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Friday, January 4, 2019

Their "Satanic Majesties"

By Anna Von Reitz

First some background --- the Early Church was polluted by the old Satanic religion of Summer and Babylon early in its history. This could not be avoided, as the Church took root in the very seedbed of the Great Abomination--- Jesus grew up in Galilee, which was part of Ancient Kingdom of Summer. 

This is why we have such stories as "The Good Samaritan" and why the Bible records Peter's fight with Simon Magus, who was the first, but not the last to promote a "working relationship" between Satanists and the Church. 
Satanism began in Jesus's homeland, but as it was a sea-going religion it quickly spread throughout the known world and established itself in seaports--- what we now know as Tel Aviv is next door to the Great Temple of Balbeck, Sidon, and Tyre---- all centers of Satanic worship. It also spread eastward to Babylon and north into Assyria and the Chaldean Empire.

The Great Abomination spread around the entire Mediterranean and deep into Africa, becoming entrenched in Alexandria and Carthage, Crete, Sardinia, Malta, the Black Sea, and Turkey. 
By the Seventh Century Before Christ, the Great Abomination had seeded itself in the seaports of eastern Italy and Gaul and set up a headquarters in Portugal among the Phoenicians and outposts along the western side of the British Isles --- Cornwall, Wales, and Ireland.

So the Great Abomination travelled westward with the sailors, and especially with the sea-going Israelite Tribe of Dan, whose emblem is a giant snake--- which was at one time prominently displayed on their tribal banner. See the references in Genesis.

The Tribe of Dan was one of the ten (10) "Lost Tribes" of Israel --- "lost" to Jacob in the sense that they adopted the Satanic religion and propagated it wherever they roamed.

The Romans suppressed "the Babylonian religion" early on and through the days of Augustus Caesar, but with the end of the Punic Wars and the sack of Carthage, the old Siren Song of Semiramis came to Rome with the Carthaginian slaves and the Great Abomination became one of Rome's accepted State Religions. 
By the Second Century Before Christ, the priests of "Cybele" (--- yet another name for Semiramis and her Cult) had become the Tax Collectors for Imperial Rome. They wore black robes and white wigs, just as British Barristers still do.
It is easy to see how and why the Early Church was irrevocably harmed and polluted by its Devil's Bargain with Constantine and the Council of Nicea.

"St. Jerome" liberally abused his position of trust to exclude key portions of the Biblical record and to add totally fictional works attributed to the Apostle Paul --- but actually written as "homages" by his own friend, Paul of Ephesus, whose misogynist screeds have been used to achieve the Roman Patrician goal of subjugating women--- all things that Jesus never taught and which the actual Paul never advocated, either.

They also painted Mary Magdalene as a harlot. A great many other teachings were subverted and subtly twisted at this time to promote Rome's desire for a quiet, complicit, docile form of what they dubbed "Christianity"--- a doctrinal core of deceit which took the life and teachings of Yeshuah and turned him into a idol after the Babylonian fashion: he was no longer a man, but a god -- in itself a False Teaching that he never promoted. 
All this to give you a "sweeping glance" at what we come to now. We know that the Church was polluted early on and know what, when, where, by whom, and how. Satan has always been "part of the story" --- but in many ways never fully disclosed, he has also been substituted as the story. 
Please note that "substitution" of one thing for another is always part and parcel of the modus operandi of Satan. He seeks to substitute himself in the place of our Creator. He seeks to replace England with Great Britain. He seeks to replace Yeshuah with "Jesus" and "Christ". He seeks to replace you with a corporation named after you. And, way back in the days of Samuel, he gained a "good hit" when he got the Hebrews to substitute men for the True King.

I have told you all that there are two (2) "Gods" in the Bible and you must read it very carefully to discern which is which. I have told you that Yahavah, the Creator, is not the same as Jehovah, who delights in the smell of burning flesh. See? It is just another one of their "similar names deceits", designed to trick you into worshiping the wrong God, the same way they try to substitute "the United States" for The United States of America. 
The same way they teach you to misdirect your prayers by sealing them with "Amen" --- a reference to the Egyptian god, Amen-Ra, aka, the Sun.

I have told you that all that you need to know about the history of the struggle we are engaged in, is contained in the single Book of Genesis and that the beginning is also the end. This fight between Eve's Children and Satan's Children was declared by the Creator to settle who would rule the Earth after Adam abdicated his responsibility.

We shall overcome by the Sword of Truth and they shall attempt to overcome by making us stumble into a Quagmire of Deceit.

So here is the unvarnished Truth about the "13 Bloodline Families" and the current state of abject depravity within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Children of Satan, being what they are, are deceitful by nature---thought it would be a good idea if their Merovingian Kings claimed to be the literal bloodline descendants of Yeshuah. Once that False Claim was established, it was only a logical hop-skip-and-a-jump for the feudal retainers of the Merovingian Dynasty to claim that they were all lineal descendants of the Disciples.

So there you have it --- the supposed "Royal Bloodline"--- of Yeshuah, and the twelve bloodlines of his Disciples. Only now, having become familiar with the way Satan twists and turns identities and words using names and labels, you will note that "Yeshuah" is now known as "Jesus" and called "Christ" and his Disciples have become "Apostles". 
There you have their Dark Ages Swindle that resulted in these "Illuminati Bloodlines" and the only reason they are "Illuminati" is that they know it was a con game and a swindle, first to last. 
We all have cause to know that the inheritance we achieve through Yeshuah is purely spiritual and takes place in the realm of the spirit, not the flesh.
So one plus twelve equals thirteen.

The sun plus the Zodiac equals thirteen.
Jacob plus his sons equals thirteen.
Jesus plus his disciples equals thirteen.
But, Judas Iscariot plus the Apostles also equals.... thirteen.

So all this is background to enable me to make a reply to the following information:

"....when the Black Mass was celebrated in the Vatican on June 29, 1963, the participants pricked their fingers with a gold pin and swore allegiance to Lucifer. Father Malachi Martin S.J., was, at that time, Secretary to Cardinal Bea in the Vatican. He subsequently resigned his position as a Jesuit priest and began writing books. You can find them by googling his name. He and his friend, a Father Cahn, if I am remembering it correctly were both murdered for exposing these things.

Fr. Martin appeared numerous times with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM during the 1990s. The Jesuits, known as The Church Militant, invented confession to be used as an intelligence gathering tool to identify heretics during the Middle Ages, and are much involved with Freemasonry. I have a video on the Luciferian liturgy being sung in a Vatican worship service.

Behind the Vatican are the Jesuits, headed by the Black Pope, and behind them is the Grey Pope, Pepe Orsini, of one of the 13 Bloodline families, behind them are the demons and the Reptilians going back to the 'serpent' in the Garden of Eden. The Reptilians have been behind the Vatican since its inception. In 1964, under Pope Pius VI, the Reptilian Auditorium that sits to the right rear of the Vatican Complex, was dedicated...."

All this is, of course, correct --- and a matter of record. You can see the giant snake throne the Pope sat on when holding court as the Roman Pontiff--- an Office now defunct since 2011, and also exposed by Frank O'Collins and myself and Kurt Kallenbach and many others.

The Vatican is under their system the antithesis of the Holy See, in the same way that Edward Sin-clair also used the name Edward Saint-clair. 
Just think of the cartoons of your childhood with the devil perched on one shoulder and the angel perched on the other: sin-clair is his devil persona, saint-clair is his angel persona, and the man caught in between is erroneously taught that this is his nature, and that he can never be unified, but must be eternally "at war" with himself. 
This ancient, pervasive, misconception of duality and "good" and "evil" as mutual necessities carried to an extreme led to the actions taken in 1963 and the acceptance into the Church of all the profound evils in evidence within it at the current time.

It was at the time seen as an effort to "normalize" and "accept the reality of evil" as part of human nature, and so to overcome it by "inclusion" --- which is all a nice bunch of verbiage seeking to excuse the complete and utter loss of moral compass displayed by Pope Pius VI and his entire entourage.

"Fornicating with the Kings of the Earth" doesn't quite describe it, but close enough. Their actual motto might have been more prosaically stated as, "If you can't beat them, join them."

So all the "apples" turned rotten at once, as apples are known to do in the presence of one profoundly corrupting influence, with the result that we have pedophile priests and sodomites and cannibals and every other evil under the sun sheltering in the arms of the Church and using the Church as a storefront.
And all this is embedded along with the accompanying "Doctrines of Death" which were also adopted.

Satanism is a Death Cult, so of course, there had to be Doctrine of Death, and a Doctrine of Scarcity, and a Doctrine of Blood, and a Doctrine of Relativism and a Doctrine of Every Other Evil you can think of to "accommodate" Satanists as part of the Church's Ecumenical Outreach.

The Truth is that Satan is a failed Archangel --- a type of Seraph, and all Seraphs are Reptilian by nature, forged in the Cold Fire of Sirius B. These Great Dragons can be the Servants of the Living God, or they can be Outlaws and worshipers of Delusions which are all based on the concept of Separateness and Ego.

Pope Pius VI's attempt to overcome separateness by embracing such evil and insanity is a tragic miscalculation and underestimation of the virulent nature and all-consuming ego involved--- Satan seeks only "to murder and destroy" without end and without reason. Inviting him into the Church was like sitting on a cobra and hoping for good results.

For while it is possible for us to be reconciled with the duality we experience within ourselves, and to come back into alignment and be in tune with our Creator, this is not possible for Satan. His only end has been declared -- and it is the Abyss.

We are now living through the Apocalypse, where the curtain is pulled back and we finally see what was hidden. It's more than most people want to see and more than some can bear to see--- yet it is only by owning the Truth that we can live and progress and get beyond this nastiness.

Lately, I've had people come to me and advance the repugnant idea of the "Noble Lie" --- that it is cruel and inhumane to deprive people of lies that they have built their lives upon. What will they do when they realize that George Washington wasn't the first President? That they have been slaves "in the land of the free"? That Yeshuah didn't come here to die for their sins? 
To them, I can only reply that the meanest truth is far better than the grandest lie.


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  1. As you can see I don't always agree with Anna. This is one of those times.
    First take a look at the list of Popes throughout history.
    Notice there is no Pius VI in 1964.
    20 Centuries of Popes starting with what Jesus Christ did.
    "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and blood hath not revealed it to thee, but my Father who is in heaven. And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven."

    I am NOT saying that the current occupants of the vatican are really Christians or Catholics. That is Satan's big deception. A far bigger deception than anything in the history of the world. But the idea that Christ's true Church could be divided against itself and corrupted by evil in it's doctrine is heresy. If that were true then Christ would have to have been the world's biggest liar. But the fact is His Church is still here but much smaller than it was.

    I also disagree with the last entries from 260 on being true Popes. I believe they will be in the list of antipopes eventually.

    So look again at the policy we have at the top of this blog.

    "You will find some conflicting views from some of these authors. You will also find that all the authors are deeply concerned about the future of America. What they write is their own opinion, just as what I write is my own."

    1. Please "UCADIA E.F. where is a true Court of Law for the People of the land located? I can find the Buildings, maned by Pirates. Private Courts, registered with DUN AND BRADSTREET, having jurisdiction over only international/ interstate Commerce and call private copyrighted statutes law, are not Article III Courts of Law for the inhabitants of the several states. I haven't found one here on Delaware the supposed first State, notoriously known as the hub of FICTIONLAND.

      And yes you are correct, I am certainly free to continue to volunteer to be Raped by this system. And yes there are Americans Brave enough to stand up and say "I Do Not Consent". Enough is Enough. "The only thing needed for Evil to Prevail is for Good Man to do Nothing." I thank you for your comments, most provide one with more determination to seek the Truth. Look forward to your opinions!

  2. Paul, could it possibly be a mis-spelling or just a mistake? Okay for those that do not know, Paul VI (Guiseppe Montini - Paul VI 1963-1978)succeeded John XXIII (Roncalli - 1958 -1963). For the sake of the article i knew of whom Anna was speaking. i am also familiar with Malachi Martin and have read a few of his books and have heard him at the time and since have listened to archival radio and interview audios of Martin.. i get it.

    robert: carr
    The common wealth of Pennsylvania

  3. Well I don't agree with all that was said, but it is a mostly accurate history lesson. The scriptures say to come out of Babylon and not be partakers of her SINS'. How sad it is that Christians today do not realize that the Goddess was impregnated on Easter and had her baby on Dec. 25. All the pagan sun gods birthdays are on Dec. 25. Their names changed because God changed the languages at the tower of Babel. These are Satan's holidays as compared to God's holidays that he says to keep in His word. His holidays explain the plan of salvation and how it is going to happen. Another sad fact is people do not even follow God's calendar. They are following pagan Rome's calendar. That is why Paul says His coming is as a thief in the night to those who don't know His calendar. (Read 1 Thes. 5:1-5). Why is it that Rome has the biggest collection of pagan sun God worship collectibles in the world. They do have the biggest solar wheel in the Vatican. And they want you to pray to graven images, which the scriptures teach against. Wake up folks, and put Babylon behind you....we have all been deceived by Satan's lies.

    1. @Norman Frost..thank you for stating the obvious truth. Most of whst Anna wrote I believe it true. I can only say so based on all else I have read.
      Paul Stramer is a good man , but like my Father is singlemindedly Catholic without question . Me, I question everything first and foremost the creation , man the sinful, faulted hard hearted stiff necked creation...

    2. Norman, there is no Goddess, as I guess you are referring to the birth of Jesus.? And if so, you have two more errors; first, his earth mother, Mary, was never referred to as a goddess; nowhere. Secondly, Jesus was not born on dec. 25. There is not a shred of evidence of that anywhere. The only evidence is by looking at the weather conditions at the time of his birth, and by the shepherds still having their sheep out in the fields........which does not happen by the time dec. rolls around in that part of the world.

      (dec. 25 is the date given for the birth of a pagan child. That is why it is actually a pagan holiday y'all celebrate; it has nothing to do with Christ whatsoever. You can check this out by looking up 'christmas' in ''C'' of Encyclopidia Britanica.)

  4. Thank You Anna
    Makes (perfect?) ;-) sence to me
    GOD Bless You and Yours

  5. I am compelled to share another truth here concerning the Bible . Anyone with eyes that can see look at rev 22: 18- 19 and you will clarify what i am about to reveal . Yahuah and yashuah were removed 8 thousand times from the king james bible and replaced with jesus and lord.Now tell me what rev 22: 18 - 19 says? king james was ESQUIRE = he was a ATTORNEY per say. Now what does the Most important Commandment say let there be no other Gods before me....Put your comfort zones to the side long enough to realize taking Yahuah and yashuah away and putting jesus and lord in its place is a deception and anyone that doesent search before the 1600s Sacred scriptures wont EVER see what i am sharing with you...The archives DONT LIE . For those who think Anna is not spot on with her documents look at rev 15:2 ???? Notice any similarities???? To her documents...After i put them in i fully realized what give to caesar what is caesars and give to God what is Gods..COMFORT ZONES BEWARE= those who have eyes let them see..........................

    1. charles, and just what proof do you have of such a claim of such a change? I happen to not believe you and it would not take 2000 yrs. for such a claim to be brought forth. In actuality, I think it is simply a matter of engish vs. hebrew and nothing more. I am not hebrew so I will never use the Yah names.

  6. Firstly Paul I'd like to thank you for all your hard work and please take this as no criticism, however as the Bible says "You will know them by their fruits". You just need to look at the history of Rome.

    Rev 18 "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

    Ecclesiastical Deed Pole (see my coat of arms). 666 = 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. The only Act that refers to a 'Man', after that its always a 'Person'

    How we were all enslaved via the Birth Certificate.

    Rev 13:17 "Calculate the number of the beast (Beast = ROME)
    For it is the number of a 'person'".

    Interpretation Act 1978: 1889 c. 63
    (5) The definition of "person ", so far as it includes bodies
    corporate, applies to any provision of an Act whenever passed
    relating to an offence punishable on indictment or on summary

    (CORPSE)oration 'Body Corporate' = 'Person'. A creation of ROME.

    You try getting a job without a NI number LOL

    A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.

    I could be wrong of course, everything is a lie.

    "Gary and Stafford". You don't say 'Fish Chips' "Gary Stafford" = Joinder/contract; do you, No, you say 'Fish and Chips'

    1. Thanks for that..we love Paul, he is selfless and does all this with no compensation. He is a good man. Sometimes Catholisism blinds its followers with its dogma and doctrine. I was devout and during my most devout period I began to see the hypocracy and duality... that was over 10 years ago snd my joirney makes very uncomfortable family dinners with my 86 year old extremely devout Father.....

  7. Once One has the epithany "One is not a PERSON", One is Free!

    Know Thyself!

  8. Hardly I learn all the tricks I learn history and my bullsh. Detector is fully functional .

  9. In all the worlds confusion it is helpful to have clarity based on scripture, which can be believed as far as it is translated correctly, or if given by modern revelation to a prophet, who is a mouthpiece for God on earth, if called by God to that calling.

    Anna talks a good deal about the systemic corruptions, extending from long ago and to our current circumstances globally and nationally, now being revealed, yet we still have difficulty seeing the corruptions before our own faces. One scripture that comes to mind to assist believers to sort things out on a universal perspective is

    "To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life eternal" 2 Nephi, 9:39

    John 17:3 states that Jesus prayed, saying

    "For this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent."

    That standard is truly helpful as with it we can examine our motives and behaviors and see how we measure up, and how in need of re-considering our ways we are. How others have corrupted themselves is a given, for there is only one who is sinless, who came to earth to atone for the sins of all who would believe in his name. Those who don't accept Him as their model of behavior and values are spoken of in this passage:

    2 Nephi 9:38 "... wo unto all those who die in their sins; for they shall return to God, and behold his face, and remain in their sins".

  10. About 80% of this was more or less consistent with my understanding, about 20% not. The parts that mattered to me, and I really would like an answer on this, were concerning the living person mentioned in Josephus and in the Christian scriptures and seemingly prophesied in the hebrew writ and other documents commonly known in the western world as Jesus Christ, often called variations of Yeshua Hamashiach, which I always understood to translate literally to Jesus the Messiah, and it sorta sounds like that to me when I say it, so. . .anyway, arguments over pronunciation, enunciation and dialect are only divisive if not engaged under a common cause. Otherwise it is just another propaganda space or virtual battleground or whatever. But more to the point, I was disturbed by the claim that Jesus/Yeshua/(you know who I intend to refer to, so use whatever symbolic term you like) did not make any claims to be divine. Though I think you (Anna) said he did not make any claim to be god, which technically may be correct if we don't define god as "Creator of Heaven and Earth, and every created thing, eternally existent with all perfections within Himself" but as some sort of demi-god. I don't think Christ meant He was a demi god when he said, "Before Abraham, I am." Or when He called himself the "Son of Man," which was a clear sign to anyone who know anything whatsoever. . .again, that is my understanding of what we can reasonably believe to be the basic truth of what happened, so that means its probably all wrong, but I don't know that I have any examples of more likely the case stories. So I just gotta know. . what did you mean that Christ did not claim to be "who he was?"

    1. Tim, Id advise you to not get your bible teaching or beliefs from ANY man or woman. Check everything out for yourself, and get proof for everything. Know the bible; when you do, you will then be able to spot errors easily.
      Christ is both Man AND God. He was heavenly/Godly prior to his being sent to earth, being born as a human being/a baby. When he was here on earth as a human being, he was as a Man, lived like a Man the same as us. He DID say though 'if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father'. Is that not true? So right there he was hinting that he was God.
      The bible also tells us that ''all Judgement (at the end) will be left to the Son'. Now that too tells us that the Son of God is also God, else he would not be qualified to be the Judge of all.

      It has been published that Jesus had only 1 Male Chromosome rather than the 23 (?) that we human beings have, that we received thru our earthly father. Jesus had no earthly father, and the single Chrom signifies his Father was God the Father.

      So, do not be so quick to just believe everything anna says; she is wrong or in error almost as much as she is correct. And the only thing she is correct about is SOME of her legal stuff. Notice she never gives verification for anything she says. That should serve as a red flag when reading Anybody's stuff. If they cant or wont tell you where they got their info from, then dont swallow it; just count it as opinion.

      (I did not go get chapter and verse for what I stated above; but if you need it, I will get off my duff and go look it up for you, lol. I sort of quit looking up stuff because most people dont appreciate it anyhow, lol.)

  11. I agree with Judge Anna 99.95% in all her discovery of "Satanic Religion" started in Jesus hometown. Whether the "Queen Majesty" is one of them, I still have doubt. I know the Queen works are associated with the previous setup of "Satanic Banking works" she may be forced to follow her root. She could change in the last moment before she dies. She still has human part. For these reasons, our highest God has such a Great Patience longing for people to return home.

    1. Pinkham, scripture says 'tempt not thy God foolishly''. That means don't press yer luck, lol. There's also scripture that says 'I called you, but you did not answer'. And 'many are called, but few are chosen'.
      Other places in the bible, overall, indicate that after one has been told, 2 or 3 times, and they still reject Christ and his offer of salvation thru the call to repentance, then He is not at all obligated to ever give them any further chance.

      The possibility of salvation is also hinged on a person knowing, or understanding, or being told, etc. In other words, after they have been approached and given that opportunity, 2 or 3 times, and they still rebell/reject, then they may well have sealed their fate.
      In fact, look at 2 Thess.2:10 and you will see that salvation requires one to receive a love of the Truth, and in v.11 if they don't, God sends them a strong delusion, whereby all they can believe is lies, unable to ever believe the truth, even if they wanted to.
      So, the queen has had every opp to know the truth, but apparently has rejected it, and so it is quite doubtful she will change. It is really not a good idea to consider 'waiting till ya get old'. Lots of people die very very young.

      God threw satan out of heaven back in the beginning of earth, and has let him roam to and fro seeking whom he MAY devour''. So satan is about as old as earth is and thats when satanism began. He 'began his career' back in the Garden of Eden.

      Pink, the queen has had a coddled and lazy life; she has never worked a day in her life. She has lived off the dole, actually. I call it glorified welfare/handouts without any effort. She has been deceitful and certainly not been above reproach. I just have no respect for those that live in luxury and freebies, while their people struggle.

  12. I'm got poison my system poison now.
    Common law court in Texas is my focus along with a grand jury.

  13. Paul, I know UCADIA is a thorn but some of us need the thorns. The rules are do not use the handle "Unknown" or "Anonymous". All comments are opinions so if you identify yourself then why is the post removed? I have actually been very motivated by negative comments, to dig into deeper research. The Bevins Declaration is in effect here right? Leave his comments so we can prove him wrong. His comments poke this Mama bear, lol.

  14. I will not allow the foul mouthed comments he writes. He has lost his privilege of posting comments on this blog by his personal attacks and evil mouth. I will not relent on that one.