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Monday, December 3, 2018

Why Can't President Trump Stop This?

By Anna Von Reitz

The short answer--- (1) Mr. Trump is presently an employee of the Queen who is illegally continuing to exercise our own Delegated Power against us, even after her own actions have invalidated any claim she has to do so; (2) the US NAVY which planned and directed the attack has always been under the control of British affiliates and collaborators in Switzerland and Belgium -- so now you begin to see how this connects-- the British have con...trol of Mr. Trump and the British protect their MUNICIPAL collaborators; (3) the USAF that allowed the attack is also under control of the Swiss-Belgain affiliates, so same story there, though Trump could remove the recently appointed Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Commander for his part in this inglorious affair.

In a sane world, employees who attack their employers are considered criminals and are arrested as such. We are waiting to see if the world is sane or not.

The rest of the answer that as "President" of the United States Mr. Trump is just a corporate CEO running two big bankruptcies.

To my knowledge, he has never accepted our offer to step into his Public and Bonded Office as The President of The United States of America --- for whatever reasons.

As President of the United States, he is a "Level 18 Administrator" --- there are ten (10) higher levels in the "International Government" which has crept in and claimed to be "Majestic", while in fact being unauthorized and criminal.

As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America and the unincorporated World Trust, I am a Level 28 Principal and 1:1:1 Administrator.

I am lawfully entitled to settle all this nonsense. If the usurpers can be persuaded to step aside and let me do my job, we can all get through this with a minimum of harm and a great deal of good being done.

Until they do, they will continue to run amok and cause trouble because they are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to understand the situation they are in. Think: two year-olds with hammers.

We will continue to take their "hammers" away from them and muffle their blows and ride herd and thwart them every step of the way until they wind down like two year-olds at the end of a busy day.
Our point isn't to hurt them. Our point is to take the hammer(s) away and prevent them from doing more damage.


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  1. alanedward says;

    "America is just a story we keep telling each other over and over so that wee can forget that it is a lie..."

    Love, trust, honesty, integrity, morality, compassion, empathy, these are have just become mere commodities for sale in this petri dish of insanity. the word civilization con-notates to being civilized, it is a hypothesis that has never became a reality in this "world", it can't even be described as a "theory"...

    the game is rigged... we are cannon fodder in a family feud.

    1. You are correct, it is rigged. However, if we just make snyde comments about it without caring enough to seek the truth and perhaps join in the resolve to change it are we really contributing as responsible adults? The truth is out there and the ones that care are banding together and getting educated. We are open to learning the path necessary as well as the past that got us here.
      Why is this Anna so adamant that she knows all? What I see is a woman that got part of the history of our hijacking and is demanding to be acknowledged as the one who can fix it but is not willing to consider that someone else was chosen, or to further her knowledge on the whole situation. We welcome all to the speak project it is how things are, and there isn't anyone that can change it. Trump is in full support of us and we of him, so please take the time to checkout a broader answer, and educate yourselves further.
      Peace to all,
      With love for humans,


  2. What I still cant get is if Americas is claimed via Unum Sanctum, whatever, Christianity doctrine plain for a land jutisdiction structure to exist, and Feds, United States run under Roman Catholicizm doctrine - juristic person, then based on what part of my body the concept of government is layed out, if im today living. Please people, ellaborate on that.

    1. alanedward says;

      your consent, they either have it, or they do not...!

  3. Never underestimate Trumps plan...!! Or his resolve...!! Remember I told you guys for the past 2 years now that the "Deep State" is so institionalized , not just here, but throughout the world now that it is going to take a "DICTATOR", not a President to reverse this , at least for a couple of years...!! Trump can't have anyone in his way to stop him , like Congress or the DOJ, stopping him anymore....!!

    And thanks to all the EO ORDERS established by all the previous Presidents before him, especially Obama's last one which would have given Hillary the ultimate power of a DICTATOR, Trump now has use of it instead....I only hope that he can let go of all that power when he's finished and let the world rest for awhile...!!

    And that is exactly what he was planning all along...!!
    It looks like I should have been President all along, because that was my plan all along...!!

    Don't believe me...check out his plan coming in January...!!

    1. Donald Trump is an actor just like the rest of the leaders of other nations he doesn't have a plan but that of the IV Reich
      No wonder that the same human cattle also refuses to admit that they are mocked with the reversed illuminati joke: same actor or actress playing different roles.
      Hollywood's simulated reality, from top to pop:
      - Joe Biden is Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.
      - John Kerry with family are Ted Danson with family.
      - three black "free men" played by Freeman, the oldest black actor to win an Academy Award;
      - Lady Gaga is Amy Winehouse and one of the two actresses playing Peaches Geldof.
      Everything is scripted
      - the people don't know it is but the actors do
      - 18,000 of them on the world stage to bring about their total dominace new world order minus a few billion cattle
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I have seen a "click" mentality in the military. Special privilege union click in the click group members always seeking power from above but keeping it secret from others except themselves. Like the British and their US employees, overgrown click snobs who really do not know how to make things better and take care of people but only use any power they get to further their own interests and always hide it from others due to the fact that it is against the law, a kind of little conspiracy for one thing. The "biggies" are so far out of hand know having run free, even spilling the beans on themselves thinking it does not matter anymore...only a matter of time now.

  5. My aim is to take their hammers and beat them over the head with them, metaphorically speaking.

  6. And then there are those situations when sometimes you have to hit back with your own "Hammer".At this point it is clear that they want to kill or harm us and stop everything good.So its high time we find all the available "Hammers" and start swinging.Enough of this nonviolent, passive weak attitude.We are dealing with human lives.Turn up the dam heat!

  7. Hi Anna,
    What about these sealed indictments saying Bush and McCain was executed? And “the boots” and the 61,000
    corrupt officials being arrested? Is this true? Do you have anything to do with that or is that from them to get rid of objecting patriots?


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