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Saturday, January 12, 2019

About the Christians and the Bankers

By Anna Von Reitz

All the bankers I know put their money in Muslim banks.
Why? ---They don't trust each other, and for good reason.
The Muslims have a reliable code of law and ethics. If a banker steals anything in the Muslim world, he loses his hand or his head.
Right now. No questions asked. And everybody knows it.
As a result, the Muslims enjoy the most reliable and honest banks in the world.
And the rest of us?
We are treated to a plague of bankers chiseling us and commandeering our assets for their benefit, bankers wallowing in unjust enrichment, and thieves sitting on every bank Board of Directors.
Our entire government has been corrupted and undermined by bankers. Our people have been misled, deceived, and plundered by bankers.
The world currencies have been grossly manipulated for political and economic advantage by bankers--- and this has been allowed by corrupted governments and supported and enforced by corrupt military and law enforcement officials.
Other commodity supplies besides currencies have been rigged in the same way with the same results --- the bankers and their political and military flunkies get rich and everyone else takes it in the shorts.
And the source of all this evil? Love of money. Just as it says in the Bible. They have created their own idols and bowed down to Mammon and created and practiced all manner of evil in the name of money.
Non-Muslim bankers think they will get away with it forever, because their hands and heads have not been chopped off. They have not been arrested and jailed for their crimes. Regulations and laws have not been enforced.
No consequences at all have attended their thievery, even their illegal enfranchisement and "securitization" of living people and the loss of millions of lives in wars for profit has not been sufficient cause to send them and their political cronies to the gallows.
A sane man must look at this and wonder --- why not?
A large part of the answer in America is fraud.
People have been deluded and deceived by these con artists and fed a steady diet of dis-information and false history and propaganda in the public schools, until a large part of the population is living in a world that literally does not exist except in their minds.
Americans under the influence of these purposefully induced delusions and false assumptions believe in "America, Land of the Free" even when it is self-evident that nearly everyone who lives here is in chains, subject to racketeering by the IRS, and afraid of what poses for their own dear government.
Bankers and their entourage of politicians and military sycophants have substituted their private "governmental services" corporations for the government we are owed, using similar names deceits and propaganda and substituting private corporate elections for the Public Elections and Offices we are owed.
They have controlled our credit and money supplies and via that fulcrum have endeavored to set up a worldwide credit, currency, and asset rigging scheme that would, if successful, guarantee their dominance over the rest of humanity, and the ascendancy of Mammon over the Living God.
I have reason to believe that the entire reason---above and beyond the control of oil resources--- that so much effort and money and propaganda invective has been spent on the Middle East is simply the fact that the Muslims and their Sharia Law stand in stark opposition to this program of the bankers, for the bankers, and by the bankers.
The Muslims still stubbornly worship a God other than Mammon and they still uphold their religious Public Law. They still execute dishonest bankers in the public squares and make no apology about it.
From a banker's standpoint, you can see why this is a real problem and threat to the success of their plans to establish a world hegemony for criminals--- and why dismembering and discrediting Muslim countries and the religion of Islam generally is a priority for them.
In a very fundamental way, we are engaged in a spiritual war, a religious war between Mammon and all Comers, including the God of the Jews and the God of the Christians and the God of the Muslims ---- but only the Muslims are standing tough.
The Jews are cynical after all that they have been through and the Christians are just beginning to wake up.
Most Catholics still don't know about the Black Mass in 1963 converting their Church and their Faith to the worship of Lucifer---the chief running dog of Mammon.
Now there is a reform movement to stop that and separate the Church from the Babylonian "Secular Worship" ---- but the Church would still be in bed with the "Holy Roman Empire" instead of the Office of the Pontiff, so this is just a step-back position and not a true repentance, not a thorough house cleaning and severance from the bankers.
It's the banker's way to just make all these changes and not tell anyone, so that we all just go on assuming one thing, when in fact something entirely different is going on. You start playing a game of Checkers and halfway through, with no warning at all, they start playing Parcheesi instead.
You start attending a Christian Church and learning about the glorious teachings of Yeshuah, and then find out that your money is going to Lucifer instead and that your soul has been claimed as chattel and is being traded in a lively market for Baptismal Certificates.
They give up the Office of the Roman Pontiff and boot up the "Holy Roman Empire" instead. It's all just criminal bull shit and idolatry using --- and being allowed to use --- the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront.
This shameful nonsense has got to stop and the Catholics are responsible for seeing to it that it does. Those who are engaging in this blasphemous "trading in souls" are not Christian and they have to be removed from the Church and prevented from making any claim to being Christian at all. It's not the talk. It's the walk.
No matter how liberal you may be in your interpretation of scripture, or how loose your moral compass, common sense, and grasp of logic ----- bisexual Babylonian hedonist transvestites straight out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show acting as slave traders of souls --- are incompatible with any "Church" associating itself with the teachings of Yeshuah and the mission of the Holy Spirit.
The rest of us are not waiting for the Catholics to finish cleaning up their own mess, but are forging ahead to wake up the rest of the Congregations and summoning the Protestants to account.
How is it that the Lutheran Church in America sold our Baptismal Certificates to the Roman Pontiff? And the Southern Baptists, too? And what about you, LDS? Not content to sell the current generation, you have gone back generations and done the same thing, too?
Insanity does not begin to explain all that has gone on in the Catholic Church nor in this country since 1913, but with the Living God as my Witness, it has to end.
And meantime, we all need to learn a lesson or two from the Muslims.
If we, Christians, had remained as true to our Living God and to the moral teachings we have received, none of this evil would be going on.
The bankers might still have their heads, but they'd be in jail and nobody anywhere would be trading in "titles" to anything or accepting I.O.U.'s as money or excusing criminality via exercise of bankruptcy privileges that are grossly undeserved.
It's a spiritual war, a war for your mind. Use it. Wake up. See what is in front of you. The gaping mouth of all-devouring Mammon seeks to destroy---and will destroy, if you just stand around like sheep and allow it.


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  1. The filth of this world can only be washed away through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Faith in YHVH, his Son Yashua and trust in the word of God KJV. Not the roman catholic apostate bibles available everywhere that do nothing but corrupt the word of God. Jesus said that the path to heaven is a hard one. It will not come through fighting on this FLAT EARTH for mammon and justice. We are told that the wicked and the righteous will be divided in the last days. We are in those days. No one, NO ONE needs a church. You only need sincerity of heart and humility to ask the one true God to change you and make you fit for the kingdom. You are not on this earth to gain or to succeed. These are lies you have been sold through the media. You are on this earth so that you can make a choice between this world and the kingdom to come. Most choose the world.
    The fallen ones made their choice. They were in the kingdom. Lust for the women of the earth took hold of their hearts and they fell. They can never go back. I believe that God wants to show the fallen ones that through your personal resolve you can enter into the kingdom. That man is capable though faith, despite lucifer's devices and interference, to enter into God's rest and his kingdom. It's all a matter of choice. If you love this world God is not in you. This is a personal battle. One I am well acquainted with. Don't enter into it lightly because it can be hell here on earth. I tell you though that the Father, if you seek him diligently will reward you with knowledge and understanding and wisdom that exceeds anything the devil could ever deliver. When he begins to teach you because you are willing you will know Him and He will guide you in all things. He promised and you can trust Him. You don't need anyone else. It's entirely personal when it comes to FATHER

    1. Artsy, well said. It doesnt matter what any 'church' does or thinks. Salvation is obtained on a very individual basis, it is not handed out by groups. The folks that are The Church are very much in tact; it needs no honing or polishing up. That has already been done and 'ready for take off' Lol.

      But anna, don't try to tell us the muslims are trustworthy. It was the Iraqi central bank that sold millions of dollars of counterfeit dinar, and even some boxes stuffed full of newspapers.

  2. Add bankers to the list for the gallows and giullotines.


  3. By Anna Von Reitz

    There is a widespread swath of gross ignorance in America populated by True Believers who think that they know all they need to know and devil take the hindmost.

    No doubt that is comforting to them and they cling to their suppositions accordingly, like Linus clinging to his Blanket.

    ---Until, that is, they land in a "US District Court" and are told that they have no constitutional guarantees and other wake up calls come due.

    For all of those who think that I am a "Patriot Guru" and that I can't possibly know what I am talking about despite the abundant factual and actual proof that I do (admittedly not paying federal income tax since 1998, for example) here is a compilation of primary source quotes from people as diverse as Frederick Douglas and JFK in support of the information I am giving you---300 pages worth:

    1. 'a widespread swath of ...true believers'?? There arent enough true believers in this country to even make your windshield wet, if they were raindrops.

      (the rest just makes me yawn.)

    2. U make me yawn Abby dearest😥

  4. Anna Said: "And what about you, LDS? Not content to sell the current generation, you have gone back generations and done the same thing, too?"

    Anna where do you have the idea that anyone LDS is selling anything in the way of B.C.'s to give you reason to make this comment?

  5. Stargate Appears Above California!
    Monday, January 7, 2019 18:09 posted by Glen Canady....who years ago personally kicked me out of his Facebook group for telling him the truth about JC not being the onlybegotten (& his then end timer nonsensical biblical beliefs) 😂♭♯🎶💥

    "This woman you’ll hear in the video above took 3 pictures around the sun in rapid succession and the StarGate looking thing only showed up on one of them. Was this ring moving fast and she just happened to catch it in one frame? I don’t know but these are crazy times we are living in! I personally believe we already have starships going between galaxies in our secret space program. Do some of the secret space program ships use these ring type portals to travel vast distances such as shown in the Stargate clip below?"

  6. A sufficient job is being done of identifying the general problem(s). We need more specific information. Names, addresses, recent pictures. A list of crimes and actual people affected and to what degree...Heads rolling and corpses rotting off ropes will be far more effective at changing things, winning hearts and providing relief.
    You do not negotiate with your enemy, you kill them . Allowing their existence here only allows the abuse of more innocent people.
    Why am I the only one saying this ?
    The Command was not " Thou shall not kill " it was " Tnou shall not murder".. is it not a sin to allow them to murder, commit false witness, force false idols on us, piosion us, steal and sell our souls.... What will you all say at your time of judgement when asked " What did you do about the evil ? "