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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Danger of "Fraternal" and "Secret" Organizations

By Anna Von Reitz

I've had faithful members of various "Secret Societies" ---organizations like the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elk and members of not-so-secret societies like the AmVets -- contact me and ask questions and complain about my considerably unfavorable opinion of fraternal organizations and especially secret fraternal organizations including the Freemasons of all sorts, stripes, kinds and varieties. 

Sure, there are great and loving people involved in these groups. That's how these groups gain and keep credibility and maintain their ability to thrive in the midst of our communities.  Sure, many of these organizations are involved in doing good works. But to the extent that they harbor secrecy, they also provide a platform for deceit and criminality, and there is also a very, very dark side to many of these organizations and various individual local chapters. 

My first argument against them and against supporting them or joining any "secret" fraternities or organizations closed to the public is that there are no secrets.  In the greater realm in which we live, all "secrets" are known in excruciating detail.  Once people realize this -- and the sooner they realize it, the better --- the entire motive for lying and hiding and worrying about keeping "secrets" will be gone. 

And that will be a good thing.  No end of crime and injustice is caused by this one delusion --- the idea that secrets exist and that you can hide what you are doing and why you are doing it from Our Father and from his Appointed Ones.  It simply isn't possible. Believe me -- its all known. Period. 

Just think of when you were a child and doing something naughty, either by yourself or with a group of your friends--- what did you do?  You got off in a corner or hid behind a building or under a bush and plotted and schemed "in secret"--- and unfortunately, adults do the same thing, because they still haven't learned and accepted the fact that there are no secrets.

Among the worst secret fraternal organizations, though we seldom think of them this way --- are college fraternities and sororities that serve as gateways to debauchery and conspiratorial crimes and "graduation" to far darker secret societies run by adults too despicable to easily contemplate.  The infamous "Skull and Bones" group at Yale is merely an example of the breed.  

The so-called "Grand Masters" seize upon the young and impressionable and corrupt them at an early age, involving them in crimes from which they can later never escape.  Blackmail then becomes the Order of the Day, and whenever and whatever the Grand Masters crave, the slave is obligated to produce.  Even their own children as "sacrifices", even their own wives as concubines, are then subject to the Grand Masters, too, and rapidly, whole families are obligated and compromised and enslaved.

You can see their rationale and how they operate from the recent example of what was done to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and his family during the nomination review process.  Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh somehow eluded them and kept his nose clean in college, so they had to reach all the way back to High School to try to find some plausible circumstance in which he may have been compromised by what they gloatingly describe as "moral taint". 

Far from being discouraged or negative in its connotations, these people regard moral taint as desirable and even necessary.  The more moral taint, the better for their purposes.  It gives them the leverage to blackmail later on and so, people who are free of moral taint pose a challenge to this whole system of things and are viewed as dangerous outsiders and loose canons: hence the hysterical opposition to Kavanaugh.

Often, promising young people are deliberately ensnared and drugs are used to manipulate them into compromising sexual activities.  We are all familiar now with "date rape" drugs and should be familiar with methyl-ethyl amphetamines used to provoke both seemingly "super human" abilities and insane sex drives and violence. These are both older versions of the drugs being used now to deliberately "taint" young people and dig them deeper into the snarly ugly world of the so-called elites.

Any sane person can see how this works and why these organizations deserve no place on our public university and college campuses. The so-called "Greek Fraternities" are the worst and most famous of these induction organizations, but so-called academic fraternities like Phi Beta Kappa are not immune.  In fact, the academic fraternities are subject to additional manipulations and agendas. 

Not only do academic fraternities and sororities suffer the usual sex-drug-alcohol crimes and shaming set-ups, with Phi Beta Kappa and other academic fraternal organizations, you encounter "head hunters".  These are older initiates, usually early thirties, good-looking, well-traveled, whose job it is to snag the best and brightest into careers as spies and agents and industry snitches.  They seduce and indoctrinate the younger victims, even as they are themselves groomed and used by the higher ups on the totem pole of crime.

The National Testing Organizations do sequential testing to identify the brightest people in the next generation.  It starts with the standardized tests that we all remember as young people and progresses through more batteries of tests, with each level of testing weeding out more candidates.  This is above and beyond the tests that we all normally undergo like the SATs and MCATS and LSAT, etc. 

These additional tests are usually administered on different standard deviations and often under false pretenses, but involve evaluating the various ways that you think, your greatest fears and antipathies, your moral character, your ability to persevere at a task, and many other attributes of your intellect and your character.  This is all geared toward evaluating your ability and your malleability--- that is, whether they can control you.

My husband was given 29 tests when he entered the Air Force in the early 1960's and had the highest scores on record for 26 of those tests, but after two years of trying to break him down, they had to release him as "unadaptable" because of his character.  Many of us have suffered the same kind of evaluation and abuse at the hands of other branches of service and various Think Tanks that are engaged in this same kind of recruitment activity, even at the High School and Junior High levels of Academe.

Certain private schools that are "feeders" for the Ivy League, like Eagle Crest,
and British boarding schools like Eton, are even more heavily saturated with this kind of activity and more coercive training agendas that seek to mold the character of these young people into that of conscience-free sociopaths who have no sense of morality apart from peer group morality.  That is, they are taught to only value the opinions of their teachers and their peers, with no reference to any identifiable greater ethics or religious code. They are also indoctrinated to think that they are elite and above judgment or law by anyone but the members of their group.

Of course, these schools often project sanctimonious images and even religious affiliations, but the fact of the matter is that the success of their graduates and therefore their own wealth and standing depends on their graduates entering and navigating the system of crime and privilege, not the system of honor and rights.

This makes it possible for otherwise sane young men and women to accept horrific standards of behavior as normal and to accept "maze-rat" rewards systems of gratification as normal.  The behavioral modification techniques that began with Pavlov's dog and B.F. Skinner have been refined and applied to children beginning in their cradles, and when they are older "they do not depart from" these vicious and alien standards.

They are taught, for example, that all that matters is winning -- not how you win, but that you win.  This is how you breed military leaders like Colin Powell and politicians like Bill Clinton, and also how you shelter them with a surrounding social and cultural elite that will serve as Teflon for their crimes.

After college and the feeder system of fraternities and sororities and the testing gambits have done their worst, come the "guilds" and the adult versions of the same evils.  Unlike fraternities and sororities which tend to be more open and careless about their agenda, adult secret societies are rigidly compartmentalized so that some initiates know the dirt and others are kept spotlessly ignorant and convinced of the righteousness of the organization.

This goes back to the Ancient Pillars of the Temple, Boaz and Joachim, the so-called "pillar and the post" --- as in "postman", and to witchcraft and the so-called "left-hand path" of deceit and the "right-hand path" of wisdom. 

It is an under-appreciated fact that every President of the United States has been left-handed.  The wild improbability of that being a coincidence and the arcane association needs to be remarked upon more often.

In Europe we have all the familiar organizations from Knights of Malta and the various Freemason groups to the Guild System, which is, in my opinion, far worse overall.  The Freemasons grew out of the Guilds and were in fact a counter-culture against the oppressions and criminality of the Guilds which have been in operation since the Middle Ages and which have done more to impede the advance of knowledge and ensure the corruption of human government than any institution except perhaps the churches. 

The Millennium Report coverage of the Pedogate/Pizzagate scandals from March 2017 delivers an extensive recount of how the "Sisterhood" of the Crown Agents has employed women to mastermind and implement large portions of the criminal enterprises which have compromised the decency and safety of the entire world including national defense systems, commercial relationships, monetary systems, and politics.

The plain fact is that while men have been widely regarded as the Power Players in the world for the many centuries since the Roman Empire eclipsed the Ancient Sumerian-derived cultures of the Middle East, more attention has been focused on men and their activities, while women have been largely disregarded except as sexual objects and pawns.  This then opened up a situation where women could be more effective as agents of evil and provoke less scrutiny of their activities.

The Grand Masters as in "Post Masters" and "Pillar Masters" were not slow to take advantage of blackmailing both sexes and employing women to do things that were formerly done by their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons.   

Hence we have Hillary Clinton functioning as the Patent Lawyer for the US NAVY and selling off 20% of American Uranium to Russia, and as detailed by the Millennium Report, members of the same "Sisters of the Crown Agents" group performing every role from running the "Pig Farm" prostitution/sacrificial cult operation to spying on United Nations Security Council "Top Secret" operations and Secret Space Program initiatives.

The Grand Masters (Post on land) and Grandmasters (Post on sea) and the more secretive Pillar Masters (Pillar on land) and Pillarmasters (Pillar on sea) have an equal-opportunity policy and conscription program. They will make use of anyone of either sex, and use the same induction and tainting process, the same blackmail protocols, the same reward-punishment behavioral conditioning protocols with women as with men.

So--- my advice?  Bust these organizations. 

Catch them in criminal activities, including criminal conspiracies among their members, and then bust the organizations wholesale, outlaw them, and liquidate their assets.  Rigidly test and monitor the academic testing organizations and access to the information these organizations produce.  Clear the fraternities and sororities and similar "secret" campus groups off our college and university campuses. Outlaw the "Guilds" and similar secret professional societies caught in criminal activities.

I don't advocate a wholesale destruction of groups like the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks or The Lions Club or Freemason groups like the Shriners --- many of which do good public works and serve good purposes, but all of these groups should realize that there are no secrets in fact and that all this "secret knowledge" cachet is in fact not necessary to any good purpose and is actually an endangerment to them and their members.

They can be too easily confused with the actual perpetrators of gross evil, like the Crown Agents,  that also style themselves as "secret membership organizations" and will not hesitate to use the Freemasons (who are, after all, competitors of the Guilds)  as scapegoats by those organizations in a pinch that is likely to come sooner than later. 

The same goes for church-sponsored secret membership societies like the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus. The more transparent you are about your aims, finances, and teachings, the better.

Some entire churches, like the Latter Day Saints, are well-advised to do the same kind of owning up for public scrutiny, as they are in danger of being targeted as "cults" and if co-opted by these evil Principals, will suffer the same prosecutions.  There are indications that LDS has, for example, been involved in money laundering and employed in some parts of the Birth Certificate enslavement scheme as a result of their interest in genealogy. 

This isn't saying that these churches or organizations are evil or criminal in intent or in program, only that they --- like individual people --- are subject to being used and manipulated and co-opted and "tainted" by the criminal masterminds behind the old Babylonian Pillar-to-Post organizations.  Any lapse by unwary, naïve, or corrupt leadership offers an opportunity for these older and far darker secret membership organizations to infiltrate and co-opt and "make use of" the more public and younger organizations. 

The Guilds and certain Labor Unions,  for example, will naturally infiltrate and use and abuse the Freemasons and other "Brotherhood" organizations.

We are now facing a time when public awareness and scrutiny of all of these institutions is not only desirable, but necessary, and those having knowledge of nefarious activities of these organizations must come forward and have opportunity to spill the beans in a protected environment.  A degree of amnesty for past crimes must be afforded to individuals in order to prosecute the criminality that has been fostered by many of these secret societies.

And for all these organizations from the Knights of Malta to the Bar Associations and Phi Beta Kappa and the Sisterhood of St. Jean, it is high time to face the truth --- that there are no secrets.  Premising whole organizations on the idea of "secret knowledge" and "secret initiations" and all this hoo-ha is damaging, not helpful, and not truthful and not necessary.

If you are organized for a lawful purpose, let that purpose be fully known-- and if you are not organized for a lawful purpose, this is your warning to: (1) permanently clean up your acts or (2) disband without further ado, because all organizations promoting "secrecy" and seeking to operate in a clandestine fashion will be scrutinized and infiltrated and held to account. 

Churches will also be scrutinized and "religious freedom" will not be any sufficient excuse for criminal activity including child abuse, misapplication of church records (such as trading "souls" using baptismal certificates and other outrageous activity) and money laundering. 

Unfortunately, some "Patriot" groups are also falling under this same delusion and onus and getting caught in the same traps.  Observe my own "no secrets" policy and if you are wise, do the same.  Be completely explicit and above board at all times, tell the truth insofar as you know it at all times, and live your lives according to an unimpeachable openness that despite what anyone else may think, allows for no secrecy at all. 


Because there are no secrets.

The sooner you disabuse yourself of the delusion that secrets exist, the sooner you can experience the freedom and honesty and self-acceptance that you are meant to experience, the sooner your natural empowerment will be yours instead of theirs, and the sooner the evils generated by these "secret organizations" can be overcome.


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  1. The other problem is that most of these people in these societies are transgendered. These people are transgendered as children sometimes sold by their parents for financial gain. These children are given hormones and surgical procedures to appear as the other gender. Most of these societies/politicians/celebrities are transgendered and used as role models for the young creating confusion and corruption. More here

  2. I came out of Vietnam in 1971 and worked briefly for the NSA in Bethesda, VA. I left that organization because I didn't believe in the "SECRETS" they said they were protecting. Since we were monitoring both friendly and enemy TRAFFIC ( radio communications) in Vietnam and then we were doing that throughout the world. I left with ONE great insight; "Act as if everything you do will be know because it will." I HAD SEEN THE SOFHISTICATION OF SPYING ON ALL TRAFFIC at that time that I knew that if they (the NSA) wanted to know what I was was doing they could. And since I knew that, I can(could) extrapolate that they could KNOW anything about anybody, anytime they wanted. Believe me when I say. There are NO SECRETS. (that is for one who has the power to tap into all the there is to TAP into.) David Snieckus 617-964-2951

    1. Thanks for speaking up Unknown.
      Hope you saw the stipulation at the top of the page to not use "Unknown". Just FYI.

  3. Awesome report Anna,,,,,The two pillars are also called Fachi as in fascism...reference moving on since 1959...this says it all.Daniel 7:12 12/12/2018
    Daniel 7:12
    As for the rest of the beasts, their dominion was removed, but they were granted an extension of life for a season of time.
    It appears the despots in charge will be given an extension of life for a season of time to correct the errors from dark to light and some who repent may very well be allowed to stay in the system OR ELSE....a transition from dark ..Freemasons are meeting here tonight as there were new developes exposed earlier today. Usually it is the last Thursday of the is near finished..Climate change is in fact conscience change and all will be revealed. The dreaded "pole shift" is in fact the negative force at the top being smashed to the ground and the positive force at the top.

  4. I can't understand why all these colleges, both high and low profile , allow any fraternities and sororities to even exsist at all...!! The only reason to join them at all is because of the "parties" they all extol about their groups...but how many good students have died from alcohol poisoning in these groups, which the institution should see as major liabilities, like any other Corp....!! But they seem to be "immune" from that liability....!! There is no way I would have every graduated from a university if I was involved in that kind of activity....!! People feel a need to be "accepted", no matter how low they have to stoop to get in ....!!
    It makes for funny movies, but in real life, it's dangerous to let students lead other students...they are all still kids, whether they think so or not...Especially men..We don't grow up until our mid thirties, if we are lucky...!!

  5. Anna said:

    "Some entire churches, like the Latter Day Saints, are well-advised to do the same kind of owning up for public scrutiny, as they are in danger of being targeted as "cults" and if co-opted by these evil Principals, will suffer the same prosecutions. There are indications that LDS has, for example, been involved in money laundering and employed in some parts of the Birth Certificate enslavement scheme as a result of their interest in genealogy." This commentor invites any factual evidence to be disclosed, other wise this statement is conjecture and should be retracted. We need no hearsay, only facts.

    Culture has caused language and titles to become corrupted in many many loose usages... "Mormons", "LDS", "Latter Day Saints" are some of these examples. In the most recent world general conference the President of the church chastised all members for slipping into a worldly tendency to call the church by the names not accurately describing its given title and name. That is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". And by this proper name, given to it by revelation in modern scripture, all members are instructed to call the church. President Nelson lamented the fact we have allowed the world to de-grade the identity of the title of the church, and to set aside the name of Jesus Christ himself the creator of the church, to be something other than the name its creator specifically and formally designated it to be called.

    As to Anna's suggestion that interest and world leadership in doing genealogy work may be for other purposes than what the church research into genealogy is used for, names of family lineages, that work is done to assist the lord in His comittment to allow all families - back to Adam's - to enjoy all His intended blessings. There is no other motive in the gathering of names of the deceased other than allowing families to have the records of their members in doing the work which the prophet Malachi urged in "turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers".

    As to use of birth records for purposes other than this genealogical purpose, again if no evidence is available of inappropriate uses of these records, it serves no virtuous purpose to pass on conjecture or rumor.

    Any organization must self examine rigorously to weed out imposters or otherwise could be corrupted from foreigners or ill-doers. The church is diligent in watching over its own.

    1. Joel,
      I have to disagree with that assertion. The LDS, Church of Latter Day Saints or Saints in the Last Days has been nothing but a criminal organization since it's inception. Fraud upon Fraud upon Fraud. Their "Book" has had over 4,000 corrections so is not Divine, but extremely fallible. The founder was shot escaping jail? Then there is the guy who used a rock to translate letters to another guy writing them down in a book?
      They track people, and it is used adversely as well as for the purpose you stated.
      They are not decent people and those youg kids on bikes don't help the image as much as they would like.

    2. Bunk! The Lord needs no assistance to allow all families back to Adam and if you think genealogy is the answer you have missed the whole point or have not been given the truth of what Church is.

    3. In a time when "the Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning", when the heavens have been opened, and modern revelation again exists upon the earth, in consequence of this new age of a "final dispensation" of God's work is going forward on every continent and among all people, there is no good reason why people honestly humbly searching for God's word and works cannot find it, save one. "They know not where to find it."

      Satan and his minions are effective, determined, and united in their lies and rumors, which falsehoods are forbidden conduct per the commandments, yet people still allow scales to remain over their eyes listening to rumor and hearsay they accept to be their dark guides.

      "Mustang" if you have no knowledge first hand in reading and about the life of Joseph Smith or his translation of an ancient American history of its peoples detailed in the Book of Mormon, words such as you stated would not come from your writing. It is evident you have not taken the challenge to examine for yourself in the proper setting prescribed by the Lord to make a determination of either the name Joseph Smith or the book he translated. I therefore invite you to do so under the influence of the actual words of the book and their instructions how to determine for yourself it's veracity. Read Moroni 10:4, AFTER you have read the entire book, including the introduction and the witnesses testimonies, and the spirit will assist you to make a correct determination as to its veracity.

      Please refrain meantime in passing on what other shallow minds have rumored in order to maintain their peer group's consensus without giving the subject they deride any objective personal examination or deeper thought. Too many people have not reached sufficient independent critical thought and evaluation to tell the difference between truth and error in rumors and hearsay being willy-nilly passed along. This perpetuates mindless ignorance, which is completely avoidable.

      Unless you have hard evidence, any given story or conclusion floated in the devils workshops abounding on planet earth is unreliable and should be held in serious reservation until corroborating evidence and personal analysis of best known facts are carefully weighed.

    4. UCADIA, cant wait to have a nice sit down with you, when, where ?

    5. "joel": by their fruits ye shall know them.

      show me an actual state flag/state constitution/treasury/courts.

      right now it is 99% "law merchant" (law of the sea, satan) and all the "churches" i see (LDS or otherwise) are military bases with horizontal stripes flag.

      the "mainstream" LDS is a corporation.

      the "offshoots" (really, the mainstays who kept polygamy, instead of abandoning it, another "revelation") still do it, even though giving that up was a condition for "statehood" (which we never got anyways)

      so much for "law", cant even follow our own bogus "Federal state" constitution.

      "given to it by revelation in modern scripture" -- did they tell you to incorporate? put up a military flag? LOL.

      not seeing the "just weights and measures" thing.

      now, LDS is perhaps no worse than other "churches" on many of these things, but that is just moral relativity.

      marriner eccles doesn't help. orrin hatch has utterly failed as "finance" overseer.
      "The church is diligent in watching over its own." -- that's pretty much the problem.

      anyone not in the club looks like fair game.

      with all the "branches" it is difficult to see any "doctrine"

      one minute polygamy is in, next its out.
      one minute caffeine is out, next its sorta ok.
      one minute joining the union is out, next its in.

      to outsiders, the "revelations" look like "just making it up as you go along"

    6. joel: one minute "gays" are to be shunned, next minute we got too many suicides so need to be more compassionate.

      it is impossible for "outsiders" to see any consistent doctrine.

      one minute "mark of cain", next minute we are trying to be "multicultural"

      it is impossible to see any consistency. it comes off to this outsider as "worldly church that will masquerade as anything you want it to be"

      aka babylon.

    7. joel: one minute we are peculiar people, next minute we are sharing a mennorah donated to us with the "jews"

      one minute we are worried about muslims attacking our temple, next minute mitt romney is mingling for votes.
      it is impossible to see any consistent "doctrine" in practice.

    8. joel: one minute "brigham young said any unmarried man over 18 is a menace to society."

      next minute, we need to be more welcoming to "single" people.
      "protect our own" is the only consistent story i see.

    9. Xerces, I enjoyed your comments though they seem to favor a tendency to be vigilant for anything that seems inconsistent from, let's say, a "limited", point of view. Limited is what we all are to a large degree. Limited by what our spirit is housed in: a temporal body. We are housed in bodies that do not readily reveal to our senses the totality of reality, but rather for most people physical bodies limit perceptions to what can be sensed through hearing, sight, feel, taste, touch. Science takes it's cue and calls confirmation of phenomena repeatable in experiments as "verifiable", "empirical" evidence. People naturally are suspect of things not seen or sensed by the physical senses. Here is where faith becomes a necessary tool to begin to find more to life than what the senses reveal.

      However in spite of these limitations we are saddled with in mortality, God has seen fit to place us here in precisely this condition of limitations. Why? To test our faith. "To see if they will do whatsoever we will command them".

      You see what you call inconsistencies as something different than what I see. I see a consistency in church policies of looking for other ways to deal with the perversions and corruptions that natural man is apt to suffer, and to search for ways - adapted to current societal needs - to "keep the door open" to everyone to return to that center place, the company of their Creator, without being stonewalled out. This (mortal) day is a day of our "probation", a time to "prepare to meet God". Today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints looks for and finds ways to help people repent, aka improve, return to sanity, overcome addictions, stop lying, stop cheating, stop bedding others for hedonistic pleasure, stop killing unborn babies, stop warring, stop disputing, stop dishonoring our natural parents, stop coveting, stop hating our brothers, etc.), by offering counseling, scriptural doctrine, courses of many kinds of self improvement, universities and colleges offering multitudes of courses, chapels built in every worldwide community where people accept the restored gospel, and most fundamentally by offering "the Doctrine of Christ" to all the worlds inhabitants. In that doctrine resides the complete fantastic healing of all man's ills, bad habits, killings, satanic practices, diseases, ignorance, poverty, abuses of others, etc.

      Joseph Smith taught "I will teach them correct principles and they will govern themselves". Exactly what Anna is helping us re-learn: to govern ourselves using the revealed principles of celestial law, cleanliness, honesty, reverence for out Creator by honoring His law, as expressed in American Common Law.

      So Xerces give God a little room to adjust his programs to the changing societies in which his children dwell.

      Do a little deeper investigation than looking for superficial changes in the ways the church conducts its affairs.

      No one will pass this test of faith based on what someone else felt, thought or did. We all must be put to the test of faith on our own merits, upon conclusion of our own mortality. Then will be opened to each of us a view perceivable with spiritual eyes, not natural eyes. We can meantime seek to know God through His Son, whom He sent, as "God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son" to redeem it - for those who will harken to his Word and receive Him.

      As seekers of truth we have battles on many fronts, for the world is filled with confusion in comparison to the peace, order and integrity of God's law and order. As Jesus prayed "thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven", foretells God's kingdom has always existed, but we must bring it to earth in our own lives to prepare for heaven to come to earth. A far more perfect orderly world of love exists, we however cannot see it with our natural eyes, unless we exercise faith in the Words of the prophets and of Jesus Christ.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks for this investigative view and breakdown of these secret societies/organizations. Colin Powell was promoted by fake Tea Party groups as a "patriot", "conservative", etc, etc then he gives his blessing to the fraud obama to be Presiddent of the USA Corp. Wasn't doing that because he cared about other patriots/citizens/nationals.
    As far as churches being involved in these conspiracies I would remove one.. The Church of Christ (Romans 16:16). The rest are the brood of Babylon/Vatican or "Mother of harlots".

  8. I somehow wound up in the Church of Latter Day Saints doing research and the offered a free bible so I applied for one, then it said speak to the prophets and I am by no means as knowledgeable as abby but decided to ask two questions. One, the scepter shall not pass from Judah until Shiloh comes, I said do you agree that shilog is Joseph and they agreed. Then I asked about Daniel, the one like the son of man comes before the ancient of days and to him was given dominion etc, they said yes that is Jesus's second coming then hung up. Daniel is OT. Then I redialed and got two more prophets and forget the questions but asked for the oT proof and they gave me 10-12 OT scriptures and I looked then up on the net and indeed they were OT BUT I had a KJV beside me and they were NT s i knew all along. a few days later, they emailed me and said their system would not accept my address. I said write it on BUT to this day no bible. They are scammers, beware.
    Paul is their any way you can get that filthy demon Ucadia removed permanently. Like remove him from your data base. You loose Ucadia...enjoy hell and say hey to GHW and McCain and Brezinski and Dave 8 heart Rockefeller

  9. Thank you, Anna, for bringing this up! Not only are the 'secrets' used to conceal the dastardly deeds and manipulate accordingly, they're also used to repress information and inventions that could be to our benefit... thinking in the realm of medicine and energy here. I know an inventor who's come upon a couple of interesting things in both those areas and he won't apply for patent because he doesn't want 'their' attention. There's also been ongoing concealment as to our true nature as living men and women and how we function. Through thought, word and emotion as well as deed, we constantly affect our own well being and that of those around us. When our attention is consumed by pursuing debt notes, competing with our neighbors and chasing the next shiny 'thing' dangled in front of us, there's not much left for doing our 'inner work'... as in paying attention to how we think and even why we think like 'that'. Just as an example, and not directed at anyone here, if we ridicule another is it speaking to their nature or ours? Yet sometimes you have to call it like you see it! A snake is still a snake, after all, and not a lizard or a frog. Some snakes are venomous. It behooves one to know the difference and keep yer boots on in snake country. I diverge. The point being.. some perfectly good spiritual teachings on how we function have been intentionally concealed and used to control us and our conditions. Turned to the 'dark side of the Force',if you will. Their rational for hiding them was to keep us from 'burning' ourselves, and instead they burn the house down. Go figure..

    Jesus showed us how to drive the vehicle but he didn't go into much detail about how the 'motor' worked. I gleaned that Love will get you where you want to go, if you can pull it up in the face of considerable social and economic pressure.. eh?

    1. I think the bible doesnt say 'pray for love' but it does say pray for Wisdom. And I think that is the Key. To have Godly wisdom.

      Truth is love, and love is truth. So without real truth, there really isnt any 'love'. Gods kind of love is not emotionalism as scripture tells us ''love not in word and tongue, but in Deed and in Truth'.

      Its high time folks get the ''love word' straightened out, and stop all the loosely throwing around of the word.

    2. Perhaps they need to begin to understand that Truth is part of love. Sometimes love hurts,it is still love, no one wants to hear they too have been misled, most especially the proud and the arrogant, the boastful.

  10. UCADIA, your negative expressions and demonic judgment of others SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES... Certainly, you cannot believe that anyone reading your barf will believe that YOU are intelligent (likely, you are describing yourself when you use terms like "cunt", "mental retard", "loser", "stinking", "fuck boy, and "shit for brains"). None of what you say is worth recording, and I for one would encourage Paul to suspend you from this site. Unfortunately, you would likely find another name, and continue to serve your master, satan, in the same way you are doing as "UCADIA".

  11. "They" now have every conversation by phone, text and email stored and able to be pulled up decades later on anyone.
    Politicians are owned from day one unless they're are a modern day "Mr. Smith goes to Washington.
    "Smart" appliances + vehicles will now do the same thing.

  12. "They" now have every conversation by phone, text and email stored and able to be pulled up decades later on anyone.
    Politicians are owned from day one unless they're are a modern day "Mr. Smith goes to Washington.
    "Smart" appliances + vehicles will now do the same thing.

  13. Who among you think that the "Donald"is not a member of any secret fraternity?
    Of course there are not to many secrets here lately.
    There are cloaks of goodness surrounding many groups , many organizations, even many individuals. This is how they weasel their way in, and through.

    1. other way around.

      the weasels put up a "cloak of goodness" for their organizations. one story for the public, one for private.

      any "secret society" of considerable size, is never really "secret" -- "hidden in plain sight." they just sell a different story to the public than to the "initiates"

      they all have "cloaks of goodness" "covers" "cut outs"

      two-sided coin. double-headed eagle. "janus", pope wearing multiple hats. masonic/illuminist jesus only speaks in parables.

      the burning bush that spoke to moses, because persians/jews didnt want a god that could be idolized (of course, the "profane" and "vulgar" will just make a coin with a picture of a fire on it)

      with egyptians the animal "gods" were symbolic, but the symbology was only for the initiates. everyone else just got the literal story.

      ALWAYS "cloaks of goodness" ALWAYS two-faced. ALWAYS symbolic AND literal meanings.

    2. i agree. It can be as simple as opposites.
      Every action has an equal and 'or' opposite reaction? This seems to be in the case of words also.
      Many people and things are being reduced to the Least common denominator. The Individual.
      Yes some will not understand or yet understand?

  14. Yes, Anna Thank You!!! The "Fraternal DEAD WORLD Order" IS Operated By the UPU.
    Notice the ".int" vs. .com "World WIDE WEB" DOMAIN Registry "IDENTIFIER/Designated" as PRIVATE "POSTMASTER"/PUBLIC "PILLAR" Location.

    a tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal, used as a support for a building, or as an ornament or monument.
    column · post · pole · support · upright · vertical · baluster · pier · pile · piling · pilaster · stanchion · standard · prop · buttress · rod · shaft · leg · mast · tower · pylon · [more]
    something shaped like a pillar.
    "a pillar of smoke"
    a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something.
    "he was a pillar of his local community"
    stalwart · mainstay · strength · tower of strength · bastion · rock · leading light · worthy · backbone · support · upholder · champion · torch-bearer

    "POST" See All definitions Here:

    Please Consider Re-Reading "Postal Fraud And Breach Of Trust" once again as this IS foundational knowledge needed to re-establish Proper Living Life "Posts" and Re-storing Lawful "Order" As True Pillars in our Authentic Living Capacity and Natural Abilities Now.

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be For All Now

    1. Due to the Municipal AND Territorial Bankruptcies, Changes In "Names" and how they are "Temporarily being Mis-Addressed" Now Is Vital for all of us to be mindful of moving forward As the Lawful Non-Bankrupt Principal "Post Master" of our own living Life's and Lawful Living Dominion and Authority In All Jurisdictions at ALL times Now.

      Check Out this Article as "TEMP Return Service Requested" Is being "directed" and used by these bankrupt No Legal/Lawful Authority "AGENCIES" Now.

    2. kelli: .int doesnt prove anything.

      there is no enforcement. 99% of all the so-called ".gov" are likely law merchant private international "governments" and "courts" etc. nowadays, so should not be ".gov" at all.

      anyone can run their own DNS, whether "internally" or on the "internet"

      99% of websites are "law merchant only" and they only do private and international types of law and money so should really just be .com

      host and "domain names" is about the same as .html or .pdf nowadays -- you can name "filename extensions" however you want, proves nothing of actual content.

    3. kelli: also, you will find millions of web sites, "government" or not, with the horizontal stripes military flag, either using .gov or .com (they should really all be .mil)

    4. Thank You Xerces! Your input and consideration on this Is very helpful and appreciated!! Deeper consideration of ALL Aspects of the UPU's Being (Creation or Form) and the intended purpose-direction IS what's important to See and inner-under-stand Now.

      Much Gratitude, True Awareness, Love and Peace Be For All Now

  15. "
    It is an under-appreciated fact that every President of the United States has been left-handed. The wild improbability of that being a coincidence and the arcane association needs to be remarked upon more often." ANNA♡

    [May 23, 2018 Sykeena Jackson
    Is President Trump Left Handed

    Let's cut straight to the chase and answer this question. No, President Donald Trump is not left handed. Surprisingly, this question comes up a lot on social media and on the internet. But, Trump is pictured and videoed signing tons of documents, eating and drinking. It is very clear that President Trump is indeed right handed. So, hopefully, we can put this little rumor to rest. No politics at all involved in this blog or this site. We just want to know if this US president is left handed.]

    1. as i know (and parent, and grandparents) ... there are likely many more "lefties" but as a child that was "discouraged"

      e.g. i had to insist to my kindergarten teacher. i still throw e.g. a baseball with right hand, basketball, etc. -- my right hand is stronger, yet i always write with my left.

      the "arcane association" doesn't exist any more than a mole/pimple/birth mark makes someone a "witch"

      (which of course is a fake "witch hunt", as the "witches" Say today. they didn't check anyone's "religion"/books/etc. they just poked/burned them with a warm rod and said "oh look, a birthmark!" (god would heal any wound if you werent a witch, you see) -- about the same as trial by drowning)

      however, to anna's theory, there are likely many old "lefts" posing as "rights" due to the baseless superstitious taboo

      thus, anything 100+ years ago would be difficult to verify, and there possibly were a few more "lefties" who werent allowed to be long ago.

      god would not allow any "arcane associations" to be president anna. duh. that was sarcasm BTW.

    2. any so-called "left-hand path" is symbolic anna.

      see devils dictionary "palmistry"

      see "sophistry": he lies most lightly who the least is pressed

    3. anna: the "left hand path" is probably related to kabbalah/sephiroth/72 names of "god"/tree of life/tree of knowledge, so-called "chaos magick" etc.

      see the diagram the "wiccans" use with all the circles.

      supposedly encoded in old testament. possibly moses "veiled" it and it is "egyptian". possibly related to nominum interpretatio. possibly related to 72-some names of allah as well.

      youd have better luck researching the old testament than "left handed people"

      "the initiate's body is illusory" -- any "literal" interpretation of "chaos magick" is bound to fail.

    4. you would have better luck studying japanese video games anna.

      "they are spinosists, purrhaps the matter is the other way around"
      Neko is an overpriced merchant, but he sells useful things sometimes.

      "left handed wolf" "return to forever" "nuclear fusion" (compare to rosicrucians/theosophy/etc.)

  16. Finally, troops being pulled out of Syria, and Afghanistan, and I guess the old warmongering bulldog didn't like that, so I say good riddance. We are tired of warmonger folks.
    Looks like all our unamerican congressmen going home with no vote. Then their paychecks should stop, see how long they like that. And no retro pay when they ever come back to ''work'. Ive heard 2 or 3 different stories on this 'event'in this world of lies. But if trump caves in now, then his word cannot be believed.

    1. Abby, What kind of vacuum will be created? If we leave in an abrupt manner?
      i want to bring them all home also.
      Trumps word can not be believed. He seems to be a double minded man in many ways.

    2. Gee, TDS supporter ~ how many assassination attempts have been made on u a follower this particular lifetime? ♧

    3. aFollower, well in Afghanistan our troops are only there to protect the poppy fields, which is their major money maker and politicians get rich. Thats why we have never destroyed those fields; gotta keep the opium flowing, lol.

      And as for Syria, we have been on the wrong side there, too. Never had any business there, either. Both have been nefarious and huge waste of money. We are the problem, so if we leave it should give those countries a breath of fresh air. I don't see it leaving any vacuum of any importance.

    4. A breath of fresh air? Turkey is already a-massing troops on the border. And yes our nation is responsible for much, not all i grant you but much.
      We are a problem not 'the' problem.

    5. Leland,
      TDS supporter? Somewhat yes, i was never promised a free ride. Do i wish the waste and fraud was gone, Yes. Do i see a much Bloated Beuracracy (world wide) Yes.
      Assassination attempts? What in the world are you speaking of?
      Do mean have i been singled out by a green beam and they missed?

    6. Last I heard was has had about 10 plus assassination attempts on him so far since bevoming President of bankrupted US CORPORATION🔥

      I have no doubts Anna & her co-workers were main targets in Big Lake a follower either💣

      "In preparation for these upcoming historical changes, U.S. troops are being withdrawn from various conflict zones in order to pave the way for world peace, CIA sources say. Pentagon sources agree, adding that “U.S. President Donald Trump is pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the Ukraine to terminate the Deep State and the Zionists, since the global currency reset requires peace and cessation of hostilities.”
      Latest Ben Fulford report today🎶

    7. Leland,
      ok we are talking assassination attempts on the president. So because of these attempts, what? We unconditional trust him?
      A "global reset of currency" will not require peace nor will it cause peace. What is required to bring about a reset will be chaos and confusion (we certainly have that) Before peace i believe we will all experience Great Conflict. We(most of us) have seen nothing as of yet!
      Seems like the world as its course is set will require a global currency a number, a mark.
      Does not sound like freedom too me.

    8. Well, beliefs in onlybegottenism certainly doesn't deliver ULTIMATE freedom dear a follower 🎶

  17. A politician threatens to use NUKES to take guns away!

  18. Thanks Anna for this article. I live my life with this in mind every day.

    I learned very early there are no secrets unless something stays absolutely un-shared. Once the "story" is told to another, it is no longer a secret.

    We all seem to forget the lessons of kindergarten. A group of children playing whisper down the lane is an invaluable logical lesson when it comes to Gossip and of course we are all bombarded with how imperfect we are.

    Seems a monumental task to expose these societies and bring them down when loyalty and imperfect-ness is used for Control.

    Peace and Love to everyone.

  19. "Sign sign everywhere a sign. Blockin out the scenery breakin my mind. Do this don't do that can't you read the sign?" I do like this song and really have not gravitated toward secret memberships. I was kicked out of school ( and fortunately did not attend further high-school) for not following the order of the school and people for that matter, that men could not have long hair. Most often and in many cases ( other than conspiring secretly to give someone a present or gift) these groups have like a chip on the shoulder and racist like hatred even if they do not notice it themselves. Take note next time if you attend a large gathering like rock concert. Notice the difference, musicians need creative space and creative freedom, that fans encourage, those who like to listen. Another shadowy corrupted group, not well known to most is behind the scenes, cashing checks, following orders, whatever like the schools something that insists on ordering others around, what they do, when, how, like steering what is not theirs yet tracking right back to the central bank dadgum oppressive sign toting folks and the largish or perhaps bloated "royal" people fake plastic creators of moral taint to de-moralize anyone they can.

  20. I know more about mormonism than most mormons & it is of the darkness! Their ceremonies are all masonic, they are incorporated,have a tax free status,they are totally mind controlled ,& Joseph Smith & Brigham Young were of the Merovinian bloodline.The "gold Tablets"story is a masonic myth that was gjven to Smith & he was a 33 degree mason.There is much more "darkness" that must be revealed as there is in most corporate churches.

    1. Masons are within many "churches" serving as trustees, and board members also as Pastors. Imagine that. Follow the money.
      Another group that is out there:
      Ordo Templi Orientis
      And do not forget they can lie and weasel their way in just as many "religious" people & groups do.

    2. Minnie, then maybe you can tell us about that ''magic underwear' that the mormons are said to have? What's that all about?


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