-made (and needlessly complex, I might add) political bodies. Such an act constitutes idolatry, and in substance is no different than if all of us were to throw a gold trinket into the smelter and cast one golden calf to serve as "our government."

    God said that every man who trusts in man is cursed. Jeremiah 17:5. The present so-called government claims its citizens owe it their allegiance because it gives them protection, which is an utter fabrication. Only God is able to protect a man, and only God is worthy of a man's allegiance.

  5. Disecting, the structure is intresting . However we are dealing with a communist take over ( neocon s)the Jewish CFR created the CIA as a central node with unlimited budget and national security cover.APAC controls both houses of Congress thus the legislature and budget from that flow communist power .
    This little paperwork will be tossed in the circular file.we just trashed the best shot at joining
    As a national assembly if we follow this guru .
    Do you trust your sources ? I do not I sense a bias to attack only one power the last anglo saxon and ignore the big jewish banking / Wallstreet / electronic media /CIA.

    1. I would agree bubbapatric - have a look at this site about who all these global scumbags are just pillaging everything in their path
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved